Jordin Sparks: Pregnant! And Married!

Give Jordin Sparks credit:

She doesn’t make celebrity gossip headlines very often.

But when she does, the former American Idol champion sure makes major ones!

In this case, Sparks has actually made a pair of major headlines:

  1. She’s married!
  2. She’s pregnant!

Heck, we didn’t even know she was seeing anyone.

According to People Magazine, however, Sparks got married to Dana Isaiah in mid-July after having met the 25-year old a just few months earlier.

In pursuit of a modeling career, Isaiah moved to Los Angeles earlier this year and was placed in touch with Sparks by his mother after she was introduced to the singer during Super Bowl week in Houston.

The pair quickly bonded over their close families and strong Christian faith.

They talked and texted often, but didn’t actually meet until Easter Weekend.

“A couple days after we had actually met, I was like in my head ‘That’s going to be my husband! That’s my husband right there,’” Sparks tells People, adding:

“When I’m with him, I feel comfort and safety and calm and peace, and those aren’t things that I normally felt.

“So it was a little wake-up call for me.”

True to their faith, Sparks and Isaiah did not live together until they were Husband and Wife.

On July 16, the couple eloped while on vacation in Hawaii.

Only a small group of friends was present for the ceremony.

“It just more solidifies the whole team sentiment of a relationship,” says Sparks.

“You know you’re still individuals, but at the same time everything is about ‘we’ and ‘us’ as opposed to ‘you’ and ‘I.’”

Sparks, one of the more famous virgins in America, then received the shock of a lifetime in late August when she discovered she was pregnant.

The development came just a year or so after she swore off dating entirely following a few public romances and break-ups, most notably from Jason Derulo.

“I’d gone through a crazy time last year, so I was just like ‘You know what? I’m good. I’m going to stay single. I’m just not going to look,’” explains Sparks.

“It’s amazing that that phrase ‘When you don’t look for it, that’s when it comes’ … he just showed up at my door.”

Concludes the thankful star:

“I’m extremely grateful because life is nuts.

“This is the best part so far because I have [Dana] and I have this little one and I have a new family.

“I’m the most content I’ve ever been in my life.”


Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnancy Photo Leaks, Sparks New Rumors

Back in August, Joy-Anna Duggar announced that she’s pregnant with her first child.

Though it’s certainly not uncommon for Duggar women to get married very young and very soon after tying the knot, fans reacted to the news with a mix of shock and confusion.

For one thing, Joy-Anna was just 19 when she revealed her baby bump for the first time.

On top of that, she announced she was three months along after just three months of marriage.

The official Duggar narrative holds that Joy-Anna got pregnant on one of the first nights of her honeymoon.

However, many who follow the family closely (some might say obsessively) believe that version of events is just a bit too convenient.

They suspect Joy-Anna’s was a shotgun wedding, and that the family moved up her wedding date in hopes of concealing the fact that she’d gotten pregnant out of wedlock.

A new leaked photo of Joy-Anna (above), taken during her 20th birthday party last week, has fanned the flames of speculation.

For one thing, it’s somewhat suspicious that Joy-Anna hasn’t been sharing any photos herself.

(In fact, she hasn’t posted any pregnancy photos in over a month).

On top of that, many who have viewed the photo believe Joy-Anna is considerably further along than the five months she claims, including gynecologist and podcast host Dr. Sean Henry.

“She looks around 24 weeks pregnant,” Dr. Henry tells Radar Online.

Henry’s timeline would have Joy getting pregnant about one month earlier than she claims, which would also, of course, mean that she got pregnant roughly one month before her wedding.

Interestingly, Joy-Anna and Austin rescheduled their nuptials, moving the date from October up to May.

Joy and Austin say they just couldn’t wait to say “I do.”

However, many fans are convinced that the move was a response to the revelation that Joy and Austin had broken the “rules of courtship,” resulting in a premarital pregnancy.

Whatever the case, you can be certain that the Duggars would never confess to an out-of-wedlock conception–but you can be just as sure that fans will never stop digging for the truth.

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Derick Dillard Leads Boycott of Target, Sparks Yet Another Controversy

Well, it looks like Derick Dillard has chosen a side in the long-standing Target vs. Wal-Mart debate.

Of course, his allegiance has nothing to do with the price of cargo shorts and everything to do with Derick’s new found desire to be the Duggar clan’s resident rabble-rouser.

If you follow Derick on social media, then you’re probably aware that Jill Duggar’s husband has developed a taste for expressing controversial views as of late.

It started with Derick’s attack on Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen and fellow TLC reality star, whom Dillard accused of espousing a “non-reality,” arguing that “gender is ordained by God.”

Dillard was widely criticized for his comments, but he also received a good deal of support from Twitter’s evangelical community.

Like all reality stars, Derick thrives on attention, be it good or bad, so it should come as no surprise that the controversy over his Jennigs remarks prompted the father of two to continue tweeting about incendiary political issues.

In recent weeks, Derick has claimed there’s no racism in America, revealed his support for President Trump, and taken publicly taken the far-right stance on a number of issues.

While his opinions may not come as much of a surprise, it’s somewhat surprising that he’s continued to express them publicly.

The Duggars’ are usually content to leave their social views an open secret, but Derick is a self-styled political figure–and, it should be noted, a former Wal-Mart employee–who has now set his sights on the nation’s second-largest retail chain.

Yes, Derick has entered the debate over transgender men and women using public restrooms, and not the utter shock of absolutely no one, he’s taking the ignorant view on the matter.

Earlier this week, Derick tweeted a link to an article urging consumers to boycott Target over the corporation’s policy on restrooms.

“Important article for Christians who are concerned for the future of America,” Derick wrote.

The article–entitled “Target: A web of deception for women and children?”–is an ugly transphobic screed that villainizes transgender women as rapists in disguise.

“Men don’t belong in women’s restrooms and changing areas,” the author argues at one point.

Not surprisingly, the reaction against Derick’s bigotry has been swift and harsh:

“Men also don’t belong in bed with their little sisters,” wrote one follower.

“Yet you support a ‘president’ who is a legit rapist. Seems he’s more of a threat in the bathroom than any true trans out there,” commented another.

Rather than engage with those who disagree with him, Derick responded the way he always does in the face of pushback–he quoted some Bible verses and basically told his critics that they’re headed straight to hell:

“There is one objective truth that no man can change, regardless of how one feels about it; one day everyone will have to come to terms w/ it,” Derick tweeted.

It’s long been rumored that Derick has aspirations to run for office and his trip to D.C. for the Value Voters Summit this week has been interpreted by many as Dillard’s way of confirming that he has sights set on Washington.

We hate to break it to the guy, but he may need to sharpen his debate skills.

Even in 2017, shouting Bible quotes at your opponents doesn’t count as a cogent argument.

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Lindsay Lohan Stuns Fans, Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors With “New Face”

Lindsay Lohan has gone through a number of changes over the years.

We’ve seen her transform from a Disney child star to a tabloid trainwreck to a Angelina Jolie aspirant who might also be a spy for the Turkish government.

While her latest metamorphosis might not be as bizarre as that last one (Seriously, how is there not more talk about her possible espionage?), it’s still throwing fans for a loop:

That’s LiLo at a Madrid Fashion Week last night, and as you can see, she looks a little … different.

Lindsay’s face has changed almost as much as her persona over the years, but never this quickly in this short a period of time.

Naturally the plastic surgery rumors are have been flying fast and furious on social media in the hours since these pics went public.

Lohan’s fans are hoping she’s just the victim of some botched temporary filler work, while her detractors …

… Well, her detractors are having a bit of a field day.

“OMG like wtf. what is wrong with lilo’s face??” one fan tweeted.

“I am literally on my knees praying for lindsay to not let another needle near her face,” remarked another.

The consensus seems to be that Lindsay went under the needle, not the knife, and thus, her face should eventually return to normal.

Evan so, the social roasting has been particularly brutal:

“OK question for lindsay. are you making that face on purpose or is that eyebrow the result of bad botox?” wrote one Instagram follower.

“omg that brow tho. maybe it’s just me but I think 31 is a little too young for all these fillers,” commented another.

Not surprisingly, the actress (if we can still call her that) has yet to respond to the rumors about her transformation.

This isn’t the first time rumors about Lohan getting plastic surgery have circulated online, but we’ve never been confronted with such clear visual evidence.

Here’s hoping Lindsay will cool it on the fillers going foward.’

That Mean Girls sequel is never gonna happen if Cady’s face is frozen in a permanent expression of horror.

(It’s never gonna happen anyway, but we like to offer LiLo some encouragement from time to time.)


Ariel Winter Poses With Gun, Sparks Major Outrage!

If you follow Ariel Winter on Instagram, then you’re probably very familiar with the sort of content she usually posts.

Typically, it’s a lot of photos of Ariel in bikinis or various stages of undress.

But occasionally, Ms. Winter wades into political waters.

Winter supported Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, and she generally leans to the left on social issues.

But when it comes to the contentious issue of gun control, it seems Ariel has adopted more of a libertatian view.

Winter posted a photo of herself at a gun range earlier this week, and because it’s 2017 and politics are tangentially involved, the internet lost it’s ever-loving mind.

Ariel’s black-and-white firearm photo has racked up nearly 1,000 comments, representing the full range of the gun control debate spectrum.

In addition to the usual concern trolling, there were many who applauded Ariel’s implicit endorsement of the right to bear arms.

But critics of Ariel popped out of the woodwork from both the far-left and the far-right, because we’re living in the most confusing timeline.

“Prepping for the zombie apocalypse, obviously,” Ariel captioned the above pic.

On Twitter, she was more to the point, tweeting:

“When you pass your firearm safety test and get your certificate.”

So Ariel did the right thing and obtained her safety certificate (which didn’t stop the self-proclaimed gun safety experts of Instagram for slamming her for posing in an unsafe fashion).

We guess it’s a good thing, because her IG page is now officially a war zone.

“A woman not afraid to defend herself is a beautiful thing. Glad you see the importance in our 2nd amendment right,” wrote one follower.

“Congratulations, Ariel! Good work…you’re taking a big risk with this in anti-freedom Hollywood; hoping you’ll inspire others!” commented another.

For the most part pro-gun conservatives applauded Ariel, but some were angry with Ariel for her alleged hypocrisy, even though, as far as we know, she’s never explicitly expressed any anti-gun views.

“She was big Hillary supporter. Funny she shoots guns.” commented one critic.

“Look it’s a liberal snowflake flexing her 2nd amendment rights! Funny how it’s ok for her though! Hypocrites,” wrote another.

The debate is sure to rage on, but hey … for once Instagram commenters aren’t obsessing over Ariel’s boobs.

If that was her strategy, she’s a full-blown social media genius.