Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 14 Recap: Kelsey’s Reality Bites

Maybe Kelsey Owens and Madisson Hausburg should just move to New York City on a permanent basis. 

Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 14 took the two women to the Big Apple, and it gave us our biggest showcase of the drama this show can bring without coming across as a convoluted mess. 

Kelsey was trying to recapture her former glory and become a runway model again, but she never got the memo that a four-year career hiatus can be detrimental. 

The first meeting was awkward. The men burst out laughing at Kelsey’s aspirations of making it back onto the runway. It was a disgusting insight into the world of modeling. 

We’re surprised Kelsey did not make her way back to Florida in the aftermath of that first meeting. She showed she had some resilience and continued her mission to return to the world of modeling. 

However, Kelsey’s issue was that she was using old shots mixed in with new ones, and her body had changed. She was 16-years-old in the original shots. 

That was a big flaw in Kelsey’s plan to take over the world, and it cost her another job as a swimwear model. However, things looked up when she stopped by the offices of Wilhelmina. 

Betsy was the first person to sit Kelsey down and reiterate to her that her body had changed and that she needed to carve out a different way back into the industry. 

Kelsey agreed to go the more commercial route, and all seemed right in the world. All of the New York scenes with Kelsey felt like they were taken from The City. 

They were great! 

It’s just a shame Madisson was along for the ride. Unbeknownst to her, her relationship with Brandon was combusting. 

Brandon was performing at Rhythm and started getting closer to Canvas before the big performance. But, in a hilarious twist of fate, he left with another chick entirely. 

Yes, he also spent the night. Chloe witnessed him leaving, so we’re sure she sent Madisson a message in a bottle to let her know all. 

Elsewhere, Juliette returned to town and tried to tell Garrett that she didn’t think they were working, and Garrett agreed. 

He stormed off and left her on the beach after telling her he had no feelings for her whatsoever. Juliette deserved it after the way she acted towards him. 

The relationship was never built on a solid foundation, and that was solidified by the way she ran back to Alex because she could not be without a boyfriend. 


These kids are as self-destructive as they come, and that’s going to get them all in trouble. 

How long will it be before Kelsey and Madisson move to New York full-time? 

What did you think of the episode?

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Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 13 Recap: The Aftermath

Well, that was quite the turn of events. 

Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 13 picked up in the immediate aftermath of what happened at Chloe’s big birthday bash. 

Juliette made her way off the boat and demanded a lift home from Garrett. What followed was the most awkward car journey in the history of reality TV. 

Garrett took her home, and she reiterated the fact that she was looking forward to making her way back to school. 

The next day, Juliette made her way back to Tallahassee for school. She quickly opened up to her friends about the sorry state of her relationship with Garrett. 

The conversation switched up to what was happening between Juliette and Alex. The common consensus from her pals was that Alex was “disgusting.”

In reality, the pair makes a good couple because, well, they’re both as bad as each other. 

Meanwhile, Kelsey and Madisson recounted the big fight to everyone, and you could tell Kelsey was loving the fact that Juliette was on the outs with everyone else. 

Kelsey then opened up to her mother about heading to New York for some modeling work. Her mother worried because Kelsey previously stopped eating when she was trying to work as a model. 

Kelsey reiterated that she did not plan to go down the dark route again and that she was ready to make sure her health was in check. 

Her mother did not look convinced, but we’re sure we will find out more down the line. 

Elsewhere, Madisson got a job with Alex’s mother, and it gave her the platform to air her frustration about Juliette “going off the deep end.”

Alex’s mother did not seem to care much for Juliette, and it’s not hard to understand why. Juliette seems to float wherever she thinks she will get friends. 

There were two very different parties in the episode. Juliette had a party that was crashed by none other than Alex, while Kelsey and Madisson threw a party in their new apartment. 

“What’s up?” said Juliette, who was very excited about Alex’s presence. Juliette’s friends sat on the sidelines and complained about how stupid Juliette was for letting him show up. 

Back in Siesta Key, Garrett showed up at the housewarming, and it was evident that Carson was getting a little jealous. If you watch Siesta Key online, you will know that Kelsey has been getting closer to Carson of late.

It’s glaringly obvious that there is still a spark between the former lovers, so Carson should probably get out now. Maybe Juliette will snap him up because she loves picking up Kelsey’s hand-me-downs. 

When Garrett tried to call Juliette, she declined the call because she was a bit too busy getting up close and personal with Alex. 

The next morning, Chloe told Kelsey and Madisson that Alex was with Juliette. In Kelsey’s defense, she admitted it was sad that Juliette did not want to give Garrett a chance. 

Chloe wanted to know whether there was a chance for Kelsey to get back together with Garrett, but she shut all of the talks down. 

She wanted to look to the future, and not wallow in the past. She did have her modeling career to look forward to. 

Back in Tallahassee, Juliette’s friends were quick to find out what Alex was playing at, and he snapped at Hannah’s boyfriend. 

“I knew my friends meant well, but Alex was my mistake to make,” Juliette narrated. Yes, she’s deluded. 

Later, Chloe met up with Tarik and they chatted about how difficult it is to date in Siesta Key. 

Tarik opened up about his ex-boyfriend being murdered in the Pulse shooting. 

Chloe subsequently admitted the truth about Alex and Juliette to Garrett and it seemed to make him want to ice Juliette out. 

What did you think of the episode?

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Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 12 Recap: Chloe’s Birthday Battle Royale

They say all’s fair in love and war, and it seems like the Siesta Key ladies took that to heart on Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 12

When the episode got underway, Juliette was still mad that Kelsey slept over at Garrett’s and more importantly, that she was not told about it sooner. 

She met up with Hannah and some other pals, and they spent the entire time bashing Kelsey. Hannah pointed out that it was about time Juliette found out the truth. 

Juliette called Chloe who was with Kelsey and her side of the group at the beach. Chloe was quick to shut Juliette’s sordid claims down. There was no way Kelsey and Garrett hooked up. 

This gave Juliette the courage to confront Garrett face-to-face, and she got dressed up for the occasion. She wanted to show Garrett what he’d be missing if he stepped out of line again. 

The pair made up, and all seemed right in the world. 

Elsewhere, Chloe was preparing for her 22nd birthday party, and her boss gave her the Tiki bar for the night. She, Canvas and Kelsey decorated the place, and this gave Kelsey and opportunity to warn Canvas off of Brandon. 

Canvas was not ready to give up the fight and basically told Kelsey she would do what she wanted. Someone needs to put this chick in her place. 

Who goes on a reality TV show to mess with relationships? It’s tacky and embarrassing. 

While Chloe was thinking about the party, she was also worried about her mother. There were spots in her brain, and the duo figured she could have MS. 

Thankfully, that was ruled out early on, and it allowed Chloe to continue planning her birthday bash. 

At the party, Madisson turned up the heat on Canvas and told her she would flush her head down the toilet if she went near Brandon again. Yes, we’re kidding about the last part, but at least she made Canvas aware that she was on to her game. 

Alex emerged from hiding and arrived at the lavish event on a boat. Yeah, that’s how these kids roll. He had a gift for Chloe, and she was quick to forgive him for everything.

Garrett and Kelsey started talking about what happened between them, but Juliette stormed off with Alex before she had a chance to say anything to the pair. 

On the boat, Juliette and Alex continued to get closer, but then Garrett showed up to ruin all of their fun. He was mad because Juliette did not want him near an ex, so why should it be a different rule for her?

In the end, Kelsey, Chloe, and Madisson complained about Juliette, and she heard the whole thing. The trio then said they hated her and Alex. 

Alex went back to the party to find out what was going on, but Juliette took a swing for Kelsey and tried to attack her. 

This put her even further on the outs with the group, and before long, she was kissing Alex on his boat. 

This is not going to end well. 

What did you think of all the drama?

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Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 11 Recap: Much Ado About Juliette

Changes were afoot on Siesta Keys Season 1 Episode 11 as it became apparent that no relationship was safe in Siesta Key. 

Juliette Porter got to narrate the first episode back, and it was like she made it her mission to send shots at Kelsey Owens. 

The two women were still at war. Kelsey getting too close to Alex paved the way for the demise of her relationship with Garrett. 

That’s part of the reason why Juliette was happy. She got to get back at both Kelsey and Alex, and it was clear she loved to manipulate a situation. 

When the episode kicked off, Juliette seemed ecstatic because she was still with Garrett, but things got awkward when she had to be in the same room as Kelsey. 

Juliette continued her mean girl narration, but Kelsey and Garrett met at the bar to have it out over what happened in the past. 

Garrett was quick to point out that Kelsey was blinded by the money Alex has and that’s apparently why she was willing to risk the relationship. 

Kelsey complained that Garrett made her miss her Uber, so he said he would give her a ride home. The thing is, he did not take her to her home. 

Instead, he took her to his house and Kelsey spent the night. Kelsey was doing damage control the next morning by telling new roommate, Madisson that she did not have sex with Garrett. 

Garrett kept the news on the down low because he seemed scared in case Juliette iced him out, so he lied to her and said he was working on meal plans that night. 

If you watch Siesta Key online, you will already know secrets don’t remain buried deep in the keys. Chloe informed Kelsey that she knew the truth because she stalked her on Snapchat. 

It turns out, you cannot hide anything from your friends these days thanks to the use of social media. Chloe admitted that Juliette needed to know the truth. 

At the next party, Chloe dished the goods to Juliette, and she was pissed. Juliette went looking for Garrett to hear it from him, but he was too busy hanging around with Kelsey. 

The pair admitted to Juliette but maintained that Kelsey slept on the couch. Kelsey went back to the party while Juliette compared Garrett to Alex and said that he was not the kind guy he wanted everyone to think he was. 

Juliette left and shoved into Kelsey on the way out, before getting an Uber home. The teaser for the next episode showed the two girls embroiled in their biggest bust-up yet, so we’ll be sure to have the popcorn at the ready. 

Elsewhere, new girl Canvas got a job at the bar and wasted no time in getting up close and personal with Brandon. The chick was using the cameras to create a narrative of her own. 

She apparently did not care Brandon was in a relationship with Madisson. She kept saying they did not act like they were in a relationship, so there was something wrong. 

It all came to a head at the close of the episode when Canvas started touching Brandon in full view of everyone. Instead of smacking Canvas around, Madisson complained that she was paranoid. 

Thankfully, Tarik was on hand and pulled Canvas aside. She reiterated that she did not care about a relationship and that she would do what she wanted because she can.

It was bizarre, and Brandon is a d-bag for not pushing Canvas aside.

Yes, it seems all the relationships are going to be destroyed during these final episodes of Siesta Key Season 1. 

Finally, Alex was relegated two a mere two scenes, and it’s probably down to the controversy he was involved with before the series debuted last summer. 

We found out that he had a broken jaw, and then witnessed him making a move to law school. 

The show appears to be distancing itself from him, and maybe it’s for the best. 

What did you think of the premiere?

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Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: What Happened to Alex Kompothecras?

Summer comes to an end, but that does not mean the drama does on Siesta Key. 

On Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 10, some storylines were forgotten entirely.

Alex was back to his scheming ways and concluded that he and Kelsey had nothing in common. This was hands down the most mature thing he has ever done.

He wanted Madisson back, and it just seemed like a forced way to wrap the storylines up and come back with a fresh start.

Oh yes, Siesta Key will be back in the Winter, you guys!


Madisson revealed she was done with Alex because he had treated her like crap one too many times. It was about time. Seriously, you guys, this storyline was complete and utter garbage. 

Madisson is moving on with Brandon, and there’s no telling whether they are even the real deal, either. That’s the issue with reality TV. You never know what’s real. 

For now, Madisson and Brandon are more together than ever, but will a mysterious job offer change her stance on the relationship? That remains to be seen. 

The big event of the episode was Alex’s July 4th party bash. It was fitting that the season kicked off with one of his wild parties, and it ended with one. 

Paul’s apology to Chloe last week was completely fake, and she even knew that when he tried to do the same thing again. He’s the least genuine person on reality TV. 

Chloe did not accept his apology, so he later called her a whale. That was the moment Chloe decided that she was done with the horrible group of individuals and made her way home. 

Will she return for Season 2? We have no idea, but she’s the best person on this toxic cast. 

Maybe she should move over to a less toxic series with friends who actually care for her. 

The party also gave Kelsey and Garrett time to chat about the end of their relationship. They were surprisingly decent with one another, and Juliette got very jealous. 

It sounds like Kelsey is getting the last laugh because Garrett did ask about the pair possibly getting back together.

Would they even work with one another? We’re not so sure, but it would be fun to watch. 

In a post-credits scene, Alex called Madisson and it sure looks like was in a car crash or something. Will this be the thing that drives them back together? 

That will be the bigger question as we await the new episodes of the series which MTV is calling a hit. 

Over to you! What did you think of the conclusion?

Was it worthwhile?

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Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: Did the Truth Set Kelsey Free?

Kelsey and Garrett parted ways a mere few weeks ago, and Kelsey wasted no time in striking up a relationship with Alex, so why was she mad about Garrett moving on?

That was the big question when Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 9 got underway. After Garrett called Kelsey to let her know Juliette revealed all about her and Alex, Kelsey went on a mission to get some details. 

Kelsey arrived at Juliette’s, but Juliette did not even think she deserved to be invited into sip on a cocktail. Instead, the two women bickered in the parking lot about who was in the wrong. 

If you watch Siesta Key online, you will already know that the relationship between Garrett and Juliette came out of absolutely nowhere, so it seems like they are both in it for the revenge. 

Chloe put Kelsey in her place about the whole thing when she went to work whining about it. Here’s the thing: Everybody told Kelsey what would happen if she got with Alex. 

There’s a pattern here, and Juliette and Madisson had already been caught in the crossfire, so Kelsey should have known not to get involved with him. 

We’re not buying the whole schtick about her being young and making mistakes because that’s all she seems to say whenever she is caught out for acting sketchy. 

There was a completely bizarre scene with Alex talking about his relationship with Madisson, and you could tell every single person was uncomfortable. 

It’s so obvious the producers are trying to make the whole Alex/Madisson angle work, and it’s not going to. It’s best to leave this pairing in the past and move on. 

The drama scaled new heights when everyone made their way to the Beach Club to support Paul. But, it’s mind-boggling why anyone would want to be associated with him. 

All he seems to do is self-destruct and complain to everyone else about his life being so bad. Like, he had a horrible childhood, but he needs to move on and stop the past from wrecking his future. 

Not helping matters was the fact that the microphone kept dropping when he was rapping, but it seemed so clear he was the one pressing the button. Even Juliette thought so!

We at THG would like to thank whoever urged him to turn the microphone off. 

Was it an elaborate ruse to throw some much-needed drama into a tame episode? Probably, but it was a resounding failure. It was nice of Chloe to try and make nice with him. 

In the end, Kelsey flipped out at Garrett for getting close to Juliette right in front of her. Garrett was not fazed because of all the rumors he heard about his ex-girlfriend and Alex. 

With one episode left, there’s no telling how the whole thing will end. Everyone seems to be at odds with one another for some strange reason. 

What do you think of all the drama?

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Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Garrett Gets a Girl

Kelsey may have made a fool of Garrett, but Juliette had the perfect plan in place to get back at her. 

When Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 8 got underway, Kelsey continued to grow closer to Alex, and he asked her to go on a date in order to ditch Chloe’s housewarming party. 

This was a bitter pill to swallow for Chloe who wanted them both there, and it only put Kelsey in a worse position with her clique than ever before. 

There is such a thing as being a friend and Kelsey should never have agreed to the date knowing that it was going to make her the talk of the town. 

Alex chatted with his mother, and he essentially told her that he and Kelsey had the potential to become a serious couple. Here’s the thing: When Alex and Kelsey are together on screen, there is zero chemistry. 

The very notion that they could ever be a thing in real life is laughable. Their date consisted of them attending a country bar, and Alex wasted no time in chatting up a mystery blonde. 

Kelsey was visibly mad, but she let it slide. This should have been yet another reason for her to cut him off and move on with her life. 

While all of that was going down, Juliette was trying her best to get Garrett on her side, and all it took was for her to take an interest into him. 

They confided in each other about what they thought about Kelsey and Alex, and it seemed like a new relationship was on the cards. 

Madisson tried to defend Kelsey when Chloe and Juliette trashed her for her actions. If you watch Siesta Key online, you will know that there’s a good chance Alex and Kelsey slept together after the Gatsby event. 

Chloe pointed out that there were several other rooms for her to change out of her wet clothing, so in her mind, they slept together. 

Juliette used this to her advantage when she met up with Garrett to film an exercise video. She told him that Kelsey was a liar and that she had been sleeping with Alex. 

This sent Garrett into a rage, and he called Kelsey to let her know he was done with her and that she was to stay away from him because there was no hope for them. 

Finally, Paul got arrested, and nobody seemed to care because they all felt like he was a giant d-bag. 

What do you think about the latest drama?

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