Catherine Zeta-Jones: I’m Rich and Beautiful and I’M NOT SORRY!

What’s the first thing you think about when you think about Catherine Zeta-Jones?

Honestly, and there’s no shade intended with this, it’s 2018 so you probably don’t really think about Catherine Zeta-Jones much these days.

But if you do, you might think about how super, super gorgeous she’s always been, and how talented — remember Chicago?

Or you might think about her marriage to Michael Douglas, maybe about that one time he sort of suggested that he got cancer from oral sex.

But from this day forward, Catherine here might bring to mind some different kinds of thoughts.

Because she just did a new interview, and it is straight up bananas.

Her quotes here are so wild that Twitter is going crazy, which is wild in itself, because again, this is Catherine Zeta-Jones in 2018 we’re talking about here.

See, she’s never really been known for being too humble, but still, she went off on the subject in this interview.

“One thing,” she began, “I’m not humble any more. I’m sick of being humble. I really am.”

“‘So sorry I’m rich, so sorry I’m married to a movie star, so sorry I’m not so bad looking.’ No sorrys. Enough.”

Dang, Catherine, tell us how you really feel.

“All that is important to me now is my work,” she continued. “That’s what I love and the rest of my life is a joy because I’ve got two beautiful kids and a healthy, happy husband.”

“It’s all good, and I’m not going to be humble for that either.”

She explained that “I come from a working-class family in Wales and I worked to get where I am. And for many years all of us are victims of the fact that we’ve all got so humble.”

For example, she said “If you were a sports star and won an award you would go, ‘Sh-t yeah, that was the best work I’ve ever done, I rocked!'”

“Whereas actors are like, ‘Oh I’m so sorry and thanks, can I say thanks?'”

So that’s … well, that’s a lot to take in, right?

On one hand, good for her. She really did work to get where she is, and she’s allowed to be proud of that.

But on the other hand … come on now.

Being humble is not the same as being apologetic — nobody thinks she needs to apologize for being successful and pretty.

It would be weird if she was actually like she’s suggesting here, going around apologizing for the good things in her life, but again, that’s not the same thing as being humble.

And according to Twitter, she could really, really do with learning that lesson.

“Let’s all take a moment and hope for the best for Catherine Zeta-Jones,” one person wrote. “She’s struggling, but determined to not let her staggering wealth, beauty and success drag her into the abyss.”

A true inspiration, right?

On a more direct note, another person asked “Who gives a sh-t about Catherine Zeta Jones? She hasn’t been relevant for years?”

One Twitter user wrote “A few questions and statements: 1) when have actors had to ASK to say thank u? 2) your last BIG movie was Chicago in 2002. Girl, bye. 3) as Kendrick Lamar said, ‘sit down, be humble’ 4) slow your roll, God gives and takes away.”

Then, one particularly savage person simply asked “Who is Catherine Zeta-Jones?

While many people were ready to tear her apart for these remarks, a few applauded her — one of those people tweeted “When I grow up I want to be Catherine Zeta-Jones.”

Someone else pointed out that if a man had made those same remarks “no one would bad an eyelid,” but “because she has a pair of tits & is honest you all have an issue.”

That could be true, but really, even if she was a man, her statements would still be ridiculous.

Literally no one thinks she has to apologize for anything, and it’s strange that she thinks anyone might.

Maybe she could start out by looking of the definition of “humble” and going from there … because it seems like she could really benefit from that.


Eminem Panics Crowd with Gunshot Sound Effects, Isn’t Sorry

Last year, viewers slammed Eminem's performance. They called him a hack and a has been. Hey, everone's a critic, right?

Now, however, he's being criticized for something much more serious — for setting off gunshot noises at his concert.

The crowd visibly ducked in fear. And he's getting dragged for making thousands of people think that they were about to die in a hail of bullets.

The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, most often known as Bonnaroo, isa  four-day music festival that takes place each summer in Manchester, Tennessee.

If you live in Tennessee or any of the surrounding states, this is the festival that your friends who are willing to brave musicals attend each year.

Unfortunately, some concert-goers received a serious fright.

During his song, "Kill You," pyrotechnics produced a chillingly realistic gunshot noise.

So much so that, as you can see in the video that we included, the crowd was ducking in fear.

The video quickly circulated on Twitter, inciting outrage.

"Less than a year after Vegas and @Eminem thinks it’s a good idea to blast gun shot sfx onstage at a music festival? Bad call on this headliner @bonnaroo. What happened to Radiate Positivity?"

The Las Vegas shooting that claimed dozens of lives and wounded hundreds took place at the beginning of last October.

Many of the victims had attended a Jason Aldean concert.

For concert-goers to hear very realistic gunshot noises … it seems very natural for so many of them to instinctively fear for their lives.

That doesn't sound like a good time.

Eminem is no stranger to controversy.

His team responded that these were not actual "gunshot" noises, but pyrotechnic concussion effects featuring a sonic boom. That seems like splitting hairs, but whatever.

As always, his diehard fans were eager to jump to his defense.

One person took to Twitter to refer to a previous performance of "Kill You."

"You can hear the same sound at the end you idiots. Watch some Eminem performance before going to one."

That's a little harsh.

"So you grew up listening to Eminem but you didn’t expect gun shot sounds on his set."

Well, some would argue that it's a different experience when mass shootings are so common.

"The gunshot actually makes the performance 10 times better."

We'll take that person's word for it.

Some have argued that legislation should curtail this sort of element within a performance.

There would be legal precedent. A famous First Amendment exception to free speech is using that speech to do harm, such as shouting "fire" in a crowded theater.

Many would say that Eminem setting off such realistic sounding gunshots is the equivalent, and could provoke the crowd to trample each other in fear.

After all, actual mass shootings occur multiple times per week, thanks to the widespread and virtually unchecked availability of tools designed for killing.

Gunshots in music online or in other media (such as films) is different, as it comes with a visual context and is not usually consumed in massive, dense crowds of people who are standing shoulder-to-shoulder.

Are gunshot effects in concerts a threat to concert-goers?

Were Eminem's diehard defenders right to criticize fans for freaking out at the sounds of gunshots, since they were expected by many as part of the show?

Or were concert-goers right to react instinctively — better safe than sorry — and were critics right to condemn the use of the sounds?

Maybe the problem has nothing to do with the audience, the critics, or even Eminem.

Maybe living every single day with the knowledge that we could die in a hail of bullets while going to a theater or using mass transit or attending school or a house of worship is the culprit.

Perhaps fixing our nation's gun culture and gun epidemic will help to repair some of the other fractures and conflicts in our society.

And people won't have any reason to fear attending a concert.

Eminem panics crowd with gunshot noise effects at bonnaroo

Kendra Wilkinson: Sorry for Ruining Your Life, Hank Baskett!

Earlier this week, Kendra tweeted and deleted accusations about Hank. She said that he recorded their conversations, blamed her for ending his football career, and blamed him for his own affair.

Kendra clearly thought better of it, deleting those tweets and instead putting up a heartfelt apology.

And, surprisingly, she even admitted responsibility for one of those things that Hank blames her for.

In some (yet again deleted) tweets, Kendra poured out her regrets by apologizing to her ex.

“I want to apologize publicly to Hank.”

One would assume that it was simply because she aired their dirty laundry, but there’s a twist.

“I was the reason your football career ended.”

That is … kind of a huge admission.

“I regret doing that to u and i hope you learn to forgive me one day.”

Honestly, given that the vast majority of football players endure massive, chronic brain trauma and other physical stresses that doom them to an early grave, she may have done him a favor.

But she doesn’t point that out. There’s a time and a place.

“I loved u and was always your number one fan.”

Kendra’s tweets continued.

“I was 24 when i got married. Now I’m 33.”

That’s publicly available information, but it’s not always easy to admit that you’re anything older than 29.

“I made a lot of mistakes through those young years and im sorry for making u feel the way i did.”

Well, we all know that Kendra can get a little … intense

“All i ever wanted was family because i never had a solid one.”

Viewers of Kendra on Top are all too aware of what Kendra’s mom is like.

“But me being immature was the reason i couldn’t give u more.”

The day before, Kendra had aired the couple’s difficult communications.

“He’s blaming me for his football career ending. He’s blaming me for cheating on me while I was pregnant.”

Hank allegedly hooked up with a transgender model while Kendra was pregnant with their daughter, Alijah.

This was years ago, and it is difficult to imagine how Kendra could have magically forced him to get an extramarital handie.

“I tried so hard. I did everything by the book and loved and i get s–t on. I’m so sorry for u all to feel awkward [right] now.”

She explains, apologetically, to her followers that she had freaked out when Hank (allegedly) started recording their conversation.

“When i was being recorded i felt threatened.”

Kendra Wilkinson apology tweet

In a non-deleted tweet, which is seeming scarcer and scarcer these days, Kendra writes:

“[I] am done tweeting about hank out of respect for my kids.”

People don’t think about this enough (though it’s been mentioned during recent Southern Charm drama), but celebrity children will one day grow up and have unlimited internet access just like everyone else.

A parent having a sex tape or whatever is just garden variety embarrassing. Seeing their parents feud … that’s something else.

“Love will always win and he’s a great guy…”

That sounds vague, like she just wanted to say something nice about Hank.

“We will all be fine after this hurdle is over.”

To be clear, we don’t think that she’s saying that she and Hank will be back together.

“Fine” can take a lot of forms, and so can families.

Kendra Wilkinson dick tweet

Kendra, being Kendra, also tweeted something of a very different nature.

“I think i just need some dick.”

That’s not a surprising admission. Kendra has openly described herself as “one horny-ass motherf–ker.

She had joked (we think) about wearing out the batteries on her personal sex toys (most electronic sex toys come with chargers these days) to explain her need for the real thing.

Some people have very high sex drives and feel like they’re losing their minds when they’re not having sex. Just like how some people cannot handle missing lunch.

Let’s hope that Kendra, um, gets everything that she needs.


Garrett Yrigoyen Apologizes: I’m SUPER Sorry I Got Caught!

Not every suitor on The Bachelorette is a prince. Sometimes, as you know if you follow The Bachelorette Spoilers, creeps make their way onto the show.

Recently uncovered screencaps of Garrett Yrigoyen’s horrifying social media activity has a lot of the Bachelor Nation decrying him as a bigot.

Now, Garrett is issuing an apology. Is it good enough?

Garrett Yrigoyen had “liked” a series of images on Instagram. Among them were images mocking immigrants, mocking trans women, fat-shaming women, and promoting conspiracy theories about survivors of the Parkland shooting.

Now that he’s been caught, Garrett took to social media to post an apology.

“To those who I have hurt and offended: This is all new to me.”

That’s not an apology, but it could be the start of one.

“I went on the Bachelorette for the adventure and possibility of falling in love, not fame.”

That sounds an awful lot like he’s sorry that his activity was exposed, right?

“I did not know what to expect once the show aired.”

He does apologize, after a fashion.

“I am sorry to those who I offended and I also take full responsibly for my ‘likes’ on Instagram that were hurtful and offensive.”

While some would have appreciated phrasing that doesn’t appear to cast blame on those who were offended, he did say that he is sorry.

“garrett_yrigs12 was my former Instagram handle and I decided to take it down and start fresh.”

His new handle is gy_yrigoyen.

He says that he remade his Instagram, giving himself a social media blank slate, because:

“I have learned an extremely valuable lesson and am taking steps to grow, become more educated, and be a better version of myself.”

He then says that this has been a wake-up call.

“I am not perfect, and I will never be anywhere close, but now I will always be more informed and aware of what I am liking and supporting, not just on Instagram, but in life.”

Well, it’s good that he’s thinking about it, at least.

“I never realized the power behind a mindless tap on Instagram and how it bears so much weight on people’s lives.”

He again seems to be blaming the people impacted by his activity rather than himself, but perhaps this is simply how he writes. (We all have peculiarities in our writing styles)

“I did not mean any harm by any of it.”

He says that simply because he enjoys memes about unabashed cruelty towards entire demographics of people does not mean that he’s a bad person.

“My Instagram ‘likes’ were not a true reflection of me and my morals.”

Furthermore, it sounds like Garrett did not enjoy people referring to him as a bigot.

“I am not the negative labels people are associating me with.”

He claims that people who know him in person don’t see him that way.

“For those who do know me, I am a sincere, genuine, loving, light-hearted, open-minded, and non-judgemental individual.”

He prefers to describe himself as affable.

“I like to make new friends with anyone I meet and want everyone to find their happiness …”

He thinks that others should take his experience to heart when they are on social media.

“Let my mistakes be a lesson for those who mindlessly double tap images, memes, and videos on any social media content that could be many things including hurtful, degrading, and dehumanizing.”

Though she is noted for her left-leaning views, Becca Kufrin defended Garrett in the wake of his scandal.

“I want viewers to be open to everyone, and I want them to go through this season with me and watch my love story unfold with all of these men.”

Last season had a racist suitor. We suppose that it’s no surprise that this season seems to have an everything-ist.

“I did things in the past that I’m sure wasn’t the best thing, but I just want people to stay open-minded to everyone.”

Either Becca is just very nice (she is), or she’s going out of her way to back up Garrett.

“I can’t fault on anyone for what they believe and who’s to say that anyone is truly what they believe in if they just double tap.”

Doesn’t that depend upon what they believe? There’s a difference between having a stance on immigration and laughing at the idea of a brown-skinned child being tossed over a wall.

“I can’t speak to that because that’s just not me. I am a strong woman and I do believe in certain things, but again, that’s what’s so great about our country — everyone is entitled to their own opinions.”

Garrett’s story of his social media scandal being a wake-up call that led him to rethink things and become a better person is nothing short of incredible.

But some fans took the comments to suggest that it is literally incredible. As in in-credible, not credible.

The posts that he seemed to enjoy so much transcend political opinions and, as bloggers such as Reality Steve noted, cross the lines of what is considered basic human decency.

One of the worst posts that he “liked” labeled the survivors of the February 14 Parkland shooting as “crisis actors.” It has not even been four months. 

He would have had to have made a total personality turnaround in a very short time.

Has becoming famous and being held responsible for his abhorrent opinions made Garrett into a better human being overnight?

Or has he simply become embarrassed that he was exposed?


Drake: I’m Sorry I Kept My Son a Secret!

If you’ve spent any time on social media this week, then you’ve probably caught wind of the ongoing feud between Pusha T and Drake.

Things were a bit lopsided from the start, as the beef pitted a drug kingpin-turned-rap legend against a soap star-turned-Canadian crooner, but despite his clear advantage, King Push has not gone easy on Aubrey.

It all started when Push lobbed some light jabs at Drake on “Infrared,” the final track of his latest studio album, Daytona.

In response, Drizzy dropped one of the most baffling response disses in history (At one point, he admitted that his verses are largely penned by ghostwriters.), and we’re guessing he immediately regretted it.

Push swiftly clapped back with “The Story of Adidon” a blistering takedown that quickly earned a place alongside Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” and Jay Z’s “The Takeover” as one of the most scathing diss tracks in the history of hip-hop.

Line-by-line Push surgically dismantled his opponent’s career and public persona, attacking everything from his street cred to his character to his shocking use of blackface in an abandoned creative project.

But the lines that really caught the attention of hip-hop hop Twitter and the gossip blogs had to do with rumors that Drake has a secret son whom he refuses to acknowledge.

Allegations that Drake impregnated adult film actress Sophie Brussaux and pressured her into getting an abortion have been circulating for over a year.

But Push successfully changed the punctuation on that lingering question and made it a declarative statement.

Now, many believe the fact that Drake has been mum on the issue in the days since “Adidon” was released is basically a tacit confirmation that Drizzy’s a father.

However, those closest to Drake insist that while he may have gone to great lengths to keep baby Adonis hidden from the world, he is not — as Push claims — a deadbeat dad.

According to TMZ, insiders claim that Drake supported Sophie in the final weeks of her pregnancy and has continued to write her monthly checks ever since.

They offered no explanation as to why Drake doesn’t seem to have any interest in being a part of his son’s life.

Push was his usual blunt self in firing allegations of negligent parenting at Drake on “Adidon”:

“A baby’s involved, it’s deeper than rap. We talking character, let me keep with the facts,” he raps at one point.

“You are hiding a child let that boy come home. Deadbeat mother f–ker playing border patrol.”

It’s been nearly 48 hours since the track dropped, and while Drake has issued a statement about the blackface photo, he has not spoken a word about Adonis.

Obviously, there’s no clear way to score these things, but we think it’s safe to say that when you’re issuing statements instead recording response tracks, you have officially lost the battle.


Roseanne Barr Attacks Co-Star, Is So Not Sorry for Anything

In case it wasn’t obvious based on her Nazi costumes, racist insults and affection for Donald Trump, it ought to be obvious now:

Roseanne Barr is a terrible human being.

Because she said that former Barack Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett was what would happen if the “Muslim brotherhood [and] planet of the apes had a baby?”

Well, yes.

But also because Barr issued the phoniest apology of all-time shortly after writing this Tweet — and then issued an endless array of even phonier statements on social media early Wednesday morning.

In a barrage of Tweets that started out on the right note (“I just want to apologize to the hundreds of people,and wonderful writers and talented actors who lost their jobs on my show due to my stupid tweet.”), Barr ended up quoting a significant number of her defenders.

She went from acknowledging that ABC was right to cancel her sitcom…

… to saying ABC was a hypocrite for not punishing Joy Behar for referring to Christians as mentally ill.

Oh, and the comedian also claimed she wrote that “joke” about Jarrett because had been taking Ambien.

Now, Barr has continued her assault against anyone who thinks she’s racist by attacking someone with whom she worked closely on Roseanne.

After ABC announced it was pulling the plug on Season 11, Michael Fishman – who portrayed Barr’s son D.J. during the show’s original run and its 2018 reboot – Tweeted that he was “devastated” by the show getting canceled.

He also denounced his TV mom’s remarks via a lengthy and heartfelt message.

“Our cast, crew, writers, and production staff strived for inclusiveness, with numerous storylines designed to reflect inclusiveness,” Fishman wrote. “The words of one person do not exemplify the thinking of all involved.”

He continued:

I condemn these statements vehemently. They are reprehensible and intolerable, contradicting my beliefs and outlook on life and society. I have always lived and taught my children to be inclusive.

I believe our show strived to embrace different backgrounds and opinions, through open dialogue.

fisherman tweet

Roseanne read this thoughtful response to the situation and gave Fishman credit for having such a mature and well-reasoned take on the scandal

Just kidding.

She totally took him to task for it.

“I created the platform for that inclusivity and you know it. You throw me under the bus. nice!” replied Barr.

These are totally the words of someone who recognizes she made an inappropriate comment and is aware that she’s very much in the wrong here, huh?

roseanne attack

Elsewhere, Sara Gilbert, who played Roseanne’s daughter Darlene, also reacted on Twitter, saying that Barr’s comments were “abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show.”

She added: “I am disappointed with her actions to say the least.”

“Wow! unreal,” Roseanne wrote in response to this stance.

At one point today, Barr even said she “feels bad” for President Trump because he is on the receiving end of hatred everyday.

It’s almost like he and Roseanne deserve it.

Finally, Sanofi, the pharmaceutical company behind Ambien, has also spoken out.

It had something to say after Roseanne Tweeted the following:

“Guys I did something unforgiveable so do not defend me. It was 2 in the morning and I was ambien tweeting-it was memorial day too-i went 2 far & do not want it defended-it was egregious Indefensible.

“I made a mistake I wish I hadn’t but…don’t defend it please.”

Wrote the makers of the sleeping pill to which Roseanne is referring to here:

People of all races, religions and nationalities work at Sanofi every day to improve the lives of people around the world.

While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication.

ambien tweet

And so it has come to this: Roseanne Barr is so awful, she has turned a pharmaceutical company into the good guy.

That’s impressive work right there.


Katy Perry Actually Sends Peace Offering to Taylor Swift, Is “Deeply Sorry” for Feud

Swish, Swish Bish has turned into…

My Bad, Taylor!

In a move that took many music and celebrity gossip fans by surprise, Katy Perry penned an open Instagram Stories letter to long-time rival Taylor Swift on Tuesday, just hours before the latter kicked off her “Reputation” stadium tour.

Perry and Swift, of course, have been engaged in a passive aggressive rivalry for years.

Neither has spoken much about it directly, but each has seemingly referenced the other in songs and in various interviews.

The beef goes back about half a decade and was allegedly ignited due to Perry’s stealing of a couple Swift backup dancers for one of her own international tours.

“She did something so horrible. I was like, ‘Oh, we’re just straight-up enemies.’ And it wasn’t even about a guy!” Swift told Rolling Stone of the subject of the track “Bad Blood” in 2014, never actually saying Perry’s name.

Added Taylor in this revealing exchange:

“It had to do with business. She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under… So now I have to avoid her. It’s awkward, and I don’t like it.”

We’ve loved it, however.

The feud has been a blast to speculate over and cover.

But now it’s come to an end?

Evidently so.

“Hey Old Friend – I’ve been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and hurt feelings between us,” Perry wrote in a letter we can see parts of via a Swift Instagram video.

The letter is partially obscured, but it also appears to say Katy is “deeply sorry” and wants to “clear the air.”

Included along with the letter, which was actually mailed to Swift, is a literal olive branch.

Panning over the gift in her dressing room in response, Swift says on social media:

“I just got to my dressing room and found this actual olive branch. This means so much to me.”


This is quite the departure for Perry, who tried to use her negative back-and-forth with Swift to promote her last album.

About a year ago, Perry said Swift tried to “assassinate my character” and didn’t sound anywhere close to someone willing to issue a Mea Culpa.

But then Swift released ALL of her songs on streaming music the same day Perry’s album dropped and Katy perhaps realized she was in way over her head.

Her album sales tanked, Swift was viewed as the Queen of Passive Aggression and here we are now.

Granted, it’s also possible Perry just wants to make up with Swift for personal reasons, not because she feels she’s been bested by her foe in the music world.

“I am ready to let it go,” Perry told Thrive CEO Arianna Huffington last summer, adding:

“I forgive her and I’m sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same from her … I love her, and I want the best for her. And I think she’s a fantastic songwriter.”

So we guess the action Perry took on Tuesday has sort of been a long time coming.

Perry added last year that she thinks she and Swift could put their differences aside and be “representatives of strong women.”

“Maybe I don’t agree with everything she does and she doesn’t agree with everything I do, but I just really, truly want to come together in a place of love and forgiveness and understanding and compassion,” the singer said.

Fair enough.

We’re willing to believe Perry is being sincere and we’re now hoping to see these two take the stage peacefully together at some point.

That would be fun to see, wouldn’t it?

Heck, perhaps an album of duets?!?

Okay, maybe now we’re aiming too high.

But in a polarizing country, where it seems like no one can get along, it’s nice to see Perry and Swift setting an example for the rest of us to follow.


Shania Twain: I Would Have Voted For Donald Trump … Sorry!

Shania Twain has done worse than her Dancing With The Stars appearance. In a new interview, she stated that if she’d been able to vote in 2016, she would have voted for Trump.

Fans — in many cases, now ex-fans — were quick to take to Twitter to share that Shania’s words didn’t impress them much.

Shania, it seems, has no intention of becoming the next Roseanne Barr, and has issued an apology.

Speaking to The Guardian, Shania Twain said that Trump would have gotten her vote in 2016.

“I would have voted for him because, even though he was offensive, he seemed honest.”

She (thankfully) could not vote in the US election, because she is Canadian.

“Do you want straight or polite?”

Some would ask why anyone would ever want someone to be impolite, ever.

“Not that you shouldn’t be able to have both.”

If someone is being very direct and honest without being polite, then that person is just impolite by nature.

“If I were voting, I just don’t want bulls–t. I would have voted for a feeling that it was transparent.”

One wonders if she would want, say, a surgeon to come across as being as unpolished as she apparently likes politicians.

“And politics has a reputation of not being that, right?”

A person’s first thought might be: “Gee, but the Country Music crowd is totally onboard the Trump Train” or whatever. But that’s not entirely true.

Not everyone in rural areas or even every conservative is a Trump fan. Also, when it comes to singers like Shania Twain and Carrie Underwood, a lot of Country music fans are gay men.

Though, from the tweets that followed the article, Shania has lost a number of fans.

“Bye Shania.”

Short and to the point.

“More like Shania Twain’t.”

Very groanworthy.

“The same impeccable judge of character that she used to pick her best friend and her husband.”

Famously, Shania Twain was heartbroken when her husband left her for her best friend. She is not over it. That’s very understandable.

Another followed up a screencap of the article title with an image of Shania saying: “That don’t impress me much.”

Shania Twain response tweet gif

Then there’s this, marking the exodus of many of her former fans who will just never look at her the same way again.

The person in that video is saying “bye, b–ch.”

Some of Shania’s fans expressed bewilderment or even outrage at the idea that people would stop liking her because of her “opinion.”

When someone’s opinion identifies them with the viewpoints of someone who has done everything in his power to oppose human rights, at home and abroad, that “opinion” becomes dangerous.

It’s not like picking a favorite color. The color yellow may be ugly, but it never tried to ban Muslim refugees.

That is why Shania’s comments felt like such a betrayal to so many fans.

Shania noticed, of course, and issued an apology and clarification on Instagram.

“I would like to apologize to anybody I have offended in a recent interview with the Guardian relating to the American President.”

She says that her answer came from a lack of preparation.

“The question caught me off guard. As a Canadian, I regret answering this unexpected question without giving my response more context.”

Okay, we’re admittedly curious about what the context may have been.

“I am passionately against discrimination of any kind.”

That’s good … though also odd to hear from someone who would have voted for the man whose administration is rolling back historic LGBT+ protections.

“And hope it’s clear from the choices I have made, and the people I stand with, that I do not hold any common moral beliefs with the current President.”

Shania Twain Apology

So why, exactly, did she decide tos ay that she would have voted for Trump?

“I was trying to explain, in response to a question about the election, that my limited understanding was that the President talked to a portion of America like an accessible person they could relate to, as he was NOT a politician.”

Again, we’d ask if she’d want a surgeon who is super prepared to perform surgery, or a surgeon who is casual and every bit as incoherent as someone’s racist uncle.

“My answer was awkward, but certainly should not be taken as representative of my values nor does it mean I endorse him.”

So she’s not for Trump, but we suppose that she’s saying that his apparent authenticity would have tricked her into voting for him? Weird. And worrisome.

“I make music to bring people together. My path will always be one of inclusivity, as my history shows.”

At least she apologized.


Tristan Thompson to Khloe Kardashian: I’m Just… So, So Sorry!

Will she stay or will she go?

Now that Khloe Kardashian has given birth to her first child, this is sadly the main question being asked about her these days.

Forget the child’s name… or measurements… or eye color.

Folks simply want to know whether or not Kardashian will stick around Cleveland to raise her daughter or hop on the next plane back to Los Angeles.

As had been reported weeks ago, Khloe settled down in the city occasionally referred to as The Mistake by the Lake in order to co-parent her child with baby daddy Tristan Thompson.

But then multiple outlets reported this week that Thompson has made his own share of mistakes over the course of Khloe’s pregnancy, mainly by nailing anyone with boobs.

Indeed, the professional baller is accused of balling out big time with women NOT named Khloe.

By which we mean… placing his testicles all up on various side pieces in a number of sexual situations.

There’s surveillance video of Thompson making out with at least one female last October, along with different surveillance video of him entering a hotel room on April 1 with an Instagram model allegedly named Lani Brown. 

Tristan has not denied that these videos exist or that he stepped out numerous times on his long-time girlfriend.

There’s no real debate at this point about whether Thompson cheated on Khloe.

But what will she do about it?

That’s the most pressing subject up for Internet discussion these days.

Recent reports have claimed she wants to get the heck away from Thompson and go back home to California, a decision that Thompson has apparently not tried to dissuade her from making.

“Tristan is making no moves to try and prevent Khloe from leaving, and keeping their daughter in Cleveland,” a source tells Us Weekly, adding of the power forward:

“He is incredibly remorseful for everything that has happened and doesn’t want to cause Khloe any more pain.”

That’s fair.

But let’s be honest: How much more pain could he even cause her at this junction?!?

Adds the tabloid insider, who has not released his or her name:

“Tristan has been overcome with emotion, and everything changed when Khloe gave birth.

“He is hoping that Khloe will choose to stay in Cleveland with their daughter, but isn’t going to make any demands to do so.”

And why not?

“Khloe’s mom made it very clear to Tristan that it would be very unwise for him to make any moves to keep the baby in Cleveland,” the magazine hilariously writes.

We would pay a fair amount of money to learn what, if anything, Kris Jenner said to Thompson about this situation.

Thompson, meanwhile, is gearing up for the NBA Playoffs.

They start for the Cavaliers on Sunday, as the team will take on a feisty Indiana Pacers squad in what most basketball experts assume will be a relatively easy first round series for Cleveland.

But will Thompson’s multiple affairs serve as a distraction?

Will his misguided penis cause the team to miss the NBA Finals for the first time in four years?

It’s too early to say.

And, based on past experiences, it’s also too early for Khloe to know what she will do.

“Having been down this road before with Lamar [Odom], Khloe is so confused about what to do,” Us Weekly alleges, concluding:

“Kris wants her to [leave] Cleveland with the baby as soon as doctors will allow it and bring her back to Los Angeles.”

By this time next week, we’ll likely know what Khloe has chosen to do.

Got any advice for her?

What, pray tell, would YOU do in this situation?!?


Arie Luyendyk: Sorry for Acting Like a Jerk… Again!

Arie Luyendyk Jr. is getting really good at this apology thing.

The unpopular Bachelor star has been issuing mea culpas for weeks, it seems, ever since he shattered Becca Kufrin’s heart on national television to wrap up the latest season of this ABC reality show.

This time around, however, Arie did not blindside his fiancee with a break-up speech in front of network cameras.

Instead, he teamed up with his second fiancee to pull a lame, unoriginal and, according to some, offensive prank on Twitter followers this past Sunday.

In honor of April Fool’s Day, Arie and Lauren Burnham set out to play a joke on their shrinking number of fans.

Luyendyk shared a photo of someone’s baby bump, implied it belonged to Lauren and Tweeted:

“Secrets finally out, we have a bunny in the oven! @laurenburnham91.”

Take a look below at the picture that accompanied this caption:

bunny in oven

Just over an hour after uploading this image, Arie copped to the ploy, simply writing “APRIL FOOLS” and likely thinking he was the funniest person on the planet.

But many people out there disagreed.

Because infertility is sadly a common problem in America, a handful of critics on the Internet did not think this was a topic to base a joke around.

There are millions of women who would give absolutely anything to actually have a bun in their oven…and here is Arie, just having a grand ole time at their expense.

So the argument by quite a few social media users went, with one person referring to Lauren and Arie as “disgusting” and others adding:

hating on Arie

“You really are a douche canoe if this is an April fools [sic]!!” wrote another displeased commenter.

(Editor’s Note: Based on the way Arie treated Becca, many would say he’s a douche canoe regardless of this prank. But we digress.)

After initially blowing off the backlash, Luyendyk later jumped back on Twitter yesterday and recognized that he messed up, writing:

I do have sympathy for women struggling from infertility. My April Fools prank was in no way meant to offend women who struggle with that.

I apologize if you were effected personally by my post.

arie apology

That’s probably enough now, right?

We understand why this is a very personal and sensitive issue for folks out there, but we don’t doubt Arie and Lauren meant no harm by their joke.

They’ve hopefully learned some kind of lesson and should probably err on the side of being as sensitive as possible in general, considering how they’re viewed by most Bachelor viewers after the finale.

Maybe take a social media hiatus, guys.

There’s little good that can be done by you making your presence felt strongly in the public sphere these days.

We could all use a cooling off period from these two, no matter what you think of their pregnancy prank, couldn’t we?