Jill Janus, Singer of Rock Band Huntress, Commits Suicide

Jill Janus, the frontwoman for popular heavy metal band Huntress, was found dead on Tuesday, others in this group have confirmed.

She was 43 years old.

While details are still coming in regarding her passing, this is what band members wrote on Facebook last night as tragic confirmation of the news:

“It is with crushed hearts that we announce that Jill Janus – frontwoman for the California heavy metal band Huntress – passed away on Tuesday, August. 14.

“A long-time sufferer of mental illness, she took her own life outside of Portland, Oregon.”

Continued this post:

“Janus spoke publicly about these challenges in hopes of guiding others to address and overcome their mental illness.”

Huntress were formed in 2009 and released its first album, Spell Eater, in 2012.

The band went on to release a further a pair of orther records as well, while supporting and opening at times for rock bands Motörhead and Lamb of God.

Best known for the singing gig described above with Huntress, Janus also sang for a handful of female metal cover bands over the years, including The Starbreakers and Chelsea Girls.

“Beyond her accomplishments in the music world and her advocacy for mental health issues, she was a beautiful person passionate about her family, animal rescue and the world of natural medicine,” the Facebook message reads, concluding

“She will be missed more than she could have ever known.”

It is unclear at the moment just how Janus took her own life.

The artist was diagnosed with bipolar disease aged 20, telling Revolver magazine in 2015 that she struggled in high school after starting to show signs of this illness at 13 years old.

In response to this awful news, partner and Huntress member Blake Meahl paid tribute to Janus as follows yesterday:

“[We] spent 9 years together creating a home, having a family and building our passion project Huntress.

“The devastation of knowing I will never see her again is the most gutting emotion I have ever experienced. I hope you have found the peace that you couldn’t find on this planet.”

Added Lizzy Hale of Halestorm:

“I’d like to take a moment to state again how important it is to talk about mental health, and remind all of you out there battling demons that you are not alone.

I have to navigate my own dark labyrinth and I turn to music and writing for my lifeline. I want to encourage you to keep searching for Your lifeline, something that makes You happy.

janus tribute

To Jill, My sister of scream, I hope wherever you are you have found the peace that you couldn’t here.

My deepest sympathy’s go out to Jill’s Family and her band Huntress during this time.

If you or someone you know might be at risk of suicide, call 1-800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

It provides free and confidential support 24 hours a day, seven days a week for people in suicidal crisis or distress.


Ramona Singer: If Luann Were a REAL Addict, She’d Need More Rehab!

We know that this will surprise exactly zero viewers of The Real Housewives of New York City, but Ramona Singer has some strong opinions about one of her fellow Housewives.

Specifically, she gets asked how she feels about Luann de Lesseps going to rehab again following a relapse.

Ramona thinks that it couldn't have been for long enough, and thinks that Luann is sending a harmful message to "serious" addicts.

Ramona singer on e

The hosts of E!'s #DailyPop asked Ramona Singer how proud she is of Luann de Lesseps.

Ramona hesitated before even answering.

"I think someone who gets out of rehab after two weeks," Ramona says, trailing off. "I mean are they really well?"

Her words and tone suggest that she believes the answer to be no.

"What kind of message," Ramona asks. "Are you sending to other people who have serious alcoholic problems?"

Ramona singer is not impressed

Ramona has doubts about the efficacy of a two-week stint in rehab — like the one that Luann took after she relapsed and got drunk.

"I don't think anyone can get better after two, three weeks," Ramona says dismissively.

Ramona does acknowledge that this was not Luann's only time in rehab.

"Obviously," Ramona admits. "She went in a few months ago for 30 days."

Ramona says that she worried at the time that it would not be enough, telling E! that: "I said to one of her friends, 'Please have her stay for two months.'"

Ramona singer bethenny frankel spar over potential boyfriend

Ramona also addressed Dennis Shields' tragic death and how Bethenny Frankel is coping with the sudden passing of her on-again, off-again boyfriend.

"I just feel bad for the children," Ramona says after a moment when asked about the situation.

Obviously, children are the least equipped to process tragedy and trauma — and they are always, always the innocents.

"He left four children behind, and that just breaks my heart," Ramona says. "It breaks my heart."

The hosts ask her if she has spoken to Bethenny on the subject.

"I've texted her," Ramona says of Bethenny. "I texted her my condolences."

Ramona singer nearly cries

Look, we're no experts on addiction or recovery or rehab or sobriety.

But … neither is Ramona Singer. Sorry, not sorry.

Different people respond to treatments — of any kind — at different rates.

And there is a massive difference between someone's first visit to rehab after realizing that they need to change their life, in contrast with someone heading back for a stint in rehab after a relapse.

That said … studies have shown that just two weeks without alcohol can allow the brain to recover and make changes to being without booze.

Luann de lesseps season 10 pic

There is also a huge difference between someone going to rehab to change their life — which is what Luann did — and someone going to rehab to save their life.

Luann's issues with alcohol could have killed her, but it sounds like she was more concerned about her health and behavior.

In contrast, some attend rehab because they are worried that their next dose of a substance will be their last.

That sort of situation can lead to a much longer stint in rehab, as a single relapse could easily be fatal.

In Luann's case, she drank in response to a sudden and painful stressor, and then she checked into rehab. She was being smart.

Ramona singer if luann were a real addict shed need more rehab

Aretha Franklin Dies; Legendary Singer was 76

Aretha Franklin, one of the most successful and influential solo artists in music history, died on Thursday morning after a lengthy battle with cancer.

She was 76 years old.

A number of reporters and outlets had warned the public ahead of time that Franklin’s time was sadly near, as multiple sources confirmed over the weekend that the legendary artist was gravely ill.

She ended up passing away while under hospice care in her Detroit home.

She was surrounded by friends and family members at the time.

In an unusual move, a tribute concert produced by Live Nation and spearheaded by Sony Music Chief Creative Officer Clive Davis, who signed Franklin to Arista Records in 1980, was actually announced prior to her passing.

The event will likely be titled “Clive Davis Presents: A Tribute to Aretha Franklin” and is scheduled to be at Madison Square Garden in New York City on November 14.

The legendary singer had not performed for an audience since November of 2017.

with bill

Sources had even said that Franklin’s weight plummeted down to 85 pounds by the time she passed away.

Ahead of scheduled concerts in March and April of this year, the singer was forced to cancel the performances under doctor’s orders.

Dubbed The Queen of Soul decades ago, Franklin has been cited by contemporary superstars such as Beyonce and Mariah Carey as being a major influence and role model.

Her rundown of achievements is almost too long to list in one place.

But we’ll give it a shot…

– Franklin was nominated for 44 Grammy Wwards.

– She won 18 Grammy Awards over the course of her career.

– This figure represents the third-most Grammys ever won by an individual.

– From 1968 through 1975, she won the Grammy Award for Best R&B Vocal Performance every single year.

– Along with her most well-known song, “Respect,” the singer shot to fame with hits including “Natural Woman,” “I Say A Little Prayer” and “Chain of Fools,” many of which remain relevant today.

– Franklin was the first woman to be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

– She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush in 2005.

– In 2010, she was named in the greatest singer of all time by Rolling Stone. 

Before Franklin even passed away, as soon as news broke that she was seriously ill, tributes and notes of sorrow started pouring forward on social media.

Missy Elliott summed it up well on Twitter when she wrote the following on Monday morning:

My prayers are with Aretha Franklin & her family during this difficult time. We MUST CELEBRATE the Living Legends while they are here to see it. So many have given us decades of Timeless music.

In 2017, after 56 years as a singer and songwriter, Franklin said she was retiring, saying at the time:

“I feel very, very enriched and satisfied with respect to where my career came from, and where it is now.

I’ll be pretty much satisfied, but I’m not going to go anywhere and just sit down and do nothing. That wouldn’t be good either.”

Expect the messages of sorrow and sympathy to continue for many hours, days and weeks.

What a career and what a woman.

May Aretha Franklin rest in peace.


Demi Lovato Overdose: Did the Singer Take Dirty Drugs?

With Demi Lovato having checked in to rehab, hopefully focused on turning her life around, we have a couple updates on the troubled singer.

First, a new report claims to have information on what caused Lovato to overdose back on Tuesday, July 24.

According to TMZ insiders, Lovato did indeed spent most of the previous evening out and about with friends.

As detailed shortly after this frightening incident took place, Demi hit up a club in Hollywood to celebrate a pal’s birthday and then continued the celebration with a smaller group of acquaintances at her home.

(These were allegedly the toxic influences that Lovato has since vowed to eliminate from her life.)

Following her night out at Saddle Ranch on the Sunset Strip, and after she returned to her residence with these friends, the aforementioned TMZ article states that Lovato sent a text message to a drug dealer at 4 a.m.

The drug dealer received the text and responded, arriving at Demi’s home with two freebased Oxycodone on tin foil.

But that’s not all.

This new and scary report goes deep.

These sources say, unbeknownst to the singer, the drug dealer in question had a dangerous habit of buying dirty drugs from Mexico — and the batch he handed over appeared to be laced with fentanyl.

This is the same drug that killed Prince and Lil Peep.

Ummm… yikes, right?

Original reports after Demi’s overdose alleged that the star overdosed on heroin, but most of these were later corrected via follow-up posts and quotes.

TMZ even writes that the drug dealer remained at Lovato’s home until he noticed she was breathing heavily in bed, at which point he fled the scene.

Eventually, Demi’s assistant found the singer unconscious and called 911.

It’s more or less been confirmed at this point that paramedics administed Narcan to Demi, a drug used to combat the dangerous of an overdose.

This may have been what saved Lovato’s life, as she regained consciousness and was then rushed to the hospital.

Lovato spent about two weeks under doctors’ supervision and then jetted off to an out-of-state treatment facility last week.

She has understandably canceled all tour dates for the remainder of 2018 and there’s a very good chance we don’t hear from her, or even about her from anyone named on record, for a long time.

“She will be in rehab for several months and is doing an extensive program to ensure she gets the help she needs,” a source tells E! News.

The 25-year-old, though, is currently in Chicago, where she’s undergoing treatment with a therapist who focuses on sobriety, mental health and wellness.

Demi has made it clear over the years, in numerous interviews, that she faces all of these problems and more.

She has struggled with substance abuse, an eating disorder and general self-esteem issues.

Lovato has not been in much contact with anyone close to her, although ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama has checked in whenever possible.

“Wilmer has been in touch with the family and has been checking in on Demi’s status,” writes E! News, adding that the actor hasn’t really spoken to Lovato directly:

“The family is trying to make sure they eliminate all distractions and want her to be focusing on her health right now.”

We continue to keep Lovato in our thoughts.


Ramona Singer Breaks Down Over Carole Radziwill Departure

Ramona Singer is sad.

She's just…. very, very sad.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week, the veteran Real Housewives of New York City cast member was asked if she had a reaction to the recent news concerning Carole Radziwill.

This news, of course, is that Carole Radziwill is leaving the franchise that made her famous.

The award-winning journalist and reality star (there's a combo you do not see very often, huh?) made the announcement on Wednesday.

And Singer reacted to it just hours later.

"I love Carole inside and out," Ramona said, barely able to hold off her tears.

"I think she's really warm, special, down to earth, truthful, giving, kind, supportive of women, genuine, smart [and] fabulous. I'm like, 'Wow.'

"I'm going to miss not being with her doing the next season. It's going to be a void.

"This is going to be a void for me.'

Of course, not all Housewives would agree with this sentiment.

Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel have been clashing throughout Season 10, with it being rather clear that Carole was making a reference to her former friend and current enemy upon confirming her departure from the series yesterday.

"I am sure this does not come as a surprise to any of the viewers, all of whom have been supportive, encouraging, and kind.

"My original curiosity about reality television has waned over the years and I am focusing on TV and writing projects that better suit my more steady temperament."

Then, in a perceived dig at Frankel, Radziwill added she's "thrilled to leave frenemies behind."

In the often-heated parlance of Real Housewives, this was really a pretty tame dig.

Singer is the first cast member to comment on Carole leaving the show, which she joined on Season 5.

Luann de Lesseps, Dorinda Medley, Sonja Morgan and Tinsley Mortimer have not yet commented on Radziwill's exit.

The Real Housewives of New York City, meanwhile, is in the middle of its current season right now.

It airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Check out the video above to see Singer's emotional response to Radziwill's leaving the program.

Ramona singer nearly breaks down over carole radziwill departure