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Terrell Owens 1st Ballot HoF Snub ‘Ridiculous’ & a ‘Travesty’

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Terrell Owens is TEEING OFF on Hall of Fame voters for keeping him out of Canton for 2 years … calling it “ridiculous” and a “travesty” he didn’t get his gold jacket in his 1st year of eligibility. 

T.O. was finally voted into the HoF in 2018 — but the dude is clearly pissed it didn’t happen sooner … sounding off on Kevin Hart‘s “Cold as Balls” series on Laugh Out Loud about why he got snubbed.

“That c-word … character, which a lot of the voters kinda added to the mix of the criteria of inducting guys,” Owens said.

“It should be about your body of work and your accomplishments,” Owens said … adding he got different treatment than other players because he was outspoken throughout his career.

Of course … T.O. famously snubbed the Hall of Fame right back … turning down his invite to the enshrinement ceremony in Canton for a more personal setting at U. of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

There’s a bunch of fun stuff in the whole clip — T.O. also resumes his trash talkin’ duties by calling out ex-NFLer George Teague for their infamous incident in 2000 … and dishes on his middle name!!

Gilbert Gottfried Cracks Jokes About ‘Aladdin’ Snub … Robin Williams Approved?


It’s hard to tell if Gilbert Gottfried‘s truly bitter about not being asked to reprise his role in the “Aladdin” reboot, because the comedian’s response is classic Gilbert — cracking crass jokes.

We got the voice of Jafar’s sidekick parrot, Iago, from Disney’s animated classic and asked if he’d be making a cameo in Guy Ritchie‘s live-action reboot … but no such luck. To add insult to injury, Gilbert tells us producers went out of their way to snub him … yet managed to get Robin Williams in the film.

Yeah … he went there.

Gottfried also predicts it’ll prove to be a big mistake not including him … but he’s got a suggestion for how the filmmakers can make it right.

In case you missed it … the first images of the new “Aladdin” cast — including Will Smith as the Genie and Mena Massoud as the titular star — were revealed Wednesday.

Many fans are up in arms about Smith not being blue and Aladdin wearing a shirt … but some diehards are just pissed there’s no Gilbert.

He feels your pain.