‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Williams Says Her Ex is Stalking, Harassing Her

Ex-‘Basketball Wives’ star Jennifer Williams is firing back at her ex who just got a temporary restraining order against her, claiming he’s stalking and harassing her … and she’s scared for her life. Jennifer filed for her own restraining order…


Kris Jenner: I’m Stalking Blac Chyna!

Kris Jenner started raising children long before “helicopter parenting” was a common expression, so in a sense, she’s a real trailblazer.

Kris was controlling every aspect of her kids’ lives before it was popular, and she’s showing no signs of letting up now that they’re adults.

Obviously, Kris still micro-manages every aspect of her kids’ careers, but her influence doesn’t stop at sex tapes and Fit Tea endorsement deals.

No, Kris is very much involved in her kids’ personal lives, too, and these days that means attending to main responsibilities:

Seeing that Kylie’s pregnancy goes smoothly, and keeping up her lifelong efforts to ensure Rob doesn’t completely go off the rails.

As you’ve probably heard, Rob’s breakup with Blac Chyna wasn’t exactly an amicable affair.

And by that, we mean Rob posted nude photos of Chyna without her consent and stalked and harassed her to the point that she was forced to file for a restraining order.

You’d think the fact that Chyna has taken legal action to distance herself from the Kards would send a message that the whole family should just back off.

Unfortunately, Kris and company are too pissed off to take the hint, likely as a result of the fact that Blac is suing the entire Kardashian family, while simultaneously fighting for sole custody of daughter Dream.

So the fact that Kris has allegedly hired a private investigator to tail Chyna and offer reports on her behavior really doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

“They want vengeance not because Chyna hurt Rob but because she insulted the family and dragged their name through the mud,” a source close to the situation tells Star magazine.

“They’ve got the inside track of what Chyna’s doing 24/7 and won’t rest until they see Chyna go down in flames,” the insider adds.

It may seem excessive, but the thing is, it’s not enough for the Kards to beat Chyna in court.

As it is, their victory is pretty much guaranteed.

(Let’s not forget that this is the family that first rose to prominence for its role in getting freakin’ OJ acquitted. They know good lawyers.)

No, Kris’ goal at this point is to keep this thing from ever going to trial.

She’s got Blac in the position where if she does anything remotely embarrassing in the next few months, she’ll leave herself vulnerable to being blackmailed.

And this, folks, is one of the many reasons you don’t mess with Mama Kris.


Jason Hoppy: Stalking Case Dismissed?

Way back in late spring, we heard Bethenny Frankel reveal that ex Jason Hoppy was still torturing her, telling her fellow Real Housewives of New York City stars that she was “in hell.”

All year, it seems, Bethenny and Jason have been facing off in court. Bethenny has stated that all that she really wants is zero contact with Jason Hoppy. That’s not really asking a lot.

Today, there was a new development in Jason’s case. Is she going to get what she wants? Well

Sometimes, Bethenny Frankel can come across as insensitive. But this is a wildly compassionate woman.

Back in August, when Houston was left devastated by Hurricane Harvey — that was several massive natural disasters ago, so we understand if it’s slipped your mind — Bethanny Frankel was one of the celebrities who contributed to relief efforts.

She and her people have worked tirelessly on the devastation left in Florida, on the horrible destruction that has ravaged California in the wake of wildfires, and on Puerto Rico.

Bethenny Frankel, instead of lobbing paper towel rolls at hurricane survivors to “make things fun” or whatever, flew with multiple private jets to unload much-needed supplies, taking part in a massive and worthy operation.

Many fans praised her online and remarked that it’s a sad day when a Real Housewife, no matter how popular, does more to American citizens in the wake of a disaster than the sitting President.

Also, Bethanny’s organization has been handing out cash to survivors in areas where they can then use that cash. Sometimes, supplies aren’t enough.

Oh,a nd remember how Bethenny Frankel might have cancer? She got surgery for that in the middle of all of this.

Because she’s unstoppable, basically.

And Bethenny does not deserve the kind of hell that she’s been in.

Her divorce from Jason Hoppy was nasty, drawn out, and expensive. Normally, even the nastiest divorce is supposed to be the end of things.

But that hasn’t been the case for Bethenny.

Back in late January of this year, Jason Hoppy was arrested for stalking Bethenny Frankel after an incident at their daughter’s school.

You might look at that and say that there are “two sides” or whatever, but a security guard at the school confirmed Bethenny’s account of events.

Five months later, in late June, Jason Hoppy was arraigned on more charges after he allegedly couldn’t stop sending messages.

(It’s believed that he was sending harassing messages to people in Bethanny’s life, though we had to read between the lines a little bit and look up what specific charges meant).

Harassment by proxy is still harassment, folks.

Even when Jason Hoppy was offered a really good deal, he seemed hesitant to accept it — as if he had plans to continue harassing Bethenny Frankel.

Today — Monday, October 23rd — Jason Hoppy’s case has been adjourned while the judge contemplates dismissal.

At the same time, Jason Hoppy has been ordered to stay away from Bethenny Frankel with a 6-month order.

To be clear, “staying away” includes:

-Jason may not contact Bethenny in any capacity, through phone or email or by a third party (so he can’t harass her friends, either)

-Jason must stay away from Bethenny’s home and place(s) of work, obviously

-Jason cannot go to their daughter’s school (Bryn is 7) while Bethenny is present, which makes sense as that’s where all of this started

Violating this six-month order means getting arrested and it would also mean his existing charges not being dismissed.

This is probably a frustrating scenario for Jason, as it appears that he does not like not being able to contact his ex to the point where, well, he’s a defendant in court.

But is it a relief for Bethenny?

Six months is a long time when you’re a kid waiting for your birthday.

For a pair of forty-somethings, six months can go by before you notice. That’s how life experience molds our perception of time, folks.

Will Bethenny somehow be able to extend the order indefinitely? It sometimes strikes us as bizarre that people can’t just go out and get lifelong restraining orders without exceptional circumstances.

Like, “my ex is creepy” should be enough unless it’s somehow burdening your ex, in which case the burden of proof might need to be raised a little.

Anyway, we don’t know what Bethenny’s going to do after these six months are over.

Assuming, of course, that Jason Hoppy can manage to stay out of trouble for that long.


Chelsea Houska to Teen Mom 2 Fans: Stop Stalking Me!!!

So Chelsea Houska is probably the most popular Teen Mom out of all the Teen Moms, right?

All the other moms have had their own scandals — too many baby daddies, too many arrests, that sort of thing.

Even Maci Bookout, the favorite on Teen Mom OG, has been accused of having a drinking problem, and even of drinking while pregnant with her third child.

Chelsea, meanwhile, lives a quiet, simple life with her precious family and all her precious pets.

Looking back, the worst thing about her was her refusal to let go of her relationship with Adam Lind, but since she’s married with a new baby with Cole DeBoer these days, it’s probably safe to say her Adam-obsessed days are behind her.

(Also she’s called him a sociopath and shades him on the show regularly, so there’s that.)

Considering all of that, it’s easy to see why Chelsea is the fan favorite, right?

But while it’s understandable that people love her, this new issue that she’s discussing on Twitter?

It’s 100% inexcusable.

“I love you guys and appreciate the support and love u have for my fam,” she tweeted over the weekend, “but pleease don’t come to our makes us really uncomfortable.”

And if that’s not scary enough, she added that “Unfortunately it’s been happening enough lately where I just felt like I had to say something.”

So people are finding out where Chelsea lives and actually visiting her house?

And not just a few people, but enough to make her feel compelled to make a statement like this?

No. No no no. Nope.

Despite being on a reality show, Chelsea is obviously a somewhat private person — and even if she wasn’t, that shouldn’t give fans an invitation to drop by her home.

She’s also at this weird level of fame where she’s big enough that people know who she is and obviously want to reach out to her, but not big enough to have any kind of real security on a day-to-day basis.

Like, you know this sort of thing wouldn’t fly with a Kardashian, but the Teen Mom girls are just out in South Dakota or Delaware or wherever, trying to live relatively normal lives while also starring on a huge reality show.

They don’t live in wealthy gated communities, they don’t really have the ability to keep their addresses unlisted anywhere.

It’s scary.

To up the fear factor even more, Chelsea revealed this horrifying little tale …

“When I was pregnant with Watson I had someone come to my door,” she tweeted. “I answered thinking it was UPS or FedEx w a package.”

“They proceeded to touch my pregnant belly and ask me personal questions about my life.”

And it turns out that Chelsea isn’t the only Teen Mom who has to deal with this kind of thing — Kailyn Lowry responded to her original tweet, writing “Thank you for tweeting this!!!!! Agreed.”

Catelynn Lowell also responded, saying “It has also happened to @TylerBaltierra and I and you are correct it feels so uncomfortable…”

So OK, listen up, fellow Teen Mom superfans.

We know these are some delightful shows. We’ve seen so much of these girls’ lives, we’ve seen their ups and downs since they were 16 and Pregnant, and it does feel like we know them.

But we don’t. At all. And to act otherwise, to show up to their homes like they owe you something is just not something that needs to be done.

Tone down the creepiness, reel yourself in, and just watch the show and stalk their social media accounts like the rest of us.

There’s no need to be this sketchy.


Andrew Glennon: Amber Portwood’s Boyfriend Addresses Stalking, Harassment Allegations

Earlier this week, we reported that Amber Portwood’s boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, has been accused of stalking and harassing an ex, with the situation eventually becoming so dire that the woman was granted a three-year restraining order.

But it turns out that wasn’t the whole story.

We now know that two of Andrew’s recent exes have requested and been granted legal protection from the reality TV producer.

The second restraining order request was filed in 2015 after a relationship of just three months.

The ex in that case said she feared for her safety and asked that her family be granted protection from Glennon, as well.

“He has threatened me verbally and I believe yesterday he sent an anonymous letter to my boss and coworkers to deliberately trying to smear me,” she wrote in court documents.

“He has contacted my family and my friends in order to try and find out about me. I am scared for my safety and I am scared of him.”

Frightening stuff.

Fans are understandably concerned, as Amber just rid herself of one low-life with a history of troubling legal problems when she dumped Matt Baier back in June.

Now, it seems she’s found herself in another dangerous relationship.

Perhaps in response to the outpouring of concern, Glennon is now addressing the charges against him.

“I have three sisters and would never consider stalking nor harassing any women,” he said in a statement issued to Radar Online.

“In hindsight, I should have contested the first [restraining order filed against me].”

As for the second restraining order, Glennon rather astonishingly admits to sending the anonymous letter, but maintains he did so out of a sense of duty to our nation’s children. No, seriously:

“I felt it necessary, her being a teacher, to let her employers know what type of person they have working for them,” he told Radar.

“She was one of the most poisonous relationships I’ve ever had.”

Despite the “poisonous” nature of the relationship, Glennon says he still speaks to the second ex on a regular basis.

Sounds to us like Amber should run from this guy and never look back.

Watch Teen Mom: OG online to relive Portwood’s long history of awful relationships.