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Celine Dion Pulls Song ‘I’m Your Angel’ with R. Kelly from Streaming Services


Celine Dion has followed Lady Gaga‘s cue and is pulling her collab with R. Kelly from streaming services … TMZ has learned.

The song — “I’m Your Angel — was recorded in 1998 and appeared on her holiday album, “These are  Special Times,” R. Kelly wrote the song but it did not appear on any of his albums.

The song reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for 6 weeks. It went certified platinum and sold more than 1.5 million copies. It was also nominated for a Grammy.

The song is in the process of being pulled by Celine’s team.

The move comes in the wake of the #MuteRKelly movement which was triggered by the Lifetime docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly.”

R. Kelly has collabed with a number of artists, but so far only Celine and Gaga have made the move to pull their songs. The band Phoenix apologized for collaborating with the singer but didn’t pull the song.

Little Mix Member Jesy Nelson Under Fire For Singing Along to R. Kelly Song

Little Mix member Jesy Nelson is catching tremendous backlash for playfully singing along to one of R. Kelly‘s most famous songs in the wake of Lifetime’s docuseries.

The British singer was at a dinner party in London Saturday night with some friends, and she recorded herself dancing in her seat and singing Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” as it played over the speakers. Her buddy who was sitting next to her got in on the fun as well.

In the clip — which has since been deleted from Jesy’s IG story — you hear her say, “‘Ignition,’ R. Kelly” with an added “Ooh” for emphasis. She continues to sing along to the first verse as she playfully touches her pal’s face. It’s clear she had no issue with the song.

Welp, her fans didn’t like that a whole lot. Tons of people tweeted their criticism at Jesy, both with shock, disgust and disappointment. One user wrote, “Jesy Nelson what the f**k? First you film a white person saying the n word and put it on Instagram and now you are bopping along with R Kelly after what has just happened?”

The user continued… “Shame on you… I’m done with you, CANCELLED. You just ruin LM’s reputation too. Bye sis.”

Little Mix did not comment one way or another on the allegations leveled against Kelly in “Surviving R. Kelly.” It’s interesting too — Kelly has continued to secure bookings for shows in Germany despite the airing of the docuseries and the uproar it’s caused in the States.

Like we said before … #MuteRKelly really does NOT translate across the pond. Like, not at all.

Lady Gaga Apologizes for Collab w/ R. Kelly Pulling Song From iTunes

Lady Gaga‘s sorry she ever worked with R. Kelly, saying she’s going to pull their 2013 track from iTunes and other streaming services as an act of solidarity with the women he allegedly abused.

Gaga spoke out against Kelly early Thursday morn, saying the claims against him are “absolutely horrifying and indefensible” … and she stands behind the women 1000%.

She says her single with Kelly, called “Do What U Want (With My Body),” came at a dark time in her life — when her thinking was “explicitly twisted” because she was dealing with the trauma of being a sexual assault survivor herself.

Lady Gaga says she’s grown and gotten help since then, and vows going forward to “continue to support women, men and people of all sexual identities, and of all races, who are victims of sexual assault.”

She plans to remove the 2013 collab with Kelly online and adds … “I’m sorry, both for my poor judgment when I was young, and for not speaking out sooner.” Interestingly, since posting her plan to pull the track, it’s been purchased and streamed way more. Seems like people are getting their last licks.

As you know … Gaga’s statement comes on the heels of major controversy involving Lifetime’s docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly,” in which he’s accused of sexual abuse, pedophilia and predatory behavior.

She’d been mum on the subject until now and taken some heat for it … especially since she’s very much in the public eye right now with all the awards season buzz for “A Star is Born.”

In fact, Gaga won Best Actress at the National Board of Review Awards Wednesday night in NYC … and spoke out against Kelly hours later.

Billy Porter Slays Singing ‘A Star is Born’ Song … At Star-Studded Event


A gathering of A-list celebs and top-notch athletes got an early Golden Globes appetizer, and there’s nothing shallow about it … except the name of the song.

“Pose” star Billy Porter performed the Golden-Globe nominated hit, “Shallow,” at the Gold Meets Golden event Saturday at The House on Sunset in Weho. Mark Ronson — who co-wrote the track with Lady Gaga and others for “A Star is Born” — introduced him.

The midday gala brings celebrity actors and entertainers together with medal-winning Olympians to celebrate awards season and raise awareness and support for sports-related causes.

This year’s attendees included Nicole Kidman — seen here snapping a pic with Michelle Kwan and Paralympic medalists Amy Purdy and Tatyana McFaddenJessica Chastain, Edgar Ramirez, Amy Adams, Matt Bomer, Octavia Spencer, Jenna Dewan, Adam Rippon, Joe Alwyn and many more.

BTW … Porter’s also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series for “Pose.” The show’s Sunday night.

Good luck!

Queen Guitarist Brian May Blast Off With My NASA-Inspired Song … It’s Outta This World!!!

Queen guitarist Brian May is here to make you super pumped about outer space and science, because he just dropped a theme song for NASA’s New Horizons mission … and it rocks!

Brian’s famous for playing lead guitar for the classic rock band, but he’s also an astrophysicist who’s been working with NASA’s New Horizons team as it sends a probe to the outer reaches of our solar system … and he’s combined his two passions to create a mission anthem that’s cooler than Pluto!

Brian dropped the New Horizons tribute song on New Year’s Eve, coinciding with the NASA spacecraft reaching Ultima Thule in the icy Kuiper belt … and we gotta say, the track stacks up pretty well to Queen’s soundtrack for “Flash Gordon.” 

As for the story behind the song … Brian was reportedly reluctant to work his rock star magic when a New Horizons colleague asked him to write a song for the mission, because Brian felt it was almost impossible to rhyme with Ultima Thule.

Brian says he eventually started hearing music in his head sounding like “an object plummeting through space” and his creative juices started flowing and the song was born. 

We’re guessing Freddie Mercury would’ve been down with the space-themed jam too.