Michael Rapaport Slams Donald Trump for ‘Stealing’ Nickname Sloppy Steve Bannon

Michael Rapaport says Donald Trump ripped off his idea for “Sloppy Steve Bannon,” claiming he came up with the nickname a year ago … and he’s got the proof. Mike posted a video Sunday in which he slams Trump for allegedly stealing his OG…


The Bachelor Promo: An Unwanted Visitor, A Sloppy Kiss & More!

Arie Luyendyk Jr. is about to eat a suitor's face on the new season of The Bachelor.

That's what it looks like in the following trailer for this beloved ABC competition, that is.

See for yourself:

Elsewhere in the extended trailer for Arie's season of the show, we see the man who had his heart broken by Emily Maynard open up about his difficult past.

“It’s been a tough journey to get here, and I’ve had my heart broken," he says, adding:

"It’s surreal, in a way. If I turn back time, I don’t know, I could have done things differently."

But it's time for Arie to forget what happened to him before and look ahead to what will happen to him over the coming several weeks.

As one of the most "genuine" stars in franchise history, according to Chris Harrison, it appears as if the road ahead won't be easy for Arie to navigate.

Will it end in true love and a proposal, however?

We think so… yet we now must wonder: Will Arie be the one doing the proposing?

At the end of the following sneak peek, a non-Arie male voice  says the following:

"I don’t want to be on this show… I want my girl. I’m here to tell her that I want to marry her."

And then Arie says something about being "mad" that this dude has arrived.

Does a suitor's ex-boyfriend show up and try to win his former lover back? Because that would actually be a first on the series!

Back to Arie, though:

It certainly looks like he'll find love before all is said and romantically done, at least based on the following quote:

"I’m gonna tell this girl that I love her and hopefully get down on one knee."

Before he does so, however, Arie will ponder life and all it means while looking at a sunset:

If you want to know who actually wins his season, visit our section of The Bachelor spoilers.

If you want to get an intimate look at what's on tap, click PLAY now:

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