Amy Roloff Tries to Squash Family Feud Rumors

Over the past two weeks, various members of the Little People, Big World family have been sharing various photos online.

They’ve all been very cute and awfully precious because they’ve featured relatives enjoying the holidays together.

But there’s been something missing.

Or, rather, there has been someone missing from any photo that featured Jeremy Roloff and any photo that featured Audrey Roloff.

It’s true. Have you not noticed it?

None of the images shared by members of the Roloffs has depicted both Audrey AND Jeremy in the same shot.

Take note of the snapshot posted above by Amy, for example.

And also the one below, posted by her ex-husband, Matt.

For this reason, and a few others, some fans of this TLC program have been wondering if there’s a rivalry between Jacob and Audrey.

They don’t follow each other on Instagram and they definitely have contrasting views on life.

Jacob is not religious. He travels around the country with his girlfriend and dogs and doesn’t seem too anxious to settle down in one place.

Audrey is VERY religious. She adores her life at home with husband Jeremy and new daughter, Ember.

Is it possible these two have been unable to find any common ground on which they can get along?


But Amy has responded to chatter over any sort of feud with a simple fact.

Why weren’t Audrey and Jacob together at any point over the holidays? Simple, she wrote to followers on social media:

“To clear it up: Jeremy and Audrey were out of town for New Years.”

Oh. Okay then.

The alleged hatred that may or may not exist between Audrey and Jeremy marks one of the few controversies to surround the Roloffs.

For the most part, these loved ones have appealed to viewers over the years because they get along so well with each other.

There’s rarely any drama.

Late last year, however, some insiders claimed there was tension between Amy and Matt (see below) due to the latter’s relationship with Caryn Chandler, who started dating the family patriarch despite also knowing Amy pretty well.

Audrey has also received some backlash for the sort of marriage advice she gives on a constant basis.

Will these reports and rumors have any impact in upcoming episodes?

Will the Roloffs get along differently when the new season premieres?

We’re anxious to find out.

(In other words: Hint, hint, TLC… bring the show back ASAP please!)


Maksim Chmerkovskiy Apologizes to Vanessa Lachey, Tries to Squash Beef Rumors

Amidst rumors that he and Dancing with the Stars partner Vanessa Lachey don’t exactly get along, Maksim Chmerkovskiy has come out and attempted to quiet all such chatter.

He’s issued a direct apology to the television personality.

“As you are all aware, I had to leave the show last week to take care of some personal issues,” Chmerkovskiy Tweeted on Wednesday, adding:

“I take full responsibility for my actions and want to apologize to my partner Vanessa.

“We are both looking forward to dancing for our fans next week!”

To open the ABC broadcast on Monday night, co-host Erin Andrews told viewers that the international stud muffin was absent due to “personal issues” and Lachey would be dancing with Alan Bersten instead.

No other information was given at the time.

But the timing was questionable because Chmerkovskiy essentially no-showed an episode just as the Internet was blowing up with rumors of a rivalry between himself and his partner.

“There is a lot of fighting going on behind the scenes,” a source told Us Weekly this week, explaining a bit more in detail:

“Their personalities are very similar so they disagree about everything. They refuse to give into one another…

“They’re playing nice for the cameras, but both are miserable paired with each other.”

This alleged dispute hasn’t affected the tandem on screen, however.

If there is a beef, it’s been put aside during the actual program, as Chmerkovskiy and Lachey have sat atop the leaderboard all season long.

And they’ll be back at it again in just a few days.

“New week! VEEEEERY excited for @DancingABC new dance studio and new dance with @Vanessa Lachey! Can’t wait to be back at the Ballroom!” Chmerkovskiy also Tweeted yesterday.

Fellow professional Lindsay Arnold, meanwhile, has confirmed to People Magazine that she saw Maks and Vanessa in the studio this week.

Yes, together.

Elsewhere, actress Sasha Pieterse (who is competing on Season 25) also spoke to People and basically said if there’s tension between Chmerkovskiy and Lachey… well… she hasn’t seen it.

With Vanessa’s husband (Nick Lachey) and Maksim’s wife (Peta Murgatroyd) also paired up this fall, the former Pretty Little Liars star says everyone is having a blast.

“Honestly, they’re awesome, I love them. Nick and Vanessa are awesome so are Peta and Maks. They’re such a fun partnership,” said Pieterse, who is still alive with partner Gleb Savchenko.

In the end, of course, does it really matter if Chmerkovskiy and Lachey get along?

If anything, it’s almost more interesting that they may detest each other personally, yet are still able to perform well professionally.

All we know for sure is that we’ll be tuning in next week to see if we can spot any issues at all between these two while they once again try to impress the judges and the viewers at home.


Stevie J to Joseline Hernandez: Let’s Squash Our Beef!

Fatherhood can really change a man.

Even when that man is Stevie J.

The reality star and occasional rapper spent the last few months slamming former lover Joseline Hernandez in every conceivable fashion.

He accused his ex of taking drugs while pregnant… he accused her of physically assaulting him… and he asked a judge to force Hernandez to undergo a psychological evaluation.

Stevie also filed a defamation lawsuit against Joseline after she repeatedly charged that the VH1 star molested his daughter, an accusation she hurled against Stevie while announcing her pregnancy.

Her pregnancy by Stevie, we ought to add.

We think it’s safe to say these two have an unconventional relationship.

But might there be hope for them yet?

Perhaps not as a romantic item, but at least as civil human beings capable of raising a child together?

According to TMZ, Stevie was due in court on Wednesday for a hearing related to the aforementioned defamation lawsuit he brought against Joseline several weeks ago.

But he didn’t show up.

Might he have simply forgotten? It’s possible

However… might he be walking away from this lawsuit as a peace offering to Joseline? As a sign that he wants to squash their beef?

This is what we’re choosing to believe.

Hernandez, after all, gave birth to a girl named Bonie Bella in late December.

Both halves of this unstable former couple shared pictures of the newborn on social media, clearly excited over their existence.

Is she enough to turn their relationship around?

We think so. The miracle of life is enough to mend all fences, even fences that have previously been broken by allegations of child molestation and rampant drug use.

Earlier this week a little more than a week after becoming a father once again, Stevie was asked about Joseline.

He didn’t slam her. He didn’t say anything negative about her at all.

The reality star went as far as to acknowledge that the pair must “come together” in order to be the “best parents” they can be.

Sage words, huh? Not the kind you would expect from Stevie J. See what he had to say about the situation below:

Those who want to see what else Stevie J has to do and say these days can watch Leave It to Stevie online, as VH1 has gone ahead and given this quasi artist his very own spinoff.

It’s everything we could ever want from a Stevie J reality show… and more!

Click below to get caught up with the latest episode and then sound off:

Do you want to see Stevie and Joseline get back together?!?