Taylor Swift’s ‘September’ Cover Slammed by Earth, Wind & Fire Co-Writer

Taylor Swift’s cover of Earth, Wind & Fire’s classic hit “September” was about as exciting as a drunk AND high turtle napping … so says one of the co-writers of the song. Allee Willis, who co-wrote “September” with EW&F’s Maurice White…


Taylor Swift’s ‘September’ Cover Slammed by Earth, Wind & Fire Co-Writer

Taylor Swift’s cover of Earth, Wind & Fire’s classic hit “September” was about as exciting as a drunk AND high turtle napping … so says one of the co-writers of the song. Allee Willis, who co-wrote “September” with EW&F’s Maurice White…


Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans: SLAMMED for Plugging Weight Loss Lollipops!

Right on the heels of Kim Kardashian’s ridiculous lollipop promotion, past, present, and perhaps future Teen Mom stars are coming out of the woodwork to promote “appetite-suppressing” lollipops.

No one’s favorite reality stars, Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans, are getting slammed for plugging these weight-loss lollipops.

Even Farrah’s replacement is endorsing them. And fans are roasting them all for it.

Continuing the tradition of millionaires who’ve had plastic surgery promoting weight loss products to their fans, Farrah Abraham posted a (genuinely good) pic of herself.

And her caption was … not the subtlest product endorsement that we’ve ever seen.

“#ad They’re like lollipops, but better. @flattummyco has figured out how to suppress my appetite with freaking LOLLIPOPS and it’s seriously the best thing ever.”


“I’ve been taking them with me everywhere, and keeping extras in my purse and car too.”

Don’t keep lollipops in your car, folks. They melt in hot weather and it’s a disaster. We assume that these lollipops work the same way.

“I tend to grab one between lunch and dinner when I need a little something to hold me over, and it totally does the trick.”

… Sure.

“Keeps me from reaching for those not-so-healthy snacks. You guys seriously need to check these out! #flattummypops”

While the world over hopes that no one, least of all teenage girls, looks to Farrah for advice on anything, if her Instagram audience didn’t seem like a viable market for these, she would be paid to advertise them.

Followers were outraged to see Farrah endorsing what they believe to be harmful or even dangerous product.

“This is disgusting. You have so many young women following you, that by you supporting these, you are feeding into the idea that starving yourself is fine.”

There are types of weight loss that are fine or even healthy, but starving yourself can do serious harm or even claim your life.

“Please god tell me you don’t let your daughter use these! Why advertise sweets/candy that promotes weight loss! Disgusting.”

She almost certainly doesn’t let Sophia use them. She also almost certainly doesn’t use them herself. She’s (reasonably) rich. She uses an expensive diet, exercise, and plastic surgery.

“That’s a good thing to show your daughter.. ‘eat these lollipops and you won’t be fat.'”

One could almost believe that this person was praising her, but fortunately they were not endorsing this mindset.

“Disgusting example of a mother and a woman. A proper diet and exercise is what you should be [promoting]… not something to make you feel full.”

Hey, since Farrah was fired, we guess that she’s not going to turn down an advertising opportunity.

While Jenelle Evans is still technically a Teen Mom star, we guess, her husband was fired for being the worst. And she’s playing the ad game, too.

“#ad I never thought I’d see the day that @flattummyco came out with LOLLIPOPS as a way to help keep my stomach looking flat, but they did!”

Thankfully, they have the “#ad” tag in case someone thought that she just woke up with a strong desire to push lollipops.

“Since I have a massive sweet-tooth and I’m pretty much always chasing one of my kids around, this is pretty much the best it can get for me (yummy and convenient)!”

Maybe one day, her brood will run fast enough to escape to a better life. That was supposed to be burn but … we just made ourselves sad.

“I get to have lollipops, keep my appetite in-check, and continue to work towards my goals for a fit + toned tummy.”


“Yep, my cravings can #suckit. You guys should try these out with me – berry is definitely my favorite! #flattummypops”


Some of the criticisms aimed towards Jenelle were very, very specific.

“None of this is true. Meth keeps her stomach flat.”

That’s … not Jenelle’s weight loss secret. But a number of those familiar with Jenelle got a laugh out of it.

Another asked if there exists a lollipop that might assist Jenelle to prevent her from “having kids with every man your with.”

Ooooh, burn.

“When you copy and paste farrah’s and mackenzie’s post and make it into one.”

Yes, even Farrah’s expected replacement McKenzie McKee is playing this game.

Mackenzie McKee, who is known for her dedication to fitness, is also promoting the lollipop.

“#ad I never thought I’d see the day that @flattummyco came out with these tasty lollipops as a way to help keep my stomach looking flat.”

Oh, so they weren’t kidding. Jenelle’s starts the exact same way.

“And since I have a massive sweet-tooth, this is pretty much the best it can get for me (sorry kids, these lollipops are mine!).”

At least she’s taking a firm stand against children using them.

“I get to have lollipops, keep my appetite in-check, and continue to work towards my goals for a fit + toned tummy.”

They even both used the plus sign. Who helped Jenelle write her caption? Melania Trump?

“Yep, my cravings can #suckit. You guys should try these out with me – berry is definitely my favorite! #flattummypops”

Look, everybody needs to make money. But a lot of fans are crushed to see these women advertise these particular products.


Derick Dillard: SLAMMED By Duggar Relative For Homophobic Remarks!

If you’re a fan of the Duggar family, then you’re no doubt familiar with the controversy surrounding Derick Dillard.

If you somehow missed the uproar or simply forgot how awful Derick is, here’s a brief refresher:

Back in August of 2017, Derick launched a transphobic tirade against fellow TLC reality star Jazz Jennings.

When fans and pointed out to Derick that he was needlessly bullying a teenage girl, he doubled down with more bigoted remarks.

And when his bosses demanded an apology, Dllard refused.

As a result, Derick was fired from Counting On, which was a devastating blow to his family’s finances in itself.

The situation was made exponentially worse by the fact that Jill Duggar quit the show as a gesture of solidarity.

Derick’s views are pretty much consistent with the far-right ideology espoused by his in-laws, but now it looks as though his own inner circle is turning against him.

In the past week, even Jill Duggar has made comments that have been widely interpreted as critical of Derick’s remarks.

Now, another member of the extended Duggar clan has come forward to more explicitly state his contempt for Dillard’s anti-gay views.

John Andrew Studdard is a cousin of Jill’s who was in attendance at her wedding to Derick in 2014.

Studdard is an LGBTQ activist who expressed his distaste for Derick’s remarks in an interview published today by Radar Online.

“We aren’t close,” Studdard told the outlet. “But I’m sick of hearing his homophobic cries for publicity.”

Studdard added:

“Derick needs to keep his mouth shut.” 

Asked how he feels Derick should address matters of inequality going forward, Studdard replied that he should speak with compassion, or not at all:

“We don’t have to agree with someone’s life, but don’t speak out publicly when you know you’re already disliked by half of America,” he told Radar.

“As a public figure, he should stop being so harsh.”

While we agree with Studdard that Derick should shut his trap, the reason why he should do so isn’t that he’s a public figure, but rather that his views and arguments are so consistently idiotic.

Derick has yet to respond to Studdard’s remarks and it’s unlikely that he ever will.

He generally only enters debates with people who are much younger and much more vulnerable.

Watch Counting On online for more on reality TV’s most controversial family.


Jay Feely SLAMMED For Holding Gun in Daughter’s Prom Photo

Jay Feely is a former football player who is making the rounds on Twitter for a reason wholly unrelated to sports.

It is Prom Season, which means that social media is full of prom photos. In this case, the photo is intensely controversial.

Feely poses between his daughter and her boyfriend. While holding a gun.

The picture is clearly staged. The gun is not loaded. The threat is not real. And everyone involved knows that. But that doesn't mean that the photo was okay.

For one thing, as his critics explain, the optics of holding a gun to threaten a high school student these days … it just doesn't go over well.

For another, and this is arguably more important, even though Feely is joking, his joke plays into the age-old tradition of fathers asserting what many view as "ownership" over their daughters and of their daughters' sexuality.

It's probably true that Feely never meant to ignite that kind of controversy or insult his daughter or in any way threaten his daughter's boyfriend.

But he put up the photo and it is still up — along with his apology.

1. This is the tweet that started it all

Jay feely 01 tweet
There is much more going on here than the presence of a gun, but the gun definitely brought some extra attention.

2. It’s Prom Season, so it’s also the season for … this

Jay feely 02 american dads
Shannon Watts is the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and she clearly doesn’t see this as a laughing matter.

3. But the controversy is about so much more than guns

Jay feely 03 best take
Daughters are not their father’s property. They are, in fact, real people, with their own desires and everything.

4. Some were more moderate

Jay feely 04 moderate
A lot of controversies are stupid, but this one involves a gun, high school students, and some unhealthy cultural norms. Isn’t it okay for people to speak up?

5. That one received a reply

Jay feely 05 chimes in
That’s something that hadn’t even crossed a lot of people’s minds. It’s a good point.

6. One person offered a "translation" of Freely’s tweet

Jay feely 06 too chicken
This isn’t necessarily true of Freely, of course. But that is part of the culture behind the stereotypical “prom threats.”

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Derick Dillard Slammed By Fans: Jill Duggar Is Not Your Sex Object!

As you’re likely aware, the Duggars receive a fair amount of criticism for just about everything they do.

And these days, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard seem to have the largest targets on their backs.

Often, this criticism is warranted, such as when Jill seemed to endorse abusive disciplinary techniques in a message to other moms.

Just as frequently, however, the attacks are the result of misdirected outrage, and the Dillards end up bearing the brunt of the lingering anger over her family’s legitimate scandals.

(For an example of this phenomenon, see the seething rage that resulted from a photo in which Jill put a tortilla on her son’s head as a makeshift sun-blocking device.)

Perhaps the Dillards are subjected to greater scrutiny as a result of the fact that Derick has been fired by TLC.

Not only has there been a considerable amount of thoroughly justified outrage over the comments and actions that led to Derick’s termination, but social media is now fans’ only insight into the Dillard family’s world.

As a result, followers seem more likely to comb through every post in search of a reason to get upset.

Whatever the case, the latest Dillard-based outrage is without question one of the more absurd Duggar-based controversies to date.

Earlier this week, Derick posted the above photo along with the following caption:

“My wifey @jillmdillard makes the best pre-marathon race meals! Thanks babe!”

He also added the hashtags, “#carbs, #familytime, #matchingshirts, #hogeyemarathon, and #firstmarathoninnorthamerica.”

Any guesses as to what might have stoked the flames of internet outrage? It’s a tough one!

We’ll give you a hint: the keto crowd has not come out en masse to gripe about Derick’s apparent love of carbs.

No, it seems the issue here is that the word “wifey” has joined the list of everything else on the planet as something that’s now deemed offensive.

“Never say the word wifey like ever again,” wrote one commenter.

“Wifey is a derogatory term to some. May want to look that up,” 

When one fan quite reasonably suggested that Derick probably meant it as a simple term of endearment, another shot back that he’s basically a fundamentalist pimp, subtly instructing his followers in the ways of female subjugation.

“It means a sex object, not quite good enough to be a wife,” the fan argued.

Look, we suppose it’s possible that Derick intended to degrade his wife for the benefit of his followers, but if they’re being honest with themselves, even his most ardent detractors would have to admit that’s not the most likely explanation.

No, obviously, the real outrage here is that overly-sensitive Instagram commenters are forcing us to defend Derick Dillard.

We’ll never forgive you for this, people!

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Catelynn Lowell SLAMMED for Going Back to Rehab: Does She Deserve the Hate?

So something funny happened after the season finale of Teen Mom OG aired this week …

Believe it or not, against all odds, Catelynn Lowell became the most hated cast member on the whole entire show.

Or, OK, maybe not the most hated, but if you follow online conversations about Teen Mom, you'll see that Cate has been getting a whole, whole lot of backlash for what happened during this week's show.

Does she deserve the criticism for returning to rehab shortly after checking out?

Let's investigate!

1. Treatment

Catelynn lowell instagram selfie
As we saw this season, Catelynn checked into rehab back in November after she began feeling suicidal. She had a miscarriage and it was very hard for her to handle, so she flew out to Arizona for approximately six weeks of treatment.

2. Doing Well?

Catelynn lowell purple hair
We didn’t see any actual treatment, but we did see Tyler and Nova visit her, along with other family members. As time went on, she seemed happier and happier, and everyone had high hopes that she was doing well there.

3. Not So Fast

Catelynn lowell on teen mom
But then she came home during the season finale. And we quickly saw that she wasn’t doing as well as it seemed.

4. Sad, Sad, Sad

Tyler baltierra catelynn lowell novalee hike pic
She appeared to be disinterested in everything, which, you know, depression. But this time around, fans of the show weren’t as forgiving with her behavior.

5. Poor Everyone

Catelynn lowell tyler baltierra on instagram
We saw her snap at Nova as she was putting her down for a nap, and we saw Tyler bite his tongue about it — he obviously wasn’t comfortable with what was happening.

6. Exhausted

Catelynn lowell and tyler baltierra snuggles
Then when they went to go check out the renovations on the house they’d bought, she sat in the corner while Tyler did business. He bit his tongue again when she explained that she was exhausted, because he watched her sleep all night as he continued to deal with insomnia.

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Arie Luyendyk Jr. & Lauren Burnham Slammed for Shaming Gym Patrons

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his beautiful bride-to-be Lauren Burnham have finally found a way to win the admiration of those who resent them.

Just kidding! They’ve decided to use social media to shame people at the gym.

And yes, that includes recording total strangers just so that they could ridicule them. Ugh.

So, following Arie’s brutal breakup with Becca Kufrin … which audiences saw right before being treated to the sight of Arie proposing to Lauren Burnham … Arie and Lauren fled the country.

Those were Arie’s words, partially in jest. The two of them headed off for an Iceland adventure.

They are, in all seriousness, probably having an easier time as a newly engaged couple while in Europe than they would in the U.S. It’s not that other countries don’t watch The Bachelor, but … they’re going to run across fewer haters in Iceland.

(It’s a good thing that they weren’t planning on vacationing in Minnesota, where Arie is banned … sort of)

They might have less luck avoiding haters in Spain, however.

Because Arie and Lauren filmed themselves and some Spanish gym patrons … for the express purpose of ridiculing total strangers who were just minding their own business at the gym.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. Shames Spanish Gym Users

In his Instagram story, Arie zeroed in on gym-goers who are exercising in brightly colored shorts.

“This is how they work out here in Spain,” Arie says.

He seems totally floored by the clothing.

“What is he wearing?”

And to no one’s surprise, unfortunately, Lauren seems to follow his lead, saying:

“I cannot handle it.”

Anyone else reminded of a certain body-shaming Playmate who snapped a nude pic of an older gym patron just so that she could ridicule the woman’s figure online? Sure, that was nude, but the principle is similar.

One prevailing theory is that this is the couple’s attempt to re-brand themselves as “funny.”

(You might be surprised at how many people in the world think that you can just decide to be funny)

It does seem like the two of them are hoping to be the late Joan Rivers, or possibly the infamous muppet duo Statler and Waldorf.

Instead, their grating sense of “humor” comes across like whoever writes Mike Huckabee’s tweets.

As one fan wrote on reddit:

“He’s trying so hard to craft a narrative for them after the season but just isn’t smart or self-aware enough to successfully pull it off.”

So, if this is a rebranding attempt, they need to … try something else.

Other members of the Bachelor Nation, however, have other theories about what was behind this poorly conceived stab at humor.

This may have had nothing to do with branding, one fan suggests, and may have everything to do with character.

“Um… has anyone thought that maybe he and Lauren are just privileged a–holes?”

That person might be right.

Fans were generally horrified.

“God they are such nasty people. Who makes fun of strangers to their large Instagram followings? Wtf.”

The ire isn’t directed solely at Arie, either. Lauren was part of this, too.

“They are seriously irredeemable.”

A few fans seem to believe that Lauren is actually to blame for this.

“She seems like a mean girl and it really rubs off on him.”

Lauren struck many viewers as a somewhat quiet person and as a follower rather than an instigator.

It’s curious to see people believe that she is guiding Arie’s behavior rather than the other way around.

Bekah Martinez, who got to know Arie pretty darn well, assessed that Arie prefers to be in charge in his relationships.

But maybe they’re both insensitive jerks.


Jim Carrey Slammed for Sarah Huckabee Sanders Painting; Did He Go Too Far?

After Sean “Spicey” Spicer took his minifridge and left the White House in a huff over Anthony Scaramucci’s ill-fated hiring, his unenviable role as mouthpiece for the Trump White House fell to Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Now Jim Carrey, who has taken time off from acting to work on his painting, has come out with a painting of the embattled Press Secretary.

That painting is now controversial. Did he go too far?

Jim Carrey has never been shy about voicing his political beliefs.

Unfortunately, one of those opinions is that vaccines somehow cause autism, which has long been debunked by actual medical experts.

(And, quite frankly, even if it were true, autistic people have pointed out that using that to justify not vaccinating children seems to be saying that parents would rather see their child die of a fatal disease than be autistic)

Not all of his beliefs are irresponsible and medically unsupported nonsense, however.

Like most Americans, Jim Carrey is a strong critic of the Trump administration, even going so far as to dump his Facebook stock upon learning of the social media platform’s role in getting Trump to the White House.

Now, he’s expressing his political views through a different medium: art.

Specifically, painting.

Jim Carrey Paints Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Jim Carrey did not identify Sarah Huckabee Sanders in this painting, merely writing:

“This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous!”

Reactions to this have been mixed.

Some reactions have been to call out Jim Carrey for alleged hypocrisy.

They say that painting an unflattering caricature of a woman flies in the face of what the Left (which, to many critics, is synonymous with Hollywood) claim to represent.

Others believe that the painting, unflattering though it may be, is a warranted caricature of a woman who is voluntarily and vocally aiding an indefensible regime.

To summarize their view with a Kim Kardashian quote that is now a meme: “It’s what she deserves.”

Trump fans on Twitter expressed their displeasure.

“James Woods, do you have a comment about Jim Carrey and the insulting portrait he has presented of Sarah Sanders?”

As far as we can tell, James Woods has yet to respond to this tweet. At the moment, he’s raving on Twitter about how self-driving cars are part of a government plot.

Others tweeted their condemnation of Carrey for his painting.

“What a disgraceful thing to do.”

Another alleged that this is all part of misogynistic elements within Hollywood.

“This is just one more example of how Hollyweird empowers women! #JimCarrey is just doing his portion, right Jim? He’s a has been!!”

It is worth noting that Jim Carrey did not take either of the easy routes for caricature that were open for him with Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

His painting clearly is not emphasizing her weight.

Body-shaming is body-shaming, and poking fun at an evil person for being fat rather than for the evil that they do is, uh, super problematic and distracting from the point that you’re trying to make.

(Some exceptions may apply, but you still want to tread carefully if you don’t want to indirectly insult plenty of nice people)

Jim Carrey also didn’t seem to be calling attention to the fact that sometimes Sanders’ eyes seem to be doing that thing that her father’s do.

That would have been another cheap shot, but he didn’t take that road.

Ultimately, it’s not only Jim Carrey’s Constitutional right to make art, but he may have a calling.

His non-literal paintings show a lot of skill. Specifically, he was able to so easily capture Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ likeness that he didn’t need to identify her by name — and even is caption was just a condemnation rather than a needed clue.


Josh Duggar Resurfaces on Instagram For 30th Birthday, Gets SLAMMED By Fans

For obvious reasons, Josh Duggar doesn’t make many appearances on social media these days.

It’s been three years since the world learned that Josh molested five young girls and was aided by his parents in his efforts to cover up his crimes.

Somehow, Jim Bob and Michelle have managed to rebuild their reputations, but needless to say, Josh hasn’t been quite as lucky.

The former lobbyist remains in virtual exile, and it’s rare for Josh’s parents and siblings to even acknowledge his existence in public settings.

Unfortunately for his long-suffering wife, Anna Duggar, not everyone is so able to so easily distance themselves from Josh.

Josh celebrated his 30th birthday over the weekend, and while most of the Duggars didn’t acknowledge the occasion, Anna paid tribute to her disgraced husband on Instagram.

And not surprisingly, her post wasn’t terribly well-received by fans:

Anna posted the video above in which an assemblage of Duggars serenades Josh in celebration of his milestone birthday.

Even Josiah Duggar’s new courting partner Lauren Swanson was on hand for the occasion and can be seen in Anna’s video.

But not everyone has proven quite so forgiving of Josh’s many indiscretions.

“Once a cheater always a cheater,” wrote one fan.

“She’s gonna get heartbroken again. Just caring for the woman’s well being.”

Others took issue with the manner in which Josh is holding his and Anna’s youngest child:

“This is disgusting, nobody wants to see your cheating child molester husband who’s holding his baby’s toes only cm from that flame. You should probably delete this post, the fat lump is disgusting me. Hope he burns in hell.”

Many pointed out that Jessa Duggar – who was revealed to be one of Josh’s victims – can be seen in the clip.

Others commented that Anna’s willingness to post such footage in a public forum points to a disturbing trend.

For two years after news of his sex scandals broke, Josh was nowhere to be seen on social media.

That changed in 2017 when his wife and parents once again began posting photos and videos in which he was featured.

Fans of the Duggars now fear that Josh is being slowly reintroduced to the public in an effort to normalize the father of five.

Some have even gone so far as to suggest that Josh might appear on Counting On, the Duggar’s popular TLC reality series.

That seems like quite a leap, but we’re sure the Duggars have often envisioned a future in which their eldest son’s misconduct is forgotten and forgiven.

Fortunately, there are many who seen intent on preventing that from happening.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.