R. Kelly Addresses Sex Abuse Accusations in 19-Minute Song

We have all read horror story after horror story about R. Kelly.

He allegedly seduces much younger women, isolates them, grooms them to accept abuse, and keeps them captive using violence and starvation to control them.

Multiple women who have come forward have also accused him of having groomed some women for this role since they were underage.

R. Kelly is being sued for sexual battery and false imprisonment.

Additionally, the #TimesUp movement has called to #MuteRKelly in an effort to force him out of the entertainment industry.

R. Kelly has now responded in a truly bizarre way.

Early on Monday, out of nowhere, he dropped a 19 minute song.

The song is titled "I Admit." In it, he seems to beg people to pity him. He also mocks the accusations against him and laments that they are endangering his career. He also name-drops an investigative reporter.

Take a look at these truly bizarre lyrics.

1. It begins with his sob story

R kelly i admit lyrics 01
The accusations against R. Kelly aren’t about him being “imperfect.” They’re about him allegedly abusing and terrorizing women and underage girls. Childhood struggles are sad, but not an excuse for monstrous deeds as an adult.

2. R. Kelly tries to minimize the criticisms against him

R kelly i admit lyrics 02
Sleeping with fans is fine. Allegedly keeping them locked up and isolated while punishing them with violence and starvation is not.

3. Here’s the chorus

R kelly i admit lyrics 03
While many people would be happy to hear him say these words in a deposition, interrogation room, or a courtroom, as a chorus, it’s mocking his accusers. And that is intentional.

4. Here, he sounds like he’s bragging

R kelly i admit lyrics 04
R. Kelly will seem to brag about his sex life more than once. You might think that a man accused of running a sex cult of brainwashed women would present a humble face to the world to avoid suspicion. R. Kelly does not.

5. He again wants listeners to feel sorry for him

R kelly i admit lyrics 05
Difficulty reading — whether it’s illiteracy or dyslexia — is definitely a sympathetic struggle. But this seems like a transparent ploy to elicit sympathy in the face of the harrowing accusations against him.

6. And now he’s back to bragging

R kelly i admit lyrics 06
Perhaps he hopes to convince listeners that if he is “confessing” (these sound more like boasts) to these actions, surely he has not done anything worse.

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