Shannon Beador: INSANE Spending Exposed in Divorce Documents!

The Beador divorce is still ongoing, and Shannon and David had a hearing this week over David paying spousal support.

David wants to pay less, but the judge said that the court needs to review their financial information.

Here’s a look at what the two of them are allegedly making — and the eye-popping expenses that they both have every month.

RadarOnline has the details that might give fans a better understanding of why Shannon and David are squabbling in court over money.

To hear David tell it, he’s scraping by on a middle class income while Shannon is living like a queen while making three times as much..

Apparently David claims that he makes $ 20,000 a month.

That amounts to a six-figure salary, but it’s not pocket change.

David claims that Shannon is raking in $ 65,000 per month.

Shannon tells a very different story, and she may have the paperwork to prove it.

Shannon says that David makes about $ 108,168 per month.

(So, from what she claims, he makes more in three months than he says that he makes in a year)

Shannon’s 2017 tax returns show that she made $ 423,206 for the whole year.

That points to a monthly income of about half of what he suggests.

Shannon’s monthly expenses allegedly amount to $ 30,235, and here’s the breakdown:

$ 10,191 go to what she refers to as “film preparation.”

$ 12,000 go to rent. Yes, per month. She’s rich and she’s renting a house.

$ 1,625 on eating out (which, especially if she’s eating at nice places and leaving even a minimally decent tip, looks totally reasonable)

$ 5,000 goes to “entertainment,” which … is a lot of money in a very broad and vague category.

$ 2,250 is then spent each month on clothing.

David’s monthly expenses are apparently only $ 12,250.

$ 7,500 goes to rent. Again, these are rich people paying rich people prices for rich people homes.

$ 2,000 then go to groceries and household supplies. That doesn’t really sound unreasonable.

$ 1,000 on eating out on top of those groceries is a bit more, but sure.

$ 1,000 go to entertainment, gifts, and vacation combined.

These budgets sound like they’re self-described, so let’s take everything involved with a grain of salt.

The reason that all of this is coming up is because Shannon and David are fighting in court again.

David wants to amend the $ 22,500 per month that he is currently paying in support.

Specifically, he wants to tweak — or do away with entirely — the $ 10,500 that he is paying in spousal support.

(Nobody seems to be fighting directly over the rest, which is child support for their three daughters)

The result of David’s attempt to change the arrangement ws a three hour hearing, which apparently got on Shannon’s last nerve.

She was spotted holding back tears afterwards and heard telling him: “You are such a nickel and dimer! It’s disgusting!”

This sort of itemization of a person’s life is pretty common during a divorce if there’s any kind of support payment involved.

People explain their budget, and hand it off to a judge to evaluate.

Generally speaking, the “breadwinner” is going to present themselves as the sort of person who doesn’t spend much and keeps to a tighter budget.

The person who relies upon spousal support is more likely to list as many expenses as possible to show that they need the money.

It’s not that people lie, necessarily, just that they stretch the truth as far as it will go in the most convenient direction.

The court figures out the rest.


John David Duggar: Angry at Jim Bob Over Greed & Reckless Spending (Exclusive)

John David Duggar keeps a fairly low profile compared to his more famous siblings.

Unlike so many of his brothers and sisters – including his twin, Jana Duggar – John David seems relatively uninterested in the reality TV spotlight.

The presumption amongst fans has always been that the 28-year-old simply has other ventures to pursue.

John David is a pilot; he does construction and maintenance work on properties owned by his father, and he volunteers with his local police and fire departments.

Without question, the man has a very busy schedule.

But it seems that’s not the only reason that he takes a dim view of his parents’ unquenchable thirst for fame.

According to a former employee of the Duggars’ who spoke to The Hollywood Gossip exclusively, John David has emerged as his family’s moral compass in recent years.

Which means that when John David is distancing himself from his parents, fans who are drawn to the Duggars by their wholesome values should pay close attention.

“When John David doesn’t want to be a part of it, then you know that it ain’t right,” says the insider.

“John David is a good guy, and he’s in a good spot. He gets to do what he wants to do.”

And apparently, he wants to do these days is keep a safe distance between himself and some of his father’s worldly impulses.

“There’s things that Jim Bob does that John doesn’t think are right,” our source tells us.

“Some of his real estate transactions, some of the equipment that he buys – a lot of this stuff, Jim Bob doesn’t really need, but he thinks he does.”

In the past, we’ve reported on allegations that Jim Bob is a “high-class hoarder” who’s reckless with his finances.

Now, it seems John David has taken issue with his father’s profligate ways, not only because they conflict with the Duggars’ Christian values, but also because Jim Bob’s constant consumption is threatening to bury the family in debt.

“He’ll go to an auction and he’ll come home with a bucket truck that he got for $ 4,000, then he’ll realize that it needs $ 8,000 worth of stuff to fix it,” says our source.

“And John, he gets kind of tired of that. There’s a lot of stuff that Jim Bob does that John doesn’t agree with, but now that John’s up and in the world, that’s his right.

And it seems the conflict between father and son goes beyond financial matters and into the Freudian realm, as Jim Bob sees John David as a threat to his familial dominance.

“[John David] is old enough now that he can pick and choose what he wants to do, and that just kills Jim Bob, because he doesn’t have that ultimate control,” the source tells us.

“He’s losing his control factor. He’s got control over the little ones while they’re there, but he realizes that soon they’ll be big and gone, and he’ll lose that.”

Concluding on a note of levity, our source jokes:

“And then he’ll have to deal with Michelle on a full-time basis!”


Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard: Slammed For Lavish Spending, Rude Behavior

Another day, another Duggar controversy.

This one involves the family’s least popular couple (with the possible exception of Josh and Anna), Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard.

Derick has been fired by TLC for making transphobic comments, but the move hasn’t affected the Dillards’ public profile … or their spending habits.

Despite the fact that Jill and Derick have been asking for money from fans and appear to be living on handouts these days, the couple continues to live as they did when they were the stars of a successful television series.

The Counting On cash was divided many different ways, so the Dillards weren’t fabulously wealthy, even at the height of the show’s success.

But now, as they attempt to feed two children while relying on nothing but charitable donations, it seems Jill and Derick have made no changes in their personal finances.

For example, over the weekend, Jill was a member of a friend’s wedding party.

Like the other bridesmaids, she wore gold shoes, and many fans were quick to point out that the proponent of “modest attire” likely spent a pretty penny on the fancy footwear.

The above photo was posted on Derick’s Instagram page, and like everything the former reality star does these days, it attracted a good deal of criticism:

“I’m sorry but if my husband ever bullied any child i dont think i could stand by him,” wrote one fan.

“My husband is an Officer and a Military Man he works his ASS off for his family !!! Stop being beggars and people won’t give a damn what type of shoes u wear,” commented another.

Obviously, criticizing Jill for expensive-looking shoes (that may have not actually been expensive) is a bit nit-picky, but we suppose when your money comes from fans, fans are allowed to talk trash.

And gilded heels aren’t the only questionable decision the Dillards have made in recent weeks.

Sources say Jill and Derick were spotted at the Silver Dollar City amusement park earlier this month, where they acted the part of spoiled, entitled celebrities.

Onlookers claim Derick cut lines, was rude to staff, and even rammed a stroller with his children in it into a crowd of people were standing in his way.

Not very godly behavior from a man who’s currently working to become a minister.

But don’t worry–something tells us life after reality TV will mighty humbling to Derick.

Watch Counting On online for more from the controversial Dillard clan.


Johnny Depp: Spending Thousands on Kardashian Collectibles?!

As you may have heard, Johnny Depp has some money problems.

In fact, some have gone so far as to claim that Johnny Depp is broke.

It’s important to clarify that we’re talking “Hollywood broke” here, and not “regular person broke.”

Depp still owns a chain of private islands, and – fun fact for your next dinner party – the average American welfare recipient doesn’t own even one private island. 

So even though he’s squandered all that sweet Pirates treasure, there are no mayonnaise sandwiches in Johnny’s future.

Still, the question of how in the hell he managaed to blow all that cash continues to captivate fans, and the answer is satisfyingly bonkers.

Court documents filed by Depp’s former management team, TMG, reveal that Johnny’s spending habits are as eccentric as … well, everything else about him.

Depp is suing TMG for allegedly mishandling his funds and allowing him to blow all his cash.

The group is countersuing, claiming Depp did it to himself and is now on a quest to permanently damage their reputation.

TMG says Depp spends an average of $ 2 million a month, including a jaw-dropping $ 30,000 a month on wine.

Depp tried to claim that the ultra-top shelf vino is an investment, but TMG lawyers hilariously pointed out that you can’t call it an investment if you drink it right away.

Of course, Depp’s ridiculous spending isn’t limited to high-end housewife juice.

The actor also blows a ton of cash on properties he rarely visits, antique cars he rarely drives, and bizarre collectibles … including a couch that’s housed some of the world’s most famous asses.

Yes, according to the latest round of filings from TMG, Depp once spent $ 7,000 on a couch that eas prominently featured on several episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

We would love to report that Depp is a closet Kard clan fan, but it doesn’t seem that that’s the case.

The couch was a gift for his daughter, who apparently is obsessed with the first family of reality TV.

We’re sure the Kardashians were glad to hear it, especially since Kim says she was “obsessed” with Depp when she was in her teens.

The Depp-Kardashian connection brings to mind those moments when you see, like, Jerry Seinfeld chatting up 2 Chainz and Snooki courstide at a Lakers game.

If you’re rich and famous, you really don’t need to have anything else in common.