Jessica Simpson: Check Out My Baby Bump!!!

Jessica Simpson once sang that her boots were made for walking.

And that may still be true.

But fans at the moment are focused on something else as it relates to the singer: her stomach… and how it’s made for growing more and more each day.

Not because the singer is pigging out or anything, no.

But because she’s pregnant!!!!

Indeed, Simpson and husband Eric Johnson took social media followes by surprise on Tuesday when they announced that Simpson has a third bun in her beautiful oven.

Another baby is on the way!

Jessica shared this exciting news in fun fashion, too, posting to Instagram a pair of photos.

Both of them feature her two children; both of them feature a bunch of balloons; and both of them helped the artist reveal the gender of her upcoming child.

“This little baby girl will make us a family of five. We couldn’t be happier to announce this precious blessing of life,” wrote Simpson as confirmation of the life inside her womb.

balloons and kids

Following this reveal, the ex-wife of Nick Lachey and former MTV reality star provided supporters with their very first look at her baby bump.

Standing out in a beautiful sunlit garden, surrounded by vibrant green and flowers, Simpson has her hands on her midsection in a flowing, Bohemian dress in the following image.

“My Baby Love,” she wrote as a simple caption.

Within just 20 minutes of the snapshot going live, it has received over 46,000 Likes, with nearly every comment an expression of excitement and congratulations from Simpson’s fans.

Check it out here:

Not really a singer or an active celebrity in any sense these days, Simpson’s main focus for years has been on her kids.

“The fact that people think I’m doing a pretty good job [as a mother] is the best compliment,” she said while being honored at the 40th Annual Outstanding Mother Awards in May.

She has a six-year old and a five-year old at home already and is clearly a very hands-on parent.

“When I’m a mother, I want to actually be a mother,” she said at this same ceremony. “I don’t want a nanny doing everything for me.”

Simpson and Johnon, a former NFL tight end, welcomed a daughter named Maxwell in May of 2012.

Wasting little time in procreating, they then welcomed a son named Ace in June of 2013.

“The most rewarding part of being a mother is really just watching my kids grow,” she told Entertainment Tonight this spring, adding at the time:

“It’s like, how much knowledge they have about life is just so meaningful to me, and how much heart they put into everything they do. There’s just nothing like the innocence of a child.”

So very true.

We send our best wishes to Jessicsa Simpson on a happy and healthy pregnancy.


Emily Simpson SLAMS Kelly Dodd for Vicious Attack on Husband!

Though viewers saw Vicki Gunvalson flip out on The Real Housewives of Orange County, she wasn’t the only Housewife to get a little hot under the collar.

When Kelly Dodd criticized Emily Simpson’s husband — when she called him a “b–ch” — Emily lashed out, even threatening to kill Kelly.

Emily cooled off and apologized, and she’s owning up to her words and actions. But she says that she’s the only one who’s doing so.

“I am in no way proud of my behavior at Tamra’s party,” Emily admits in a Bravo blog post.

In her own defense, Emily says: “I feel like any wife who respects her marriage and her husband would have become as irate as I did.”

“However,” Emily adds. “I am the ONLY one taking any responsibility for my own actions that evening.”

“And let’s be honest,” Emily says, preparing to school her co-star. “For a ‘death threat’ to be actionable, the other party has to have an imminent and reasonable fear that their life is in jeopardy.”

“The fact that Kelly continued to scream, ‘Hit me! Hit me!’ and was laughing means she was not scared for her life,” Emily reasons.

She says that Kelly has been targeted Emily’s words so that she does not have to look inward.

“Kelly’s constant focusing on what I said that night is simply a deflection from dealing with her own abhorrent behavior,” Emily says.

“I have to say I’m quite disappointed in the other ladies,” Emily continues.

Emily asks: “Did anyone else notice that Tamra, in her last blog, says Shane likes to cause drama when all he did was stand at a table and have a nice, quiet conversation with Steve?”

Tamra’s last blog was more or less all about accusing Shane of being dramatic.

Emily spies hypocrisy in Tamra’s accusations.

“Yet she makes ZERO mention of Kelly’s behavior,” Emily points out. “Can Shane ever catch a break? Is he ever allowed to speak?”

Emily then points out that Shane was in a no-win scenario.

“If he said nothing, he would be attacked for being spineless,” Emily imagines. “If he speaks up, he’s attacked for causing drama.”

“At the very least, it is laughable that the queen of ‘That’s my opinion!’ is telling Shane to stay out of it,” Emily says, referring to the famous meme of Tamra screaming.

“I am happy that Kelly and I had the opportunity to sit down face to face and work it out,” Emily writes.

Emily continues: “I truly believe you can work things out by owning your own actions, forgiving, and moving on.”

“I feel that we both said what we wanted to say,” Emily says. “And we both took responsibility for our own part in the evening.”

Emily adds: “I even texted Kelly after meeting with her and reiterated how I was happy that we chatted and worked things out.”

Despite that peacemaking, Emily points out that Kelly hasn’t given up on her insistence that Shane is a “b–ch.”

It’s part of human nature for people to get upset and defensive when their loved ones are targeted for criticism and ridicule.

And it goes with the Real Housewife franchise’s territory for people to have explosive arguments on camera. Viewers expect it.

It’s how the stars respond after the fact that shows fans what their character is really like. Emily, at least, is owning what she did and what she said.

We do hope that, in the future, Emily avoids issuing any death threats. It’s not cool.


Emily Simpson Destroys Body-Shamers: It Is NEVER Okay to Call a Woman Fat!

Last year, Shannon Beador was working to lose weight to save her marriage. As we all know, that ended with a messy divorce.

Her new castmate, Emily Simpson, has been a target for vicious body-shaming by trolls who watch The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Rather than rushing to appease her detractors, Emily is taking a stand for all women.

On Twitter, Emily Simpson posted an array of photos of herself.

“It’s never ok to call a woman fat, fatass, plus-size, etc,” she asserts in her tweet.

For the record, plus size is a fine label for someone to use on themselves, especially if they’re a model. It’s not a euphemism to be hurled at others.

Think of words like plus size or thicc like pregnant, where you don’t comment about it until the person you’re talking about describes themselves that way.

Emily, already bearing the brunt of body-shaming, says: “I will take the criticism and be the voice for all the women out there.”

Emily Simpson vs Body-Shamers on Twitter

Emily’s proud tweet continues.

She’s happy to take one for the team for those “that feel inadequate because they don’t fit someone’s ridiculous standard of beauty.”

“Be strong,” Emily advises her fans and followers who may be targeted by body-shamers. “Be proud. Be confident.”

Finally, Emily assures them: “I got you.”

It is always so, so nice to see a reality star use her celebrity status as a platform for a good cause.

In the captions beside a photo of her showing off her outrageous body in a velvet dress, Emily made a similar message.

“Love yourself,” Emily encourages her fans and followers. “Love your body.”

She says that the shape of a person’s body — or the size of it — should never discourage them from having confidence and enjoying their life.

“Always walk into a room and own it,” Emily suggests.

Emily explains how to do this, intructing: “Make eye contact. Hold your head high.”

Emily’s Instagram post continued with some encouraging words.

“Don’t let anyone make you feel inadequate because they are thinner than you,” Emily writes.

While you should never feel inadequate for other reasons, either, this post was specifically for folks who are targeted with fat-shaming and body-shaming.

“Self-confidence is the best outfit you can wear,” she says. She’s not wrong.

“So,” Emily suggests. “Own it and rock it.”

A few weeks ago, Emily was invited to work out with resident fitness nut and also general nut Tamra Judge.

Emily, who works and has three children, was less enthusiastic. She’s not accustomed to working out because she leads a busy life.

While all of the Real Housewives are, of course, real women, a lot of viewers may find Emily and her struggles — and her humble beginnings — more relatable.

Some of the other stars are older and have been living opulent lifestyles for decades.

Emily is a working mom, and that is bound to resonate with a lot of the show’s viewers.

Either way, it is wonderful to see her taking a stand for women everywhere.


OJ Simpson to Khloe Kardashian: Let Me See My Granddaughter!

According to a bombshell new report, OJ Simpson has a killer idea.

The former NFL running back, convicted robber and alleged double murderer is supposedly trying to contact Khloe Kardashian because he really want to spend time with her three-month old child, True.

Because the little girl is very cute and precious and Simpson just can’t get enough of cuddly babies?

Sure, maybe.

At least two things listed in that sentence as accurate.

But Simpson has a different motive for angling to cradle True Thompson. And that is this:

She’s his granddaughter!

Yes, his granddaughter.

For many years now, various tabloid articles (and cover stories, even) have alleged that Kris Jenner carried on an affair with Simpson many decades ago.

This relationship reportedly took place while Kris was married to Robert Kardashian, who was part of Simpson’s legal defense team after he was accused of killing his ex-wife in 1994.

Jenner and Simpson really were close, this much is true.

But did they hook up? And did said hook up produce Khloe Kardashian?!?

“I have never heard such crap in my life,” Jenner once said in response to this rumor.

Still, the chatter persists, to the point that a source at the Nevada prison where Simpson was incarcerated until last fall claims that Jenner called Simpson “at least once a week” and begged him to take a DNA test in order to quiet all this seemingly crazy talk.

Simpson didn’t listen, however.

And Radar Online even writes that “O.J. believes now more than ever that Khloe is his daughter, because True looks so much like his son Justin did when he was a baby.”

We can’t vouch for that assertion, but we can share a recent photo of little True:

AWWWW, right?

Simpson is the biological father to Arnelle, 49, and Jason, 48, from his first marriage to Marguerite Whitley; and Sydney, 32, and Justin, 30, from his marriage to Nicole Brown, who he probably murdered.

Sources have said he’s only on speaking terms with his oldest, Arnelle.

This might explain why OJ is dying to hang out with True, who he actually believes to be his grandkid.

“Now that he’s out of prison, he wants his family around, but he really doesn’t have much family left,” an insider tells Radar, adding:

“If True is his grandchild, then he absolutely wants to be a part of her life.”

That makes sense, we guess.

But this is just so not what Khloe needs at the moment!

She’s busy these days trying to rebuild her relationship with Tristan Thompson, following his serial infidelity last year.

We can’t imagine the reality star wants to deal with both her relationship with that cheater and her relationship with a man who likely cheated the legal system by committing a double homicide and getting away with it.

“Thinking about the possibility that she’s not a real Kardashian has always gotten her down, but now that she’s a mom, she’s super-protective,” a source concludes to Radar.

This also makes sense.

All new mothers are protective of their kids.

But when the person who wants to see said kid almost definitely stabbed his former wife to death several times?

We can’t blame Khloe for being hesitant about letting OJ into her life.


Jessica Simpson: Mom-Shaming Fans FREAK OUT Over Son’s Broken Arm

Wagging a judgmental finger at famous mothers is a favorite activities among internet trolls, and Jessica Simpson seems to be one of their favorite targets as of late.

Jessica has been mom-shamed repeatedly and for a wide variety of alleged offenses.

Haters have criticized Simpson for allowing her daughter to wear makeup.

They’ve whined that she’s too busy taking selfies to properly care for her kids.

But mostly, they’ve lambasted Jessica for allowing her husband to be too rough while playing with 4-year-old son Ace.

The latest outrage stems from the video below that Jessica posted on Instagram earlier this week.

She captioned the clip:

“A broken bone doesn’t hold this kiddo down #waterproofcast #ACEKNUTE”

This being the internet in 2018, fans proceeded to immediately lose their freakin’ minds.

“Why do u do that wow! So ridiculous!” wrote one hyper-articulate follower.

“Love you, Jess, but why throw a kid with a cast on? Even in water,” commented another, while a third described the stunt as “the most ridiculous thing to be doing as a parent.”

But don’t worry, Jess has her defenders, too.

And man, are they hoping she’ll call them up and ask to be besties.

“Your son obviously has great air sense (athletic body control while executing inverted aerial maneuvers). The fact that his arm is in a protective cast is not an issue at all,” wrote one such sycophant.

“His arm is not used in executing the maneuver other than being a balancing device. Your critics are probably not very experienced in this maneuver,” the aqua-batics expert continued.

“And he executed it with fins on??! He’s got talent and obviously as the parent you know his talent and lack of risk!!”

It’s one of those comments that reminds you that whether you’re talking politics or literally any other topic under the sun, there is no room for centrism on the internet.

Either your’re calling CPS on Jessica or praising her son’s “inverted aerial maneuvers.”

So we’re gonna do something truly subversive and fall somewhere in the middle on this:

The stunt was fine and probably perfectly safe, but we can see how it might shock fans who have never seen something similar.

Now can we all get back to talking about how drunk Jessica is all the time?

That’s much more entertaining.


Khloe Kardashian Destroys Troll Who Claims O.J. Simpson is Her Dad

Now that Khloe has shared the first photos of True, fans are overjoyed to see the cute little one-month-old’s face.

But some are taking a closer look at the sweet little baby. They think that she might be new evidence that Khloe’s real dad is O.J. Simpson.

As you’re about to see, Khloe has actually responded.

Taking to Instagram comments, one person who believes the O.J. paternity conspiracy theory decided that True’s appearance confirms what people have been saying for years.

What’s more, this person decided to write it out where Khloe might potentially see it.

“Her daughter is black which proves that O.J. Simpson is [Khloe’s] dad.”

This comment is followed by a somewhat ambiguous, wide-eyed emoji.

The conspiracy theory that O.J. Simpson was secretly Khloe’s father is not uncommon and has been plaguing her and her family for years.

What makes this comment unusual, however, is that Khloe actually saw fit to respond to it.

Take a look:

Khloe Kardashian on IG about OJ

Khloe actually took the time to respond to this, writing:

“I mean … her dad is black, silly.”

This reply might actually be the funniest think that Khloe has ever said.

“That’s why she’s black, babe.”

Is the message a little condescending?


Is that fair, given the context?


Tristan Thompson is black. True’s grandfather — who is, by the way, Robert Kardashian — is not responsible for her skin tone.

O.J. Simpson was very good friends with Robert Kardashian back before, you know, O.J. was arrested for the brutal murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Though Robert was part of the “dream team” that helped O.J. get acquitted, the two were never the same after that.

Kris Jenner, who by this point was already divorced from Robert and married to Caitlyn Jenner back before she publicly transitioned, had been good friends with Nicole.

As Khloe grew to be taller and bigger-boned (literally bigger-boned) than her sisters, some wondered if O.J. had fathered her with his best friend’s wife, long before Nicole Brown’s death.

In reality, of course, Khloe is only 5-foot-10. She only looks “tall” because so many people in her family are comically short. Kendall is her height, too.

O.J. is not Khloe’s dad. And O.J. is not True’s grandpa.

Though Khloe has long been plagued by this rumor, True is not the only Kardashian baby whose skin tone apparently threw fans for a loop.

Earlier this month, some of Kylie’s fans began to believe that Kylie’s hunky bodyguard was her real baby daddy.

Why? Because Stormi’s skin isn’t especially dark, basically. But the real answer was because Kylie living a happy life as a young mother is boring, and a lot of people thirst after her bodyguard.

It seems that some people are confused about interracial babies and their skin tones, so here’s a very, very simple primer.

Mixed babies can have light skin or dark skin, because human genetics are basically self-randomizing. Blame it on meiosis and those pesky spindle fibers.

We know that it’s way more interesting for people to believe that everyone is constantly cheating at all times.

But life isn’t a soap opera. Otherwise, the world would have a lot more doppelgangers.

Only, like, half of all people in relationships are cheating. Just because Tristan did doesn’t mean that Kris or Kylie did, too.

Sometimes, the truth is less interesting than what people like to imagine.

That’s life.

We will say this — that person may have been mocking the theory. That emoji may have been an eyeroll.

Khloe may have slammed the wrong commenter.