Megyn Kelly: I’ll Spill All the Tea on NBC, Unless…

Megyn Kelly is off the air.

But she is not yet out of the building.

Not yet, at least. Not officially, that is.

The embattled reported is no longer appearing on NBC, as we’re sure most of our readers know quite well by now.

She has been relieved of her duties as host of Megyn Kelly Today after anchoring a segment about controversial Halloween costumes…

… which somehow devolved into Kelly wondering why blackface is considered racist.

Despite a written apology and an on-air apology the day after this segment aired, Kelly was essentially fired by NBC not long after her initial comments went public and severe backlash quickly followed.

However, while Kelly has no job to attend to this morning, she is still technically a network employee.

The star and her legal team continue to negotiate a buyout, with many sources indicating that Kelly will be paid about $ 38 million to walk away. This is the approximate amount remaining on her contract.

Now, though, TMZ cites another obstacle on the path to the full dissolution of this partnership.

Insiders tell the website that NBC wants Kelly to sign a confidentiality agreement.

This is standard operating procedure for this sort of situation — and executives are especially afraid of what Kelly might tell the world after she parts ways because she was unafraid to air NBC’s dirty laundry even while working for the company.

Remember: Kelly interviewed one of Matt Lauer’s alleged sexual assault victims last year.

She has also admitted that she knows about all of Lauer’s skeletons, which likely means she also has dirt of some higher-ups who may have covered up for these skeletons over the years.

It makes sense for NBC to try and make sure Kelly cannot spill such damaging tea to the world after she signs a new deal with Fox News or whomever.

Kelly’s lawyer, meanwhile, says his client is happy to sign this sort of nondisclosure agreement.

For an additional $ 10 million.

It’s also worth noting that Kelly wrote a book, “Settle for More,” in which she targeted Fox News Channel; and she has been very critical of that cable network since her departure in 2016.

It’s certainly not beneath her to attempt to damage NBC after she settles her employment with the organization.

The Today Show, for its part, is trying to move on.

On Monday, Al Roker, Hoda Kotb and Craig Melvin greeted viewers during Kelly’s former timeslot, with Kotb opening the hour by saying:

Today, as you know, we are starting a new chapter in the third hour of our show as it evolves.

We want you to know that the entire TODAY family will continue to bring you informative and important stories, just as we always have.

That’s great and all.

But why do we have a feeling that the book on Megyn Kelly and NBC has not yet totally closed?


Josiah Duggar & Lauren Swanson Spill ALL Their Wedding Details

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson shocked the world to close out June.

After getting engaged in January, and then announcing a summer wedding date, and then pushing back that wedding date by six months…

… the reality stars went ahead and got married on Saturday at John Brown University Cathedral of the Ozarks in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

The vows-exchange came as a surprise to even the most ardent Duggar Family, considering Duggar and Swanson had not said very much in public of late about their plans to wed.

Could that be because Swanson is pregnant and this was a shotgun marriage?!?

Perhaps, but that's obviously not a topic the newlyweds touched on in their first joint interview since becoming husband and wife.

“What a joy it is to be husband and wife,” the 18-year old and 21-year old told People Magazine very soon after getting married, adding:

“Our wedding day was absolutely perfect!”

Now, in the video above, Lauren and Josiah talk in even more detail about their big and blessed day.

“From walking down the aisle, to looking in his eyes and saying the vows was probably one of my favorite moments,” Lauren says in the above.

This video was filmed so shortly after the wedding that Lauren was still in her gown and Josiah was still in his tuxedo.

“What we’re looking forward to…is really spending time with each other as a couple, and really slowing down,” Josiah says in this same footage, adding:

“For me, I made a priority years ago, for my first year of marriage especially, to just slow down on as much work stuff as I can and really focus on our relationship with each other.”

Sounds like a life lesson everyone could and should heed.

Lauren wore a white cap sleeved bridal gown for the ceremony, which was actually officiated by her father.

Heart-shaped strawberry shortcake was served to the guests; while, the night before the wedding, the couple’s families had a "summer-style indoor cookout rehearsal dinner with burgers, hot dogs and sides on the menu," accoriding to People.

In the TLC-sponsored video featured here, Josiah teases that the “journey" to his and Lauren’s wedding day will be a major focus of the upcoming new season of Counting On.

This new season premieres on July 30.

Check out the romantic interview above now!

Josiah duggar and lauren swanson spill all their wedding details

Pilot Jones to Spill MORE Blac Chyna Secrets?

Pilot Jones is a former Glee star, but recently he’s made headlines for locking lips with Blac Chyna — and getting serious threats from Rob Kardashian, who of course is now in an out-of-control feud with Blac Chyna, because that’s healthy.

After all of that, as well as some vile verbal abuse from both Rob and Chyna over Pilot’s alleged sexuality, it looks like Pilot might get the chance for a little revenge.

And it sounds like he’s going to spill a lot of the former couple’s secrets.

According to a report by RadarOnline, Pilot Jones is signed to film for The A-List Miami, a reality series by the same folks who brought us The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Shahs of Sunset.

Per their source, Pilot’s role on the show will “give great detail and insight into Pilot’s relationship with Chyna.”

Too vague for you? Try this, from the same insider:

“Including her relationship with Rob Kardashian, partying, lavish gifts, vacations, business ventures and more.”

Now, at the very least, this would mean Pilot confirming that Blac Chyna has expensive taste.

And it sounds like it might even confirm Rob Kardashian to be every bit the “sucker” that Snoop Dogg said that he was.

(Honestly, it sounds like Rob was the only one who didn’t understand what this relationship was about from the get-go … but he’s still managed to make himself the bad guy)

And Pilot Jones has every reason to want to spill the beans on Rob and Chyna, and not just because it can help keep the spotlight on him. …

One of Rob and Chyna’s first big fights was about Pilot Jones, if you’ll recall.

Pilot was at some parties with Blac Chyna, and since the two appeared to have made out at least once, it led people to wonder if Pilot Jones might be Dream’s father.

Now, we know that Dream’s father is, for better or for worse, Rob Kardashian. 

This led Blac Chyna to call Pilot Jones “gay” and insist that she wouldn’t have slept with him.

Rob Kardashian took that a step further and issued slurs and what may have been death threats.

That’s no real surprise at this point, since Rob Kardashian clearly has little to no control over what he posts on social media.

(We never thought that we’d miss the days when Rob was basically hibernating in social isolation)

A source tells RadarOnline that Pilot is bisexual, but until he comes out and uses that label himself, we can’t know for sure his sexuality or what label he prefers.

So let’s not expect his next photoshoot to include a speedo the colors of the bi flag.

Though it does seem likely that Pilot Jones’ sexuality will come up when he’s filming The A-List Miami.

Whether or not he made out with Chyna at a party has little to do with sexuality.

Everybody makes out with everybody at parties, you know?

Pilot’s alleged bisexuality isn’t really relevant, according to that same source.

“But it has nothing to do with the fact of what happened between him and Chyna. They had sex.”

Pilot is actually already a father, though we don’t know whether that will make it onto this show or if he’ll keep his kids out of it.

“He already has two amazing sons, but that isn’t even the issue! Blac Chyna can’t deny what happened between them, and she certainly shouldn’t be threatening him.”

Incidentally, no charges were ever filed against Rob for his alleged threats against Pilot.

Even the rumor of Pilot talking about Rob and Chyna is bound to drive up ratings.

In fact, even if no one watches the show who wouldn’t have been tuning in already, this kind of news is great publicity for the show.

You gotta raise awareness if you want to draw in viewers.

But let’s be honest — we imagine that Pilot Jones is going to want to promote his brand, not affix it to a relationship that has miserably failed.

We don’t doubt that Rob and Chyna will come up at some point, but it’s probably mostly just a hook to lure viewers and possibly string them along until he topic comes up briefly.

Maybe it’ll work.