Justin Bieber Is Filled With The Holy (Fighting) Spirit, Shadow Boxes After Church

Here’s the thing, Justin Bieber could probably kick your ass. We know it’s tough to come to terms with, but if you don’t believe us just check out this video of the Biebs throwing punches after church. You know he looks fast. Admit it. Before you…


Amy and Matt Roloff: In the Christmas Spirit!

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff may no longer be married.

But the Little People, Big World stars still have a lot in common.

Take a couple of their latest social media posts, for example.

With Christmas coming up fast, both Amy and Matt are in the holiday spirit these days.

More than ever before, in fact, because son Zach welcomed a baby boy in May and son Jeremy welcomed a baby girl in September.

In other words: This is Amy and Matt’s first Christmas as grandparents!

So you can imagine how gosh darn excited they are to spoil their precious grandkids.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine. Consider the caption Amy has included along with the photo above:

“I’m having a blast shopping for a few gifts for my grandkids first Christmas.

“And buying a few more to donate so other kids can have a little Christmas too! Love this time of year- need to carry the love kindness and generosity all year long!

She added the hashtaggs “#christmasisintheair #firstchristmas #mygrandkids #amyssecondact” to the end of her post.

For the record, this is what grandson Jackson is wearing in celebration of Christmas.

So we can’t blame Amy and Matt for wanting to buy him ALL the present!

Matt Roloff, meanwhile, is using the occasion to promote his own book.

“Ho ho ho,” Matt wrote as a caption to the picture below, adding:

“Great news, my “Little Lucy Big Race” books are back in stock!

“And just in time for you to order that perfect holiday gift for someone special.”

Matt has actually dedicated the book to Jackson. (It was written and published prior to Ember being born.)

It will be interesting to see how much time Amy and Matt spend together later this month.

Probably not a lot, considering each is in a serious relationship.

Amy shared many photos from her Thanksgiving with her kids and with boyfriend Chris Marek, who some fans still don’t like for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.

For his romantic part, Matt has been dating Caryn Chandler for about a year now.

She formerly worked as a manager at the family farm, which has allegedly led to some tension between the former spouses.

Allegedly, we emphasize, as neither Amy nor Matt has ever really said anything negative about each other.

On a semi-related note, we’ve collected our favorite Roloff family photos below.

Consider yourselves warned: these are VERY cute.

And then go ahead and click through each one…


Ariel Winter Gets Into the Halloween Spirit, Out of Her Clothes

Technically, any season is bikini season if you’re not a weenie … but it’s been autumn for over a month, now. 

But what’s a beautiful, confident young woman like Ariel Winter to do when her famous bikini photos aren’t in season?

Don’t worry, folks. She’s figured out how to 

When it comes to weather and Halloween costumes, there’s just no winning.

If it’s unseasonably warm (as it certainly is this year — we all saw everyone in L.A. tweeting nonstop about the 101 degree temperatures in late October), people with elaborate, heavier costumes are doomed to wither and die.

If it’s appropriately cool, like late October should be, the skimpy costumes that make the world go ‘round turn into death sentences for the waifs and twinks who are most likely to dress skimpily.

This year’s soaring temperatures have caused many people to despair. People who bought their giraffe costumes back in April, when April the Giraffe finally gave birth … are probably wishing that they’d dressed as slutty bikini models right about now.

The same likely goes for whichever couples decided that they’d dress to match each other — one as Sean Spicer, the other as a mini-fridge.

But Ariel Winter is no stranger to baring some skin.

We don’t know what her Halloween costume is going to be this year, but she’s clearly getting into the Halloween spirit.

And it looks like she’s not struggling to figure out her wardrobe.

Ariel Winter captioned this photo:

“Mickey gave me a ride to the pumpkin patch.”

We don’t know what about that innocuous line reads as innuendo, but some people have seen it that way. (Maybe the word “ride,” we guess?)

Clearly, she’s getting into the Halloween spirit.

It looks like she’s at one of those quintessentially American Halloween attractions that crop up, with pumpkins and games for kids and jump-scare attractions for a wide range of ages.

She is also making that white bikini top work with those jeans.

Bikini season is a state of mind.

This isn’t the first time that Ariel Winter’s paired a white top that bares her abs with a pair of jeans.

It’s a great look on her.

Unfairly, Ariel Winter has gotten a ton of unwarranted criticism for having to audacity to be photographed while being attractive, basically.

She’s been body-shamed, slut-shamed, trolled, and even slammed by her own estranged mother over her pics.

(Of course, Ariel’s mother isn’t estranged by accident — she’s a terrible mother who is accused of inflicting horrible abuse upon Ariel, which is why Ariel won her emancipation as a teenager)

But no matter how confident you are, that kind of backlash can take its toll.

There was a time when we feared that Ariel Winter was done sharing hot pictures. Sometimes, the hate gets to you and it doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

But Ariel Winter isn’t backing down.

In fact, sometimes Ariel Winter’s skimpiest outfits seem designed to spite her haters.

After an unenviable childhood, Ariel Winter doesn’t need any other voices trying to micromanage her personal decisions.

And considering that Ariel was eagerly objectified as a minor over her large breasts (before she got her reduction surgery), it’s awfully hypocritical of people to criticize her now, as an adult, for showing off her body as she chooses.

Hypocritical and creepy … where were these haters when grown adults on the red carpet were treating her like a walking pair of breasts at 14?

But whatever. Whether she’s posing poolside or hanging out by a pumpkin patch, Ariel can wear what she wants and look amazing while she’s at it.


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4 Episode 5: Spirit Animal

Filming a music video is meant to be a day filled with a lot of different looks and locations, with no room for bickering. 

On Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 4 Episode 5, tensions flared up at a music video shoot, and it made me question whether the circle of friends would ever be the same again. 

When the episode gets underway, Cisco is having a break from his problems with Teairra and meets up with A1 for some drinks. 

His tranquil mood, however, is knocked by the arrival of Moniece and Nia who stalked him on social media to find out where he was. 

The ladies want to know why Cisco is not taking his girlfriend’s problems more seriously, and think that he needs to own up to the fact that Teairra is falling off the wagon. 

While Cisco said that the ladies were exaggerating, Moniece says that coming from a family of addiction has opened her eyes to know when someone is in trouble. 

When Cisco does not play ball and get on the same page as her, she storms off in floods of tears as she worries about what could become of her friend. 

Meanwhile, Hazel-E wants the world to know that she’s an up and coming singer and that she is building a brand that will be worth millions. 

“Today we’re doing a photo shoot for my glow-up kit. My boo, Rose [Burgundy], he’s been putting in that work. But lately, he’s been cramping my style a little bit. I know Rose has been looking for his moment, but right now – it’s the Hazel-E show because I’m paying all the bills,” she reveals. 

Hazel wants her man to have a career, but while she’s in charge, it’s all about her, and I’m kind of alright with that. Say what you want about Hazel, but her confessionals are always excellent. 

Elsewhere, Alexis Skyy is upset that Solo Lucci’s baby mother crashed her modeling shoot, so she decides to get him back by intercepting his radio interview. 

“F*ck this whole interview right now,” she yells, but Solo seems to think he had nothing to do with it.

“You playing yourself. I miss you too,” the rapper replies before screaming, “Everybody knows you’re a pass around b*tch!”


Things for Chanel West Coast and Safaree Samuels were going well in the studio. Safaree claims that Chanel’s rapping is better than her performances. 

Safaree says it’s best to have her perform with Hazel-E, but things go from bad to worse for their relationship on the video shoot, and Hazel is escorted off the set after an argument. 

Finally, Cisco reveals to Teairra that he is so over all the drama she brings to the table and goes to meet up with his ex-girlfriend, Amber and there’s no way they were just talking. 

She was wearing lingerie when she answered the door, and she looked like she was ready for a good time. Is Teairra fully out of the picture?

What do you think about all of this?