Sister Wives Star Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thompson: Married!

Very early this year, we shared the happy news that Aspyn Brown is engaged!

The eldest Sister Wives daughter, whose mom is Christine, was engaged to her childhood friend, Mitch Thompson.

Well, now we have a beautiful update: Aspyn and Mitch have gotten married!

All things considered, a six-month engagement isn’t an especially lengthy one. But sometimes, you just know.

Besides — Aspyn and Mitch have known each other since childhood. 

The wedding took place on Sunday, in the mountains of Utah.

Aspyn herself was dressed in a white satin gown brought to life by some delicate beadwork.

Mitch wore a Scottish kilt, which is always a stylish but topical choice. In his case, it’s also honoring his Scottish heritage.

And then there were the guests.

Kody decided to follow Mitch’s example, wearing a kilt of his own.

Hey, they’re comfy. Say what you will about Kody Brown, but the father of the bride made a choice to dress in solidarity with his now-son-in-law.

All four of Aspyn’s moms were there, complete with fancy hats. (Who says that royal weddings don’t have an impact in America?)

Mom Christine, who gave birth to Aspyn, was absolutely stunning in emerald green.

Now, originally, Aspyn had stated that she was going to have Mykelti as her maid of honor.

After all, she had been her sister’s maid of honor in 2016 — we all remember the taco wedding, right?

But instead, Aspyn and Mitch opted to forgo the usual bridal party.

So no maid of honor. No man of honor.

But they did include the wedding’s younger guests — in the form of ten flower girls. That is so adorable.

(Quick aside — this photo was taken from the trip on which Mitch popped the question! Those are memories that they can both treasure forever)

There is another precious detail from this wedding that we would be remiss if we didn’t mention.

Mitch, as you may remember, works as a carpenter.

He built the arch under which he and Aspyn were married. That is a beautiful gesture.

(And, real talk, those of us who dread assembling premade furniture might not always appreciate how much work and love a carpenter puts into their work — we’re certain that this, at least, was a labor of love)

We hope to see more of this wedding than a single snapshot … and we probably will.

Sister Wives will return despite its ratings. Not every show has to dominate its timeslot for a network to consider it worth continuing. There are a number of factors.

So when the show does come back, we expect to see a lot of the build-up to Aspyn’s wedding.

And probably the wedding itself, since TLC’s cameras were there.

Weddings are a big deal for people and families, so they’re a huge deal for reality television.

For the record, though, though they started dating after attending a pro-polygamy rally, Aspyn and Mitch have both made it clear that they are planning on keeping their marriage monogamous.


Janelle Brown: Is She Leaving Sister Wives or Not?!?

Janelle Brown would like your attention, please.

The veteran Sister Wives cast member has apparently been reading the Internet and browsing through various celebrity gossip websites.

She knows what folks out there are saying about her and her marital/professional status.

And the TLC personality is now here to put a stop to the rumors once and for all.

We type, of course, about one rumor in particular:

Is she leaving Kody Brown and, in turn, is she therefore leaving Sister Wives?

Janelle attemped to address this chatter in May when she shared a selfie of her and her husband out on a date.

Wasn’t that sufficient evidence to prove she and Kody were still madly in love? Especially when she wrote the following as a caption?

I’ve wanted to see U2 in concert since I was 19. Finally made it 30 years later and with my love. So dang excited.

Yes, critics, she just referred to Kody as her love.

But the Internt is gonna Internet and speculation has continued to run wild in regard to Janelle’s marriage, along with her role on one of TV’s most controversial reality programs.

“@JanelleBrown117 You are in the hot seat on fb this wk!” wrote a fan on Twitter late Sunday might, adding:

“I’ve seen various “articles” about “Janelle leaving SW”, “Janelle leaving family”, “Janelle’s new diet plan just $ 19.95.” LoL. You’ve been quite busy.”

Janelle apparently appreciated this individual’s comment and sarcasm, responding with a very simple and light-hearted statement of her own:

“Haha  – so crazy.  Of course it’s all rubbish.”

Janelle Brown tweet

So there we have it, we guess?

Janelle is committed to Kody and will remain a strong presence on Sister Wives going forward.

Can the same be said of her other co-stars, however?

Tabloid cover stories for years now have ran anonymous quotes that claimed one Sister Wife or another was finally sick of her unusual arrangement with Kody.

It wouldn’t be hard to blame them if this were the case, considering they’re sharing a man with mulitple women.

Most prominent among those rumored to be departing the series is Meri Brown.

She was caught in a catfishing scandal in 2016 during which she thought she had found herself a new man… only it turned out to be a woman.


Then, just a few weeks ago, we reported that she has once again found herself a new man… only this time it turned out to actually be a man.


Still, as far as we know, Meri is still a key part of the series.

Sister Wives last aired a new episode on April 1, 2018.

TLC has not yet announced a return date for the program, which has already been on the air for 12 seasons.

How crazy is that?!?

That’s more seasons than Kody has wives!

For the record, meanwhile, if either Janelle, Meri or anyone else does in fact walk away from Kody once and for all, you’ll hear it here either first or second… at The Hollywood Gossip!


Leah Messer: My Sister Is Messing Up Her Life Just Like I Did!

These days, Leah Messer’s life has settled down a bit, but there was a time when she presented Teen Mom 2 viewers with as much weekly drama as Jenelle Evans or Kailyn Lowry.

Leah’s been through so much that it can be tough to recall all of her ups and downs.

But those who recall her earliest years as a reality star and new mom will remember that she experienced more downs than ups.

Viewers have seen Leah struggle with addiction.

They’ve offered words of encouragement on social media, as she’s continued to cope with her daughter Ali’s health issues.

And they’ve rooted for Leah through her two marriages and subsequent divorces.

Through it all, Leah has received support from her loving sister Victoria.

But while Victoria had a front row seat for all of Leah’s troubles, it seems she didn’t learn many lessons about how to avoid a similar fate.

Back in 2015, Victoria welcomed her first child, a girl named Cami.

Just six months later, Victoria filed for divorce from her first husband, Brian Jones.

Clearly not one to waste time, Victoria revealed last week that she’s expecting a second child.

And if you thought the announcements would stop there, you don’t know Victoria:

The 22-year-old revealed on Facebook this week that she’s already remarried — to a man with the hilarious name of Domenick Crapello

We can only hope she decided to hyphenate and is now known as Victoria Messer-Crapello

“I have came along way in my life, filled with negativity and just right down nasty people,” Victoria wrote on Facebook.

“My life changed a little over a year ago when I decided to change my lifestyle and who I had became within myself due to situations I was in. God blessed me with Cami November 16 of 2016.. she was my safe haven, she saved me,” she added.

“I swore I would NOT allow negativity to continue or to continue being settled with my life especially when I knew in my heart my life needed changed for me and for her, for the better. I knew that we had a bright future ahead of us.”

Victoria concluded with a bombshell, writing:

“Little did we know on this day Feb 23 2018 I would be a wife and a momma to 2 beautiful baby girls with another on the way. I am blessed and i love my family more than anything or anyone else.”

Yes, apparently, Victoria has been married since February.

Why she decided to keep the news to herself until now is anyone’s guess.

Naturally, fans have been theorizing that she’s angling to replace Jenelle Evans, who many feel is soon to be fired by MTV.

It’s impossible to say for sure, but it’s not such an outlandish theory.

After all, Victoria has been appearing on TM2 for free for several years now.

And she’s got a lot of mouths to feed these days.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on the messy Messer sisters.


Kendra Caldwell Scandal: Is Her Sister SECRETLY Dating a Duggar?!

If you follow the Duggar family closely, then you’re likely aware Joseph Duggar married Kendra Caldwell last year in front of about a thousand of the couple’s closest friends.

In most respects, it was the typical Duggar wedding – a chaste, dry affair attended by just about every fundamentalist in a hundred-mile radius.

But in one very scandalous respect, Joseph and Kendra were entered uncharted territory when they said “I do.”

The problem, it seems, is that Joseph is not the first Duggar to catch Kendra’s eye.

No, before she began her relationship with Joe, Kendra was courted by Jedidiah Duggar.

Someone (read: Jim Bob) decided that Kendra was better suited to Jed’s older brother, Joseph.

Apparently, they hit it off, because these days, Kendra is pregnant with Joseph’s baby.

So the situation worked out for everyone … except poor Jed.

Jim Bob was then left with a disgruntled incel son, and naturally, he decided to appease the 19-year-old with a comely maiden.

Of course, the Duggars live in the middle of nowhere and fundamentalist virgins of virtue true can be hard to come by.

Which is why many fans believe that Jim Bob has returned to familiar hunting grounds and set Jed’s sights on Kendra’s younger sister, Lauren Caldwell, who just turned 18 this month.

Lauren has reportedly been in attendance at recent family gatherings, which wouldn’t be that strange on its own.

After all, her sister recently married into the Counting On clan.

But as commentators in the Duggar-focused corners of Reddit have pointed out, it’s a bit strange that Lauren started showing up so soon after her 18th birthday.

In a conversation about which one of the Duggar men will end up with Lauren, the majority of the votes went to Jed:

“Jedidiah. He couldn’t get Kendra so he’d probably go after her younger sister,” one user commented, In Touch Weekly points out.

But there was some dissent among the ranks:

“Not sure who, but she will be a Duggar because her teeth are nice and straight and she has fundie hair! She is in for sure,” another wrote.

A third had a different theory altogether:

“Lately how all the older guys keep getting with barely-legal girls, I’m gonna say JD.”

Since there have been rumors that John David is secretly courting, we suppose that’s a possibility, but the ten-year-age difference likely wouldn’t fly with Duggar fans.

We’ll keep an eye on the situation, but for now, just expect a Jed-Lauren courtship announcement n the very near future.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Meghan Markle’s Sister to The Royal Family: Stop Inbreeding!

The Royal Wedding has been over for days now.

However, the loudest critic of The Royal Wedding is yet to move on.

Indeed, we’re very sorry readers, but it’s time to once again talk about Samantha Markle.

The half-sister of Meghan Markle (aka The Duchess of Sussex!), Samantha is 17 years older than her more famous and FAR more classy sibling.

The two share a father, but did not grow up in the same household and barely know each other.

Over the course of the past several weeks, Samantha has been dragging Meghan left and right, slamming her as fake and phony and unappreciative and acting very bitter over her lack of a wedding invitation.

(Hmmm… we really can’t figure out why Meghan didn’t invite her, can you?)

After actually watching her sister get married, though, and after especially listening to Bishop Michael Curry’s impassioned sermon about love, Samantha appeared to have a change of heart.

Kind of.

“I watched the bishop talk about love and unity and forgiveness and I hoped it would strike a chord within Meghan,” she said earlier this week, still clearly blaming Meghan for their riff and adding:

“If that was real and if I were to define a principle to all of this, then it would be that we all just work for a peaceful resolution and reunion as a family.

“I feel a religious and moral obligation to be open to her and not be vindictive or isolating or hurt.”

You can guess how long this “open” attitude lasted probably, can’t you?

First, Samantha took Meghan’s mother to task, bashing Doria Ragland for “cashing in” on her appearance because she talked to Oprah Winfrey and, according to Samantha only, sold photos to the press.

But Samantha, who did warn us about never shutting up, was only getting started with this Tweet.


On Tuesday, Samantha wrote on her private Twitter account that her family is “just as embarrassed by [Meghan]” as ever before, adding that just because Markle is now royalty “she does not suddenly walk on water and she owes it to our father it is not charity it is gratitude.”

This is a reference to how Markle’s dad was not given his own coat of arms.

(Thomas Markle did not attend the wedding due to health problems and also embarrassment over a scandal in which he was caught paying paparazzi to take flattering photos of him.)

“To exclude him off a coat of arms is really stripping him of an honour and it’s a huge insult,” Samantha fumed to The Sun.

“After a heart attack that would be cruel and isolating.”

According to the Daily Mail, meanwhile, Thomas was not given a coat of arms because the process was deemed too “complicated.

It entails finding proof that the family had an ancestor who was a subject of the Crown.

Instead, Meghan will actually be given her own coat of arms… but her American family won’t be able to use it.

(We love Meghan and Harry and William and especially Kate Middleton, but man: This royalty stuff is very weird and sort of messed up, don’t you think?)

Samantha, however, is in no mood to try and actually comprehend her dad’s perceived snub.

She used Twitter to attack the Royal Family’s allegedly superior attitude, noting that they’d had “generations of scandal” themselves.

And then getting especially frisky and personal by writing:

“You’ve got inbreeding, you’ve got substance abuse, you’ve got alcohol abuse, you’ve got infidelity. On what grounds could the royals feel that the Markles are somehow not worthy?”

There’s a lot we could unpack here.

There’s no real arguing that the Royal Family lives by a haughty set of unusual rules that literally don’t really apply to anyone else in the world.

But they are coming around, that’s for sure.

They’ve accepted Meghan into their home, despite a previous divorce and despite the fact that she’s American; this would have been unheard of decades ago.

More importantly, though, is the context of this complaint and these allegations.

They come from someone who is working on a book about her toxic relationship with her estranged half-sister — and it will be titled “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister.”

Samantha Markle really needs to go away.


Meghan Markle’s Sister: Hospitalized After Car Wreck

As the Royal Wedding looms closer, it has appeared that Meghan Markle’s awful sister will never stop saying hateful things about Meghan and, well, everything else.

But something has given Samantha Grant pause.

She has been hospitalized with multiple injuries following a car accident.

TMZ reports that Samantha Grant was hospitalized with what they say appears to be a broken ankle and a fractured knee.

What’s more, this comes after an alleged confrontation with the paparazzi — or at least one paparazzo.

According to Samantha’s boyfriend, Mark, the two were driving in Florida near a toll booth when this happened.

it is Mark who describes this as a “paparazzi confrontation.”

Allegedly, a paparazzo veered in front of them in the hopes of getting a clear shot with his camera.

Mark says that he then swerved to the left to avoid a collision.

He was successful in avoiding the photographer … but ended up running into a concrete barrier.

Mark says that Samantha hit the windshield on impact — and then fell to the floor mat.

(We would hope that she and everyone else on the planet always wears a seatbelt, so we’d love an explanation for how that happened)

Samantha has MS, and was unable to lift herself up from the floorboard.

She says that her foot was twisted backwards. We can’t even imagine how that would look, but it sure sounds painful.

Mark says that the paparazzo fled the scene.

We have to keep in mind that, so far, we only know Mark (and, we suppose, Samantha’s) version of events.

We don’t yet know the full story of what happened.

Obviously, conspiracy theorists always like to run wild — but no, Queen Elizabeth II did not arrange this.

Outside of fictional settings like Grimm, the British royal family only wields as much power as your average millionaire dynasty who plays an anachronistic ceremonial role in government.

Though we’re sure that the Queen would do anything to make her grandson’s wedding perfect, this was not a hit.

Sometimes, accidents happen.

Especially when an alleged overeager photographer is pursuing a vehicle.

Given the way in which Prince Harry and Prince William tragically lost their mother at a heartbreakingly young age, this is something that the Royals know better than most.

Mark of course drove Samantha to the E.R. for treatment, but a broken ankle can take months of recovery.

Based upon the description of her injuries, it seems likely that she’ll have metal surgically implanted to keep her ankle break from repeating.

Ankle injuries are nasty, and once they are severely injured, conventional wisdom says that they are never the same again.

We don’t know if MS will complicate Samantha’s injuries or her recovery.

We also don’t know if she has any other, less obvious injuries from what sounds like a frightening collision.

We know that there is clearly no love lost between Samantha and Meghan.

But that doesn’t mean that Meghan is looking out a palace window somewhere like a dramatic villain, gleefully celebrating her detractor’s injury.

Obviously, Meghan is getting married in two days.

Additionally, Meghan Markle’s father’s heart attack has her concerned for his health, and has left the family scrambling to make new arrangements since he can no longer attend.

She has a lot on her plate, and honestly, this news is probably just another distraction.


Meghan Markle’s Awful Sister: I Will Never Shut Up!

Forget those earlier rumors about Meghan Markle being a bridezilla.

Based on a few anonymous quotes, it just sounds like the former actress is a perfectionist who wants her wedding to go as smoothly as possible.

But sister-of-the-bride-zilla? This made-up term doesn’t adequately begin to describe bitter, disrespectful and all-around awful Samantha Grant.

Grant (who is sometimes referred to as Samantha Markle) has been making the media rounds for months now, exploiting the fame of her half-sibling by using every platform she can find to disparage Prince Harry’s fiancee.

She’s actually writing a book about her sister (which labels Meghan as a “Pushy Princess”), despite the fact that Samantha is 17 years her senior and the two barely know each other.

Of late, Samantha has been in the news more than ever because the father she shares with Meghan has made headlines for two reasons:

  1. He will not be attending the Royal Wedding due to a recent heart attack and upcoming heart procedure.
  2. He was recently busted for a pay-for-pose scheme in which he would pay paparazzo to snap flattering photos of him.

Samantha has been defending her father in numerous interview, even getting into a heated debate with Piers Morgan after she blamed the media for how he’s been treated.

Watch it unfold here:

Elsewhere, Samantha has not shut up about how she and a few other family members are NOT invited to the wedding.

And she made it clear while talking to TMZ yesterday that she doesn’t plan on shutting up, either.

“If it’s about my life or my fathers’s, there’s something in this country known as freedom of speech,” Samantha told this celebrity gossip outlet, adding in defiance:

“She doesn’t have a copyright on that and she’s not going to tell me that I can’t speak about my own life or my father’s where it’s a matter of public self-defense.”

It’s worth noting, of course, that Markle has not come out and told Samantha to be quiet.

We’re sure she’s thought it because Samantha is dragging her all over the place.

However, Kensington Place simply released the following statement in light of Thomas Markle backing out of the festivities:

This is a deeply personal moment for Ms. Markle in the days before her wedding. She and Prince Harry ask again for understanding and respect to be extended to Mr. Markle in this difficult situation.

But whatever, people!

Samantha Grant won’t be silenced, okay?!?

“The media is disparaging us. I’m not going to take it,” she added to TMZ, going on about her relative:

“She’s not qualified to suggest that I don’t under any law in this country. This is not Great Britain. I am a United States citizen. That’s all there is to it.”

Samantha sounds totally sane and reasonable, huh?

According to this terrible person, Markle is “way out of her league to tell me that I can’t speak. I’m not saying anything about her but if I’m talking about my life or my father’s, she has to respect it.”

Except that Samantha has said A LOT about Meghan.

She has said her sister isn’t actually a humanitarian and that she’s a phony and that she has no class.

She has said these sort of things many, many times in public.

But whatever.

Markle continues to take the high road and she’ll at least have the last laugh, that’s for certain/

In what way?

In the way she gets to have sex with Prince Harry for the rest of her life. Woo-hoo!

Game, set, match… Meghan Markle.