23 Scandalous Sports Stories: From Kneeling to Snorting…

The world of sports is not immune to scandal.

Remember Lance Armstrong? What about Michael Vick? Even Tom Brady has crossed the line, according to many.

We've rundown some of the most memorable and most distasteful sports scandals below and we're asking readers to weigh in on the worst of the worst…

1. Aaron Hernandez Kills Himself

Aaron hernandez image
Hernandez was found guilty of first degree murder and then hanged himself in prison.

2. Curt Schilling Sucks

Curt schilling on set
Good riddance, Curt Schilling! The former baseball All-Star was fired by ESPN after mocking transgender people in an offensive meme.

3. LIAR!

Lance armstrong and oprah winfrey
Lance Armstrong denied it and denied it, but he eventually came clean: yes, he cheated to win every Tour de France.

4. A Tiger in Bed

Tiger woods ny post cover
Tiger Woods was seemingly a happily married man while winning many golf majors. Then it came out that he cheated – A LOT – on his wife and his career has never been the same.

5. A Knockout Blow

Ray rice janay palmer fight
This video depicts running back Ray Rice knocking his then-fiancee unconscious inside a casino elevator. It sadly speaks for itself.

6. Out of Bounds

Adrian peterson mugshot
Adrian Peterson is a record-setting running back on the Vikings. He’s been accused of abusing at least one child by hitting him many times with a switch.

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