Catelynn Lowell: SLAMMED By Fans For “Selfish” and “Unsafe” Behavior

Catelynn Lowell has endured a number of hardships and setbacks in recent years, and the honesty with which she's addressed these struggles has made her a favorite amongst Teen Mom OG viewers.

But the show documents every part of its stars' lives, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before fans began to see aspects of Catelynn's character that they didn't find quite so endearing.

Many feel that the current season of Teen Mom OG has portrayed Catelynn in an unflattering light.

Some have even accused of her endangering her unborn baby.

Here's what viewers have to say about the new and not-so-improved Catelynn Lowell:


1. Better Days

Catelynn on season 8
For years, Lowell was regarded as one of the most down-to-earth and relatable stars of the Teen Mom franchise.

2. Hard Times

Tyler and catelynn baltierra
Fans rooted for her as she endured mental health issues, a tragic miscarriage, and other issues that put her marriage and her psyche to the test.

3. The Baltierra Bond

Tyler baltierra and catelynn lowell at the vmas
Catelynn and Tyler have endured difficulties that would have driven any young couple to the brink of divorce, but they’ve stuck by one another throughout. Or have they?

4. An Uneven Partnership

Tyler baltierra and catelynn
Part of the reason Catelynn is receiving so much blowback this season is that viewers believe she’s failing to properly support Tyler the way he’s supported her in the past.

5. The Low Point

Catelynn baltierra
In the past, Tyler happily assumed the majority of the parental responsibilities while Catelynn checked in for extended stays at in-patient treatment facilities on two separate occasions.

6. Failing Her Family?

Tyler and catelynn post therapy
Now, some fans feel that Catelynn is not only neglecting her husband’s needs as he attends to his own mental health issues, she’s also failing to keep up with her own treatment.

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Tori Spelling: SLAMMED By Fans For “Drunk” Instagram Video

Tori Spelling has had problems these past few years.

In fact, she’s had just about every kind of problem you can think of — and she appears to be hell-bent on making all of them worse.

Tori has gone bankrupt and she seems intent on spending her way into an even deeper hole.

Tori has nearly divorced Dean McDermott but has opted instead to tough it out, despite allegations of infidelity, pyramid schemes, and generally being a colossal d-bag.

At one point, Tori even fell down at a Benihana and burned her hand on a grill.

Like we said, think of a problem that’s not “not being born to a life of unimaginable privilege” and Tori has experienced it.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that the mother of five appears to be hitting the bottle a bit these days.

Or so her fans think.

According to Radar Online, Tori uploaded an Instagram story over the weekend in which she appeared to be heavily intoxicated — in the presence of her kids.

It seems Spelling was hanging out at the home of her friend, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star Josh Flagg, when she posted the slurry video to her page

“Josh has chosen to watch one of my movies, Troop Beverly Hills, so I’m going to walk in the kitchen and see what’s up!” she told the camera at one point.

“Are you really doing a fridge tour?” Tori’s confused 11-year-old son Liam asked.

And it seems the former reality star’s followers were just as perplexed by her behavior.

“Are you drunk?” asked one commenter.

“Yo, you been drinking girl?” another remarked.

“Are you hammered?” a third commented.

Tori didn’t reply, but a second Instagram clip may have answered those questions.

In the video, Tori could be seen screaming while rolling around with her kids on Flagg’s bed.

The stories were quickly deleted, but it seems fans have yet to forget Tori’s tipsy upload.

She posted a new story today, and many of the comments had to do with her boozy weekend.

“Not drunk today?” a fan commented on Tori’s latest IG story.

That’s the internet in 2018 for you.

You can delete whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean it’s forgotten.


Jenelle Evans: SLAMMED For Endangering Daughter’s Life!

Jenelle Evans is having a rough week — even by Jenelle Evans standards.

The Carolina Hurricane was never “mom of the year” material, but some fans believe she sank to a new low this week.

For starters, Evans Instagram followers were stunned when the Teen Mom 2 star twerked in front of her kids in a bizarre video shot by the side of a busy street.

And it seems that’s not the only time this past weekend that Jenelle made a questionable decision that may have put her children in harm’s way.

In an Instagram story that quickly attracted negative attention, Jenelle laughed as her 1-year-old daughter rode a tractor while riding in the lap of Evans’ husband, David Eason.

The child appears to be safe enough in Eason’s lap, but Jenelle takes heat for pretty much everything she does these days.

David Eason on a Tractor

In tweets and IG comments. fans slammed Jenelle for allowing her youngest child to sit on a piece of heavy machinery while it was in operation.

There seemed to be a sharp urban/rural divide among commenters, with those who have lived on farms expressing their belief that David and Jenelle’s behavior was perfectly acceptable, and those who have not slamming her for negligent parenting.

We tend to side with those who think Jenelle didn’t really do anything that bad here.

But we can understand why so many are so quick to be critical of Jenelle.

David and Ensley

After all, this is a woman who’s had CPS called to her home 20 times in the past year.

Was Jenelle wrong to let her daughter ride on a tractor while seated in her father’s lap?

We don’t think so.

But we also don’t think it’s wrong for fans to be on the lookout for suspicious or potentially dangerous behavior when scrolling through her social media pages.

Maybe Jenelle is unfairly criticized in specific cases like this one, but she’s done much to warrant the increased scrutiny.

Just last week, Evans spoke with Dr. Drew about the famous road rage incident in which she brandished a weapon and endangered the life of her eldest son, Jace.

Jenelle stated that she didn’t concern herself with whether or not she had traumatized Jace, though she admitted that the incident had left her with PTSD.

Needless to say, it’s not hard to see why fans are so critical of Jenelle’s parenting.


Jessa Duggar: SLAMMED For Surprising Photo of Son Henry!

Considering just about everything she posts online results in some seriously virulent mom-shaming, it’s amazing that Jessa Duggar hasn’t just deleted her Instagram account.

But in defiance of the haters, Jessa continues to post regular updates on her life as a stay-at-home mom of two boys.

And fans continue to love her for it.

Yes, Jessa is roasted for her “bad parenting” on an almost-daily basis, but she also receives a good deal of praise from fans who are enamored with her approach to child-rearing.

Generally speaking, the positive far outweighs the negative in Jessa’s comments sections.

But if she’s anything like most social media users, Jessa likely finds herself dwelling on the bad much more than she celebrates the good.

Still, she soldiers on, and continues to post pics that she must know are certain to draw criticism.

The image above certainly seems innocent enough, and it quickly racked up more than 70,000 likes.

“Henry on the weekend,” Jessa captioned the pic, along with a laughing emoji.

As usual, most of the comments consisted of gushing commentary on the cuteness of Jessa’s kids.

But as always, a handful of haters felt the need to rain on her parade.

“I thought electronics for kids were a no no,” commented one follower.

“Quick, take the cellphone away before he gets hooked,” wrote another.

And it wasn’t just concerns about Henry enjoying too much screen time.

Others complained about his appearance, accusing Jessa of photographing her son in an unkempt state.

Fortunately, Mrs. Seewald didn’t need to confront the critics herself.

She has an army of loyal supporters for that:

“And cue all the mommy-shaming,” remarked one fan.

“His hair isn’t brushed, he’s not dressed, playing on a phone or tablet isn’t interaction or the type of interaction a baby needs…blah, blah, blah.”

“People please! If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing! Why do ppl have to be so Ugly!” commented another.

Of course, since the vast majority of comments were positive, the army of Jessa defenders looks sort of silly here.

As far as we can tell, there’s a group of people who wait for the negative comments to appear just so they can court Jessa’s favor by refuting them.

In a way, they’re just as weird as the people who compulsively complain about her parenting.

It’s a photo of a toddler, folks.

Appreciate the adorableness and move on.


Jill Duggar Bribes Son With Candy, Gets Slammed By Critics

Not a week goes by without Jill Duggar getting slammed for her parenting methods by people who seem to detest her, yet continue to follow her on social media.

It's a curious phenomenon made even more curious by the fact that Jill gets roasted even when she's demonstrating top-notch parenting skills.

Case in point, Jill is homeschooling her kids, and it seems that even in summer (and even though her eldest is only 3) she remains committed to teaching them the basics at a young age.

And she's not just winging it or relying on her own maternal instincts.

As evidenced by the video above, Jill has done her research.

She admits she's no expert, but says she'd like to share her experiences with a handful of educational tools for the benefit of other parents who might be homeschooling their kids.

And naturally, this led to Jill being roasted so hard the Duggars opted to disable comments on her latest YouTube video.

"I'm no professional at all but this is just what we've enjoyed and Israel loves school right now, so we're trying to just keep him busy with that," Jill said in the clip that apparently left some fans in a seething rage. 

"And it's fun," she added.

Seems innocent enough, but fans went off on Jill for everything from keeping her child out of school to using candy as an incentive.

Look, we know for some people the Duggars can do no right and their first instinct when they see any member of the family is to start hurling criticism.

It's understandable, but it's still dumb as hell.

Josh Duggar is a molester and Jim Bob and Michelle might be cult leaders, it's true.

But Jill and her her sisters are victims in this case, and even when we side-eye their behavior (whihc is very often), we try to keep that in mind.

At best, the Duggar kids are sheltered, and at worst, their traumatized.

Something to keep in mind next time you feel like raking one of them over the coals for giving their kids candy.

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Jill duggar bribes son with candy gets slammed by critics

‘The Challenge’ Star Johnny Bananas Body Slammed By Maurkice And Mike Pouncey

The greatest competitor in the history of “The Challenge” ain’t playin’ real football anytime soon … ‘cause dude was straight-up ROCKED by the NFL’s Maurkice and Mike Pouncey on Thursday!! Unclear why Johnny Bananas was in Boca Raton, Florida…


Jinger Duggar SLAMMED By Fans For Endangering Unborn Child!

While we don’t know her exact due date, we do know that Jinger Duggar will soon give birth to her first child.

Early in her pregnancy, Jinger revealed that she was expecting to deliver in early July. 

So now that Independence Day has come and gone, it comes as no surprise that fans are intently watching her social media pages for indications that Jinger has gone into labor.

Despite rumors to the contrary, it seems that Jinger is still pregnant.

Which is why some fans are upset to see that her hair color has changed slightly.

As you may know, there’s some debate as to whether or not it’s safe for pregnant women to color their hair.

It seems to be one of those arguments in which junk science and urban legends reign supreme, which is why many of Jinger’s Instagram followers saw fit to lecture her in the comments section of her latest Instagram photo.

“How can you safely dye hair while pregnant?” wrote one person.

“I guess I’ve always heard the dangers of the chemicals are an absolute no during pregnancy,” another remarked.

Some fans took a subtler route, confessing to ignorance on the matter, then promptly throwing shade:

“Love your hair Jinger! I wasn’t allowed to color mine when I was pregnant,” remarked one such follower.

“I was told it could harm the baby. Things must have changed since then.”

Others defended Jinger and pointed out that there’s no evidence that mothers can harm fetuses by coloring their hair.

“I’m a licensed cosmetologist and coloring is fine,” countered one person. 

“We do recommend holding off the bleach till done with pregnancy, but it’s really to each his own!”

Another wrote, “The colored parts in her hair don’t reach to the roots, so I’m pretty sure there’s no problem with it.”

Generally, when you’re looking for authoritative answers on a medical question, it’s best to look somewhere other than the comments on an Instagram post, and according to the American Pregnancy Association’s website, it’s perfectly safe for expectant moms to dye their hair:

“Although fairly limited, most research indicates the chemicals found in both semi-permanent and permanent dyes are not highly toxic and are safe to use during pregnancy,” the site reads.

“In addition, only small amounts of hair dye may be absorbed by the skin, leaving little that would be able to reach the fetus. As such, this small amount is not considered harmful to the fetus.”

So we guess Jinger is in the clear on this one.

But don’t expect her to take to IG and defend herself against the haters.

For one thing, that would go against Duggar protocol.

Aside from the family firebrand Derick Dillard, no one in the extended Duggar clan engages with online trolls.

And now that Derick has been fired by TLC, you can bet that Jim Bob is more adamant than other about maintaining a wholesome image on. social media.

On top of all that, Jinger has more serious concerns on her mind these days.

She’s reportedly in nesting mode these days, and she’ll soon be the first Duggar woman of her generation to welcome a child outside the state of Arkansas.

It’s a lot of pressure — and we say if Jinger wants to treat herself to some highlights, we should all just ease off and let the woman live!

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