Christina El Moussa: Spotted Filming Her Very Own Show!

Christina and Tarek El Moussa are over as a couple. But as reality television personalities, they’re just getting started.

This summer, we told you that Christina El Moussa is getting her own show in addition to the new season of Flip or Flop.

Now, she’s been spotted filming the new series, and we know a lot more about it.

The Daily Mail reports that On Wednesday, Christina El Moussa was spotted in Anaheim, California.

She was apparently all smiles.

The 35-year-old Flip or Flop star and mother of 2 was filming her new show.

Christina on the Coast will begin with 8 episodes.

This new series follows her as she expands her design business in Southern California.

Her goal is to totally transform more outdated properties into “high-end showplaces.” Nice!

Fans who are concerned that Christina’s new show will be all business needn’t worry.

Earlier this summer, Christina told The Hollywood Reporter that her family is going to play a role.

“Each episode is going to show a glimpse into a real life,” Christina assured fans.

That will include fans seeing her “selling my home in Yorba Linda, house-hunting and moving into my new place.”

“It is going to show me trying to balance it all with kids and work,” Christina says.

And, it is expected, fans will also see her real-life romance with boyfriend Ant Anstead.

Christina on the Coast will premiere in early 2019.

In a statement about the series, Christina set the stage by providing a little context.

“The past few years have brought a lot of change into my life,” Christina says.

“And,” she continues. “I am so excited to see what the next stage has in store for me both professionally and personally.”

“There is so much to look forward to,” Christina concludes. “And this is only the beginning.”

Christina and fans aren’t the only ones who are hyped for this new series.

HGTV and Food President Allison Page has also spoken about why this show makes so much sense.

“Christina’s design style is very popular,” Page says. “So it’s a natural progression for us to expand her visibility with a new series.”

“Her fans also are deeply vested in her personal life,” Page understates. “And eager to see what happens next.”

Fans are, in fact, deeply invested in the El Moussa family.

“So,” Page concludes. “We’re bringing them the opportunity to share in these real-life moments in a way that no one else can.”

Tarek El Moussa may be getting his own series, too.

Of course, Tarek and Christina are both sticking with Flip or Flop.

Despite the drama (Tarek had a gun and Christina feared that he would take his own life) that led to their breakup and ultimately their divorce, they’re working together.

For the fans, for the show, and of course, for the money.

(There’s nothing wrong with that, folks)

Romantically, however, they have both moved on.

christina el moussa sunday funday bike ride

Of course, their two children remain the centers of their world.

Fans don’t need their shows to know that — both Christina and Tarek make that abundantly clear on social media.

“Our kinda Sunday Funday,” Christina wrote beside a recent glimpse at a family bike ride. “Loving beach life.”

She added: “P.S. [Taylor] would be pissed if I didn’t do a disclaimer that she doesn’t need training wheels. This is an old bike.”

Christina concluded: “Don’t worry Tay mamas got your back.”


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: Spotted Getting a Marriage License?!

In August, we learned that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin aren’t rushing to get married — that they were sure of each other, but waiting until 2019 to actually tie the knot.

Fast forward one month, however, and their actions are telling a different story.

Justin and Hailey were spotted at the courthouse, and it wasn’t over a traffic ticket. They went to the folks who give out marriage licenses.

TMZ reports that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were spotted at the NYC Marriage Bureau on Thursday, September 13.

Though Hailey and the Biebs were trying to keep things hush-hush, people of course noticed.

According to at least one wyewitness, Justin gushed to Hailey: “I can’t wait to marry you, baby.”

It was an emotional moment, and Justin was apparently crying and he spoke to his fiancee.

Other eyewitness accounts say that Justin and Hailey hoped to keep this special moment as private as possible.

According to TMZ‘s sources who saw Justin and Hailey, Justin expressed gratitude for the discretion of people in the NYC Marriage Bureau.

“Thanks for keeping it on the DL,” Justin reportedly said to a court official.

Court officials may have professional guidelines, but random other people in the courthouse who are there on their own business do not.

Incidentally, one witness referred to a person to whom Justin and Hailey spoke as a “judge,” which would imply that they actually got married right then and there.

But the source may have been using the term casually to refer to a court official, or may have misunderstood someone’s role. It happens.

According to another witness, Justin and Hailey appeared to make some reference to leaving the country.

Is it possible that they changed their plans and wanted to have a destination wedding — possibly a private one?

That sounds romantic.

Or, more cynically, they may have been headed somewhere (like Dubai) where the local laws are medieval and would not allow them to share a room unless they are married.

We have to say, though, that it is difficult to picture these two lovestruck twenty-somethings getting a marriage license early just because it’s practical.

So, a month ago, the two had solid plans to not get married in 2018. They were adamant about enjoying their engagement.

What happened during the past several weeks to change their tune?

Maybe it’s nothing — they could have been making some sort of inquiry. None of the witnesses to whom TMZ spoke said that they actually saw Justin and Hailey with a marriage certificate.

But, let’s be real, something of significance happened or Justin wouldn’t have been in tears.

Maybe the impetuousness of “youth” (he’s 24) caught up with them and they realized that they just couldn’t wait to call each other husband and wife.

A marriage license is not the same thing as having a wedding, so perhaps Justin and Hailey were impatient and decided to get the license now, but to hold off on the wedding.

If so, however, they’ve started the clock on their wedding plans.

In New York state, a marriage license is only valid for 60 days. You need to have a wedding in that time, or the license expires.

Folks, Justin and Hailey visited the Marriage Bureau 110 days before 2019. If they obtained a marriage license, they have just over half of that to get married.

That big 2019 wedding could still happen, but it would leave us with questions about what Thursday’s emotional errand was all about.


Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger: Spotted on a Date!

After the shock over the news that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris had split, people started to wonder who would be next to date the comedic actor and totaly Hollywood studmuffin.

Despite rumors, he’s not dating Olivia Munn. But now we know who he’s seeing.

This gorgeous but much younger woman is Katherine Schwarzenegger.

TMZ spotted Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger on a picnic date in Santa Barbara.

Per their report, Chris picked up Katherine from her home and then drove her up the coast.

As various outlets have noted, Chris has been known to flirt from time to time.

But this is the first actual date that anyone has seen him on since his split from Anna. So it’s no surprise that he went above and beyond.

We can only imagine what a fun, and funny, date the two of them had.

Katherine has some very obvious Hollywood ties, thanks to her father, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But he’s honestly not her most famous relation.

Through her mother, broadcast journalist Maria Shriver, she is the great-niece of John F. Kennedy.

Katherine does not actually work as an actress or even directly as a politician.

Instead, she is an author, an interior designer, a lifestyle blogger, and an animal welfare activist.

Notably, she is 28 years old — ten years younger than Pratt, who is 38.

But while 10 years is kind of a lot of age difference for a couple, they’re both very much adults. It’s not a big deal.

By all accounts, it sounds like Chris and Katherine enjoyed their picnic lunch.

It’s unclear how much they’ve spoken before this, but the general consensus seems to be that the two are still getting to know one another.

That shoulsn’t be difficult. They’re both beautiful and charming people.

But it may be a little strange for Chris Pratt to get back into the dating game after so many years of marriage.

We wouldn’t be surprised if they take things slow, even if they end up being a long-term couple.

Another potential difference will be the dynamic — assuming that Chris and Katherine continue dating and don’t go their separate ways.

For years, Chris Pratt was mostly just “Anna Faris’ husband.” People knew him as “that guy from Parks and Recreation.”

(Where, for the record, he was hilarious, both in delivering scripted lines and in improvising some truly brilliant jokes)

Anna was the big name.

Then, Chris was cast as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy.

To take on the roll, he transformed his body from its soft form into the hardened hunk we’ve all seen in three Marvel bluckbusters.

Suddenly, he was the big time movie star. Anna Faris was his wife.

When the two of them split, many joked on social media that this was precisely why they never wanted their boyfriends or husbands to “get hot.”

But Katherine and Chris would have this dynamic — her from a famous family and him as an action movie star — from the beginning.

That might help their stability in a relationship, in the long run.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

Right now they’re just dating as the world braces itself for the premiere of Chris’ newest film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.


Sonja Morgan: RHONY Star Spotted Humping and Grinding

Real Housewives are often shown drinking and displaying out-of-control behavior on camera. But how do you know when it’s gone too far and is bleeding over into real life?

Eyewitnesses claim that they saw RHONY star Sonja Morgan “wasted and humping” people almost indiscriminately.

Sonja is denything that claim … sort of.

Page Six reports that Sonja Morgan was spotted at downtown hot spot Paul’s Baby Grand last week.

And from the descriptions, it sounds like she was feeling no pain.

“She rolled in straight from the ‘Watch What Happens Live’ studio, wasted and humping people.”

Well, so long as that was all consensual humping, that sounds like she was just living her best life.

And that, the source reveals, was just the beginning.

“She was making out with blondes [of both genders] and then left with one.”

Oh dang. Good for her!

But is it true?

Sonja actually spoke to Page Six to clear the air. Sort of.

“This always happens to me!”

That’s quite the opening line.

“I was dancing with a bunch of girlfriends and my friends.”

So she knew these various blonds and blondes, then?

Sonja then casts doubt on the claims about her behavior.

“Humping? What does that mean? Dancing? Grinding? Humping?”

Well, dancing is … dancing. Grinding involves sliding parts of your body against parts of someone else’s. And humping … we don’t have it in us to explain what humping is, to Sonja Morgan or to anyone else.

“That’s all in the eye of the beholder.”

Is it, though? Those sound like pretty straightforward descriptions of activities.

We should note that she’s not exactly shooting down the rumor that she was wasted. She just says that it’s a bit of an overstatement.

“I was drinking, yes. It’s all so exaggerated. I was having fun.”

No one is questioning that she was having a blast.

“That’s why I like to have my parties on Wednesdays at home.”

That is super specific, but she means that she prefers the privacy.

“Because everything gets exaggerated.”

That’s the price of fame, unfortunately.

“You can’t even go out anymore.”

In case anyone is worried that she’s falling prey to substance abuse, she mentions that this has come up before.

“Bethenny [Frankel] confronted me about my drinking binges, whatever season that was …”

She says that she totally went with Bethenny’s advice.

“I reflected, went to a therapist, talked to my doctors, tested all my bloods.”

Okay, tested all my bloods is an amazing line. Someone please embroider that onto something.

“I wanted to see, ‘Do I have a problem?’ And it came out, ‘No, you don’t have a problem. But, you know, you’re going through a lot, you need to talk to somebody.”

Sometimes, that’s the case.

Now, we absolutely do not mean to in any way victim-blame when we ask this question, but …

… If Sonja is lamenting that this “always happens” to her, but notices that this does not happen to all of her costars, does that mean that she’s doing something that they aren’t?

But let’s be super clear about this:

Sonja isn’t being accused of any kind of wrongdoing whatsoever.

The source simply described her as having a very good time in a way that would scandalize Mike Pence, who probably thinks that the pleasant relief of sneezing is best reserved for heterosexual marriage.

Sonja’s solution might be, rather than fighting the rumors, to just say: “Hell yeah I had a blast!”

Even things were exaggerated.