Jill Duggar Defies Jim Bob’s Rules, Has Secular “Movie Date” With Sons

One of the nice things that we can say about Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard is that they break Jim Bob’s rules.

Now, Jill is letting her sons watch a Christmas movie that’s about as secular as you can get while, you know, being about Christmas.

She’s having the “date night” with her sons while Derick is off studying for finals.

In a video that Jill Duggar shared with her fans, she has a “date night” with her boys.

“Getting ready to make some popcorn, yay!” Jill says in an attempt to drum up enthusiasm.

Neither Israel or Sam seep especially jazzed during the video.

They have pretty good excuses, though.

Israel apparently just awoke from a nap, so he seems a little out of it.

And Samuel is, um, a literal baby, just rolling around on the kitchen floor one a onesie. Like babies do.

Once Jill announces that they’ll be watching “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” Israel seems interested.

In fact, he sounds downright impatient for the film to begin.

(Remember, children perceive time differently than adults do — a few minutes can stretch on for them but pass in the blink of an eye for us)

Jill tells him that they’ll make popcorn first.

Samuel seems pretty indifferent to all of it. But, again, he’s just a baby.

Israel Dillard on YouTube

Derick is not present in the video.

Jill explains that he is at a coffee shop studying for his exams.

Derick, as you may recall, is now a law student.

In addition to concerns about him possibly using his degree to become the opposite of a civil right’s attorney, fans note that this leaves Jill to parent alone for hours on end.

But hey, at least this way he’ll have a real job and he and Jill won’t need to beg fans for donations.

What was particularly interesting about this is Jill’s choice in a movie for her boys.

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” is a CGI film named after the classic song by the same name.

According to Wikipedia, the premise is: “Young Mariah desperately wants a puppy for Christmas but her parents are not convinced that she should have one.”

The plot continues: “They agree to let Mariah dog-sit the puppy Jack and if she can take care of Jack then she can have a dog of her very own.”

None of that has anything directly to do with Jesus.

As we said, it’s about as secular as a movie about Christmas can be.

This flies in the face of Jim Bob’s mandate that his family not consume secular entertainment.

And, honestly, it’s a relief to a lot of fans who hope that the Duggar grandchildren will have a shot at a normal life.

Their parents never had a chance, but maybe they will — even if notorious transphobe Derick Dillard is their dad.

This isn’t the first time that Israel and Sam have gotten to enjoy something that wasn’t “on message.”

Jill and Derick have also allowed their chlldren to watch the popular cartoon, Peppa Pig.

Notably, Peppa has been controversial even in the secular world.

In Australia, an episode was pulled because the spider-friendly message that was important in the US and UK could be dangerous for Aussie children.

And China has banned certain videos of Peppa Pig on the grounds that the show’s imagery has been co-opted as a “gangster” symbol.

Still, the show is popular because it’s mostly wonderful for very young children to watch.

It’s great to see that Jill and Derick are opening up their kids to new experiences.

Having faith can be wonderful, but it is not a betrayal to enjoy media that is unrelated.

We will say that it’s kind of funny to watch people watching Christmas movies when it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

Perhaps a lack of entertaining children’s movies about Thanksgiving is to blame.

Tamera Mowry Shares Bittersweet Photo of Late Niece on Son’s Sixth Birthday

Last week, Tamera Mowry and Adam Housley’s niece was one of the twelve innocents who were murdered in a mass shooting in Thousand Oaks.

Aiaina Housley did not live to visit Tamera’s son’s sixth birthday..

Tamera shared a heartbreaking photo of the cousins and revealed how her very young son is coping with her passing.

Tamera Mowry took to Instagram to mark the bittersweet occassion of her son’s sixth birthday.

She shared a photo of the two cousins together, below.

“Happy 6th birthday Aden!” Tamera wrote in the captions.

On a sadder note, she continued: “Alaina was excited to come to your birthday party.”

“But,” she concluded. “As you said buddy, ‘She lives in your heart now.'”

“We love you,” she added — to Aden, but also to Alaina.

Here is the picture of the two cousins, side-by-side.

Obviously, only days have passed since that heartbreaking mass shooting in Thousand Oaks.

“Alaina. My sweet, sweet Alaina,” Tamera lamented in another post. “My heart breaks.”

“I’m still in disbelief,” Tamera admits.

Few people are truly prepared to lose loved ones, especially a teenager.

“It’s not fair how you were taken,” Tamera mourns. “And how soon you were taken from us.”

Alaina was a college freshman at Pepperdine University. She was an English Major.

“I was blessed to know you ever since you were 5,” Tamera continues.

She says that, from the beginning, “you stole my heart.”

“I will miss our inside jokes,” Tamera writes. “Us serenading at the piano.”

“Thank you for being patient with me learning how to braid your hair,” Tamera adds.

This is just heartbreaking to read.

“And,” Tamera says. “I will never forget our duet singing the national anthem at Napa’s soccer game.”

These personal anecdotes and details are what really twist the knife, even for people who never even knew of Alaina before she died.

Tamera makes it clear that her love has not diminished simply because her beloved niece has passed away.

“I love you. I love you. I love you,” Tamera emphasizes.

She continues: “You are gonna make one gorgeous angel.”

That is so sweet.

Tamera then extends her sympathies to the others who were murdered, or wounded, or traumatized, or lost loved ones in that same shooting.

“My heart and prayers are with every victim of this tragedy,” Tamera concludes.

As difficult as it is for Tamera, Adam, and the other adults in Alaina’s life … death is harder for children.

Children are more resilient than people imagine, but also lack perspective and coping abilities that come with age and maturity.

We’re sure that Temera and Adam, even as they grieve Alaina for themselves, are doing everything to help Aden cope with losing his cousin.

By all accounts, this was a close family, and it may take time for him to accept that she’s truly no longer with us.

In the mean time, it is up to us as a nation to determine whether mass shootings like the one that claimed Alaina’s life continue to be an almost daily occurrence.

We absolutely can, as other nations like Australia have done, simply decide that this nightmare will no longer be commonplace.


Mom Busted for Smuggling Booze Into Theater in Young Son’s Sippy Cup

Not every mother is going to be Mom of the Year, but this one isn't even especially good at being a bad mom.

A woman in Cobb County was arrested after getting drunk at a movie theater after sneaking in an alcoholic beverage … in her 5-year-old's sippy cup.

To make matters worse, her 5-year-old child was with her at the time.

Sippy cup mom 01

Kristina Gibson is now facing misdemeanor reckless conduct and public intoxication charges following an incident on a Friday afternoon.

According to an arrest warrant, "Gibson filled her 5-year-old son's sippy cup with a strong alcoholic beverage."

Judging by the fact that she got so very intoxicated, it almost sounds like she was drinking straight liquor, but that is just speculation.

The warrant continues: "and became intoxicated in the theater."

It is also believed that she may have taken a central nervous system depressant at the same time — which may have interacted with the alcohol.

Sippy cup mom 02

The Friday incident took place at the Merchants Walk Stadium Cinemas in Cobb County.

She allegedly used her son's sippy cup to smuggle in the alcoholic beverage, but there is thankfully no indication that her son had any of it.

The warrant accuses Gibson of becoming "unable to walk, talk, or care" for him.

Her son's cries then alerted moviegoers, who notified theater employees who then contacted police.

Thankfully, the staff at the theater prevented Gibson from entering her car to drive away with her son.

It sounds like that could have been catastrophic.

Sippy cup mom 03

When police arrived, an officer tried to zip Gibson's purse, presumably to prevent its contents from spilling.

This is when Gibson allegedly told the officer "I will (expletive) kill you."

Don't do that, folks.

Gibson was not immediately arrested, but was instead taken to the hospital by police, who were concerned about her level of intoxication.

Only after she arrived at the hospital and was no longer perceived to be a threat to anyone was the arrest warrant filed.

A family friend picked up her 5-year-old son from the theater.

Sippy cup mom 04

Gibson remained in the hospital for nearly a week before being released.

At that point, she was arrested and booked in Cobb County Jail.

She was released on bail for $ 1,000.

It is still unclear if she actually took the drugs described as prescription central nervous system depressants.

That sounds to us like a benzodiazepine — which, as we all know, can become dangerous when combined with alcohol.

That would explain how someone (especially someone who may be an experienced drinker) could become intoxicated on a sippy cup's worth of alcohol.

Sippy cup mom 05

As one fellow moviegoer put it: "We go to the movies to have a good time! But … that's not the way to do it."

The issue here is not with a woman finding a creative way to smuggle alcohol into a theater, but endangering her son and potentially other drivers in the process.

Though … we should point out that a sippy cup is a terrible way to smuggle in a drink. Like, flasks exist.

Even if this is one of those creepy theaters where they search people's bags, there had to be a way for her to indulge herself without involving her son.

It really sounds like this woman was not thinking straight.

Mom busted for smuggling booze into theater in young sons sippy

Jessa Duggar: Mom-Shamed For Endangering Her Son’s Life!

Sometimes it seems that not a week goes without Jessa Duggar getting mom-shamed.

Don’t get us wrong, there have been many cases in which the criticism was justified.

Take, for example, the time Jessa made her toddlers walk several miles for Chick-Fil-A.

On the other hand, there are instances like the one in which Jessa was slammed for living too close to a freeway and allegedly endangering her children’s lives as a result.

In that situation, we were inclined to side with Jessa.

We’ll leave it up to you to determine which category this latest controversy falls into.

Earlier this week, Jessa posted a video in which she gives her 1-year-old son Henry his very first haircut.

“Henry’s first haircut! Ha!” Jessa captioned the clip.

“So hard to keep a toddler sitting still for 15 min, but with daddy’s help, plenty of snacks, and a cartoon with brother, we managed to pull it off.

For the most part, the comments were positive, but a surprising number of fans were critical of Jessa’s technique.

“Always cut on top of your fingers, not below,” wrote one fan.

“You risk cutting yourself or your client (or child) if you go below. Your fingers should always be between the scissors and the scalp.”

“I’ve never seen somebody cut hair like that,” remarked another.

“I always cut from off the top of the fingers.”

A third commenter not-so-subtly suggested that Jessa might not be up to the task of cutting her kids’ hair:

“Sometimes it’s good to pay a professional,” the fan wrote.

“With proper training.”

Generally, the Duggars don’t respond to criticism from fans, but this situation must have really gotten under Jessa’s skin, because she promptly clapped back.

“I always cut on top of my finger unless they’re not wearing a cape,” she replied.

“With longer cuts on babies and toddler’s hair, I cut under my fingers instead so that I’m holding onto all the cut hair and can drop it straight into the trash.

“Way less mess,” Jessa added.

“And yes, I’m super careful.”

So is she prioritizing cleanliness over her child’s safety?

We suppose it’s no surprise that Jessa is taking this situation so personally.

From homeschooling to growing their own vegetables, the Duggars pride themselves on their DIY work ethic.

If Jessa is incapable of cutting her kids’ hair … what does that say about her ability to educate them?


Paul John Vasquez, Former Sons of Anarchy Actor, Dead at 48

Paul John Vasquez, a veteran actor likely best known to television fans for his role on Sons of Anarchy, died of a heart attack on Monday night, according to multiple news outlets.

He was 48 years old.

“This news has come as a surprise to us,” a representative for Vasquez People Magazine, adding somberly:

“Our hearts are heavy. He was a kind, creative and loving man. He will be missed.”

According to TMZ, Vasquez was at his father’s home in San Jose when he suffered the apparent heart attack.

He did found him unconscious and called the paramedics, but they were never able to revive him.

The cause of death has not yet been made official and remains, as of this writing, under investigation.


You very likely recognize Vasquez, even if you weren’t able to immediately place him upon seeing his face.

The actor enjoyed a number of small roles on a number of very populr TV shows, such as Sons of Anarchy, How I Met Your Mother, NYPD Blue and CSI: NY.

He appeared on the FX drama in 2011 for two episodes as the character of Angel Ganz and is actually the second Sons of Anarchy player to have been found dead in recent months.

Back in June, Alan O’Neil – who appeared at various times on the final two seasons of this series – was discovered dead by his girlfriend, although no foul play was suspected

The L.A. County Coroner’s Office spokeswoman previously said that O’Neill, who portrayed Hugh on the critically acclaimed program, died of sequelae of chronic ethanol (alcohol) overconsumption.

late soa star

Vasquez, meanwhile, was born and raised in San Jose, California.

After graduating college in 1988, he moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue acting as a full-time living.

Prior to his sudden passing, he set to star in the short Thug Alley, as well as Spody Gets His Gunz, two projects which he actually wrote.

The actor was also scheduled to appear in the action thriller Lone Wolf.

paul jen

Vasquez made his small screen debut the same year in the show Private Eye, contining from then on to establish himself as a character actor over the next few decades.

We send our condolences to his family members, friends and loved ones.

May Paul John Vasquez rest in peace.


Rob Delaney Pens Powerful Essay on Late Son’s Cancer Battle

Early this year, Rob Delaney’s young son tragically died. His 2-year-old son fought and lost a battle against a fatal brain tumor.

Now, eight months later, the still-grieving comedian has released the first excerpts of his book, which he had been writing when it looked like his son was going to make it.

This is heavy, powerful stuff, and very much worth reading.

On Medium, Rob Delaney shares pieces of the book that he has written about his late son.

“I may wish Henry wasn’t in the hospital and it may make me f–king sick that my kids haven’t lived under the same roof for over a year,” Delaney writes in one excerpt.

“But I’m always, always happy to enter the hospital every morning and see him,” Delaney says. “It’s exciting every day to walk into his room and see him and see him see me.”

“The surgery to remove his tumor left him with Bell’s palsy on the left side of his face, so it’s slack and droops,” he describes. “His left eye is turned inward too, due to nerve damage.”

“But the right side of his face is incredibly expressive, and that side brightens right up when I walk into the room,” he writes.

“There’s no doubt about what kind of mood he’s in, ever,” Denaley continues.

“It’s particularly precious when he’s angry because seeing the contrast between a toddler’s naked rage in one half of his face and an utterly placid chubby chipmunk cheek and wandering eye in the other,” Delaney explains.

He goes on to say that it “is shocking in a way that makes me and my wife and whatever combination of nurses and/or doctors are in the room laugh every time.”

“And when he smiles, forget about it,” Delaney beams. “A regular baby’s smile is wonderful enough.”

In contrast, he writes: “When a sick baby with partial facial paralysis smiles, it’s golden. Especially if it’s my baby.”

Delaney also speaks of the earliest signs of his son’s illness, which began normally enough — with Henry vomiting in 2016. Babies do that sometimes.

What made it worse was that he continued to do so.

“Henry was losing weight,” Delaney writes. “Every time he vomited I would freak out. I would feed him so gently, so slowly, and assume I’d done something wrong when he vomited.”

Delaney blamed himself over the medical mystery. “Why, if I’d been able to feed Henry’s ravenous, feral older brothers, couldn’t I feed him?”

“My baby was getting smaller,” Delaney writes. “And that is a f–ked up thing to see.”

“I would often start crying whenever he threw up,” Delaney admits. “I would try not to cry in front of his older brothers and fail.”

“And they’d ask why,” Delaney continues. “And I would say it was because I was scared.”

It was only after a friend suggesting seeing his child’s pediatrician that Henry, still a baby, was given an MRI.

The doctor already suspected that a mass might be forcing Henry to vomit uncontrollably, but did not say the word “tumor” until Rob Delaney said it first.

Henry ended up having drastic brain surgery — the one that resulted in his aforementioned lazy eye and partial facial paralysis. But it was not enough.

Delaney shares that he wrote about these experiences before his family got the worst news of their lives.

“The above was part of a book proposal I put together before Henry’s tumor came back and we learned that he would die,” Delaney explains.

Understandably, “I stopped writing when we saw the new, bad MRI.”

“My wife and his brothers and I just wanted to be with him around the clock and make sure his final months were happy,” Delaney writes. “And they were.”

He adds that he’s putting his writings out there for his intended audience — other parents of very sick children.


Britney Spears Explores Berlin with Sons During Kevin Federline Child Support Battle

Britney Spears doesn’t subscribe to the “More Money, More Problems” theory … or so it seems ‘cause she’s having a helluva time with her 2 sons in the midst of a child support battle with Kevin Federline. The singer and her 2 sons — Sean and…