Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Split, and Twitter Has Some Feelings

Where were you when you heard the news that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's marriage was over?

It's a pretty simple question, since the news just came out yesterday, but still, it was an important moment in celebrity gossip history and we need to remember it.

If it was just the news of the breakup all by itself, it might not be as big a deal as it is, but since Brad Pitt is single now, too …

Well, we're all very, very interested to see how this whole thing plays out.


The word “shook” is very popular right now, but is there any other way to describe the feelings we’re feeling right now? Probably, but “shook” is still pretty good!

2. One Divorce Away …

One divorce away
This may be true, but come on, let’s not compare Jennifer Aniston to Ross like this. That’s a low blow — Ross was garbage.

3. Speaking of Ross …

Speaking of ross
Yeah, this isn’t really related to the breakup, but it’s still a really good idea.

4. "Shoot My Shot"

Shoot my shot
We expect Jennifer Aniston is going to be receiving a whole lot of calls this weekend. And texts. And emails. And direct messages to social media accounts that people think belong to her.

5. A Solid Theory

A solid theory
Jen, please, for all our sakes, work on this. We deserve it.

6. The Dream

The dream
Another theory: she was happy being married to Justin, and now she’s happy being single again, and whenever she finds another super hot guy to be with, she’ll be happy then, too.

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Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston: All You Need to Know About Their Split

The marriage between Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston really is over.

On Thursday night, the actor and actress released a joint statement confirming that they were going their separate ways after two years as husband and wife.

Before delving into various details concerning this stunning break-up, let’s take another look at this statement.

It reads as follows:

In an effort to reduce any further speculation, we have decided to announce our separation. 

This decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year. We are two best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple, but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship.

Normally we would do this privately, but given that the gossip industry cannot resist an opportunity to speculate and invent, we wanted to convey the truth directly. 

Whatever else is printed about us that is not directly from us, is someone else’s fictional narrative.

Above all, we are determined to maintain the deep respect and love that we have for one another.

While this news took us by surprise, many tabloids have actually been calling it for months.

Before the Aniston-Brad Pitt reconciliation rumors start in earnest (What? It’s too late for that?), we figured we’d go deep into this likely divorce.

What brought it about? How did Aniston and Theroux try to salvage their romance? Where does each go from here?

This is what we’ve been able to dig up thus far, courtesy of various outlets on the Internet…

Us Weekly: To kick off 2018, Anison and Theroux took a vacation in Cabo San Lucas with Jason Bateman and his wife, Amanda Anka.

According to magazine insiders, Amanda had been trying to work as a “mediator” between Aniston and Theroux for months, hoping to help them iron out all problems.

She talked Justin into going on this vacation.

“The Cabo trip was a make or break vacation for Jen and Justin,” writes Us Weekly. “They went away with their friends hoping to have fun and work on it.”

Alas, the plan failed, this source laments, saying the guys simply hung out together and the women hung out together.

Radar Online: But what caused the actual tension between the stars that prompted this trip in the first place?

Both Entertainment Tonight and Radar cite distance as a key factor.

Theroux spent more of his time in New York for work and Aniston in Los Angeles. In some ways, it was as simple as this.

After spending about two months apart toward the end of last year, an anonymous insider tells this website that the pair had a major argument in their Bel-Air mansion on December 14.

Shortly after this blow-up, Radar alleges Aniston started to “lean hard” on ex-boyfriend Gerard Butler, stirring up further jealousy and animosity between her and her husband.

It didn’t help, meanwhile, that Theroux is known as a “flirt” when it comes to his co-stars.

Entertainment Tonight: It wasn’t mere distance that drove Aniston and Theroux apart, it was how much he loved New York and how much she hated it there.

Sources tell this outlet that paparazzi attention was a major source of contention for them in The Big Apple.

“It made for an awkward living situation for Jen and Justin because they knew the neighbors weren’t happy” about all the reporters outside their building at all times, ET writes.

“The tension came to a head in what the source refers to as “the bologna incident,” explains one insider, who says Theroux once came downstairs to find that someone had covered his motorcycle in slices of bologna.

For real! Reportedly!

Aniston thought it was one of their neighbors who did it.

Aniston and Theroux do not have any children, which makes their split less messy.

Multiple outlets also confirm they do have an iron-clad prenuptial agreement.

Jennifer is the mega rich star between the tandem, considering all the money she has banked from Friends, and Us Weekly writes that these assets are well “protected.”

The estranged couple started to date in 2011 and got married in May of 2015.

We still can’t believe they’re over.

And we also can’t believe Aniston will soon be back together with Pitt! You know it’s happening!


Javi Marroquin: Already Dating Again Following Briana DeJesus Split?!

It’s only been a month since Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus broke up, but Kailyn Lowry’s ex-husband has never been the type to remain single for long.

According to Radar Online, the Teen Mom 2 star already has a profile on the dating app Bumble, and it looks like he’s ready to move on with someone new.

Javi and Bri only dated for a few months, so we suppose it’s not surprising that he’s casting his line again so quickly.

Or at least it wouldn’t be, were it not for the that he and Briana seemed to be on the verge of reconciliation as recently as last month.

When Briana went to Miami for plastic surgery performed by the aptly-named Dr. Miami, Javi was there by her side providing emotional support.

Shortly thereafter, Javi ditched Briana for a pretty solid reason.

It seems she neglected to inform him that her baby daddy, Devoin Austin, would also be flying to help her recover from the procedure.

Sensing that there were too many sausages in the pot, Javi made a quick exit, and it seems he decided to send Bri the message that they’re done for good by creating a new dating profile.

Or did he?

In a new interview with Radar Online, Javi insists that he’s always had a Bumble account, and that he didn’t use it during his time with Bri.

“I had that account a long time ago just never deleted it,” he told the outlet.

“I don’t have the app anymore.”

Perhaps remembering that DeJesus would probably catch wind of the interview, he then added:

“I should go back on.”

Hell yeah you should, Javi!

We’re sure being revenge-banged by your ex-wife’s rival was fun and all, but there are plenty of fish in the sea, and most of them don’t create drama for a living.

Javi has always seemed like the type who’s eager to settle down again, but a life of quiet domesticity makes for really boring reality TV.

We think the best bet for this airman is to find himself a sane civilian – bonus points if she’s never seen an episode of his show.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the turbulent path that brought Javi to where he is today.


90 Day Fiance: Azan Ghosted Nicole; Have They Split?!

So, remember how it looked like Nicole had cheated on Azan again, slipping off her engagement ring to hang with a guy friend … and also lying about it?

At the time, Azan seemed to forgive her. But … suddenly, things looked bleak for the two.

Azan didn’t appear on the reunion special or even answer the phone when Nicole called him on the air. Are they over, officially?

Of all of the new 90 Day Fiance couples introduced this past season, Nicole and Azan were the least new.

In that they were not new at all, and had also been stars on Season 4.

This season, they had some of the same problems — worries about Nicole’s possible infidelities, concerns that Azan’s interview for his K-1 Visa won’t go well, and wondering if Azan could be the father that Nicole’s young daughter deserves.

(This time, in fact, Nicole brought her daughter to Morocco to see how the two bonded)

Throughout all of this, Nicole has also worked to convince her father that Azan is a worthy partner for her.

There’s been a lot on this couple’s plate, even before the revelation about Nicole’s dishonesty.

As we said, Azan said that he forgave her at the time for taking off her ring to spend time with a guy friend.

We don’t know why she had to remove her ring to hang out with him (even if she were looking to cheat … she’s literally on a TV show with the guy she wants to marry; it’s not a secret).

We don’t know why, if nothing happened, she felt the need to lie about it.

Regardless, though, Azan let it slide. He also got past her previous infidelity (to be fair, it was before she went to Morocco to meet him in the first place).

Or … did those instances weigh on him more than he initially let on?

During the 90 Day Fiance Tell All special, Nicole was accompanied by her mother but not by Azan.

You figure, okay … he hasn’t had his K-1 visa interview yet, so he’s still in Morocco and can’t come to the taping.

But you don’t need a visa to pick up a phone, now do you?

Azan basically ghosted Nicole through the Tell All, though TLC did tweet afterwards:

“Azan ended up calling Nicole back after filming concluded! #90DayFiance

Even so, it seemed to many fans that Azan was just trying to avoid getting interviewed on the special.

(Because, seriously, how do you just “forget” that the special’s happening? You’d stay up to any hour to do your part … unless you don’t want to share some bad news)

However, it looks like Azan and Nicole are still together.

We don’t know for sure, but the two have been gushing about each other on social media as recently as November.

Though a lot can change in the space of one month, our guess is that we’ll be seeing Nicole and Azan together in the US in season 6.

Assuming, of course, that Azan was able to secure his K-1 visa.

It might be odd for one couple to get three consecutive seasons of 90 Day Fiance, but hey, a lot was uncertain. Plus, they want to get paid (Nicole works at Starbucks and, even as little as 90 Day Fiance stars get paid, every little bit helps) and they have an interesting story.

That’s why 90 Day Fiance; Before the 90 Days and 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? now exist.

If all goes well, they’ll get married at the end of their 90 days (and the end of season 6), then move on to 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

But … let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Azan has to come to the US and they’ll need to tie the knot before any of that happens.


Long Island Medium: Did Theresa Caputo Predict Her Split in 2013?!

When the world learned that Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo had separated from her husband, the “she should have seen it coming” jokes were almost too easy.

But … some fans have pointed out that maybe she did see it coming.

Specifically, in a 2013 episode of Long Island Medium, when Theresa admits to having had a dream … that her husband was cheating on her.

Before we get to Theresa’s prediction, a quick refresher:

Theresa Caputo and her husband, Larry Caputo, have announced their separation.

They knew that fans watching Long Island Medium knew that things weren’t great between them, and wanted to go ahead and answer their questions with a statement:

“After 28 years of marriage, we have decided to legally separate.”

Marital problems can happen after a few months or a few decades, folks.

But they’re keeping things positive.

“We will always love each other and our two wonderful children.”

Glad that they’re thinking of each other and of Larry Jr. and Victoria.

“Please respect our privacy during this time.”

Of course — you don’t show up when somebody’s buying groceries to ask them prying questions about their failed marriage.

However, we did learn more when Larry Caputo spoke about the separation.

“We’re having a difficult time,” he told a friend of his on Hollywood Medium.

“I think a lot of the frustration has to do with us not spending time together anymore.”

That can sabotage just about any relationship.

“Along with that comes the lack of communication so it’s like losing your best friend. It’s hard.”

Of course.

“As much as I try to busy myself so I’m not thinking about it, it’s still there.”

And even as he was speaking to his friend, Larry was thinking of the toll that their vaguely defined marital problems were taking on his wife.

“I know it’s very trying for both of us. I don’t want to make it just about me. I know it’s the same for Theresa also.”

Aside from spending time apart — which can be a real relationship-killer all on its own, we don’t know 

But, on a 2013 episode of Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo had a dream that her husband was cheating on her.

“I [dreamed] that Larry was having an affair. And I’m like, ‘Are you freaking kidding me? Seriously?'”

Now, we’re not going to tell anyone what to believe about psychics in general or about Theresa Caputo specifically.

There are people who believe in psychics, there are people who absolutely do not.

There are plenty of people who generally believe in psychics but believe that Theresa is a very charismatic, entertaining woman who in no way receives messages from the dead.

But it’s sort of entertaining that Theresa made this prediction about her husband, more than 20 years into their marriage, and shared it on the show.

On a sadder note, though, Theresa did at the time suggest that the two of them do couples counseling to work out any issues that they may have had.

Larry … opted for the two of them to go dancing instead. It sounded like he wasn’t taking Theresa’s dream very seriously.

In retrospect, maybe some counseling would have done their marriage some good.

And, especially if you don’t believe that Theresa Caputo has any special connection to the dead, maybe Theresa’s dream about his cheating had less to do with predicting the future or the truth and more to do with underlying marital issues that her unconscious was processing as she slept.

(Again, we’re not telling anyone what to believe)

Maybe counseling could help them now. Or maybe it’s just too late.

We don’t know what lies in store for the couple. And maybe not even Theresa knows.


Long Island Medium: Larry Caputo Speaks Out on Split from Theresa Caputo!

We guess that there’s no such thing as a happy medium. (Sorry)

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo and her husband have split after 28 years together. For a little perspective, 28 years is longer than Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry has even been alive.

Theresa’s husband, Larry Caputo, has now opened up about what he believes went wrong.

As we told you, the couple stunned the world with their joint statement:

“After 28 years of marriage, we have decided to legally separate.”

“We will always love each other and our two wonderful children.”

They have two children: Larry Jr. and Victoria.

“We are united in supporting each other and our family.”

That’s good. We see so many couples separate and immediately start verbally tearing each other to shreds.

“Please respect our privacy during this time.”

All that we knew for context was what we’d seen on Long Island Medium — that things were less than ideal between the couple.

Well, as of yesterday, we know a bit more:

On last night’s season finale of Long Island Medium, Larry explained to his friend Danny how things had become difficult in the Caputo marriage.

“We’re having a difficult time.”

That much, at least, we knew.

“I think a lot of the frustration has to do with us not spending the time together anymore.”

That can be a killer in relationships, whether they’re brand new or long-established marriages.

“Along with that comes the lack of communication so it’s like losing your best friend. It’s hard.”

That sounds so sad.

““As much as I try to busy myself so I’m not thinking about it, it’s still there.”

The realities of your relationship don’t go away, no matter how much you try to distract yourself.

“I know it’s very trying for both of us. I don’t want to make it just about me. I know it’s the same for Theresa also.”

It’s good that he was feeling so much empathy for his wife, even as their relationship became strained.

We don’t know whether they decided to release their statement about separation the night before the season finale to bring clarification, or in the hopes of a nice ratings boost.

We don’t see why it can’t be both.

But it’s so promising that the two of them are managing to get along so well.

Time spent apart — because of busy careers — can really be crushing to even the sturdiest of marriages.

We should note that it’s always sounded like there’s room for reconciliation and to repair this marriage. Let’s hope that they can find a way to rekindle their former happiness.

The funny thing about time spent apart is that we wonder if that will stop being such a big deal in the future.

Long-distance relationships are more common than ever among young people. They FaceTime or text or chat while playing multiplayer games together to catch up.

it’s not the same as physical nearness, but some young couples spend the first months or even years of their relationships apart from each other.

We can’t help wondering if those who begin their relationships far apart will build stronger bonds that can endure distance when they’re older.

But that won’t help Theresa or Larry now.

Now, during their separation, these two will have to decide whether they’re happier apart than they were together.


Scheana Marie: My Split From Mike Shay Has Made Me Stronger!

A new season of Vanderpump Rules is upon us, and while we're sure to see plenty of new beefs and breakups among the staff at SUR, at least one cast member has been enjoying a steady upswing in recent months.

After enduring a painful divorce from Mike Shay, Scheana Marie has moved on and found love again with actor Robert Valletta.

Those who know her best say they've never seen Scheana happier, and they claim this new relationship couldn't be more different from her short-lived marriage.

But while Scheana is understandably eager to leave the past in the past, she's also admirably candid in discussing the ways in which she's been changed and strengthened by the struggles that brought her to where she is today:

1. The Newcomer

Scheana marie image
When we first met Scheana back in Season 1, she was the new girl at SUR. As Vanderpump fans know, that’s a difficult position to be in, but Scheana met the challenge with grace and courage.

2. Scheana and Shay

Scheana marie and mike shay
At the time, Scheana was in what appeared to be a stable relationship with Mike Shay, and both parties openly discussed their desire to get married and start a family.

3. A Memorable Wedding

Scheana marie shay wedding dance
The couple tied the knot in a swanky ceremony befitting Scheana’s unique sense of style. Unfortunately, not long after they exchanged vows, life for the Shays took a sharp downturn.

4. A Secret Addiction

Mike and scheana shay
Shortly after the wedding, it was revealed that Mike was struggling with an addiction to prescription painkillers. He had reportedly gone to great lengths to hide his substance abuse from Scheana.

5. Toughing It Out

Scheana marie mike shay
Scheana stood by her husband’s side as he battled his personal demons, but as Mike withdrew deeper into himself, kept her at a distance, and began disappearing for days at a time, she began to feel she was left with no choice but to bring the marriage to an end.

6. An Example to Others

Scheana marie shay bikini pic
Now, Scheana is opening up about the painful decision to call it quits, and the challenges of being married to an addict. As opioid abuse continues to destroy lives in record numbers, Scheana’s is sadly a situation that millions can relate to.

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Chenning Tatum & Jenna Dewan: Hinting at Split on Instagram?!

We might not be emotionally prepared for this.

Here we are, still reeling from news of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’s divorce, and now it seems that we might have to brace ourselves for a sad announcement from another of Hollywood’s most beloved couples.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan got married back in 2009, which means that by Hollywood standards, they’ve been together for approximately four centuries.

Like Pratt and Faris, Tatum and Dewan seemed, until recently, to have beaten the odds and buit a stable, sturdy relationship in spite of the pressures of fame and the costant scrutiny of the public.

But now fans are convinced that yet another fairy tale, #CoupleGoals romance is coming to an end.

The rumors began to circulate following Jenna’s solo appearance at the 2017 AMAs.

Her husband has a lot on his plate career-wise these days, but for some reason, fans were unable to fathom any reason that Dewan might have attended alone, other than an impending divorce:

Jenna posted the above red carpet pic to her Instagram pic earlier this week, and for some reason, there were comments other then “more like Jenna Day-uuum!”

“Where is Channing?” asked one fan.

“You look amazing, but where is Channing?” echoed another.

A third follower cut right to the chase, writing:

“Where are posts of hubby? Are u 2 next on Hollywood divorce list?”

Fact: People who type they’re writing everything on a T9 flip phone keyboard will ask you an inappropriate question 100 persent of the time.

Look, in all likelihood, Channing and Jenna are doing just fine.

We can see how a solo awards show appearance might spark concern amongst fans, but Channing is in, like, every movie these days.

He’s a busy guy. 

The couple has yet to respond to this latest round of divorce rumors, but Channing addresses previous unsubstantiated reports in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

“It’s all bulls–t,” Tatum told the magazine.

“These people just [make it up]. Some of our family members don’t see [it’s not true], and they read a stupid thing and don’t understand it’s a tabloid.”

Will that prove sufficient to stop the rumors? Ha! You must be new here.


Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon: Married at First Sight Couple Split Amidst Cheating Accusations

It’s all over for Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon.

The Married at First Sight couple has confirmed via social media that they are getting a divorce.

But they aren’t doing so in amicable fashion.

Having gotten married (at first sight, no less) on Season 5 of this controversial reality show, clear trouble for Downs and Duhon was afoot a few weeks ago when the former Tweeted:

“Just got a call from the woman who’s been sleeping with my husband…the same woman who he called on the honeymoon.”

She later Tweeted a follower:

“He admitted it.”

YIKES, huh?

We’d file for divorce under that circumstance if we were Sheila, too.

downs tweets

However, Duhon disputes this account.

On Sunday, he denied that his wandering penis played any role in the break-up, while also denying said penis wandered into any other woman’s vagina.

“Prior to any statements made about me, we were no longer living together and I already filed for divorce,” he wrote, adding:

“This was known to both parties, my lawyer, and the lawyer for the show.

“The reason that led me to file for divorce from Ms. Downs was thoroughly understood by all parties as well.”

duhon note

Simply put, he claims:

Infidelity was not a reason, nor did I ever admit such a thing. Thank you to those of you who have shown support throughout this tough time.

On the fifth season finale of this Lifetime series, Duhon expressed his doubts about the romance, while the newlyweds got into an explosive fight.

As you can see, not much has changed between them over time.

Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon kiss

Following Duhon’s denial, Downs tried to get the last word late on Sunday.

“I see that instead of finally operating in integrity, [Nate] chose to continue to lie,” she wrote on Instagram.

But this wasn’t all.

Buckle in for a lengthy post in her own defense…

My husband & I had problems. Yes. He was dishonest and there were women throughout our ENTIRE marriage.

Admittedly, I didn’t know how to handle that; and as you saw on the show, I handled it poorly at times.

I’m not proud of that, but I am extremely proud of the woman who acknowledges that and has made a conscious effort to change the things I didn’t like. When I got married, I meant FOREVER.

I unfortunately was the only one. If you watch the show back, my meltdown on the balcony was because Nathan said that he wanted a divorce.

That was the first of probably 40+ times.

And then came the women and the nights he would ignore my calls, block my number, engage in illicit activities, or not come home at all. On the cruise, we were intimate.

We admittedly had problems, but I was fighting for my marriage only to have a woman who had reached out to me before call me AGAIN with receipts..

Now had my husband already begun living a single life?? Absolutely!

On Twitter, meanwhile, Downs had even more to say about the situation:

It’s really pathetic how far Nate is going to try to save face.

I’m many things, but I am NOT a liar.

I stayed in my marriage BC of my COVENANT WITH GOD. Nate cried & told me he wasn’t ready & I deserved better almost a year ago.

I should’ve let him go then..& for real the worst thing you can say is that we had 4 counselors??

That is correct we went to 1 ONCE who just wasn’t a fit, 1 was a hardcore fan of the show (kinda a problem), one was nice as can be but a space cadet, & then we found the one!


We aren’t taking sides here.

And cheating is always wrong.

But we are curious how God feels about His covenant with you when it gets finalized on a reality TV show after you literally just met the man you’re marrying.

We. Are. Just. Sayin.