Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott: Actually Spotted… Together!

Kylie Jenner is refusing to show the world her baby bump.

But the pregnant reality star has finally given fans a fresh look at the man responsible for the ongoing shame Jenner is apparently feeling over said bump.

We write, of course, about Travis Scott.

The little-known rapper started dating Kylie earlier this year.

It seemed more like a rebound relationship than true love, considering Kylie wasn’t that far removed from having banged Tyga for about two years.

But then came word than Kylie was pregnant with Scott’s baby – and everything changed.

Fans started to wonder whether the couple planned to conceive or were now planning to get married… or if they were even still together.

Perhaps they had split and this explained why Jenner has been so hesitant to confirm the pregnancy herself; out of embarrassment for not even being with her baby daddy any longer.

Hence, the surprise over the photo above.

It was snapped at the Kardashian Christmas Eve party this past Sunday evening and it certainly implies that Scott and Jenner are still an item, doesn’t it?

This is the first time they have shared a photo of themselves in the same place since Kylie’s pregnancy was announced.

Not that Kylie has announced it herself just yet.

The 20-year old has been loudly quiet on social media ever since word spread of her impending child.

Some fans thought she would make her big reveal on the Kardashian Christmas card, but nope.

She wasn’t included on it at all, adding fuel to the fire of irritation going around the Internet.

Where is your bump, Kylie?!?!? followers are asking.

Are you actually Kim’s surrogate and that’s why you’re staying silent? others have actually wondered.

These questions will continue to circulate until Kylie speaks out on her pregnancy.

It’s well within her rights to do so at the time she chooses and in the manner she chooses.

But you can’t blame the public for being curious and making assumptions, either, not when Kylie has spent her adult life sharing every nugget of personal information with her supporters… until now.

The speculation has grown so fierce that at least one report alleged Jenner was considering an abortion.

We can’t possibly verify that claim in one direction or the other, but we do assume this pregnancy wasn’t planned.

It may simply be that Kylie is still adjusting, that she needs a whole lot of time to come to grips with all the ways in which her life is about to change.

This would mean she’s taking the pregnancy seriously and that would be a good thing.

As for Travis Scott?

He hasn’t said a word. We have no idea how he feels about this baby (reported to be a girl) and how involved he’ll be in its life.

But the photo at the outset of this article is a positive sign.

We’re happy to see Kylie and Travis getting along well and we hope this portends a healthy environment in which their kid will be raised.


Blanket Jackson: Spotted! It’s a Christmas Miracle!

Paris Jackson has gained a reputation for sharing unexpected photos.

We didn’t expect her to show off her sideboob tattoo while hugging a tree, for instance.

But now the daughter of legendary singer Michael Jackson has truly taken the Internet by surprise, taking to Instagram on Christmas Day and posting a picture of…


Indeed, it’s the rarest of rare occasions on which we get to see the 15-year old third child of Jackson, as he typically shuns the spotlight and attempts to live a normal life.

As normal a life as possible for someone commonly referred to as “Blanket,” that is.

The last time we saw Blanket was back in April when Paris posted a Snapchat update on her sibling, giving us a look at Blanket just chilling with some friends.

For the record, the identity of Blanket biological mother (a surrogate) remains unknown.

But we do know that Blanket was seven years old when his father died on June 25, 2009.

And we also know he hasn’t always been so close to Paris or other members of his famous, occasionally controversial family.

The source of Paris’ beef in the past actually centered around the treatment of her younger brother, specifically by grandmother Katherine Jackson, who has been accused of neglecting poor Blanket.

In October, questions abounded over whether Blanket had been left without a guardian.

Only in high school, the teenager is in need of, you know, someone to actually care for him.

And while Katherine had been placed in legal charge of her grandson, she’s 87 years old and spends a chunk of her time in London.

According to E! News, Katherine has basically retired from caring for Blanket, fearing that she’s no longer up to the task.

As a result, Blanket’s Aunt Rebbie and Uncle T.J. have assumed the bulk of the child-rearing responsibilities.

But fans are understandably concerned.

We therefore appreciate Paris providing Instagram followers with this quick update, even if she only wrote “happy christmas from ours to yours #brahdas” as a caption.

That doesn’t reveal a great deal about Blanket’s well being.

That’s fine, though. We don’t need to know every detail of his life.

It’s probably better for the young man to enjoy as much privacy as he is able to. And we really do wish him the best.

Go ahead and click through the images below to see how Blanket and his siblings have grown over the years:


Jessa Duggar: Spotted Wearing Pants!

After years of oppression, downtrodden women in are banding together to take back the rights and freedoms that were stolen from them by abusive and powerful.

And it looks like the shock waves of the historic movement are being felt as far from Hollywood as Tontitown, Arkansas.

Or maybe we’re just being too dramatic about pants.

Yes, if you’re a fan of the Duggars, then you know Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughters have been taking a very literal approach to answering the question of who wears the pants in the family.

It all began when Jinger Duggar wore pants in a photo that was posted to Instagram back in March.

Fans were stunned by the brazen defiance of her family’s dress code, and for months, it looked like Jinger would be alone in her rebellion.

But then, earlier this week, something incredible happened.

Jinger’s older sister, the staunchly conservative Jill Duggar, also wore pants in a photo that made the rounds on social media.

And now, a third Duggar may have joined the fight against floor-length denim skirts:

That’s an image that was posted on Reddit this week and has since been making its around social media.

Some fans believe it shows Jessa Duggar wearing pants while walking in front of her husband, Ben Seewald.

Others beg to differ, pointing out that it’s nearly impossible to determine if that’s actually Jessa, and arguing that even if it is, she’s not necessarily wearing pants.

“I agree with everyone who is saying it looks like leggings under a skirt. However, if it is Jessa, it is still a departure from her family’s modesty standards. That skirt is way shorter than knee length,” wrote one commenter.

“The skirt doesn’t even reach halfway down her thighs. Her knees are definitely showing through the jeans/leggings,” remarked another.

Short of Jessa publicly revealing that it’s really her in the photo, we’ll probably never know for sure.

But it’s worth noting it wasn’t all that long ago that we would’ve immediately dismissed the possibility of a Duggar woman wearing pants in public.

These days, thousands of fans are actually considering the possibility that Jessa might have walked around a city in something resembling pants.

Sometimes, even the most long-overdue progress takes place at a glacial pace.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Kylie Jenner: Spotted With Travis Scott, Baby Bump!

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been spotted on a trip to Houston.

Ever since the news broke of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy, and even before, the reality star and millionaire makeup mogul has been careful to keep her famous baby bump out of the public eye.

But it looks like she’s finally slipped up, as she was caught on camera not once — but twice.

We totally understand Kylie’s desire to keep her pregnancy a secret for as long as she did.

After all, she got pregnant at 19.

Math tells us that she was probably seeing her baby daddy, Travis Scott, for only about a month when she got knocked up.

And, of course, Travis Scott was a rebound after her breakup with Tyga after two years of Kyga. That’s … well, that’s common knowledge.

But ever since the news broke more than a month ago, Kylie has refused to confirm the news — even though it’s no idle rumor and has been confirmed by multiple reliable outlets.

That hasn’t stopped Kylie from teasing her fans, flaunting her pregnancy curves … all the while refusing to show off her baby bump.

It’s strange behavior for a young woman who has historically been anything but camera-shy.

One might call her camera-gregarious.

Still, Kylie is still living her life.

She and Travis Scott double-dated with Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin, which meant going out into a relatively public space.

But even then, Kylie reportedly wore a huge hoodie so that random witnesses couldn’t see her baby bump.

Is Kylie repulsed by her baby bump, we wonder? Or is she waiting until it reaches just the right degree of visibility before she makes her big debut?

Maybe she’s planning on using the first official photos of her baby bump to promote something huge for her show or for Kylie Cosmetics.

Or … maybe this is all some elaborate scheme to stick it to her nosy fans? We don’t know.

What we do know is that Kylie’s trip to Houston hasn’t exactly been flying under the radar, because she got caught on camera.

More than once.

Kylie Jenner at a Houston Stoplight

The person who tweeted this also included captions:

“I was just casually driving down Louetta on my way to work and stopped at the stoplight next to @KylieJenner and @trvisXX

That had to be a surreal moment.

Kylie’s lower body isn’t visible in this photo, but Kylie and Travis also stopped by for some food.

Pregnancy cravings?

We wish that the photographer had managed to capture a shot of her from her side, but here’s a long-distance look at Kylie.

Kylie Jenner Just Ordered a Sandwich

We get it — you’re an employee, so you don’t snap a photo while she’s in the restaurant. You wait until she goes out the door.

Perez Hilton provides some context on Kylie and Travis’ lunch visit to MOD Pizza in Houston.

“Kylie and Travis came in right after the lunch rush. There were only about eight people total in the restaurant. They came in at the perfect time because no one was in here.”

We wonder if they had someone scout the place, first.

“They both came in together and Kylie ordered a pepperoni pizza and then her and Travis walked back to the car with their guards. Their guards then came back in and paid for the pizza and picked it up.”

Apparently, Kylie accidentally left her phone behind, but Travis retrieved it.

We’re glad that nobody violated her phone, but wow that would be a terrible thing to leave behind for anyone, but especially for Kylie.

This apparently wasn’t Kylie’s only stop for food, as one person tweeted:

“My friend made her a sandwich at jj and said she looks pregnant af!”

That’s not surprising — but we wish that their friend had snapped a photo. A good photo.


Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin Spotted Kissing In Public!!!

If you’re having trouble keeping up with what’s going on in Kailyn Lowry’s love life these days, you’re certainly not alone.

Shortly after Lowry’s breakup with Chris Lopez, it was widely reported that she entered a new relationship with her next door neighbor.

Rumors of Kailyn dating Dionisio Cephas were bolstered by recent flirty Twitter exchanges between the two.

Some even went so far as to claim that the jokey back-and-forth messages were Kail and Dionisio’s way of confirming that they’re a couple.

Both parties shot those rumors down, however, confirming that they’re more than friends, but insisting that they’re not officially dating yet.

So when Kail attended a recent red carpet event with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, fans were on the lookout for possible signs of a reconciliation.

And the parents of young Lincoln certainly didn’t disappoint:

Kailyn and Javi filmed Marriage Boot Camp together recently (despite the fact that they’re no longer married) and as you can see, they got very friendly at the premiere party.

Javi planted one on Kailyn for all the world to see, but to hear him tell it, it was merely a gesture of platonic love for one of his best friends:

“I have love for her, but we’re not getting back together,” Javi told Radar Online.

“If things were different and things didn’t play out the way they did, maybe we could give it another shot. But too many things have happened to do that.”

Javi said that despite rumors to the contrary, he and Kailyn are getting along well these days and amicably co-parenting son Lincoln:

“We’re pretty good right now,” Marroquin told the site.

“We hang out a lot. I have Lincoln 50 percent of the time. I go to all their soccer stuff. I see her almost every day.”

 So it sounds like that kiss really was just a platonic, friendly thing … or was it?

“Kailyn, she’ll always have a soft spot in my heart,” Javi added.

“When she tells me stories of what she’s dealing with and what she’s going through in her life, it hits home with me. I never want to see her struggle or go through stuff.”

He concluded:

“I always want to help her out and ask if I can do anything. I wish things could be different but they’re not.”

Sounds like Javi could still be carrying a torch for Kailyn, but it also sounds like he won’t be acting on those feelings anytime soon.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Kail and Javi’s tumultuous romance.


Kailyn Lowry: Nip Slip Spotted on Snapchat!

Kailyn Lowry is usually a master of controlling what information about her personal life is shared with fans and what’s kept private.

But with a wildly popular reality show and millions of social media followers, Kailyn is pretty exposed these days.

As a result, every now and then, something … slips out.

Yes, Kailyn was snapchatting a breastfeeding session last night when fans noticed a momentary nip slip.

Fortunately, as a single mother of three who’s basically running a media empire these days, we doubt she’s spending too much time or energy worrying about.

In fact we’re sure Kailyn has already moved on from the incident – but naturally, the internet has not.

Fans are still obsessing over the slight slip, as though there aren’t full-blown Teen Mom sex tapes out there with which they can amuse themselves.

To us, the incident isn’t interesting for the slip itself, but for what it tells us about celebrity life in 2017.

Aside from a handful of Clooney-level A-listers, stars basically have to share certain aspects of their lives on social media in order to remain relevant.

This is especially true of young celebs, reality stars in particular.

So, like her co-stars, Kailyn plays ball and interacts with fans on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

For the most part, she seems to enjoy the process.

But there are times when she’d clearly prefer to be left alone.

Unfortunately for Kailyn, that’s simply not an option at this stage in her life.

But it seems she’s learned to rebel in certain small ways.

For example, Kailyn hasn’t revealed her baby’s name yet, even though she gave birth over six weeks ago.

She tweeted yesterday, that she plans to reveal the baby’s name with a photo of a customized blanket in the very near future.

Still, the fact that Kailyn has chosen to keep fans in the dark for so long sends a powerful message.

It reminds fans that just because they made her famous, that doesn’t mean they own her.

Sadly, that’s something many people need to be reminded of these days.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of what Kailyn is willing to share.


Sasha Obama: Spotted Kissing Some Dude Named Matt!

We interrupt our occasional prying into the private life of Malia Obama to bring you an update on her sister.

A wholly unexpected update, that is!

Over the weekend, the former First Daughter was spotted at Lollapalooza, a music festival that was held at Hutchinson Field in Chicago.

In and of itself, this sighting was not especially surprising; not when the Obamas are from the Windy City and not when 16-year olds such as Sasha Obama are typically fans of socializing in this manner.

But a fellow attendee snapped photos of Sasha talking intimately with some guy allegedly named “Matt” not long after meeting him.

This same individual shared an image of Sasha and her love interest on Snapchat, including with it a caption that read:

“Matt gonna get Sasha Obama.”

Was he really, though?

Or were these two simply chatting it up while surrounded by thousands of other revelers at the event?

Nope, Matt really did get himself Sasha Obama! At least as far as the swapping of spit goes!

A second Snapchat photo from the meet-cute features Matt and Sasha engaged in a pretty serious game of tonsil hockey.

Both appear to be winning, although the true victors in this development are clearly intrigued celebrity gossip followers.

Take a look at the noteworthy photograph for yourself:

Sasha Obama is 16 years old and there’s obviously nothing wrong with her kissing anyone.

We’re not passing judgment of any kind.

But that doesn’t mean this isn’t a makeout session that holds the public interest, considering Sasha is only a few months removed from living in the White House and considering her father was recently the most powerful human being on the planet.

For better or worse, likely to the chagrin of Sasha and Malia, their interactions will be analyzed in every which way for several years going forward.

As Barack Obama’s second term wound down last year, more and more attention turned to the decisions of his children.

For example, about a year ago to the date, Malia was allegedly seen smoking pot the 2016 version of Lollapalooza.

A few months later, 15-year old Sasha supposedly got drunk at some party; which, again, is totally normal behavior for a high school sophomore.

No one affiliated with the Obama family or administration has commented on these photos.

We doubt they will, either.

But it’s safe to say we’re not excited for President Trump to lash out at some point in the near future and criticize his predecessor as a bad parent for letting his young daughter act in this manner.

Does anyone doubt this may even have already happened by the time you read this post?


Blac Chyna: Spotted Partying With Tyga & Lamar Odom?!

It’s a Kardashian exes party, everyone!

Yes, according to E! News Blac Chyna was spotted hanging out with both Tyga and Lamar Odom at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles last night.

The trio – each of whom is most famous for enduring messy breakups with members of the Kardashian clan – were all on hand to celebrate the launch of the I.Go Live app.

If that’s not a 2017 sentence, we don’t know what is.

Anyway, it’s a little odd that the three were spotted being civil together.

Lamar has no cause for beef with the other two, but Tyga and Chyna haven’t gotten along very well in recent years.

As followers of the Kard clan know, there’s a whole lot of history between those two.

For starters, Blac and Tyga were once engaged, and they have a child together.

On top of that, of course, Chyna dated Rob Kardashian at the same time that Tyga was going out with Rob’s sister Kylie Jenner.

Both of those relationships ended in ugly fashion recently, but Chyna definitely wins the ugliest breakup award, as Rob posted nude photos of her on social media and publicly accused her of cheating on him and using hard drugs in the presence of her kids.

Throughout it all, Tyga claimed he warned Rob about Chyna, but if she was angry about her ex’s words of caution, she certainly didn’t show it last night.

In fact, she was so enjoying the unexpected reunion with Tyga that onlookers say at one point she grabbed his arm to make sure he wasn’t leaving the party.

“I’m just going to the bathroom,” T-Raww replied. “I’ll be right back.”

The whole thing is sure to spark another round of “Blac and Tyga are getting back together” rumors, but sources say their interaction appeared to be platonic.

Later in the evening, Chyna, Tyga, and Lamar were spotted conversing with Jennifer Lopez’s ex Casper Smart.

So let this be a lesson to all you young people out there.

Don’t bother going to school or developing a skill.

In the 21st century, you can just have sex with a famous person and get invited to fancy parties for the rest of your life.

Sadly, it seems Scott Disick was unable to attend last night’s festivities.