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Mike ‘The Situation’ Let’s Do This!!! Starting Prison Sentence

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Time’s up for Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino … the “Jersey Shore” star is surrendering to begin his 8-month prison sentence.

Sorrentino’s attorney, Kristen Santillo, tells TMZ …he will turn himself in Tuesday to start serving his time at the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York. We suspect he’ll have lots of contact — written, anyway — with the outside.

Before reporting to prison, Sorrentino urged friends, family and fans to write him while behind bars … posting the prison mailing address for his 1.3 million Twitter followers.

As we’ve reported … Mike was sentenced to 8 months back in October for tax evasion. Mike’s brother, Marc, got 2 years behind bars. The sentencing being pushed to October really helped The Situation. 

He was originally supposed to be sentenced in April, but with the extra months of freedom, Mike married Lauren Pesce at a fancy shindig in November. He also got to spend the holidays with friends and fam … including Thanksgiving.

This Valentine’s Day is gonna suck — no GTL — but he’ll be back out before Halloween. 

Yung Joc to Usher Here’s a Hairy Situation … Let’s Battle for King of Hair & Fleek Style!!!


Debating the real king of R&B is so 2018 … with 2019 in full swing, Yung Joc‘s throwing down the gauntlet and challenging Usher to settle once and for all who’s the real king of the hair & fleek style. Allow us to explain.

You’ll recall Usher made waves by ringing in the New Year with a brand-new hairdo … a retro pompadour hairstyle to complement his rat pack-themed outfit. That hairdo’s apparently dubbed hair & fleek … and YJ knows a little about that style too.

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The rapper made headlines in 2016 with a similar look he said was inspired by a new acting role. He got bagged on big time, but Yung Joc tells TMZ he didn’t give a damn … ’cause he kept the look for a year!! Usher’s new look prompted YJ to repost a side-by-side comparison … followed by the question — “WHO IS THE REAL KING OF HAIR & FLEEK?”

Yung Joc tells TMZ … Usher — who, BTW, has a vote for the real king of R&B — needs to keep the look beyond just a transformation for his party if he even wants to be considered for the title. YJ even has a date in mind for when they can settle this debate. And, he wants us to call Usher and make it happen.

Usher, you’ve been called!

Bill Belichick Hopes Josh Gordon Handles His Issues … ‘Unfortunate Situation’

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Bill Belichick says Josh Gordon‘s departure from the Patriots is “an unfortunate situation” … and the coach is hoping his troubled wideout is able to handle his issues going forward.

“Personally, I wish him the very best as we all do on this team,” Bill told reporters Friday.

Gordon announced Thursday he was stepping away from the Pats to focus on his mental health … just minutes before the NFL announced he violated the league’s substance abuse policy once again.

Belichick declined to get into specifics of Gordon’s problems with media members — callin’ it, “a private matter” — but repeated he hopes the WR gets the help he needs.

“I hope that he’s able to deal with it successfully,” Belichick said.

As for if the Pats will continue to help Josh while he’s away from the team … Bill said, “We’re going to get ready for Buffalo and play Buffalo on Sunday.” 

The Patriots traded for Gordon earlier in the season after the Cleveland Browns decided to cut bait. Over the years, Gordon had been suspended multiple times for substance abuse issues

But, the final straw for Cleveland was when Gordon suffered an injury in Sept. while shooting a promotional video. 

Gordon played 11 games for the Patriots and racked up 40 catches for 720 yards and 3 TDs.