Kim Kardshian Posts Topless Pic, Compares Herself to Anna Nicole Smith

Earlier this month, Kim Kardashian welcomed her third child.

You’d think someone with Kim’s wealth and influence could enjoy a few weeks off to focus on her new baby, but no!

Possibly in a bid to cement her status as the living embodiment of American values, Kim is demonstrating that she doesn’t believe in maternity leave!

Yes, that’s Kim totally topless on Instagram.

It might not be your idea of work, but when you’re a Kardashian this is what punching a clock looks like.

As usual, Kim is being shamed for posing nude by people who would apparently balk at showing of their flawless physiques in exchange for fame and fortune.

“Your a work of art but you should probably put on some clothes,” wrote one conflicted and gramatically-challenged fan.

“After 3 kids you would think she would stop posting photos like this,” commented one of the internet’s many rabid mom-shamers.

It’s the same nonsense every time Kim blesses us with a pic like this.

Fortunately, it doesn’t like she’ll be easing up on the racy selfies anytime soon.

This time, the haters even stepped their game up a notch and engaging in the truly repugnant behavior of chastising Kim for using a surrogate.

“Now I know the real reason why you hired someone to have your baby,” wrote one follower who’s clearly just the worst.

We’re not even sure what that’s supposed to mean, but we’re 100 percent sure the person who wrote it has no friends.

Anyway, this is one of the rare occasions where we actually agree with Kim’s critics on one thing.

But it has nothing to do with her appearance.

Anna Nicole Smith

Kim posted this photo today with caption reading simply, “Muse.”

For our younger readers, that’s Anna Nicole Smith, a deceased model who’s as well know for her tragic life and death as for her meteoric rise to stardom.

Unlike some of the commenters on the pic, we’re not gonna shame a dead woman who struggled mightily throughout her life, but we are somewhat side-eyeing Kim’s choice of muse.

It’s one thing when a sullen teen idolizes a self-destructive blonde who checked out early, but it’s a little weird coming from a 36-year-old mom and successful career woman like Kim.

Our culture is just now realizing it’s pretty messed up to romanticize the premature death of Marilyn Monroe; let’s not subject Anna to the same mistreatment, mmm-kay?


Mark E. Smith Dies; The Fall Singer Was 60

Sad news out of the music world today, as multiple sources have confirmed that Mark E. Smith, lead singer of the iconic post-punk band The Fall, has passed away at the age of 60.

The news of Smith’s passing was confirmed via a statement issued by his band’s manager.

“It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Mark E. Smith. He passed this morning at home,” the statement reads.

“A more detailed statement will follow in the next few days. In the meantime, Pam & Mark’s family request privacy at this sad time.” 

For many music fans, Smith’s death signals the end of an era.

The famously curmudgeonly vocalist and songwriter pushed rock music to its limits in the 1980s, rivaling such luminaries as David Byrne and Patti Smith in terms of innovation.

Smith was something of a transitional figure, helping to bridge the gap between the hedonistic days when classic rock was at its zenith, and the more cerebral years in which the nebulous pseudo-genre of “post punk” struck a chord with discerning music fans.

Smith formed The Fall in 1976 with original members Martin Bramah, Una Baines and Tony Friel.

Notoriously difficult to work with, Smith burned through a whopping 60 bandmates, often firing them on a whim and replacing them with amateur musicians he’d encountered at his local pub. 

He’s the only member of the band to have worked on all 30 of The Fall’s albums.

Tales of Smith’s unpredictability and self-destructive behavior rival those of the most notorious punk rockers.

In one incident that led several of Smith’s collaborators to quit on the spot, the singer dumped a beer over the head of a tour bus driver as he was doing 80 MPH on a freeway.

Marc Riley, a former member of The Fall, was being interviewed on a live radio show when news of Smith’s passing broke:

“He taught me a lot about life and he taught me a lot about music,” Riley said of his former mentor.

“Aged 16 he really did teach me so much … The Fall were my favorite band when I joined and they were still my favorite band when I got kicked out.”

Smith’s ex-wife, musician and TV personality Brix Smith Start reacted to the news of his passing on Twitter:

“I’m taking the news in right now. I will put a statement out tomorrow. I hope you will all understand. Thank you for your lovely messages, they mean a lot. I love you, Brix,” she wrote.

Within minutes of when news of Smith’s passing went public, the singer’s name became a worldwide trending topic thanks to tens of thousands of social media tributes from fans, friends, and a legion of adoring fans.