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Kevin Spacey Pulled Over for Speeding … On Way Home from Court


Kevin Spacey couldn’t make it home from his alleged sexual assault hearing Monday without catching more heat from the law — he got pulled over in Washington, D.C.

Spacey was behind the wheel after leaving Reagan National Airport when cops lit him up for speeding. In the video, you see officers talking to him — the whole license and registration routine. BTW, the guy riding shotgun with him is his attorney. 

The photog asks officers if they gave Spacey a ticket, but the police were mum. Instead, they chastise the guy for pulling over on the road to record the moment on camera.

Law enforcement sources tell us Spacey got off without a ticket. The officer let him go with a verbal warning.

Considering his bigger legal woes at the moment, we’re guessing he was grateful to be let off easy. We’re guessing Spacey had just landed at the airport after flying in from Massachusetts, where he appeared in court this morning.

Kevin Spacey Present, Your Honor … In Court for Sexual Assault Case

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Kevin Spacey‘s facing the judge in his sexual assault case — despite trying to duck the court appearance — and we’re live streaming inside the Massachusetts courthouse.

The disgraced actor’s arriving Monday morning and he’s already said he’ll plead not guilty to the sexual assault charge for a 2016 Nantucket bar encounter with a then 18-year-old. As we reported … Spacey allegedly groped the man’s genitals.

His legal team requested he be allowed to skip the hearing, arguing it would “amplify the negative publicity already generated in connection with the case.” The judge shot him down, though, and ordered Spacey to get his ass to court to enter his plea in person.

The proceeding’s expected to begin around 8 AM PT. 

As for the charge … Spacey’s lawyers tried sinking it last month with a strange train of logic, claiming that no sexual assault victim would allow themselves to be groped for 3 minutes

Meanwhile, Spacey seemingly addressed all the allegations against him in a bizarre video in which he was in character as Frank Underwood from “House of Cards.”

Kevin Spacey Will Plead Not Guilty Wants to Skip Sexual Assault Arraignment


Kevin Spacey has just declared what his lawyers made clear days ago … that he will plead not guilty in his sexual assault case, but he wants to do it without appearing in court.

Spacey’s lawyers filed legal docs Monday, which include a declaration from the actor, saying he does not want to appear at his arraignment for allegedly groping an 18-year-old male in a Nantucket, Massachusetts bar.

Spacey says his presence would “amplify the negative publicity already generated in connection with the case.”

He also says he lives out of state … presumably suggesting it’s a long way to appear in court and enter a plea.

Spacey’s lawyer adds his presence would heighten the “prejudicial media interest” in the case and contaminate the jury pool.

The judge has yet to rule on Spacey’s request. 

Kevin Spacey Tries the Domino(s) Effect with Pap … Ahead of Arraignment

Kevin Spacey tried making peace with paparazzi who’ve been hounding him ahead of his criminal arraignment next week by breaking bread with them … or crust, more like.

The disgraced actor was seen delivering a Domino’s pizza he’d apparently bought to a photog in Baltimore Sunday, where he’s been hiding out as he waits for his court hearing in Massachusetts next week. 

In the clip, you hear Spacey tell the pap he appreciates what he’s doing … and goes on to wish him a happy new year and tells him to stay warm. Another camera guy follows him back to his car and asks if he’ll be appearing in court himself, but Spacey’s mum.

As we reported … Spacey re-emerged over the weekend in the East Coast, but seems to be lying low and covering up as much as he can. He’s been criminally charged for allegedly groping an 18-year-old’s genitals in a Nantucket bar a couple years back.

On Christmas Eve, Spacey released a bizarre video of himself doing a monologue as Frank Underwood from ‘House of Cards,’ which appeared to be an attempt to address the multiple allegations of sexual assault against him. 

That clip didn’t sit well with a lot of people …  and this pizza gesture probably won’t either.

Sheryl Underwood to Kevin Spacey Let Me Be Frank … Stop Ruining Our Good Name!!!


Kevin Spacey getting into character to address his real-life sexual assault allegations was a bad move, both in culpability and name-smearing … so says a fellow Underwood.

We got Sheryl Underwood of “The Talk” Sunday at LAX, and asked what she made of Spacey’s bizarre Christmas video, in which he delivered a monologue as Frank Underwood from “House of Cards,” and suggested he was owed due process before a rush to judgment.

Considering the seriousness of the subject, Sheryl’s got a pretty humorous take on the whole thing … telling us Spacey has ruined the Underwood name for herself and other real Underwoods in Hollywood. She says this weird video of his definitely didn’t help the cause.

As we reported, Spacey has been criminally charged in Massachusetts for allegedly groping an 18-year-old’s privates in 2016 while at a bar in Nantucket. Spacey’s lawyers tried to sink the charge by claiming no sexual assault victim would allow themselves to be groped for 3 minutes … which is what they say the alleged victim told investigators much later. 

His legal team failed in their bid to get the charge dismissed.

Spacey’s set to be arraigned in court next week. He’s resurfaced in the East Coast, and is clearly trying to lay low ahead of his hearing. 

As for Sheryl … she says regardless of how things turn out for him in a court of law, she’ll never be able to watch another movie of his the same way again. Ditto on that.

Kevin Spacey Emerges from Hiding … Amid Sexual Assault Charges

Kevin Spacey has resurfaced after nearly a year of living outside the public eye … as various sexual assault allegations continue to dog him.

The actor was hanging on a balcony with his dog, somewhere on the East Coast.

Spacey was spotted for the first time on Friday … shrouded in a face cover as he jumped in a waiting SUV. 

Spacey’s re-emergence doesn’t seem uncoincidental to events this week, in which Massachusetts prosecutors filed sexual assault charges against the actor for allegedly forcing himself on an 18-year-old at the Club Car bar in Nantucket.

Spacey has been charged with a felony which carries a maximum 5-year prison sentence. His lawyers went to court trying unsuccessfully to fight the filing of the charge, calling an investigator on the case to the witness stand, who conceded the alleged victim never told Spacey to stop.

The investigator also said the video the young man sent to his girlfriend during the incident did not show groping in the genital area.

There are other allegations against Spacey, who was fired from his “House of Cards” gig after the various stories of sexual misconduct surfaced.

As you know, Spacey made a bizarre video around Xmas time defending himself … in the character of President Frank Underwood.

Lady Gaga Super Spacey … Opens Las Vegas Residency

Lady Gaga fired up her new ‘ENIGMA’ residency at Park Theater at Park MGM Friday night in Vegas … and she did not disappoint.

Gaga performed a bunch of her hits — Poker Face, The Edge of Glory, Applause, Paparazzi, Beautiful Dirty Rich, Dance In the Dark, Aura, Shallow and Schei.  

She has a new alter ego — a glittery metallic alien.  Gaga soared over the stage in a silver jumpsuit, rode a robot with massive tentacles and sat in a giant egg that was hanging from the ceiling.

Gaga sampled a bunch of space outfits, including a black leotard with a lime green ruffle coat, a black bodysuit with silver foil and large shoulder pads, and a silver jumpsuit with matching boots.

More than 5,000 folks jammed into the venue for the show, including Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom and Adam Lambert.

The show will go through November of next year … obviously there are breaks in between. 

Kevin Spacey Lawyers Claim Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Allowed Groping for 3 Minutes

Kevin Spacey‘s lawyers tried to torpedo the sexual assault charge he now faces by trying to convince a judge … a sexual assault victim does not let his assailant grope him for 3 minutes. 

Spacey’s lawyers went to court last week … trying to get an order blocking prosecutors from filing charges … on grounds of insufficient evidence.

According to the transcript — obtained by the Boston Globe — Spacey’s lawyers argued the man — who was 18 at the time — did not report the incident to authorities the night it happened or even the next day. The lawyers say he wasn’t interviewed in person for more than a year.

The alleged victim is the son of former Boston news anchor Heather Unruh, who publicly came forward last year, accusing Spacey of groping her son at the Club Car bar on Nantucket.

Spacey’s lawyers say the alleged victim told cops he was the one who approached Spacey in the bar, eventually exchanging phone numbers with the actor. They also claim he lied about his age, saying he was 23.

The lawyers disclosed Unruh told cops he drank between 8 and 10 drinks — beer and whiskey — in a little over an hour and was so drunk he may have blacked out.

The lawyers’ big point– Unruh allegedly told investigators Spacey groped him for around 3 minutes, claiming he didn’t move away from Spacey or tell him to stop. Attorney Alan Jackson told the judge, “That’s an incredibly long time to have a strange man’s hands in your pants, correct?”

The alleged victim told cops he couldn’t easily move away because the bar was packed.  

The alleged victim sent his girlfriend a Snapchat video during the encounter, but Spacey’s attorney says all it shows is someone’s hand touching another person’s shirt … but no groping.”

The lawyers failed in their bid and Spacey was charged with felony indecent assault and battery.

Spacey released a bizarre video a few days ago, playing the role of his former character on “House of Cards,” President Frank Underwood, urging people not to prejudge the case. 

Kevin Spacey Facing Criminal Charge … For Alleged Sexual Assault Of Teenage Boy

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Kevin Spacey is facing a felony charge for allegedly sexually assaulting a teenage boy in Massachusetts back in 2016, according to multiple reports. 

The alleged incident reportedly happened at a Nantucket bar in July ’16, and authorities told the Boston Globe that Spacey is due to be arraigned Jan. 7 at Nantucket District Court on a charge of indecent assault and battery.

The alleged victim’s attorney, Mitchell Garabedian, tells TMZ … “The complainant has shown a tremendous amount of courage in coming forward. Let the facts be presented, the relevant law applied and a just and fair verdict rendered.”

The alleged victim’s mother, Boston TV news anchor Heather Unruh, described the alleged incident in an emotional news conference in Nov. 2017 … publicly accusing Spacey of sexually assaulting her son. Unruh claims Spacey got her 18-year-old son drunk at a bar, stuck his hand inside her son’s pants and grabbed his genitals. After the alleged incident, the Unruh family filed a police report. 

Spacey has previously been accused of trying to molest a 14-year-old actor, and Spacey is currently under investigation in Los Angeles in another sexual assault case.