Chrissy Teigen Slams Seal For Oprah-Bashing Meme

There are random feuds, and then there’s whatever the hell this is.

As you may have heard, millions of grownups want Oprah to run for president because she made a nice speech at the Golden Globes, and having a former TV star in the White House is currently working out so well for us.

But apparently Oprah only managed to win over roughly 99.99999 percent of the Earth’s population.

Sadly, she’s missing the all-important Seal vote.

Yes, Heidi Klum’s ex holds opinions on matters other than which flower is the most kissable.

(Surprisingly, it’s the one with all the thorns.)

For instance, he belongs to the microscopic minority that believes Batman Forever is the finest superhero film ever produced.

And he also thinks Oprah needs to sit her ass down because she’s just another Hollywood heathen.

Oprah Meme

Seal posted the above meme to Instagram this week, and in case it was too subtle for you, he did whatever the British equivalent of spiking the football is with this scathing caption:

“Oh I forgot, that’s right…’d heard the [rumors] but you had no idea he was actually serially assaulting young [starry]-eyed actresses who in turn had no idea what they were getting into. My bad. #SanctimoniousHollywood.”

Yes, Seal is accusing Oprah of being complicit in the Harvey Weinstein sex scandals.

Because now is a great time to dogpile on women and blame them for the revolting actions of a disgusting dude.

Fortunately, powerful females like Oprah and Meryl Streep–both of whom have been crucified for having once associating with a guy who was later accused of rape–have an equally powerful defender in Chrissy Teigen.

You may be thinking that Oprah can certainly fight her own battles, and you would be right.

But she also can’t stoop to the level of being with freakin’ Seal on Instagram.

For that, she needs a pitbull like Chrissy in her corner.

The model and media personality basically burned Seal to the ground with a single comment on his dumb anti-Oprah meme.

“Hmm. Let’s just say we’ve all heard things about each other, haven’t we?” she wrote.

Teigen didn’t go into detail, but clearly, she’s got the goods on ya boy Seal.

Here’s hoping he tries to call her bluff and she pulls the trigger.

Or should we say … seals the deal?

We’ll show ourselves out.


Wendy Williams Slams Oprah for Being Fat, Carrie Underwood for Being a Liar

Wendy Williams went full on Wendy Williams during her first show back from a holiday break on Monday.

By which, of course, we mean that the talk show host delivered a couple of ridiculous, mean-spirited, uninformed opinions about other celebrities because that’s the only way she can make headlines.

And, yes, we know:

We’re giving her the headlines she so craves via this article.

But whatever. Williams sucks and everyone has to finally realize this.

First, the irritating personality decided she would zip when everyone else was zagging, choosing to insult Oprah Winfrey for her speech at the Golden Globes Awards on Sunday instead of praise the rumored Presidential candidate

To make matters as worse as possible, too, Williams didn’t attack Oprah for the contents of her speech (which you can watch below), but for her appearance.

Yes, Wendy Williams slammed Oprah for being fat.

“I could’ve sworn she would pop her corset,” Williams actually said on air. “Because, you know, Oprah is not the best spokesperson for a weight loss company.”

There are just so many reactions one can have to this craven remark.

First, it’s old. Jokes and references to Oprah’s fluctuating weight have been made over and over again for decades.

Second, it’s mistaken. Oprah looks great. Go back and look at old photos of her. She has come a very long way.

Third, it’s cruel and degrading. Williams is really attacking a woman for her weight?!? On the heels of that same woman making a speech about female empowerment, during an event dedicated to the victims of sexual harassment.

Seriously: for shame, Wendy.

“It’s not even Spanx anymore, [it’s] the old-fashioned corset like they wore back in the day, with all the strings,” Williams continued as the crowd laughed.

The terrible host then mimicked what it would’ve looked like if Winfrey had burst her alleged outfit while on the stage accepting her award.

From there, Williams set her sights on another beloved star: Carrie Underwood.

The country singer took a hard fall late last year and admitted in an emotional blog post last week that she had to get 40-50 stitches in her face.

“I honestly don’t know how things are going to end up,” Underwood wrote online, adding: 

“When I am ready to get in front of a camera, I want you all to understand why I might look a bit different.”

Talk about a rare instance of vulnerability from a big-time celebrity, right?

Wrong, Williams insists.

She basically called Underwood a liar in her “Hot Topics” segment.

“Did you hear about her?” Williams said, prior to making the accusation:

“I really don’t know a whole bunch about it, but she allegedly fell down a bunch of steps at her house, broke her wrist.

“She released on Twitter that we may not recognize her when it’s all said and done. I don’t know what that means… an excuse for a face lift.”

The audience at least reacted in horror to this allegation, prompting Williams to kind of, sort of walk back the comment:

“No… We’re cynical! She was already cute, so I don’t know what she’s doing or what happened. If you’re home by yourself, how long do you lay there?

“Who’s going to save you, the dog?”

What the heck is Williams even talking about here?

Perhaps she should have stopped after saying I really don’t know a whole bunch about it.

But that’s not how Wendy Williams rolls.

She bashed Meghan Markle as a scheming liar last month, with zero evidence to back up such a claim.

We’ve been trying to tell everyone forever that Williams may be the worst person alive.

Maybe they’ll now start to believe us…


Ellen Pompeo Slams “Fool” Woody Allen on Twitter!

You know how some celebrities always look the same in photos? Woody Allen’s one of those. He tends to look bewildered.

And bewildered is how many feel every time that they see Woody Allen out and about instead of, you know, rotting in a jail cell. 

Ellen Pompeo is courageously speaking out and slamming Woody Allen. Honestly? “Fool” is, relatively speaking, one of the nicest thing’s Allen’s ever been called.

Ellen Pompeo quoted a HelloGiggles (love that site) tweet that read:

“A journalist went through Woody Allen’s personal journals and found he was obsessed with teenage girls.”

Pompeo quoted that tweet with, well, what we were all thinking:

“I haven’t gone through his personal journals and I knew that… shocked the people that work with this man #ambition is [blind].”

And that was only the beginning of what she had to say.

When someone in a now-deleted tweet apparently tried to suggest that Woody Allen had “made mistakes” in the past (that’s what we infer that they said,” Pompeo replied:

“I don’t call it a mistake… he married his daughter…people see what they want to see or don’t…Kind of hard not to see who this fool is.”

Like we said — “fool” is pretty much the nicest word for Woody Allen, considering the damning accusations that he molested Dylan Farrow as a child. Also he married his daughter, Soon-Yi.

But Ellen Pompeo was just getting started

Ellen Pompeo continued by targeting Woody Allen’s alleged racism, tweeting:

“And while we’re on the subject & I’m fired up has this fool ever put one poc in any of his movies ever?” and “What about Hispanic or Asian actors? Or are asians only for him to molest? You know me when I get started.”

Woody Allen’s casting tends to be about as white as snow on a golf course, but one follower pointed out that Penelope Cruz won an Oscar for her role in one of his films.

Pompeo acknowledged this, but notes that she genuinely doesn’t know about who’s in his films, because:

“I wouldn’t know because I don’t watch that bougie s–t.”

Honestly, it’s always nice to see Ellen Pompeo go off.

One tweeter mentioned to Ellen Pompeo that some people try to “separate the professional from the person.” 

You know, like going to Chick-fil-A despite their politics, or seeing a Johnny Depp film despite the abuse allegations, or seeing a film by Brett Ratner or Roman Polanski or Brian Singer or … well, there are way too many names.

Ellen replied: “You know what I call that?? Ducking predators and chasing trophies…it’s WEAK AF.”

Ellen went on to talk about how, too often, black women’s voices are ignored when they accuse a man of sexual predation. 

She cites the many accusations against Bill Cosby, the first of which were ignored for years and years and years before soem famous white women spoke out.

And, in the mean time, famous actresses who should know better — actresses whom I admire, like Selena Gomez and Blake Lively — continue to work with Woody Allen.

It takes people like Ellen Pompeo using their platforms to keep momentum going.

Woody Allen has not had his Weinstein moment yet. While many people eagerly await the day that Woody Allen is no longer among the living, it’s their hope that he’ll die in prison rather in the comfort of his home. 

He’s 82-years-old and those who want to see him brought to justice and publicly disgraced know that the clock is ticking.

Now is the perfect time to talk about this. Even the Golden Globes, with Oprah’s epic speech and Debra Messing taking a stand for pay equality, had its flaws.

James Franco, accused of having an inappropriate interest in underage teen girls, won for The Disaster Artist last night. And accused wife-beater Gary Oldman won Best Actor.

Society has a long, long way to go.

But even among other controversial and despised figures who still roam free, Woody Allen continues to stick out like a sore thumb.


James Franco: Ally Sheedy Hints at Sexual Misconduct, Slams Golden Globes Win

One of the most buzzed-about moments from last night’s Golden Globes ceremony did not involve Oprah or Natalie Portman. 

When James Franco was awarded the prize for for best actor in a musical or comedy, he received some unexpected backlash.

Franco called to the stage Tommy Wiseau, the director and real life director behind his role in The Disaster Artist.

but shut the enigmatic filmmaker down when he attempted to make a speech.

Wiseau was reportedly not happy about being publicly rebuked, and sources say he made his displeasure clear after the ceremony.

And it seems he wasn’t the only one who was outraged by Franco’s victory on Sunday night.

Tweeting from an unverified account, Ally Sheedy, the actress perhaps best known for her role in the 1985 film The Breakfast Club, weighed in.

Ally and James

She hinted that sexual misconduct on Franco’s part played a part in her decision to leave the film industry.

“James Franco just won,” Sheedy wrote.

“Please never ask me why I left the film/tv business.”

The tweet was one of several in which Sheedy was critical of Franco and the awards themselves.

“Why is a man hosting?” Sheedy tweeted at the start of the evening.

“Why is James Franco allowed in? Said too much. Nite love ya.”

Shortly thereafter, she added:

“Ok wait. Bye. James Franco and Christian Bale at a table on @goldenglobes #MeToo”

Sheedy deleted the tweets after Vanity Fair and several other outlets reported that she has implicitly accused Franco of sexual misconduct.

She worked with Franco in the 2014 play The Long Shrift, but she has never before publicly suggested that he behaved inappropriately.

This, of course, is not the first time that Franco has found himself enmeshed in a sex scandal.

Also in 2014, the actor was accused of attempting to seduce a 17-year-old girl he met online and attempting to arrange an illicit rendezvous.

He later joked about the incident while hosting Saturday Night Live.

Contacted by several media outlets, Sheedy declined to comment further on her tweets.

To some observers, this silence suggests that either there’s more to that story, or that she too was victimized by Franco.

We’ll have further details on this developing story as more information becomes available.


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Caitlyn Jenner SLAMS Kendall and Kylie: What’s Going On?!

Caitlyn Jenner … well, it seems like she has a hard time getting along with anyone anymore, doesn’t it?

For most of last year, we saw her have a big, prolonged falling out with Kris Jenner and the Kardashian kids.

Back in July, she even pulled her support from her once-beloved Donald Trump.

But now, to kick off 2018, is she also cutting ties with her two youngest children, Kendall and Kylie Jenner?!

Judging by some quotes she made in her new interview with Piers Morgan, we’d say there’s a decent chance of it.

First, she talked about the Kardashians — you know, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob, her former stepchildren, the ones she helped raise and the ones who definitely considered her a parent?

Yeah, they’re out.

Caitlyn recounted the story about how when she sent the family a copy of her memoir before it was published, she left out the part about her gender reassignment surgery because “it’s none of their business.”

Which is fine, because of course it’s none of their business, but why include it in the book at all then? Is it everyone else’s business?

A moment later, she clarified that “I didn’t want them to leak it to the press, OK? There was no reason for them to know about it, of course I didn’t trust them.”

That makes more sense, but it’s also much more sad than her original line, huh?

It’s also unfortunate that she felt she couldn’t trust the people she used to consider her own children.

It gets worse though — elsewhere in the interview, she admitted “I don’t talk to the Kardashians anymore.”

“The only ones I am concerned about are Kendall and Kylie. They are my biological kids. I spent 23 years carting them around.”

Damn, Cait, tell us how you really feel.

For one, it hasn’t been “23 years carting them around” — Kendall is only 22.

So either she forgot how old her own kids are, or she’s counting from the very date of Kendall’s conception. Neither possibility is all that great.

For two, again, she spent literal decades acting as a father figure to the Kardashian kids, so to completely write them off this way is pretty cold, honestly.

For three, even if she was expressing a sentiment like this, shouldn’t she say something about how much she loves Kendall and Kylie, or how much they mean to her?

Why is her idea of being a father linked to how much time she spent “carting them around”?

For four, how do you think Kendall and Kylie would feel if they heard this? 

There’s always the chance that they’re used to such weird shows of “affection” from Caitlyn, and there’s also the chance that they aren’t all that close to her anymore these days, after all that’s gone on in the family.

Any way you look at it, it’s all just way too depressing, isn’t it?

Do better, Caitlyn. It really is not that difficult.


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Ellen DeGeneres Slams Eric Trump for Suggesting She’s Part of ‘Deep State’

Ellen DeGeneres skewered Eric Trump for insinuating she’s part of a cabal to undermine his dad. Ellen’s reacting to E.T.’s tweet, in which he suggests the “who to follow” feature of Twitter is somehow part of the “Deep State,” and he singles out…