Maci Bookout on Mackenzie Standifer: She is SO SHADY!

You'll never believe this, but we have another not-so-flattering story about Mackenzie Standifer to share today.

Except you'll definitely believe it, because out of all the many, many stories of Mackenzie we've shared in the past several months, literally none of them have been flattering.

It's just that she's so … what's the word … snake-like? Manipulative? Untrustworthy? Terrible?

It's hard to say, but the point is that Mackenzie is Teen Mom OG's biggest villain right now, and that point is proven yet again in this sneak peek for next week's episode.

In this clip, Maci is driving around town with a couple of friends, and she tells them that she just got an invitation to Ryan and Mackenzie's wedding in the mail.

"I thought that already happened," one friend says — and we can't help but detect a little bit of shade at the reference to the parking lot wedding of the century.

Maci says that while they are already married, they're planning on having an actual wedding, which was the one that took place in November.

But that's not exactly what she wanted to discuss with her pals.

"The wedding invitation is only addressed for myself and Bentley," she says. "Like it says Maci Bookout, not Maci McKinney, and Bentley."

And that's not cool.

We use Maci's maiden name because that's how people know her — like, nobody is out there Googling "Maci McKinney."

But obviously Mackenzie has a close relationship with Maci as the stepmother of her son, so there's no chance she wouldn't know the proper way to address her.

And to leave out her husband and her two other children on the invitation?

Come on, Mackenzie. Come on.

Her friend asks who she thinks addressed the invitations, and she points out that it's definitely "a girl's handwriting."

But instead of making a big deal about the slight, Maci says that she's just going to RSVP to the invitation with her married name and her actual number of guests.

Her friend suggests that she respond to the invitation with "not attending," and she laughs and admits that she wishes she could do that.

Who could blame her for not looking forward to that mess?

The clip ends with Maci's friend saying "shame on" Ryan and Mackenzie for this petty little move — and if it wasn't a petty move, then it certainly was a thoughtless one.

Check out the drama in the video below:

Maci bookout on mackenzie standifer she is so shady

Mackenzie Standifer: I’m Afraid Ryan Edwards Will Relapse!

If you’re a fan of Teen Mom 2, then you’re no doubt aware of Ryan Edwards recent struggles with addiction.

Edwards hit rock bottom before an audience of millions when he passed out while driving to his own wedding, a shocking scene that was captured by MTV cameras.

Shortly after exchanging vows with Mackenzie Standifer, Edwards checked into rehab, and he’s reportedly been sober ever since.

But that doesn’t mean the early months of his marriage have been entirely smooth sailing.

On this week’s episode of TM2, Standifer opened up to a friend, revealing that in some ways, her life was easier when her husband was in rehab, as she knew that he couldn’t get acquire drugs.

When Edwards returned home, Standifer says, the fear that he might disappear on a bender became overpowering.

“When Ryan was in rehab it was easy,” she told her friend.

“I knew he couldn’t get anything. He was safe. When we came home life punched us in the face. If he wanted it he could go get it. It’s scary.” 

Mackenzie went on to reveal that Edwards’ short temper has also been a constant source of stress in her marriage:

“You can be angry, but you can’t talk to me like that,” she said.

“This is hard for me too. I knew it would be hard, but I didn’t know it would be like this. It’s stress all the time. I’m so exhausted. I’m sad and depressed and angry.”

Clearly in despair from the stress of a “honeymoon period” marred by the ravages of addiction, Mackenzie complained that marriage to Edwards has exacted a profound emotional toll.

“I didn’t know it would be like this. It’s stress all the time. I’m so exhausted. I’m sad and depressed and angry.”

Needless to say, the Ryan and Mackenzie are enduring an incredibly trying time.

However, many viewers stated on social media that their fears were somewhat allayed by a touching scene in which Edwards expressed his gratitude to Standifer for essentially saving his life:

“It’s disgusting I let myself go like that,” he told his wife.

“It’s just pathetic. I’m so glad I listened to you and got help. You’ve been very, very understanding. I couldn’t have done this without you. Is there anything I could do to help you through this?”

Clearly, Ryan and Mackenzie have a long way in getting their marriage to a place where they’re both at their happiest and healthiest.

But the good news is, it seems that they’re both willing to put in the necessary work.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the many ups and downs of the Edwards’ marriage.


Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer: Trying for a Baby?!

Hasn’t it been such a joy having Mackenzie Standifer on Teen Mom OG?

Not because she’s like some great person or anything like that, it’s just that she’s been making for some really, really great TV.

She’s been in Ryan Edwards’ life for a little over a year now, and that may sound crazy, considering all they’ve been through in that time, but it’s true.

She filed for divorce from her first husband in the summer of 2016, the divorce was finalized that winter, and a few days later, Ryan proposed.

Then, though they’d been planning a big wedding for November, they got married in an awkward, rushed ceremony last May so that, as Mackenzie explained, they’d have some sort of advantage in Ryan’s custody case for Bentley.

It didn’t make sense then, it doesn’t make sense now, but that’s what happened.

They got married in a parking lot down by the river, Ryan was high out of his mind, and very shortly after the wedding, he went off to rehab.

Even though he’d been doing heroin, he felt comfortable leaving rehab early, and a couple of months after that he was caught talking to other women on Tinder.

And by “talking,” we mean “propositioning and asking very graphic questions about their genitals.”

Still, after all that, Mackenzie stood by him, and they even went ahead and had that big wedding they’d planned for November,

With Ryan, we’ve seen him on the show for nearly a decade now, so we know that he doesn’t usually feel too many feelings, and he rarely seems to care about anyone but himself.

So his reasoning for staying with Mackenzie … well, it’s pretty whatever.

But Mack is new to the show, so we don’t know nearly as much about her. We know that she’s 21 years old and she already has a son and she’s already on her second marriage.

What’s her motivation for sticking with Ryan? Does she really love his immature ass that much? Is she just trying to get that Teen Mom money and/or fame?

It’s hard to tell, but one thing is for sure: whatever she’s doing, she’s really going for it.

And what better way to cement your questionable relationship with a reality star than by having a baaaaaaby?!

She hasn’t come out with a pregnancy announcement just yet, but Mackenzie has come out with approximately a million ads on Instagram.

It’s starting to look like she’ll advertise the hell out of anything and everything, and her latest product is some sort of fancy scientific bracelet.

In the caption, she explained that “One of my resolutions for 2018 is to become more in tune with my body,” and that she’s going to get that done with this bracelet.

She said that it “works while you sleep to gather insights on your monthly cycle, and tells you when your 5 most fertile days are.”‘

This way, she added, “We’ll be ready to go if we ever decide to try for Baby #3!”

Girl. Girl.

Suspiciously enough, this isn’t the first time she’s hinted at having a baby with Ryan.

In a Q&A she posted on her website last month, she wrote that “We both want ONE more. God’s plan is good enough for us. We will have one in His timing!”

Usually when people say things about leaving their family planning up to God, they mean that they aren’t using any kind of birth control, and whatever happens, happens.

That’s not to say that this is what Mackenzie is trying to communicate with all of this, but considering everything …

Well, we’ll just say that we wouldn’t be surprised to hear a pregnancy announcement from these two sometime soon.


Mackenzie Standifer: I Saved Ryan Edwards’ Life!!!

Oh, that Mackenzie Standifer … has Teen Mom ever had such a universally hated cast member?

Well, there was the complete douchebaggery that was Matt Baier. And most people have pretty strong feelings against Farrah Abraham.

Mackenzie's husband, Ryan Edwards, has never been that likable himself.

But still, there's just something special about Mackenzie, something that makes her so very easy to despise.

And she's making that even easier with a new blog she wrote about Ryan's addiction …

1. Suspicious …

Mackenzie edwards
If you’ve watched Teen Mom at all in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed that Ryan’s seemed a little bit … off. From his bugged out eyes to his disappearances to “the bank” for hours every day, something just wasn’t right with him.

2. The Big Reveal

Ryan edwards on teen mom o g
Turns out, that “something” was drugs.

3. Understandable Tears

Maci bookout cries
As Maci revealed in an episode last season, Ryan had been struggling with addiction. She didn’t give out any details, but it was obvious that Ryan was into something bad.

4. Heroin?

Ryan edwards track mark photos
At one point last season, Maci said that a friend of Ryan’s had texted her and let her know that things had somehow gotten even worse for him, and though again she didn’t get into specifics, the news obviously shook her up. Then, in this scene from the season finale, fans spotted what looked like track marks on Ryan’s arms.

5. What a Nightmare

Mackenzie standifer ryan edwards
After fans spotted those alleged track marks, they saw Ryan nod off while driving himself and Mackenzie to their parking lot wedding. It was definitely one of the most shocking moments in the history of Teen Mom, and it made it clear that Ryan had a big, big problem.

6. Yep, Heroin

Ryan edwards closeup
And on an episode this season, it was confirmed that Ryan was doing heroin, so there’s that tragic little tidbit.

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Mackenzie Standifer Goes on INSANE Rant Against MTV!

So hey, how fun is this new season of Teen Mom OG?!

We're finally getting to see Amber Portwood realize how awful Matt Baier has always been, and it's nice to see Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra come into their own as business owners.

But it's truly been just the biggest pleasure to see more of Mackenzie Standifer. Because the girl is wild.

Ryan Edwards' new wife is bringing some delightful drama to the show, and she's been so bizarre and delusional and unintentionally hilarious since she's been on the scene.

Right now though, she's really outdoing herself with a new, sassy little entry she just posted on her blog …

1. Oh, Mackenzie …

Mackenzie standifer picture
Mackenzie hasn’t been on Teen Mom OG all that long — after all, it’s barely been a year since she began dating Ryan Edwards. But in the short time she’s been on the show, she’s really made her mark.

2. First Impressions

First impressions
At first, many viewers thought this girl would be good for Ryan. She’s so young, but she seems much older, and lots of people thought she had her life together. Those people were wrong.

3. Yikes

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer photo
As we saw more of her on the show, it started getting weird how she’d never say anything about his increasinly bizarre behavior. Then, on the last season finale, she went and made herself into the biggest Teen Mom villain since Matt Baier.

4. A Wedding to Remember

Mackenzie standifer ryan edwards
While driving to their wedding, Ryan began nodding off behind the wheel. Instead of instructing him to pull over, Mackenzie helped him steer, and then she concerned herself with disabling the cameras in the car while asking him if he’d been taking Xanax again. She seemed angry at him instead of concerned, and then after all that she went ahead and married him in that parking lot while his mother sobbed through the ceremony.

5. Digging the Hole Deeper

Mackenzie edwards
As if all that wasn’t bad enough, she went on to make a fool out of herself at the reunion show. She blamed Maci Bookout for Ryan’s drug use, and she actually claimed that she had no idea that he’d been using drugs until that fateful drive to the wedding. Yep, this girl is remarkably unlikable.

6. Ugh

Ryan and mackenzie edwards
The current season picked up at the reunion, and we got to see Amber call Mackenzie a “f-cking c-nt,” which was cute. We’re also seeing Ryan fresh out of rehab, and it’s been interesting, to say the least. Mostly because Mackenzie has just been the absolute worst.

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Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer: We’re Gonna Have a Baby!

Don't you just love hearing details about the strange, strange couple that is Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer?

Of course you do — it's human nature to feel compelled to look at a train wreck, and if Ryan and Mack aren't a train wreck, then what are they?

Somehow, someway, they managed to make themselves into one of the most hated couples in the Teen Mom franchise, and that's really saying something.

So hey, why not throw a new baby in the mix?!

1. A Love Story

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer photo
Ryan and Mackenzie have been together since sometime last fall. That’s when she was introduced on Teen Mom OG, and we know they got engaged last December. At first, if you’ll remember, many people thought that Mackenzie seemed sweet, stable, and like she’d be a good influence on Ryan. And those people were wrong.

2. Worse and Worse …

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer pic
On the last OG season, we saw them planning their wedding, and we also saw Ryan continue to be just high out of his mind. Maci confirmed that he was doing drugs, but Ryan and Mackenzie didn’t mention anything of the sort until the season finale.

3. A Parking Lot Wedding to Remember

Mackenzie standifer ryan edwards
For some reason concerning Bentley’s custody that still doesn’t really make sense, Ryan and Mackenzie decided to get married in a quick little ceremony in a parking lot in May instead of waiting for their planned wedding in November. Ryan drove them both to the wedding, and it wasn’t a great time.

4. Nope Nope Nope

Mackenzie standifer and ryan edwards
He was nodding off behind the wheel, so much that Mackenzie had to help him steer. Instead of instructing him to pull over, she concerned herself with turning of MTV’s cameras in the car, and we heard her ask him if he’d been taking Xanax “again.”

5. What a Fairytale

Ryan edwards wedding photo
Even though Ryan could have easily killed them on the drive over, and even though their only guests were Ryan’s devastated parents, they got married anyway. The whole thing was shocking and depressing and just very, very bad. Some have even called it the darkest moment in Teen Mom history.

6. Off to Rehab

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer photo
On the reunion special for that season, Mackenzie claimed that that fateful wedding drive was the very first time she ever noticed Ryan’s drug use, and that she shipped him off to rehab the very next day. It’s a little hard to believe, especially considering that thousands of strangers noticed his drug use at least a year before, but hey, sure.

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Mackenzie Standifer: It’s Maci Bookout’s Fault Ryan Edwards Did Drugs!

On last season's Teen Mom: OG finale, Ryan Edwards hit rock bottom in shocking fashion, passing out behind the wheel while driving to his own wedding.

Shortly thereafter, Edwards checked into rehab, and he's reportedly been clean and sober ever since.

But as we learned from last night's TM:OG season premiere, Ryan's substance abuse is still very much on the minds of his loved ones, especially wife Mackenzie Standifer, who expressed some surprising thoughts about Edwards, his addiction, and his relationship with ex Maci Bookout.

Here's a rundown of exactly what happened and how fans reacted to Standifer's bold claims:

1. A Terrifying Low

Mackenzie standifer ryan edwards
Fans were stunned when Edwards nodded off behind the wheel while driving to his wedding on last year’s season finale. This week, we learned new details about just how dangerous his addiction had become.

2. A New Start

Ryan edwards wedding photo
Ryan checked into rehab shortly after his wedding, and he’s reportedly been drug-free for the past several months.

3. Take Two

Mr and mrs ryan edwards
Ryan and Mackenzie held a second wedding earlier this month. The ceremony represented a new beginning for the couple, but it’s clear that Edwards’ demons are still hanging over their heads.

4. Maci vs. Mackenzie

Maci bookout interview with mtv uk
Mackenzie butted heads with Ryan’s baby mama, Maci Bookout, during last season’s reunion show, resulting in an explosive on-stage fight.

5. The Conflict Continues

Mackenzie standifer picture
Comments made by Mackenzie on last night’s season premiere revealed that the discord between the two women in Ryan’s life won’t be letting up any time soon.

6. Blaming Bookout

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer sons
Asked by a therapist about Ryan’s addiction triggers, Mackenzie didn’t hesitate in her respone, revealing that she feels Maci is the primary cause of Edwards’ substance abuse. Needless to say, fans were stunned…

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Mackenzie Standifer Gushes About Ryan Edwards Wedding: No One Passed Out!

Earlier this week, Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards got married with dozens of their closest friend and family members 

Now, you may be yelling at your computer or mobile device, “Hold up a second, THG. Ryan and Mackenzie got married back in May. It was on TV, ya dummies!”

To which we would reply, “You’re right, but there’s really no need for name-calling. Sheesh.”

The couple did tie the knot several months ago, but if you caught the Teen Mom: OG season finale in which the ceremony was featured, then you know it was a joyless affair, and everyone involved would probably prefer to forget about it.

Things got off to a rocky start when Ryan passed out while driving to his own wedding, and, well … they didn’t get much better from there.

Fortunately, Edwards checked into rehab shortly thereafter, and six months later, he’s reportedly still clean and sober.

So Ryan and Mackenzie decided to call a mulligan and give this whole “getting married” business a second shot.

Needless to say, the results were much better the second time around.

“It was amazing, it was the best day ever,” she told us exclusively.

“Everything went so smoothly. It could not have gone any better.” 

Despite a dire forecast, Standifer says, it was nothing but blue skies 

“It was supposed to rain, but it held off,” she explained. “It was just so beautiful.”

Most importantly, the nelwyweds’ kids from previous relationships enjoyed themselves:

“They were so cute,” Mackenzie gushed.

“Hudson, at the end of the ceremony, mopped up the floor with himself—he was rolling on the ground, just like a typical 3-year-old. And Bentley looked so handsome. He looked just like his dad.”

As further proof that all is well between Edwards and his famous ex following a succession of rough patches, Maci Bookout was in attendance, and reportedly, she was all smiles.

“[She] was there. Everything was fine,” Mackenzie said.

“We talked a little bit, and she got along with all my bridesmaids.”

So there you have it.’

In the end, love and rehab conquered all, and Ryan and Mackenzie danced into the night, both of them fully conscious.

Or so we assume.

Watch Teen Mom: OG online to relive the many trials and tribulations that brought Ryan to where he is today.


Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer: Married! Again!

Congrats, Ryan and Mackenzie!

Yesterday, these two Teen Mom OG lovebirds had their second wedding down in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Was it as classy as their first wedding, the one that took place in the parking lot outside the aquarium?

Was it a more festive occasion, were there more guests than just Ryan's devastated parents?

Keep reading for the details!

1. True Love (?!?!)

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer pic
We don’t know too much about the beginning of Ryan and Mackenzie’s love story, but we do know that they met and began dating sometime in 2016 — probably later in 2016, since Mackenzie filed for divorce from her first husband during the summer.

2. The Fast Track

Mackenzie standifer engagement ring
Things apparently clicked for them though, because Ryan proposed that December, less than a month after her divorce was finalized.

3. Trouble in Paradise

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer photo
At first, Teen Mom OG fans thought that Mackenzie was good for Ryan, that she seemed stable and mature and that she’d help him get himself together. But that was not the case, because as time went on, he just got messier.

4. Poor Maci

Maci bookout on teen mom og
Sometime in early spring of this year, Maci Bookout, Ryan’s ex and the mother of his son, Bentley, learned that Ryan was struggling with a severe drug problem. We saw her struggle with the information on the show, but we never saw Ryan or Mackenzie address it — until the season finale.

5. Dream Wedding

Ryan edwards at teen mom og reunion
In May, Ryan and Mackenzie made the quick decision to get married immediately, even though they’d been planning a big church wedding for November. Mackenzie claimed that they wanted to do this to help in their custody case for Bentley, but, you know, that doesn’t exactly make sense.

6. Scary, Scary

Mackenzie standifer ryan edwards
As Ryan drove Mackenzie and himself to the wedding location, it became clear just how serious his problem was — he was so high he started nodding off behind the wheel. Instead of instructing him to pull over, Mackenzie turned the cameras off and asked him if he’d been taking Xanax “again.”

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Mackenzie Standifer Confirms Ryan Edwards Wedding: He’s Doing Amazing!

Looks like wedding bells will indeed be ringing this weekend for one of the Teen Mom franchise’s most discussed couples – again. 

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards’ wedding will take place in the duo’s native Chattanooga, Tenn., and this time, not in a parking lot.

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you surely recall that Ryan and Mackenzie rushed to become husband and wife on the season finale.

How could you possibly forget if you saw that?

The couple tied the knot with only Ryan’s parents and a camera crew present, which would’ve been weird enough, but wasn’t the half of it.

Ryan drove high to the ceremony – so much so that he was nodding off at the wheel – leading outraged fans to slam Standifer and MTV.

How could she (or they) let him drive in that state? What does that tell us about his mindset (or lack thereof) at the time he said “I do”?

Edwards went to rehab soon after, but instead of quelling doubts about the future, a new scandal rocked the newlyweds upon his release.

Rumors of Ryan sending d–k pics and looking to hook up with random girls on Tinder turned out to be true, with Mackenzie even intervening.

Not only that, he reportedly told members of the MTV show’s crew that he was filing for divorce, and he didn’t just say this in passing.

Yet here we are at this exciting, surprising juncture.

Maci Bookout’s ex-boyfriend and his spouse will hold their “original, intended” wedding ceremony this weekend, and couldn’t be happier.

“It’s been in the works since the day we got engaged,” Mackenzie said, speaking to E! News. “It was never just decided upon.”

“We knew from day one this was going to be it.”

Mackenzie added that unlike the parking lot finale, this wedding will be “in this little cathedral-type church and it’s just absolutely beautiful.”

Standifer told the site that the event is a blend of their styles:

“We went for a rustic-chic theme so there are elements that are super formal and elements that are just very laid-back. But it’s gorgeous.”

“There’s a reception afterwards that’s in this old warehouse-type space that’s been redone. The ceremony is me: super urban, super chic.”

“The reception is Ryan, where it’s rustic. It’s a great mix.”

MTV cameras will be rolling when the pair exchange vows this time, too, and Mackenzie believes Maci Bookout herself will be attending.

“She invited us to her wedding. Everything is just kind of at a resting place right now. It’s about our boys. This is a day about us, yes.

“But it’s also about us becoming a family.”

Maci attending the event would be a great show of support and solidarity with a guy who hasn’t exactly made her life easy over the years.

Bookout, who has three younger kids with husband Taylor McKinney, has often feuded with Ryan and his family over Bentley’s care.

Still, to hear Standifer tell it, they’re all on the same page, and she’s looking at Wedding #2 as a means of cementing their family bond.

“The boys have no idea that we’re already married,” Standifer said, adding of Ryan and Maci’s son, “Bentley doesn’t even know that.”

“So you know, for them, this is a huge day.”

Mackenzie, who is also the mother of young son, said it’s all about the kids, and “if that makes them happy, then that’s what we’ll do.”

Standifer’s son Hudson (top photo above) and Bentley’s feelings aside, fans are understandably wondering how Ryan is feeling lately.

Leading up to the big day, Mackenzie says that despite their ups and downs, she can’t help but gush over the special man in her life. 

“He’s doing amazing. I’m really truly impressed,” she said of how far he’s come since spring. “I’m so proud of him and he is trying so hard. 

“I mean, I can’t imagine what that’s like,” she added, referring to all that Edwards has gone through and struggled with, but “I’m so proud.”