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Tyrese Judge Allows Daughter to Play Soccer … After Parents Squabble


Tyrese‘s daughter is now allowed to bend it like Beckham, after a judge ordered that she can.

Tyrese and ex-wife Norma Gibson were in a fight over whether 11-year-old Shayla can enroll in her school’s soccer program.

Tyrese had refused, saying her grades weren’t up to snuff and she should focus on academics. Norma countered Shayla is “emotionally devastated” she’s not allowed to play, adding her grades are good enough. Norma says it got to the point where Shayla “cries, feels humiliated and does not want to go to school.”

The judge ruled Norma can enroll Shayla in the soccer program. When Shayla is in Tyrese’s custody, however, the judge says he does not have to let her play.

The judge wants to hear more on the subject next month.

This isn’t the first argument of its kind. Back in October, Norma wanted Shayla to play basketball but Tyrese refused. He eventually relented. Norma claims Tyrese also refused to let Shayla participate in a school play, saying it costs too much money. He agreed to let her do it when Norma agreed to pay half.

And, there’s more. According to Norma’s docs, there was a school field trip to a downtown eatery and Shayla was on the bus when Tyrese had her taken off the bus. 

DJ Khaled to Asahd We the Best Father-Son Soccer Duo!!!

DJ Khaled is steadily showing his kid the major keys of life and success — one of which is exercise, and papa bear is happily demonstrating for his tyke. 

The hip-hop mogul was spotted at his Miami home giving 2-year-old Asahd a lesson in health and wellness as they meditated and planked outside near their pool.

Granted, it looks like Asahd was a bit more interested in just good old-fashioned playtime … but we’ll give Khaled props for setting the example on alternative fitness techniques. The father and son eventually started kicking around a soccer ball in the grass.

We already know Khaled’s about that fit life — as he’s shown us time and again on Snapchat and elsewhere — so it’s good to see him passing on good habits to his boy. 

BTW … Asahd has grown an awful lot since we last saw him. Check out that little cub’s mane … *Simba roar*.

Model Sophia Thomalla Ditches Gavin Rossdale … For Hot Kisses With Soccer Star

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Gavin Rossdale‘s loss is clearly Loris Karius‘ gain … ’cause the star goalkeeper had no problems being Sophia Thomalla‘s rebound in Miami on Friday!!!

The German model — sporting a tiny green bikini and a pair of Daisy Dukes — paraded around South Beach with the soccer superstar … leaning in for kisses and cuddles.

It’s interesting … ’cause Thomalla and Rossdale were just seen out together in Los Angeles a few weeks ago — but looks like the smokin’ hot model is moving on.

As for Karius — he’s been known for dating PLENTY of attractive women — and doesn’t seem to mind one bit that Sophia’s so fresh off a breakup.

BTW … this ain’t anything new for Rossdale — Gwen Stefani got with Blake Shelton shortly after officially breaking everything off with him.

Which begs the question — is it REALLY better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all???