The Voice Results: Which Four Exited Stage Left?!

The Voice is well-known for bloodbath elimination episodes, and Tuesday night’s big sing-off found four acts going home. 

When the crazy episode got underway, Jennifer Hudson took to the stage to perform “Burden Down.” It was a ballad only worthy of her tremendous voice, and it’s clearly going to be a hit. 

Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors and Bebe Rexha performed “Home” right after and proved that you can mess with different sounds to try and create a hit. 

When it came to the results…


Chloe Kohanski (Team Blake)

Addison Agen (Team Adam)

Brooke Simpson (Team Miley)

Instant Elimination

Davon Fleming (Team Jennifer)

Keisha Renee (Team Blake)

Those results meant that Red Marlowe, Adam Cunningham and Noah Mac had to duke it out for survival with one final performance each. 

Red Marlow (Team Blake) – “Dixieland Delight”

Red has proven on multiple occasions that he has the voice that should be in the finale of the season. While his on-the-spot performance was not all that, it was still an okay performance that showed off his beautiful country voice. 

Adam Cunningham (Team Adam), “Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)”

Adam has been circling the drain for weeks now, and after a sudden resurgence last week, his performance to save himself was somewhat lacklustre. 

It was filled with issues, and that was likely down to Adam knowing he was very likely about to be clipped from the competition. 

Noah Mac (Team Jennifer) – “Sign of the Times”

Noah could not have picked a worse song to save himself. It was all over the place and seemed like he was trying way too hard to win. The notes were flat, and the overall performance seemed like a misstep for him. 

The final results were not shocking. Noah Mac and Adam Cunningham were sent packing, and Red Marlowe got to advance to the final stage of the competition. 

What did you think of the eliminations?

Sound off below!


Matthew McConaughey Grooves on Stage with Jimmy Buffett During ‘Beach Bum’ Filming

Matthew McConaughey’s just a beach bum these days … who happened to find his way on stage with Jimmy Buffett to dance along to one of his legendary island jams. The Oscar-winning actor’s in Miami shooting for his upcoming film, “The Beach…


Matthew McConaughey Grooves on Stage with Jimmy Buffett During ‘Beach Bum’ Filming

Matthew McConaughey’s just a beach bum these days … who happened to find his way on stage with Jimmy Buffett to dance along to one of his legendary island jams. The Oscar-winning actor’s in Miami shooting for his upcoming film, “The Beach…


Kesha: Bares Her Glittery Butt on Stage!

Kesha has been going through a huge legal battle, but that pales beside the tremendous emotional toll that she’s experienced after years of alleged abuse and reliving the trauma by coming forward. That can change you.

But though Kesha’s musical style has changed since her “Tik Tok” days, she’s still fun, spontaneous, and an absolute gift to her fans.

And she’s baring her butt to prove it.

Back in, like, 2008, Kesha surged to popularity with Animal.

For the next few years, “Tik Tok” was basically required listening at most parties, and Kesha music has been a party staple ever since.

Basically, if you’ve been to a party that didn’t play Kesha’s music, we hope that you brought the birthday boy a nice present — they’ll only turn 7 once.

Back in February of 2016, however, Kesha gained attention for something very different when a judge’s ruling prompted her to sob openly in court.

Though Kesha’s alleged sex abuse at the hands of Dr. Luke had been revealed years ago, most of the world had been unaware of her legal struggle to separate herself from the infamous music producer.

Celebrities tweeted their support — Taylor Swift sent a check, actually.

Singers like Adele used their platforms to voice their support for Kesha and for her bid for independence from the man whom she accuses of having abused her for a decade.

In addition to those voicing support for Kesha, other singers who have worked with Dr. Luke have spoken out to condemn him, based purely upon their own experiences.

Pink condemned Dr. Luke, saying that though she can’t speak to the veracity of Kesha’s accusations, Dr. Luke deserves what he’s getting because he’s a scumbag.

Kelly Clarkson slammed Dr. Luke, saying that he’s not a good person. When Kelly Clarkson, who doesn’t like to bash people, is talking about you like this, something is up.

Contract law isn’t built on justice, however.

Even though this entire situation has been a PR nightmare for Sony, it’s appeared that their hands are tied.

And Kesha’s fight has remained uphill.

In fact, Kesha had to withdraw her lawsuit in California. In New York, however, the battle rages on.

Kesha, however, is finally getting to tour again — and when Kesha tours, there’s more to the performance than just her beautiful music.

Just look at this photo that Kesha shared on Friday.

She captioned the image as “GlitterButt!!!” when she tweeted it out.

That is just so cute.

After everything that Kesha’s been through, it’s so heartwarming to see her feeling comfortable with her body and her fans — to see her both experiencing and spreading joy.

Kesha has been personally throwing glitter on her audience, which is a blessing.

A blessing that doesn’t fade. Two friends of mine saw Kesha when she came to town, and both were talking the next day about glitter following them to work despite their best efforts (and showers).

One, who works at a doggie daycare, ended up inadvertently spreading glitter to the dogs. Harmlessly, of course.

The other, an accountant, accidentally bedazzled her office chair.

But that goes with the territory. Nobody’s going to actually complain about having glitter thrown on them by Kesha herself.

And we’re guessing that fans aren’t going to complain about getting mooned by Kesha, either.

We haven’t felt this encouraged about Kesha since she released “Praying” as a single.

That song was a not-so-subtle reference to her horrible experiences at the hands of Dr. Luke, but it’s a powerful anthem.

And her whole album is out, of course.

Kesha is, as always, a gift.


Sarah Stage Welcomes Baby #2! (Is It a Boy or Girl?!?)

Six-Pack Mom is now a two-time mom.

The California native and Instagram model, who has received backlash during both her pregnancies for sharing photos of her tiny baby bump and well-sculpted body, welcomed another child into the world this week,

Along with husband Kris Jason, Stage is now the parent to a boy named Logan Alexander.


The 33-year-old gave birth on Monday via C-section, E! News has confirmed.

The precious bundle of joy weighed seven pounds two ounces at birth and measured 19 inches in length.

“We are so overjoyed and happy to welcome baby Logan into our family,” Stage and Jason told E! in a statement.

The couple is also parents to a two-and-a-half-year old named James.

Added a rep in a separate statement:

“Sarah, husband Kris and baby Logan are resting. Sarah delivered Logan this afternoon and is resting with new baby per the Doctors orders.

“Her toddler James is with family, has met his baby brother and the family is very excited.

“Sarah and family thanks everyone for their overwhelming amount of support, and promises everyone will get to see baby Logan soon.”

Stage has over 2.3 million followers on Instagram.

She has become a viral sensation and also a source of viral confusion and anger due to the photos she so frequently shares online.

Take the picture at the outset of this article, for example.

Would you believe Stage posed for it a mere FOUR days before becoming a mother?!?

In August, when she was seven months along with her second child, Stage said that she has gained 18 pounds during her pregnancy thus far, weighing 137 pounds.

She even told followers that she “craved In-N-Out” while expecting, yet her fitness routine and/or impressive metabolism enabled Stage to look like this even with many burgers and one baby in her belly: 

“As long as the baby is healthy, I don’t think anything else matters…That should be the most important thing,” she told Good Morning America during her first pregnancy, amidst criticism over her svelte body.

Stage has also clapped back against accusations of Photoshop over the years.

“She shares her images with her audience to embrace all different body types and her pregnancy,” a rep told People Magazine this summer, adding:

“She’s been shamed through both pregnancies. She’s trying to put her journey out there to encourage others.”

We’re not about to judge her, that’s for sure.

We’re just going to send her our hearty congratulations on the baby boy. We can’t wait to see a photo!

In the meantime, take a look below at the many other celebrities who became fathers and mothers in 2017. It’s quite the list…