90 Day Fiance: Did Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester Get MARRIED Already?!

We’ve had to wonder more than once if 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days stars Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester had split. Back in October, the two seemed to get into a very public argument — on social media — like a pair of hormonal middle schoolers.

But they’re now singing a very different tune — and each other’s praises.

More significantly, they’ve taken to referring to each other as “Mr. and Mrs. Meester.” Have they gotten married?

Normally, 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days could be called “Seriously Dating” or perhaps “Unlimited Engagement.”

Because it’s filmed outside of the US, before the non-American partner travels to the US to begin their K-1 visa process.

Because, at the end of those 90 days, you have to either get married or leave, folks.

Darcey, who is 42 and also a mother, has been visiting 24-year-old Jesse Meester in Amsterdam.

Though the couple has given us cause to wonder more than once if they’re still together, they seem determined to make it work.

Even though, well, Darcey seems to get jealous of her hottie fiance and Jesse once publicly accused Darcey of alcoholism.

But 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days stars who stay together are usually supposed to move forward and be on 90 Day Fiance, only then do they get married.

But recent posts have had fans wondering if the couple skipped a step and went ahead and tied the knot.

The above photo was captioned:

“After the Mr. & Mrs. Meester photoshoot in Amsterdam at the palace.”

And then there’s this:

Early Thursday morning, Darcey Silva posted this photo of the couple in white.

Her caption was … interesting:

“We [red heart emoji] you TLC! Thanks for today!”

The numerous tags to that vague message included #lovewins, which had a lot of people wondering if they’d officially tied the knot.

It would make sense, if TLC recorded their wedding. But it would make sense if TLC did just about anything for them.

Also, Jesse and Darcey are notorious for their excessive tagging of photos.

(Honestly, even though they’ve had their very public tiffs, these two seem perfect for each other in the hungry-for-fame department)

But even if today’s photo can be explained away … what about the Mr. and Mrs. Meester stuff?

Just look at the photo that Darcey shared:

(Actually, she posted a reversed image of this photo — we flipped it around so that you can read it more easily)

So, naturally, fans had to wonder if the couple had married.

Darcey tried to head off the speculation that she herself was fueling … by adding this caption:

“My Love… my Meester…not married… but did a fun photoshoot Emulating the movie poster like Mr and Mrs Smith style.”

First of all, that’s a weird photoshoot to do for a couple that isn’t married, right?

Second of all, Mr and Mrs Smith stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s whirlwind romance and then marriage ended with one of them being interrogated by the FBI for alleged child-abuse.

Not super romantic. Not like it would have been in, like, 2015.

Jesse Meester openly acknowledged that the couple’s excitement about the photoshoot was a little confusing.

Replying to a fan who, understandably, asked if they’d married, Jesse wrote:

“We did a photoshoot in the style of Mr. & Mrs. Smith so I get the mindf–k but we’re not married yet.”

He followed that message with a winking emoji.

Uh-oh, we hope that Darcey doesn’t get jealous of that wink and throw another fit!


90 Day Fiance: Did Darcey Silva & Jesse Meester Split?

This isn't the first time that we've had to wonder if Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester are still together. The couple comes from different continents and also different generations.

This time, though, the two had a huge Instagram fight. That's about as public as a fight can get without being on pay-per-view.

They've been a staple of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days. Fans are understandably concerned that they're splitting before the 90 days ever begin.

Jesse meester and darcey silva

In case you need a quick refresher:

90 Day Fiance is so named because US immigration policy permits someone engaged to a US citizen to enter the country in order to live with their fiance for as long as 90 days.

After that period of time, however, the couple needs to marry … or go their separate ways.

90 Day Fiance follows couples as they undergo that process. In some cases, that means that they are meeting in person for the first time in months — or even for the first time at all.

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days is a spin-off series that finds couples before the 90-day clock starts ticking. Which means that they are not yet in the US as a couple.

Darcey Silva is 42-year-old American.

Jesse Meester is a 24-year-old Dutch hottie. Seriously, he's a fitness model.

From judgmental friends and relatives who have issues with their age difference to the regular differences that two distinct individuals might have in their personalities, Darcey and Jesse have not been a sure thing.

Fans and viewers have been on the edges of their seats. Will the couple make it?

Darcey silva selfie

Well, just a couple of days ago, someone threw a wrench into this relationship.

And that someone was Darcey Silva.

She allegedly drunkenly attacked one of Jesse's fans on Instagram. Don't mix jealousy and booze, folks.

(Frankly, there are real stories of Instagram models connecting with fans, so jealousy here might be toxic but it's kinda understandable)

The two of them weren't secretive about how unhappy they were with each other.

Darcey responded to a fan's innocuous comment with: "Maybe you guys got something special. If u want him then just ask him."

Jesse replied to that with: "Sorry for that! She knows she has a problem with alcohol and shouldn't do this. She knows she needs help and shouldn't randomly attack or accuse people when she drinks."

That's Jesse straight-up accusing Darcey of being an alcoholic. We're not saying that we have any evidence that he's wrong, but we are saying that this isn't healthy for a relationship.

The spat ended up with deleted comments.

This was only a few days ago — on October 29th. This was Sunday.

Fast forward a couple of days, however, and the couple is singing a different tune.

Jesse meester of 90 day fiance

In the video that you'll see below, Darcey and Jesse make it clear that they're still together.

They added this caption:

"What you haven’t seen yet… Our love story! Thank you all for being a part of this. I love my girl with all my heart. We grow, we fight, we make mistakes, but we always love and overcome!"

Jesse included a couple of heart emojis with that, which makes it even sweeter.

Some people, as hard as this is for the rest of us to understand, argue pretty regularly with their significant others. That sounds super toxic, but we guess that Darcey and Jesse don't mind.

Jesse meester kisses darcey silva

This sweet video isn't the first time that they've put their affection on display.

Darcey is all too happy to talk about how sexy Jesse is and even about their sex life.

She also shared this caption with a photo of the two of them:

"I am his Queen…He is my King…Together we are bonded by our soul & love…Together as a Twinflame we build our Empire…Together as one we love, create and manifest our true Love Legacy."

That's very sweet and also the sort of thing that you should maybe whisper into a lit candle or a crystal or whatever instead of posting on Instagram. It's a lot.

But this reassuring video that they shared with their fans hit just the right tone. It's precious.

90 day fiance did darcey silva and jesse meester split