Jessa Duggar Slammed for Endangering Baby Henry

Jessa Duggar Seewald’s parenting is one again being brought into question.

Followers have seen photos of filth in her home before, but sometimes what looks like clutter can become a genuine safety hazard. Especially when you have two very small children.

Is Jessa endangering little Henry?

Stained sheets (still on the bed), dust bunnies, and inescapable clothing piles aren’t an ideal way to keep one’s home.

But, to hear critics tell it, poor housekeeping is the least of Jessa Duggar’s alleged ineptitudes.

Jessa has been slammed for not homeschooling her kids correctly after it seemed that Spurgeon (who’s only a toddler) had misidentified some shapes and wasn’t exactly a master of spelling.

Some would question whether there’s any “correct” way to homeschool your kids, but any reasonable person can say that a kid not spelling things correctly as a toddler is not the same thing as having atrocious spelling when they’re actually old enough to go to school.

This, however, is a matter of real safety for her young baby.

In a recent post, Jessa shared a (sped up) video of little Henry Wilberforce Seewald gleefully climbing up a small plastic slide and then sliding back down it.

On its own, it looks cute. He’s having a good time unwittingly reenacting the myth of Sisyphus in a gleeful modern adaptation.

Jessa’s caption reads:

“Henry discovered a new game last night. (And daddy came to aid by moving hard objects from the fall zone and padding the area with pillows and blankets.”

For some parts of the video, Ben Seewald can be seen doing just that … sort of clumsily. We even see him spot Henry a couple of times.

For the most part, though, Henry seems to be on his own. And fans have to ask why there were “hard objects” surrounding his play area to begin with.

And why his mother let him play alone instead of being right by his side to catch him if he should fall.

Jessa Seewald only captioned this one “a boy and his car,” but you don’t need captions to notice potential dangers.

As fans and critics alike were quick to point out, the Seewald’s have an unprotected fireplace just inches from where Henry is playing.

Babies fall all of the time, folks.

If you’re wondering if there’s a difference between hitting your head on wood and hitting it on solid stone, there is.

Furthermore, the risk of hitting a soft baby head on the edge of stone like that? However unlikely, no parent wants to take that chance.

Plenty of parents would sensibly place a protective border such as decorative pillows around it. Most would just be right by him as he plays beside it.

There’s more to criticisms of Jessa Duggar’s parenting than accusations that she lets her baby play in unsafe surroundings.

Recentlys, fans tore Jessa a new one after she let Henry play with and even chew on a tube of “butt paste.”

The colorfully named product is supposed to be a balm for diaper rash (it’s also used to treat a variety of skin conditions, though it takes a certain degree of stoicism to rub “butt paste” on one’s elbow).

If ingested, it could give precious baby Henry Wilberforce Seewald some very unpleasant symptoms.

There are a bajillion possible chew toys in this world. Maybe Jessa could find some that are actually safe.

Are all of these criticisms warranted or are these just frustrations expressed by critics who really dislike the Duggar family?

The fact of the matter is that mom-shaming is rampant on the internet, and Jessa’s been mom-shamed over some things that aren’t actually bad.

Safety issues, however, are important. That’s not a personal choice, that’s your baby’s life and their entire future.

Doesn’t little Henry deserve a safe place to play, where no “hard objects” need to be removed?

And isn’t it fair to suggest that Jessa shouldn’t wait for Ben to come home before she makes her son’s play area safe?

Fans think so.


Ashton Kutcher Slammed After Sharing How He Coped With Divorce

Many celebrities are known for their eccentricities, so it’s no surprise to hear that Ashton Kutcher had an unusual way of coping with his split from Demi Moore.

Five years later, he’s sharing the details of his odd post-breakup behavior. This doesn’t sound particularly healthy.

In fact, it’s seen him accused of being a “pervert.”

Ashton Kutcher’s fought infidelity accusations now that he’s with Mila Kunis, but he was accused of cheating on Demi Moore during their famous marriage.

Right now, though, he’s opened up about his post-divorce process in an interview with Dax Shepard for the Armchair Expert podcast.

“Right after I got divorced, I went to the mountains for a week by myself.”

Isolation can be healing for some but nightmarish for others. It sounds like he had a good time, though he made some odd choics.

“I went into Big Sky in Montana, and I did no food, no drink —  just water and tea.”

That, folks, is not a healthy diet. That is called starvation.

“I took all my computers away, my phone my everything … I just had a notepad and a pen and water and tea for a week.”

If you’re wondering if his diet of literal starvation had any effects, it did.

“I started to hallucinate on day two, which was fantastic … It was pretty wonderful.”

(Gosh, what kind of metabolism must he have if he’s hallucinating after skipping one day of eating? It takes most people longer than that, not that we’d recommend it to anyone)

“I was doing taiji with my own energy.”

Taiji quon, often improperly anglicized as “tai chi,” is supposed to work like that. But you’re not supposed to hallucinate or be malnourished while you do it.

“I was just doing what came to me.”

But his spiritual fitness regiment wasn’t what proved to be so controversial. And neither was his horrifying experimental diet.

“I wrote down every single relationship that I had where I felt like there was some grudge or some anything and then I wrote letters to every single person and sent the letters on day [seven].”

Oh wow. That sounds … intense.

“I typed them all out and sent them. It was almost like an AA exercise, where I was like, ‘I probably have done some damage,’ so I just cleared [my] palate.”

That must have been intense for him to write in his … altered state of mind. It must have been even stranger for these women to have received.

All in all, he says that the experience was “really spiritual and kind of awesome.”

But after he shared this, people took to Twitter to express their thoughts.

“That’s just weird,” wrote one user.

Another wanted to know why he was opening up old wounds:

“And you’re bringing this up now? Why?! Everyone’s moved on. Why talk about this now when so many years have passed?”

That’s a fair question.

But then he also got called a “lunatic” and “pervert.”

That seems … uncalled for, right?

No doctor is going to recommend a starvation diet.

But in general, therapists recommend that if you think that something (within reason) will help you get over a breakup, it’s likely to.

If it’s some sort of fitness regime or spiritual or religious activity (Kutcher sort of fused those), or taking a vacation or sabbatical or even just spending more time with friends, you’re likely to meet your recovery expectations.

However, some folks might question his “making amends” through letters.

First of all, he was in an altered state of consciousness, which is part of some spiritual practices but not an ideal headspace for writing a letter of apology to an ex.

Second of all, in general, not everyone wants your statement of amends. Whether you’re sober or just woke up one day and realized that you were terrible to a lot of people, some find the “amends” process of AA and similar groups to be selfish.

As far as many people are concerned, you had your chance to leave a good impression and you blew it. They don’t want to see your face or hear from you again.

Still, we don’t know that Ashton Kutcher’s alleged cheating or any other behavior really amounts to grounds to call him a “pervert.”


Jenelle Evans and David Eason SLAMMED for His Homophobic Rant!

David Eason has really shown his true colors now.

Well, he's been showing them for a while now — this is hardly the first time he's been aggressive and hateful and terrifying.

But this new thing is just insanely, unbelievably bad.

Yesterday, David started his day off by tweeting about guns, and by the end of it, he was spewing out hateful, bigoted remarks and immature insults to anyone who disagreed with him.

Here, let's just take some time to break it all down …

1. The Beginning

Jenelle evans with david eason
This whole mess really started last week, when Jenelle and David upset a lot of people by sharing a pretty insensitive photo shortly after the news of the Florida shooting broke.

2. Yikes

Jenelle evans gun photo
When David posted the photo, he bragged on Jenelle looking like a “bad ass,” and she made it her profile picture. And when people pointed out that it wasn’t the best time to share a photo like that, given what had happened that day, he refused to budge.

3. A Totally Stable Individual

Jenelle eason david eason
For the next several days after that, he tweeted lots of pro-gun sentiments, and he was ready to argue with anyone and everyone who disagreed with him.

4. Ugh

Jenelle evans and david eason on halloween
Then he decided to kick off his day by tweeting a news story about a new bill that would allow individuals with concealed carry permits to bring guns into schools, and along with it he wrote “It only makes sense to protect our kids the proper way… the only way we know how.”

5. "You Are Wrong"

Jenelle evans david eason st thomas
Someone told him that perhaps it would be better to protect children with “education” and “intentional parenting,” but David did not appreciate that. “No, you are wrong,” he wrote. “Please tell me sir, how do you propose we make all the people in America start being better parents? Or are you a monkeys uncle?”

6. Solid Advice

David eason jenelle evans kids
Since he asked, that same person told David that he could become a better parent by not “glorifying assault rifles,” and by teaching his children “how to solve problems without calling people names or using force.”

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Michelle Duggar: SLAMMED For Negligent Parenting!

Michelle Duggar is a busy woman.

In addition to being the mother of an astonishing twenty children, Michelle is the queen of a multi-million dollar media empire.

Of course, there are times when these two aspects of Michelle’s life come into direct conflict with one another, and they collided in a major way last week.

Michelle was invited to address a group of mothers at a religious retreat.

She wrote about the experience on Facebook, and some fans took issue with the reality star’s comments:

“As a busy mom with a growing family through the years, I never imagined me being the one to talk to crowds! My days were filled with all the daily chores of being a mom,” Michelle wrote.

“Yet, I am so thankful for the opportunity to share our story with others and encourage moms in their faith, their marriages and raising their children.”

Seems innocent enough, right?

Unfortunately for Michelle, pretty much nothing she does is above criticism.

The issue this time is that many fans believe the Duggar matriarch is not as busy as she claims.

Michelle is known for having her older kids assist with parenting duties.

It’s a controversial method that she calls the buddy system.

So in addition to their extensive lists of chores the older Duggar kids who are still at home are each assigned one younger child to look after.

Jana Duggar seems to have been burdened with the majority of the house

“I love the show but let’s face it you couldn’t have raised such a big family without the older girls who did so much of the work,” wrote one fan.

“It is not a child’s job to be a mom for the younger siblings,” another remarked.

“A child should do chores, have fun and go to school, homework is their job, not to be a mom’s replacement just because the parents were so selfish that they decided to have child after child.”

“Wow I absolutely do not agree that a baby at 6 [months] should be weaned and then you work on its replacement,” a third remarked, adding: 

“Having older daughters help is one thing but to just basically adopt out your infant is ridiculous.”

Obviously, Michelle hasn’t responded to the backlash, and as Duggar controversies go, this one is pretty minor.

Still, it points to a growing trend that’s likely got the whole family feeling a little uneasy these days.

With just days to go until the premiere of Counting On Season 7, fans are not as forgiving of the Duggars flaws as they once were.

That could mean trouble for a family whose livelihood depends on their reputation.

Watch Counting On online to get caught up in time for what may well be the show’s final season.


Jenelle Evans SLAMMED For Insensitive School Shooting Tweet!

Jenelle Evans is generally about as sensitive as a bag of hammers.

We’ve known this for years, but it seems she’s still capable of shocking fans with the depth of her ignorance.

As you’ve no doubt heard, a school shooting in Florida left 17 dead yesterday.

Which is why many fans are baffled by the timing of the Instagram post above.

To be fair, the photo was posted by Jenelle’s husband, David Eason.

But since Jenelle is the one who’s been famous for over a decade, many feel she should be the one to realize it’s a bad time for a gun-glorifying tweet.

“My babes a bad ass babe! Happy Valentine’s day! #targetpractice #valentinesday #safetyfirst,” Eason captioned the pic.

Needless to say, the image didn’t go over well:

“Shooting guns … just after a shooting in Florida,” one fan tweeted in response. “Good timing.”

“I love y’all but come on!!!!!!! 17 KIDS KILLED TODAY IN A SCHOOL SHOOTING AND THIS IS WHAT YOU POST???!!!” another commented.

“Pro gun/anti gun, this is insensitive at best.”

“This is so insensitive. I’m blown away by how clueless you are,” remarked a third.

Eason has deleted all the comments on the photo, but not the photo itself.

In response to the controversy, Jenelle tweeted, “Bad timing.”

Social media controversies are not uncommon for Jenelle, but it seems she doesn’t realize that this case is more severe than most.

On Twitter, fans have begged her and David to remove the photo out of respect to the children who lost their lves and their families.

For reasons that defy explanation, the couple refuses to budge on this issue.

Some have slammed the couple for what appears to be a total lack of concern for grieving families.

Others have argues that with Jenelle’s criminal history she shouldn’t even be allowed to possess a firearm.

And some have simply pleaded with the Easons to demonstrate some common sense:

“Remove the pictures from social media and keep them for you guys, privacy is a wonderful thing sometimes,” tweeted one fan.

“The memories will still be there whether other people know about them or not.

Makes perfect sense – but if there’s one thing the Easons have never been persuaded by, it’s good sense.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more idiocy from Jenelle and David.


Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald: Slammed For Endagering Kids AGAIN!

It’s been a full year since Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald welcomed their second child, and the couple has been subjected to a non-stop torrent of criticism ever since. 

Part of the problem is that Jessa and Ben are members of the famous/infamous Duggar clan, meaning their every move is dissected in search of potential controversies.

But part of the problem is that Jessa and Ben really do make some questionable decisions as parents.

When fans criticize Jessa’s messy home, that’s a case in which their just zeroing in on minor Duggar controversies for target practice so that they’ll be ready to take aim when something major happens.

When folks are worried that Jessa’s not properly homeschooling her kids, that might come from a place of genuine concern.

We’ll leave it up to you decide which category the most recent mini-scandal falls into.

It all started when “fans” (read: stalkers) noticed something interesting about Jessa and Ben’s address.

Apparently, a glance at Google Maps reveals that ther house is located right next to a stretch of Interstate 49 that’s known to be one of the most dangerous in the country.

The aerial view also reveals that the Seewalds don’t have a fence around their property.

Naturally, these facts sent Duggar obsessives into a tizzy.

But the question remains – are they worried about the safety of toddler Spurgeon and baby Henry, or do they just enjoy ragging on Jessa and Ben?

Not surprisingly, this is far from the first parenting controversy the Seewalds have been involved in in recent weeks.

In an Instagram story posted last week Jessa shared an Instagram story in which eldest son Spurgeon reads a book.

(This may have been in response to claims that her children are not being properly educated.)

The video showed Henry playing in what appeared to be a clean and empty fireplace.

Despite the fact that the child was in no immediate danger, Jessa’s followers absolutelt lost their mnds.

“Am I the only one who noticed the baby playing in the fireplace?!” one commenter wrote.

“So cute. But the baby at the fireplace,” remarked another

“Meanwhile, the baby is playing with the fireplace!!” a third commented.

Yes, such is life for Jessa Duggar.

You’d think she would just make her social media accounts private, but then she wouldn’t be doing her part to promote the family brand.

Watch Counting On online for more on Jessa and Ben’s controversial parenting techniques.


Shaun White Slammed by Sexual Harassment Accuser, Lena Zawaideh: My Case Isn’t Gossip

Shaun White’s sexual harassment accuser — his former bandmate Lena Zawaideh — is furious he referred to the case as “gossip” … and she’s carefully unloading on him, through her attorney, in a way to avoid violating the terms of her settlement.…


Jenelle Evans: SLAMMED For Inappropriate Photo of Daughter!

Jenelle Evans is no stranger to controversy.

In fact, her life pretty much consists of one parenting scandal after another.

At this point, fans would probably be disappointed if they checked her Instagram page and didn’t see evidence of a questionable decision involving Jenelle’s children.

Fortunately, the Carolina Hurricane hasn’t been letting her loyal haters down lately.

Earlier this week, Jenelle posted the above photo of her husband, David Eason, with the couples’ daughter, Ensley Jolie.

As you can see, Ensley isn’t wearing any clothing, and some fans took issue with that fact.

“So cute, be careful, though. Many creeps in the world,” commented one follower.

“No thank you1 @Instagram, you see this?” wrote another.

“It’s a cute pic, but I don’t think the Gram needs to see it,” a third pointed out.

Now, you might be thinking Jenelle’s fans are being a bit harsh, and perhaps you’re right.

But it’s important to bear in mind that Jenelle has 2.8 million Instagram followers, which means the rules are a bit different for her than they are for your aunt Sharon, who’s sadly allowed to continue posting that throwback pic from the time you peed in her fireplace when you were two.

While most people have some social media followers they don’t actually know in real life, in Jenelle’s case, the vast majority of her followers are strangers.

That means that when she posts a pic like this it’s seen by millions and millions of strangers within minutes.

It’s sad that we have to think about this sort of thing, but it’s 2018, and as one fan pointed out, there are indeed a lot of creeps out there.

In the past, Jenelle has been accused of child abuse and neglect.

Insiders say Evans did drugs while she was pregnant and made little effort to hide it from her loved ones.

Needless to say, the photo of Ensley will not rank amongst Jenelle’s most scandalous moments.

It’s just the latest in a long, long line of parenting fails.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive all of Ms. Evans most questionable decisions.


Kim Kardashian Slammed as “Pathetic and Creepy” for Latest Semi-Nude Pic

Kim Kardashian is now a mother of three.

But the former sex tape producer is getting bashed left and right these days for being the owner of two.

Two boobs, that is, in case it somehow wasn’t clear.

Last week, Kardashian returned to her famously topless ways by sharing a photo of herself without a shirt on.

This isn’t exactly a groundbreaking development, we know.

Kim has posed for most shirtless pictures than Justin Bieber and LeBron James combined — and yet the latest snapshot stood out for one clear and, according to critics, inappropriate reason:

It was snapped by North West.

Yes, that North West.

We’re referring to Kim’s four-year old daughter North West, to whom Kardashian gave photo credit for the following racy image:

kim, no shirt

It doesn’t exactly seem like this was an accident, either.

Kim didn’t just turn around while getting dressed and, whoops!, there’s little North with a camera.

Nope. As you can see above, Kim has her bra pulled down and her hands placed over her nipples, as she poses in the kind of seductive manner she made famous for years on social media and in various magazines.

Only this time, instead of an adult professional behind the camera, it’s her toddler daughter.

Sort of weird, right?

YES, says Piers Morgan.

Tweeted the opinionated British TV host in reply to this scandalous picture:

“Kim Kardashian now posting topless photos of herself taken by her 4-year-old daughter. Pathetic and creepy.”

piers on kim

Morgan isn’t the only celebrity to react VERY poorly to Kardashian’s most recent lewd snapshot.

The hosts of The View all agreed Friday that the photo is “tacky and wrong.”

Heck, guest panelist Nancy Grace even went as far to allege that child services would be paying Kim a visit if not for her stardom.

That, of course, is totally unfair and absurd.

Say what you want about Kim’s often-naked ways, but there’s no reason to doubt that she’s a terrific, loving mother.

Piers Morgan, meanwhile, has long been a Kardashian hater.

He was even included on her enemies list earlier this year, as Kim oddly sent out samples of her latest fragrances to various stars with whom she has beefed over the years.

“I’m in there with Sharon Osbourne, Taylor Swift and there I am, the only male representative,” Morgan said shortly after receiving his quasi gift, adding:

“I’ll be sent one of her perfumes in a giant chocolate box… I’m actually quite relived. The chocolate will probably overpower the smell of the scent.”

Morgan also went as far recently as to link Kim with the ongoing #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, in a negative sense.

“She’s like, ‘Ay, look at me. Look at me. Me Too. Times Up.’ Time should be up for Mrs. Kardashian,” he said, adding:

“I don’t know what she adds to the movement really. The only thing moving is her breasts.”

That’s a weird way to couch his criticism.

Not as weird as having your four-year old child snap a staged photograph of you topless in the bathroom, of course.

But weird nonetheless.


Jessa Duggar SLAMMED: Is She Endangering Her Baby?

Like it or not, the new season of Counting On premieres on February 26th.

Unlike her sister Jill or Jill's husband Derick Dillard, Jessa Seewald will be back on the show with her very young sons, Spurgeon and Henry.

The show isn't even out yet, and fans are once again mortified by Jessa's parenting. Is she endangering her children?

No one in their right mind looks to the Duggars as any sort of bastion of good parenting advice — or good advice in general.

But people have seen Jessa Duggar Seewald with a particularly critical eye.

Sometimes, Jessa gets mom-shamed unfairly. It happens. People jump to conclusions or just don't know proper parenting.

But this isn't just haters — there are genuine fans of the Duggars and of Jessa herself who are worried about the well-being of her children.

And a photo that she recently shared on Instagram — meant to be "cute" — isn't exactly reassuring people who wonder if she has what it takes to be a good parent.

Take a look.

First of all, Henry Wilberforce Seewald is an adorable little baby. That much, no one is questioning.

But do you notice what he has in his mouth?

That is butt paste — which, as ridiculous and perhaps gross as it sounds, is designed to be applied topically to treat diaper rash (and, as it turns out, can also address other skin conditions such as psoriasis).

Henry, like any little one-year-old, is eager to put things in his mouth.

Part of that is to learn more about his world — which is why babies put things in their mouths. Part of it is because he is likely teething.

Fans and followers of Jessa were quick to point out the danger, writing in the comments:

"Why are you allowing him to do this?"

Not just allowing — she photographed him while he was doing it.

"Ingestion of that stuff will cause violent vomiting — I know from firsthand experience."

It's not clear if this happened to this commenter or to a baby in their care. Either way, it sounds really unpleasant.

"I didn't let my babies chew on tubes of diaper rash cream or butt paste. There is absolutely no excuse to let him. I'm sure he has toys he can chew on."

Though other fans rushed to Jessa's defense, she quickly found herself the subject of criticisms for a different parenting fail altogether.

Once again, as you'll see in the video below, it involves Jessa, Instagram, and Henry.

This time, Spurgeon is involved.

Though fans have pointed out that Jessa might not be great at homeschooling her kids, she's teaching Spurgeon and he has a book open.

A wholesome video above reproach, right?

Except that it doesn't take an eagle-eyed viewer to notice Henry in the background, playing with the fireplace grate.

As cute as it is to see little Spurgeon exclaim "amazing!" whenever she turns the page, a lot of people were worried about Henry.

For one thing, children shouldn't associate the fireplace with a place to play. At all. 

The bigger issue, however, is that Henry could easily fall and injure his fragile little baby head on the hearth.

Jessa has Spurgeon in her lap, and there's simply no way that she could dive across the room in time to heroically save her baby mid-fall.

Jim Bob and Michelle had a small army of children, but it looks like Jessa is a little overwhelmed by just two.

See for yourself and decide if fans are being overly harsh to Jessa.

Jessa duggar slammed is she endangering her baby