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Ja Rule Andy King’s Getting Jobs … Finally, Some Good Out of Fyre!!!

Ja Rule‘s found a couple Fyre Fest silver linings — one involving event planner Andy King, who famously offered oral sex for crates of Evian, and the other has to do with Ja’s business sense.

The rapper was at Newark Airport when Adam Glyn asked him if he had any insight on the infamous scene in Netflix’s ‘Fyre’ documentary … where Andy King admitted he nearly took one for the team as the festival was imploding. 

Ja says he knew nothing about that happening at the time, but he was grinning ear to ear after hearing Andy’s now made a name for himself.

In fact, Ja Rule says even though he hasn’t seen the Netflix doc, he’d love to see more good come out of it. 

Check out the clip … the rapper — who btw is still feeling the Fyre — says he learned a lot from the experience and even offers young visionaries/entrepreneurs some sage advice.

‘ANTM’ Star J Alexander Get Some Rope for Burberry!!! Noose Hoodie is Too Much


J Alexander is blasting Burberry for showcasing a hoodie with a noose around the neck … saying the people who gave it the green light are the ones who should be hanged! 

We got the famed “American’s Next Top Model” coach Tuesday at LAX, and he didn’t hold back in his criticism of Burberry’s design from London Fashion Week. 

As you might know … Burberry apologized after getting tons of backlash for showcasing the noose hoodie, calling it a mistake and insensitive. Even the model who was forced to wear the hoodie is speaking out, saying “suicide is not fashion.” 

But, on the heels of racist blunders from Gucci and Prada, Miss J ain’t havin’ it!

You gotta see his call for Burberry to be brought to fashion justice. Basically, he thinks the brand deserves a taste of its own medicine — but he says in his own VERY colorful way.

Just watch. 

Luke Bryan & Jake Owen First, We Catch Some Waves … THEN We Hit the Stage!!!

Jake Owen and Luke Bryan are a little bit country and little bit surfer dude — at least for this weekend — while they’re partying on la playa in Mexico.

The country superstars attempted to catch some waves — on paddleboards, not surfboards — in Tulum, where Luke’s annual Crash My Playa festival is going down. Looks like Jake had a little more luck than Luke … but only a little. Hey, they’re Nashville bros … no one’s expecting them to hang ten.

Luke’s wife, Caroline Boyer, and Jake’s GF, Erica Hartlein, hung on the beach while the guys tried their best to look epic on waves.

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“A toast to all our plastic surgeons here tonight.” – @lukebryan #CrashMyPlaya (🎥 @leaniey)

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They returned to their natural habitat in the evening … rocking the stage for the 4-day festival. Funniest moment of the night — Luke getting whacked by a fan’s bra. A REALLY big bra.

We think Luke put it best … strip it down!!! 

Michael Blackson Jesus Took the Wheel … And Some Guy Smashed My Rolls!!!


Michael Blackson probably should’ve been irate about a drunk driver smashing into his car — but he was more flabbergasted than anything … and we get why.

The comic was having a great Monday night at the Improv in WeHo — he did a set with Dave Chappelle, so what could go wrong? Try your Rolls-Royce getting jacked up in a 3-car wreck!!

Michael tells us he got the news while onstage with Chappelle, and when he got outside — it was a messed up scene, to say the least. A Maserati lost its front wheel, that wheel smashed into a Jeep Wrangler … while the Maserati kept going long enough to smash into Mike’s whip.

MB called it a miracle — a bad one — that the guy on just 3 wheels managed to keep rolling long enough to hit his Rolls. You really gotta see his reaction. 

As for the driver, we got vid of cops giving him a breathalyzer. Law enforcement sources tell us the guy allegedly pinballed down the street, hitting several cars — and was arrested for DUI.

Typical Blackson, though, he found a way to laugh about it. Gotta love a good Flintstones joke!

Snoop Dogg on Gov. Shutdown Y’all Some Dumb MF’ers If You Vote for Trump After This

Snoop Dogg‘s got thoughts on the government shutdown and a message for furloughed workers who might still be team Trump after this … Trump doesn’t care about ya.

Snoop posted a hilarious video this weekend in which he directly comments on the shutdown that’s now in its 16th day with no end in sight. He says everyone who works for the government that aren’t being paid right now must reconsider their POTUS pick in 2020.

He goes on to say that any federal worker who still votes Trump in a couple years are some “stupid motherf***ers.” He says furloughed employees are being treated unfairly, and the fact that DT can’t (or won’t) come to a resolution can only mean one thing … “this punk motherf***er don’t care.” 

The MC urges potential Trump voters to seriously reconsider and even makes an appeal to blue-collar workers whom he says are still suffering. 

Snoop ends with one last F-U to Trump … at least he’s consistent on that front.

Justin Bieber I Got That Feeling … Gives Out Some ‘Sexual Healing’

Justin Bieber‘s in a singing mood … and based on what he’s singing, he’s also in the mood to get some!

The Biebs was waiting with the missus, Hailey Bieber, outside the Montage Hotel in Bev Hills Wednesday night when he broke into song and dance … inspired by Marvin Gaye.

Check out JB in the vid — the “Sexual Healing” serenading starts off directed at Hailey, but then he pivots and belts out the lyrics for the world to hear … before pulling in a random guy for some lovin’.

The dude rolls with it and even snags a selfie with the couple … then Justin continues putting on a free show.

If this is how he’s kicking off 2019, it’s gonna be a goood year for the newlyweds.