Lauren Swanson Sports Short Skirt, Stuns Duggar Fans

It’s been three months since Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson got engaged, but thus far, the couple has managed to keep a tight lid on their wedding plans.

The upside of all that secrecy is that the young lovebirds won’t have to worry about party crashers whenever they tie the knot.

The downside is that it’s got fans obsessing over the couple’s every move even more than usual.

And it seems the situation is particularly burdensome or Lauren, who’s not accustomed to the sort of scrutiny that’s been a part of Josiah’s life since childhood.

Josiah posted the above photo to his Instagram page, and it quickly attracted a surprising amount of attention.

“I didn’t know badminton could make me break a sweat… until I played Lauren!” he captioned the pic.

So the soon-to-be newlyweds got in a round of badminton on his family’s compound.

Sounds innocent enough right?

(Well, except for the “compound” part. That’s just a sinister-sounding word.)

But as many fans were quick to point out, this pic is downright pornographic by Duggar standards.

If you’re familiar with the infamous Duggar dress code, then we probably don’t need to tell you what the issue here is.

Lauren’s skirt might not be short by the rest of the world’s standards, but in Duggarland, it doesn’t pass muster.

Until they’re married (at which point, their husbands decide what sort of attire is permissible), Duggar women are required to wear long skirts at all times, even when playing sports or engaging in other outdoor activities.

Fans quickly zeroed in on the violation, with many pointing out that Lauren gets by on a technicality — she’s not a Duggar …. yet.

But she has been approved by Jim Bob and Michelle, and she probably wouldn’t have passed that test if she didn’t share the majority of their fundamentalist values.

Of course, there have been reports about Josiah rebelling against his parents, so perhaps they had little say in his choice of life partner.

Whatever the case, it seems Josiah and Lauren’s wedding might be coming up much sooner than expected.

Despite rumors that the nuptials had been delayed until December, one commenter in a Duggar-related Reddit forum claims to have firsthand knowledge that the couple will be exchanging vows in the very near future:

“I met Jim Bob and Michelle yesterday, and Michelle mentioned a few times that Josiah’s wedding is in two weeks!” the user wrote.

We’d say Lauren better rock those short skirts while she can, but something tells us this couple won’t be eager to fall in line with Jim Bob’s rules.

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Joy-Anna Duggar Rocks Short Skirt, Shocks Fans

These days, much attention is paid to the “rebel Duggars” – those offspring of Jim Bob and Michelle who have rejected some of the more asinine rules that characterized their ultra-strict upbringings.

But there’s a contingent of the family’s loyal basis that’s far more interested in the stories of Duggars like Joy-Anna, who have eagerly adhered to just about every single aspect of the fundamentalist belief system with which they were raised.

These fans saw their faith tested with reports that Joy-Anna got pregnant before getting married to Austin Forsyth, but most have stood by her side and dismissed the allegations of premarital sex as unfounded rumors.

While her sisters have taken to wearing pants, sporting nose rings, and even flaunting temporary henna tattoos, Joy-Anna Duggar has mostly stuck to the conservative customs and traditions that have helped to make her family famous.

She married young, started a family right away, and for the most part, she adheres to the rules of the famous Duggar dress code.

Of course, while Joy might be a wife, mother, and Duggar first, she’s still a 20-year-old young woman.

Which means fans shouldn’t be shocked if she occasionally gives in to the temptation to show a little calf.

The above photo of Joy, along with her husband, Austin Forsyth, and son, Gideon, appeared on Instagram over the weekend.

“Happy Mother’s Day to my lovely bride! She never has ceased to amaze me with her character and love for our Savior!” reads a caption posted alongside the pic.

Joy and Austin share a joint Instagram account, so we’re gonna go out on a limb and assume he wrote that one.

Of course, it’s not the loving husband’s kind words that have captured fans attention but rather, Joy’s attire.

If you’re a longtime fan of the family, then you’re no doubt aware that Duggar women generally favor floor-length skirts made of heavy fabrics like denim.

The fact that Joy is sporting a just-below-the-knee hemline in a lighter fabric is being taken by many as an indication that she’s slowly parting ways with her family’s infamous dress code.

Of course, it’s worth noting that Joy is still adhering to the Duggar guidelines for “modest dress” here.

Jim Bob’s daughters are instructed to wear long skirts, but the preference for floor-length is the result of an abundance of caution.

Joy is still sticking to the rules here, but many fans think this pic signals the start of a slow move toward greater independence.

Comments on the photo have been mostly complimentary, which might be enough to nudge tomboy Joy toward taking a greater interest in fashion – even if that means disregarding some of her family’s famous guidelines.

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Jinger Duggar Stuns Fans With Short Skirt on Counting On!

Back in March of 2017 Jinger Duggar wore pants in a photo that was posted to Instagram by her husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

That may not sound like a big deal, but during her entire upbringing Joy was never allowed to wear pants, and she dressed in below-the-knee skirts at all times.

Now, nearly one year after the start of her sartorial rebellion, Jinger has once again left fans floored with her fashion sense.

The new season of Counting On premiered on Monday, and as you can see, Jinger tossed her family’s “modest attire” regulations out the window during a game of tennis with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, viewers were quick to praise Jinger’s courageous disregard for her family’s ridiculous rules.

“Oh snap Jinger! Sleeveless shirt and a short skirt. You better work that outfit,” tweeted one fan.

“Jinger looks so happy and beautiful,” wrote another viewer wrote.

“So happy to see her living life as a normal adult woman!”

“Jinger in that tennis skirt… #Rebel #JimBobIsCrying,” a third remarked.

Sadly, the #JimBobIsCrying hashtag didn’t trend internationally. 

But hey, there’s always next week!

According to the strict guidelines under which the Duggar women are raised, women and girls must wear long skirts or dresses at all time as long as they live with their parents.

When they get married, it’s their husbands who make the rules about how they’re allowed to dress.

Jim Bob has reportedly clashed with Vuolo over the latter’s progressive (by Duggar standard) views, but at the end of the day, he has no choice but to respect Jeremy’s rules.

Vuolo, a Texas-based preacher, addressed the topic of women’s attire in a recent sermon.

“It is your liberty as to whether you dress modestly with a modest pair of pants, or with a skirt, or with a T-shirt, or with a blouse,” Jeremy told his congregation at Grace Community Church.

“It is not your liberty, women, to wear sensual, seductive clothing that is designed to draw the attention of your brothers.”

He clarified his views in an interview with The Inquisitr, saying:

“The emphasis of the gospel is not food or clothes. Jesus does not save people to make them wear skirts.”

Hard to believe, but the guy’s basically a lefty extremist by Duggar standards!

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Cuba Gooding Jr. Lifts Sarah Paulson’s Skirt, Gets Slammed For Sexual Harassment

Sigh. Just when we thought Cuba Gooding Jr. was flawlessly executing one of the most surprising comebacks in recent memory, he goes and does something like this.

Cuba joined his American Horror Story: Roanoake co-stars for a PaleyFest panel over the weekend, and for some reason, he thought it would be a good idea to hoist Sarah Paulson’s skirt as she welcomed Kathy Bates to the stage.

Yeah, we wish there were some context to make that act seem even slightly less insane, but there isn’t.

For reasons that will continue to defy explanation and common sense, Cuba Gooding Jr. decided to sexually harass his co-star in front of an audience of hundreds.

Paulson and Gooding are friends, and those in attendance say she quickly brushed the incident off (after recoiling in horror upon realizing a man was lifting her skirt in front of hundreds of onlookers, of course), but none of that makes this even remotely okay.

Let’s say Gooding and Paulson are number one besties, and they playfully engage in this sort of behavior behind closed doors.

This would still be wildly inappropriate behavior on Gooding’s part.

If he were a greeter at Wal Mart and he behaved this way with one of his co-workers, he would be fired on the spot.

There’s a good chance that Paulson was was appalled and baffled by Gooding’s behavior as the rest of us, but downplayed her disgust simply because she wasn’t sure of what else to do.

We may never know for sure, but even if she was cool with it, what Cuba did on that stage is 700 kinds of not okay.

Sadly, this is just the latest in a recent string of questionable behavior from Gooding.

Last year, Gooding’s wife, Sarah Kapfer, filed for divorce after 20 years of marriage.

Rumors that Gooding had driven her to the brink with years of heavy drinking and erratic behavior seemed to be bolstered in the final years of their relationship, particularly when police issued a warrant for Gooding’s arrest after he allegedly assaulted a bartender in New Orleans.

Shortly thereafter, a very intoxicated Gooding unleashed a string of expletives at an award show, an incident that seemed funny at the time, but is a bit troubling when viewed in hindsight.

We don’t pretend to know exactly what’s going on with Gooding, but here’s hoping he gets the help he needs.