Taylor Swift: Fans Rave at Her Speech for Pride Month!

June is LGBT+ Pride Month, and Taylor Swift knows exactly how to acknowledge her fans.

Her Reputation Tour came to Chicago over the weekend.

As you'll see in the video below, Taylor walked out on stage and delivered a heartfelt speech.

She addressed her fans who have come out of the proverbial closet. She also addressed those who are not yet "out" and have to hide their authentic selves from at least some of the people in their lives.

Taylor reminded her cheering audience that, as worthy of celebration as the many strides towards equal rights the LGBT+ community has made, there is still a long way to go.

She's absolutely right. When people come out, it's often lauded as a "brave choice." Being yourself should not require any bravery, but it does for millions of people.

As you'll see, Taylor's fans gave major heart eyes to this thoughtful speech. Take a look:

1. Here’s the speech itself

Taylor swift celebrates lgbt pride month on her reputation tour
You can hear the audience cheering!

2. Taylor’s fans were overcome with emotion

Taylor swift pride 2018 01
This is a big deal, especially as the LGBT+ continues its fight for equal rights and for acceptance.

3. Tweets echoed Taylor’s words

Taylor swift pride 2018 02
Taylor’s speech didn’t include nearly as many rainbow emojis as the tweets about it did. One day, we’ll have that technology.

4. Some tweets were very thoughtful

Taylor swift pride 2018 03
Others were less coherent, and that’s okay.

5. This person expressed their joy very well

Taylor swift pride 2018 04
Sometimes, it takes multiple tweets

6. Fans were really touched by it

Taylor swift pride 2018 05
A lot of Taylor’s fans are young, but even older fans like to be acknowledged

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