Ex-Boston Anchor Speaks Kevin Spacey Alleged Sexual Assault on Family Member (LIVE STREAM)

A former Boston TV news anchor is moments away from holding a news conference to share details alleging Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted an 18-year-old family member … and TMZ will be streaming live. Heather Unruh – who will be flanked by…


Jinger Duggar’s Friend Speaks Out: Is She “Breaking Away” From Her Family?

Yesterday, we reported that Jinger Duggar had used secular music lyrics in an Instagram post celebrating her upcoming one-year wedding anniversary.

Like all of Jinger’s small acts of defiance, it may not seem like much to those who are unfamiliar with her family’s strict code of conduct.

But for those who are familiar with the many rules the Duggar children are forced to follow, Jinger is a regular freedom fighter.

Jinger wears pants, listens to music that isn’t about Jesus, and she even left her hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas to relocate to Laredo, Texas with husband Jeremy Vuolo.

Next thing you know, she’ll be holding down a job!

The situation is enough to make fans wonder if Jinger’s relationship with her parents has become strained over the course of the last year.

While she engaged in minor acts of disobedience as a child, it was only after she married Vuolo that Jinger really started to cut ties with her Jim Bob and Michelle’s belief system.

Some fans have expressed hopes (or fears) that Jinger will eventually “break away” from the Duggars’ restrictive lifestyle, but a longtime family friend says that’s unlikely to happen.

In a recent Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) session, an unidentified friend of the Duggars’ answered fan questions about the family’s secret life.

And fans had a lot of inquiries about Jinger and her apparently complicated relationship with her parents:

“I think Jim Bob has feelings about Jinger’s marriage. I think he feels that Jeremy wasn’t 100% upfront about his values that may differ from Jim Bob’s,” the family friend said at one point.

“But they also feel adamantly that once the girl’s are married they are under the guidance of their husband’s, so they wouldn’t intervene.”

The insider says that while Jinger’s independent streak is not always well-received around the Duggar compound, there’s no real concern that her abandon her family’s core beliefs:

“Obviously everyone knows about Jinger wearing pants and such. There are little things they do once leaving the home that they are restricted from when they are younger (tv, movies, music) but no one has ‘broken away’ completely,” said the source.

However, one major beef that Jim Bob might have with his daughter’s marriage is the lack of children it’s produced thus far:

“Jim Bob is OBSESSED with how many grandchildren they will end up with. He used to be all about how many children he and Michelle would have and seemed very fixated and making it to 20,” said the insider.

“Now that they are past that point, he has turned that fixation to grandchildren. It’s like his life’s mission to have 100.

One commenter noted that JB “must hate Jinger and Jeremy right now,” but the insider didn’t reply.

Of course, the source admitted that she doesn’t know everything.

Asked point-blank about the rumors that Jinger is using birth control, she replied simply, “I have no idea, sorry!”

Some things even rebellious Jinger keeps to herself.

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Peyton Manning: Sexual Assault Accuser Speaks Out

Back in 1996, when NFL legend Peyton Manning was just a 19-year-old phenom at the University of Tennessee, he was involved in a sexual assault scandal that could have ended his career before it got off the ground.

The alleged incident occurred while Manning was being examined by UT athletic trainer Jaime Naughright.

At the time, Manning maintained that he never made physical contact with Naughright, and simply pulled his pants down in order to "moon" a nearby teammate.

Speaking with Inside Edition today, Naughright says the former Colts and Broncos quarterback was lying:

“I felt something on my face and Peyton had pulled his shorts down and sat his anus and his testicles on my face,”  she said in her first TV interview, airing Monday.

“So I pushed him up and out. He turned around, pulled his shorts back up.”

Naughright added:

“I was repulsed. I was scared. I was intimidated. … It was definitely a predator — intimidating, anger, violent eyes that he had.”

The Inside Edition segment also features footage from a deposition in which a young Manning offers his version of events.

“I briefly pulled down my pants to so-called ‘moon’ him,” Manning said.

“One second, one-and-a-half seconds. Pulled my pants back up and continued with Jamie’s examination of the bottom of my foot.”

Naughright settled with the university for $ 300,000 in 1998.

She says she felt compelled to speak out in the wake of sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein and other influential men.

Peyton manning sexual assault accuser speaks out

Lionel Richie Speaks Out About Sofia Richie Dating Scott Disick: I’m Scared to Death!

Envision this for a moment:

Your teenage daughter is dating a man nearly twice her own age. That man is infamous for his love of partying, his destructive addiction to booze, and his compulsion to chase every pretty young thing he sees.

Lionel Richie doesn’t have to imagine that nightmare scenario — because he’s living it. Sofia Richie and Scott Disick are dating.

And he’s speaking out about exactly how he feels about the relationship.

Remember those old Gossip Girl ads that used their negative reviews as a selling point?

They included lines like “every parent’s nightmare,” coupled with steamy photos from the show’s first episodes.

That was a great ad campaign.

But unlike the contents of that epic series, Lionel Richie is actually experiencing a parent’s nightmare.

We first reported that Sofia Richie and Scott Disick appeared to be dating a while back, but the couple only made it official very recently, with some cuddly photos on social media and some wildly unsubtle PDA out in public.

Sofia Richie is 19.

Scott Disick is 34.

Scott is also a notorious womanizer, and his friends are reportedly worried that his binge drinking and alcoholism might kill him.

If nothing else, Scott Disick’s liver disease is evidence enough that he has a problem.

But a diagnosis is rarely enough to truly prevent someone with self-sabotaging tendencies from spiraling into further self-destructive behavior.

Sofia Richie deserves an age-appropriate, stable romantic interest. We don’t think that Scott Disick fits the bill.

And, apparently, neither does her father.

Remember how Lionel Richie (as we told you ages ago) and Katy Perry are going to be judges on the new American Idol, along with the only recently announced Luke Bryan?

Us Weekly caught up with the music legend at the New York City American Idol auditions, where Lionel Richie revealed his thoughts on Sofia Richie’s new relationship.

“Have I been in shock?! I’m the dad, come on.”

We’ll take that as a “yes.”

And don’t worry — he provided more context.

When Us asked Lionel if he was happy for them, he did not answer in the affirmative.

“I’m scared to death, are you kidding me?”

That’s … not mincing words.

One could look at this as problematic.

As yet another example of a father acting as if he owns his daughter or her sexuality. You know, like those gross “rules for dating my daughter” types who want their daughters to stay virgins forever but who applaud their sons for enjoying their lives and making their own sexual decisions.

If you’ll recall, Sofia was once romantically entangled with another notorious bad boy often associated with Kourtney Kardashian:

Justin Bieber.

Bieber is only a few years older than Sofia. Though some of Bieber’s behavior is out there, even at his worst, the Biebs has never been able to really hold a candle to Scott Disick’s bad behavior over this past summer.

So while Lionel Richie wasn’t saying anything along the lines of “go on, Sofia, and get that Justin Bieber dick while the getting’s still good,” which is what some of us might have said, he refused to condemn the relationship when asked.

Mostly, he just seemed uncomfortable to be asked about his daughter’s love life and would clearly have preferred to just go home in peace with whatever kind of citrus beverage he had in his hand.

We think that it’s very telling that Lionel had no such restraint when asked about Sofia and Scott.

To his credit, Lionel Richie doesn’t seem to be trying to assert some sort of paternal ownership over Sofia to end this.

She’s an adult and can make her own choices.

(Even though Scott Disick’s appeal seems to have expired rather sharply over the past six months or so)

But, as someone who loves Sofia, of course Lionel is scared.

His daughter could get her heart broken when Scott moves on to the next hot young thang who crosses his path.

Or, worse, if Scott’s behavior catches up with him and he suffers a health crisis … Sofia doesn’t need to go through that.


Anthony Weiner: The 15-Year-Old Girl He Sexted Speaks Out!

Anthony Weiner is gross. That is not new information.

Last year, it came out that his latest sexts had been directed at a minor — a 15-year-old girl. That was next-level disgusting.

Well, in the video that you'll see below, that 15-year-old girl is showing her face to the public for the first time. And this story is a little complicated, because it seems like she wanted this to happen.

Anthony weiner 2013 museum of tolerance

Reputable members of the psychiatric community might not consider "Sex Addiction" to be a real thing, but it's clear that Anthony Weiner has some issues.

Some would say that he has impulse-control issues, and they wouldn't be wrong.

But others point the blame at a famous man abusing his position and his fame and the patience of his wife simply because he can.

That's not a psychiatric ailment, that's just being a creepy douchebag.

Whatever the reason, Anthony Weiner went from being a dick to his wife by sharing his dick with other women to being irredeemable scum.

Because Anthony Weiner started sexting with a minor. Just because it was over the phone doesn't make it okay.

Oh, and he tainted the 2016 election in the process, as if the decades of anti-Hillary rhetoric and the year being cursed to its core needed any help plunging the US into years of madness.

Anthony weiner is sweating

Now, before we get into this girl — whom we will leave unnamed, because she's 15 — we need to make something clear:

Even if she was fishing for sexting messages from Anthony Weiner, that in no way excuses him.

(Legally, there are entrapment laws when law enforcement is involved — though even then, if someone's willing to go along with a fake plan to blow up a bridge, should those people really be running around free?)

You probably remember a brief note about how the minor whom Anthony Weiner had been sexting had been deliberately baiting him.

It's a difficult topic to address, because there are so many angles.

Anthony weiner smirks

She's a minor, and we never want to blast a minor for doing awful stuff, because they're

And, indisputably, Anthony Weiner was the villain here.

In terms of this girl's intentions, though, it looks like her desire to expose a sexual predator wasn't to get that fiend off of the streets.

Even in the short Inside Edition preview video below, the girl name-drops Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton's aide, Huma Abedin is a political staffer and an extraordinarily accomplished woman.

She is also Anthony Weiner's long-suffering wife.

(She was, anyway — Huma Abedin finally filed for divorce)

It sounds like the reason that this girl targeted Anthony Weiner, of all of the compulsive pervs out there, was to sabotage Hillary Clinton's campaign.

You might think "but the husband of her aide … he had nothing to do with her campaign."

But you'd be forgetting that 2016 was a very strange time and a very contentious election where facts didn't seem to matter, but inflammatory associations did.

Anthony weiner enters court

From this video, we don't know that this girl is specifically a Trump supporter.

When she started messaging Anthony Weiner, the GOP still had an array of hopeful candidates. Maybe this girl thought that she was helping Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz win the Presidency.

(That's still not a good thing, but … yeah)

We have to wonder if she'll comment on how it feels that, by getting Anthony Weiner busted for sexting her, she got a man who famously bragged about sexual assault elected to the White House. Trump is also notorious for walking into beauty pageant changing rooms simply because he owns them.

Anyway, she's still 15. We look forward to finding out what she thinks about all of this when she's 20 or 25. You can gain a lot of wisdom before adulthood.

Though, again, Anthony Weiner is a creep and that lack of wisdom that 15-year-olds have is exactly why you're not allowed to send them pictures of your dick.

Anthony weiner the 15 year old girl he sexted speaks out

Peter Kraus Speaks Out After Arie Luyendyk Jr is Named the Next Bachelor!

The next Bachelor has been revealed. While so many of us scramble to understand why Arie Luyendyk Jr. was chosen, others express their frustration that producers overlooked the man they saw as the perfect candidate.

Weeks ago, they were hinting that Peter Kraus might not be the next Bachelor, and we told you about it but we still didn’t want to listen. Nobody did.

Without directly addressing the choice of Luyendyk, Peter Kraus penned a moving essay about his experience on The Bachelorette and his biggest takeaway. But, come on — it’s his response to not being the Bachelor.

You know, when the folks behind The Bachelor said that their next pick for leading man would “shock” fans, we weren’t sure what to think.

But they were kind of right.

Like, if a restaurant asked you what you wanted and you just said “surprise me” (never do this, even at a restaurant that allows it; don’t be a tool), and the waiter came back with a tray full of slices of lemon and nothing else, you’d be surprised.

Maybe even shocked.

But not because it’s outlandish or delightful. Just because it’s totally unexpected.

Maybe Arie Luyendyk Jr. will prove to be an amazing leading man. He was on the eighth season of The Bachelorette. and he’s handsome and all that.

But a large portion of the Bachelor Nation is mourning what they’d hoped to see — Peter Kraus getting his own season.

Peter took to Instagram to share a lengthy post … at right about the time that the news broke.

instead of sharing those amazing abs of his, Peter instead wanted fans and followers to concentrate on his words:

“#tbt to the most incredible journey of this life time that has now officially come to an end today.”

Maybe … maybe he could still star on The Bachelor, some day. There’s always next year, right?

“As I sit here writing this, I struggle to hold back the tears as I am overcome with emotion one last time.”

We’ve all seen him cry, so that sounds real.

“First and foremost.. Rachel, there are so very many things that I’ve wished I could say to you since the day we parted ways in Spain, but for everyone’s sake, I’ll keep it short…”

This should be good. …

“You gave me a chance and all that I can say is thank you. I have a heart filled with love for you now and always and wish you nothing but the best in your life and love ahead.”


Peter also addresses ABC (and, by extension, producers, etc).

“ABC, you saw something in me, but something held me back. You treated me with such love and kindness and showed me glimpses of a life I never once dreamed that I could have.”

That’s very gracious.

“I will be forever humbled and grateful and will always look back at these last 6 months with an ear to ear smile, knowing that this has truly been a very special life indeed.”

“Upon leaving the @bacheloretteabc I was asked, ‘what did you learn about yourself during this process?’ And at the time I naively said ‘nothing that I can think of.’ Now… looking back… I realize I learned one of the single greatest teachings of my life.”

That’s a hard thing to try to answer on the fly.

But here’s his big takeaway:

“When you let uncertainty or fear guide your decisions, you risk missing out on what could potentially be the greatest opportunity of a life time.”

He’s talking about his reluctance to propose to Rachel Lindsay right away, because he takes engagements and love very seriously.

That got him penalized by Rachel and clearly by the showrunners.

His parting words are moving and many would say that they’re good advice in general:

“So live dangerously, live without the fear of the unknown, and continue to live and love with a heart that is truly open to anything. #thankyou #lovealways”

At this point, we hope that this shared wisdom will set Peter up to be the next next Bachelor.

Really, we could have avoided this heartbreak if Rachel Lindsay had seen what fans saw in the first place.


Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: Corinne Olympios Speaks!

For some reason, the drama in Bachelor in Paradise this season is all over the place. Just when you think it’s all calmed down, it all kicks off again. 

While that’s usually a good thing, Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Episode 6 was a disaster. 

When the episode got underway, Matt had decided Paradise was not for him and peaced out from the place like it was a hot potato. 

While one of them was out the door, there was a new man drafted in to give a rose to a lady in need.  If you watch Bachelor in Paradise online, you will know that Lacey has been talking about Canadian Daniel all season long. 

As soon as he walked in, she was all over him like a rash and saying the craziest things to him. 

“I’ve been waiting for you!”

Daniel was not impressed about being left with Lacy, noting he’s been “left with the scraps of Paradise.” Like, where did they even get this dude from?

He’s disrespected one of the women, and he’s been on the show all of two minutes. And, if you thought Lacey was done with him after his little outburst, she was not. 

She must feel so dumb watching all of this back, but maybe she could fill in some of the blanks because we know the producers condense a lot of the content to create a narrative. 

The only saving grace for Daniel was that he handed Lacey over the rose at the ceremony, so he’s not all bad. Maybe he does see a future with her. 

Matt then made a return at the last second to hand over the rose to Jasmine. It was a cute gesture, but it was completely lost on her. 

“Go back to your little town in Connecticut. Enjoy your life. You’ll probably regret it. You’re dead to me,” she yelled in her confessional. 

Derek gave his rose to Taylor, Robby gave his to Amanda and Adam gave his to Raven. 

Dean then handed his rose over to Kristina after revealing he was more attracted to Danielle. Did his guilt take over? You’re meant to be finding love in Paradise, not keeping friends around. 

If Dean thought Danielle was out of the picture, he was so wrong because Ben handed over the rose to her, which meant the end of Sarah and Alexis. 

Things quickly got weird with Kristina daring Dean to get an inaudible thing, but we’re going to assume she said “boner.”

“Okay, give me a [CENSORED],” Dean replied. Kristina said she would be taking no part in it and he would need to do it all himself. 

“You’re not going to touch it at all?” And then he says, “Give me a second. Give me another 20 seconds.”

What the hell?

Meanwhile, the Tickle Monster made his grand entrance, and all of the women seemed high on him. 

Christen wasted no time in getting it on with the Tickle Monster. 

“I think it takes a lot of confidence to let your job title be Tickle Monster when you’re actually a doctor,” she says. 

While Christen and Tickle went on a date, Dean was back at the resort with Danielle on his mind. 

“I know if and when I pass on Kristina to move on to Danielle, Danielle will never be as into me as Kristina is at this point,” he revealed. 

Like, who even says that? He is a first class D-Bag, and we hope all the women reject him now. 

Eventually, he did cut Kristina off but essentially said they could end up back together. 

“He and I stayed the night last night, and you can assume what happened,” Kristina wails to Robby as they watch Dean get up close and personal with Danielle. 

Then, it was time for Corinne to open up about what really happened to her in Paradise. 

Olympios explained that she was on medication that did not react well with the alcohol and that was the reason she blacked out. 

She said that when she woke up, she did not remember anything, and was confused by production being shut down. 

She then stressed that she had no hard feelings to Demario and that he was a victim in all of the drama. 

Corinne called the whole thing annoying and noted that she could not even go tot he grocery store without her name appearing on magazines and people judging her. 

Yep, she still blames the media!

What do you all think about this?

Sound off below!