Kanye West is Almost Smiling in This Family Photo!

Kim Kardashian has shared a new picture on her Instagram and Facebook pages, and it’s worth noting for two reasons:

1. It features Kim, her husband and both of their kids, something we do not see very often.

2. Kanye West is smiling in the snapshot. Or at least smirking! For real!

See for yourself:

Amazing, right?

Kim shared the photo along with a very simple caption that read “Happy Holidays.”

It’s nothing too special or newsworthy, but this is Kim Kardashian and this is social media, so the photo has been Liked over 72,000 times in just a few hours on Facebook.

Kardashian and West have actually lived a mostly quiet life in 2017.

They concluded last year on quite the low note, of course, with Kim getting robbed at gunpoint in Paris and then Kanye suffering a nervous breakdown mere weeks later.

These traumatic events left both stars shaken.

For a few months afterward, divorce rumors plagued Kimye, as multiple outlets and tabloids wrote that these incidents were simply too much for the couple to handle.

Word spread that the pair were drifting apart.

There was even a rumor just this month that Kardashian was ready to file for divorce.

We aren’t buying it, however. Why would we?!?

First of all, Kanye just gifted his wife with over $ 500,000 in stocks, which does not seem like the actions one would take if one were about to get a divorce.

Second, Kanye actually struck some poses for the family Christmas card, as you can see above.

He didn’t make the cut for the final version, which left us a little confused and concerned, but still. There’s one final, very strong reason to believe this romance is doing just fine.

And that reason is this:

Kim and Kanye will soon welcome child number-three!

As has now been confirmed by Kardashian herself, a surrogate is pregnant with the baby because doctors deemed it too dangerous for Kim to give birth for a third time.

She actually may be due any day now.

Would Kardashian and West really make this plan if there was any doubt about their romance?

If they believed for one second that they weren’t staying together?

We think everyone knows the answers to these questions.

Over the next couple months, meanwhile, Kim and Kanye will welcome their child… Khloe Kardashian will give birth… AND Kylie Jenner will give birth.

So while 2017 was actually pretty tame as far as this famous family goes, it’s already pretty clear that they’ll be back to making headlines of every kind in 2018.

Buckle up.


Kendra Caldwell: Pregnant and Smiling in Duggar Christmas Photo!

Even though Joy-Anna Duggar is still being hidden away by her own family, the Duggars are at least willing to put Kendra Caldwell on display.

In fact, this is the first image of Kendra that we’ve seen since her pregnancy announcement.

As you’ll see for yourself, she’s positively glowing, folks. And fans are demanding to see more of her. …

As we learned earlier this month, Kendra Caldwell is pregnant with Joseph Duggar’s baby.

She’s believed to be approximately three months along at this point.

Which means that the two of them worked fast in terms of getting pregnant — getting pregnant only a couple of months after they tied the knot.

We might not approve of how Joseph proposed to Kendra (maybe the family put him up to it, but you do not propose at someone else’s wedding), but the Duggars seem to approve of how quickly they’re getting the baby-making underway.

Check out their photo!

Kendra really does look beautiful.

And though this candid moment of opening presents (which you can see scattered around everywhere) isn’t exactly a posed portrait, you can see how excited this couple is to become parents.

(Also, let’s be honest: they were probably just enjoying opening their gifts. Even if the Duggars can’t really give out good things like “worldly” blu ray sets or whatever, presents are presents)

We’re not the only ones who were struck by how good Kendra looks.

As we mentioned, a lot of fans commented about wanting to see more of Kendra.

“Kendra is definitely glowing pregnancy suits her … I love these two I wish they had their own show.”

Another wrote:

“They need their own spinoff!!!!”

Kendra and Joseph don’t have their own social media account (and when they do, it will almost inevitably be one of those creepy joint-marital-accounts), but hopefully the warm wishes got back to them.

Highlighting Kendra during her pregnancy does, very naturally, bring to mind that Joy-Anna is being all but cloistered at the moment.

Even for the Duggar family’s big Christmas photo, Joy-Anna Duggar’s baby bump was hidden by the way that they had her pose.

It’s long been suspected that Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth violated the Duggar family’s absurd courtship rules by having (gasp!) premarital sex, but Joy-Anna claims that she got pregnant on their honeymoon.

So perhaps the Duggars were hiding Joy-Anna’s “shamefully” large baby bump?

Of course, if the Duggars were planning on hidding shameful things, they wouldn’t have put infamous child-molester Josh Duggar on display the way that they did.

But most of the Duggar family is controversial in one way or another.

That’s part of what makes them, as a whole, so captivating to viewers.

But whatever we may think of the family itself, Kendra Caldwell — who has only just recently joined the Duggar clan — looks absolutely beautiful and we can’t wait to keep up with her pregnancy as it progresses.


Donald Trump Celebrates Election Anniversary With Smiling White People

Well, it’s been one full year since Donald Trump shocked the world by defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Depending on where you fall on the political spectrum, you either look back on the victory as a tragedy from which the nation may never fully recover, or as the night you reveled at the sight of all those cucks melting into weeping snowflake puddles.

Either way, it signaled the start of what was inarguably an eventful year:

Construction began on the 1,900-mile border wall between the US and Mexico; Obamacare was repealed and replaced with a more equitable alternative; ISIS was defeated in a mere 30 days; the opioid crisis was resolved; coal mines popped up all over the country; and, of course, Hillary Clinton was condemned to a life sentence in a hard labor camp where all shades of pantsuit are strictly prohibited.

No, we haven’t been bought out by the Kremlin–that was merely an attempt at humor.

(Feel free to scroll down to the comments section to tell us how painfully unfunny it was!)

But despite all the campaign promises left unfulfilled and the ever-tightening noose of special counsel Robert Mueller’s criminal investigation, there is one achievement of which Trump and his supporters remain unabashedly proud:

We’re talking, of course, about losing the popular vote.

Or, as the #MAGA set might phrase it: seizing a bigly victory despite historic opposition from the Soros-funded Deep State and the #FakeNews lame-stream media.

(And hey, if you belong to that crowd, congrats on making it this deep into the article without being triggered into a seizure state!)

Trump tweeted the above photo last night to celebrate the first anniversary of his election to the White House.

At first, we thought the pic was taken moments after the president learned of a new method for turning poor people into fossil fuels, but Trump explained otherwise in his caption:

“Congratulations to all of the ‘DEPLORABLES’ and the millions of people who gave us a MASSIVE (304-227) Electoral College landslide victory!” 

To be fair, winning a national election is a pretty damn big accomplishment.

But when you’ve been President of the United States of America for the past ten months, running a successful campaign shouldn’t still be your biggest achievement.

Obviously, everyone in the photo got roasted to a crisp on Twitter, but we won’t indulge in that sort of pettiness here.

We won’t point out the uncanny resemblance between Stephen Miller and the dude that had Voldemort living in the back of his head in the first Harry Potter.

Nor will we point out that there’s a 100 percent chance Hope Hicks burned that sweater and enjoyed a nice Clorox and Brillo pad bath after being forced to stand so close to Miller’s sweaty hover hand.

And we certainly won’t point out that Little Lord Jared should probably get used to standing in line-ups and spending time in close proximity with sex offenders.

No, we’ll take the high road and simply wish Mr. Trump a happy anniversary.

We hope you’re not tired of winning yet, sir. 

After all, you most likely have a criminal trial ahead of you, and you’re gonna want to bring your A-game for that.