Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes: Feuding on Twitter!

Though Amanda Stanton has talked abut her exes before, a recent vague tweet about an unnamed ex prompted Robby Hayes to come forward as the subject of her subtweet.

It was a mess.

Now Amanda is explaining why she shared what she did, and how she had never expected Robby to blow it out of proportion.

Amanda Stanton took to Twitter last week to share something truly bizarre that happened to her.

“I got a new debit card last month and got an email from an ex this morning.”

And it was more awkward than you’d think.

“Forwarding me an email that his Disneyland Annual Pass payment was declined & to update my card info…”

Which struck her as him asking her to continue to pay for his Disneyland pass. Absurd.

“I sure know how to pick em.”

Amanda’s cheating ex, Robby Hayes, decided to reveal that he had sent the email. He explained his actions on Twitter, writing:

“Lol is this how it happened or was I was trying to help you poor thing?”

His false sympathy after clearly feeling defensive about his email … did not go over well.

But as Amanda Stanton explains to E!, she had never meant to strike a never with him.

“It’s a shame he still harbors such harsh emotions towards me.”

They’ve been broken up for months, now. It seems that she didn’t expect him to be so touchy … or even to see her tweet.

She goes on to say that she wishes him “nothing but happiness and peace for him.”

That’s very kind of her to say.

Now that Dean Unglert is done with The Bachelor: Winter Games and has sadly broken up with Lesley Murphy (even though they were so cute together), 

Deanie Babies has an aptly named show on iHeartRadio titled Help! I Suck at Dating, which was clearly inspired by his disastrous Bachelor in Paradise love triangle.

“I guess what I was so confused about is that it’s been eight months and I have obviously moved on with my life.”

That email came out of the blue.

“I haven’t talked to Robby in forever; that’s the first time I’ve heard from him.”

Understandably, she didn’t feel like keeping in touch given how thngs ended (with him being exposed as an alleged cheater).

Amanda explains what went down.

“I checked my e-mail and I saw that he forwarded me his Disneyland membership…I got a new [credit card], and so his payment was being declined.”


“The funny thing is he can say he thought it was going to collections, but there was an option there to update your card information.”

If your card is no longer paying for a service like that, it doesn’t usually go to collections. The service just stops. It’s a day pass to a theme park.

Amused, she decided to share it.

“I just thought it was funny he was forwarding it to me other than putting his own card information on there.”

Now she has come to regret that decision.

“I think my mistake is saying anything on Twitter. I did think it was funny and that’s why I said something.”

She says that she had not realized that he would view this as an antagonistic tweet.

“I had no idea and I was completely shocked that he reacted the way that he did. It was just a funny tweet. I wasn’t even throwing shade at him nor did I hint that it was about him.”

She had zero intentions of unveiling Robby as the culprit.

“I wasn’t going to ever tell anyone it was about him.”

He told the world himself, for some reason.

“I was actually pretty embarrassed by it, because when I tweeted it, I never expected that to happen, nor did I want attention from it.”

A lot of tweets that blow up like hers did were never intended to do so.

“So, I guess I was confused why he reacted that way, because no one would have known it was about him.”

One wonders why he decided to draw attention to himself in this manner.

“I don’t know if he just wants attention, and that’s why part of me doesn’t even want to talk about it, because I feel like I’m giving him what he wants.”

Amanda then comes in with a pretty damning but possibly spot-on assessment of Robby’s motives.

“Like, he doesn’t even care that it made him look bad! I feel like he just wants attention — whether it’s good or bad.”

There are a lot of people like that in the world.

Oh well. Lesson learned, we guess.

And this isn’t the first time that Robby has done something that Amanda didn’t expect.


Amanda Stanton Talks Robby Hayes, Josh Murray, & Becoming the Bachelorette!

Amanda Stanton finished her latest tour of Bachelor in Paradise last fall, but fans have questions.

Has she spoken to that cheater Robby Hayes? For that matter, is she in touch with Josh Murray? Will she answer the hopes and dreams of countless fans by becoming the next leading lady of The Bachelorette?

Finally, Amanda is speaking out and, believe it or not, answering all of those questions.

Amanda Stanton won a lot of fans on the 20th season of The Bachelor, but it was Lauren Bushnell who won the heart of Ben Higgins.

You know, for a while.

Amanda then went on to Bachelor in Paradise, where she and Josh Murray became a couple. Unfortunately, their breakup was so dramatically unpleasant that police were called.


This last season of Bachelor on Paradise didn’t do her much good, either.

Not only did she have to defend herself against mom-shamers for appearing on the show, she didn’t exactly get a happy ending.

She became romantically entangled with Robby Hayes.

Unfortunately, he allegedly became “entangled” with someone else.

Amanda Stanton tweeted a photo of Robby’s cheating to prove it to the world.

A lot of nonsense goes on in Paradise; that’s basically the point of the show. But we should all be able to agree that Amanda deserves better.

Well, Amanda Stanton opened up to Us Weekly about the many topics that have aroused the curiosity of fans.

For starters, she is so not talking to Robby Hayes.

Josh Murray, despite the drama in their past, is another story.

“I talk to Josh here and there.”

She is, at first, cautious about talking about this. She doesn’t want to give false hope to shippers.

“I mean nothing more than a friendly conversation.”

But Amanda and Josh are on what we’d call unusually good terms for a pair of exes.

She acknowledges that things were bad when they ended things, but emphasizes that things are so much better, now.

“We had such a bad breakup, and so it’s nice to just not have that drama anymore and just be cool with each other.”

Gwen Stefani wrote a whole dang song about that. (“Cool” is, in fact, my favorite song of hers)

“Because he was around my kids and we did have a good relationship for the most part. So it’s good to be on good terms.”

In fact, she and said children (Kinsley and Charlie) apparently FaceTimed Josh Murray after her return from this past season in Paradise.

But then comes the big question. The one that matters.

Those men are in her past, but what lies in her future? Might she be The Bachelorette?

Amanda shatters the hearts of fans as she sounds very certain that she’ll no longer be looking for love on camera.

“I’m done for sure.”

Heartbreaking. But she makes it clear that this isn’t sour grapes speaking.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity, and like overall I had such a good experience and don’t regret anything.”

Still, her air of finality remains.

“But I think I’m done.”

“I’ve had my fair share of chances.”

Does she really believe that she missed her chance to find love on screen? Or is she just sick of having her heartbreak broadcast to the world?

For the record, she spoke to Us Weekly at a speed dating event, so her brand is at least still tied to the quest for love.

But it sounds to us like Amanda was mostly just being dismissive of returning for yet another season of Bachelor in Paradise.

If she got an offer to become the Bachelorette … would she really turn that down?

We’re not so sure.


Andi Dorfman: Watching Josh Murray Propose to Amanda Stanton Was Strange!

Once upon a time, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray looked set to become the latest power couple in Bachelor Nation. 

Somewhere along the way, their relationship hit a snag, and it allowed Murray to appear on Bachelor in Paradise in 2016, and that’s where he started a relationship with Amanda Stanton. 

But, how did Andi feel about her ex-fiance being back on TV and getting up close and proposing to a different woman? 

I don’t think it was hard as much as it was strange,” Dorfman revealed to Us Weekly.

“Something everyone can relate to in the sense of — you may be finished and done with a relationship or have gotten over all of it, but whenever you hear an ex of yours has gotten engaged or dating again, especially on such a public platform, it just feels strange.”

Dorfman makes an excellent point: Who wants to know their ex is involved with someone else? 

It must be difficult being in the public eye because there’s, like, no way to really cut an ex out of your life if they are popping up in the headlines every so often. 

Dorfman’s new book, Single State of Mind delves further into her feelings about the whole thing. There’s probably a whole lot of Josh Murray bashing included because that’s what she does best. 

“I didn’t want to try and brush it all under the rug, but at the same time, I wasn’t distraught over it,” she says in the book.

“It was just a weird feeling.”

If you keep up to speed with what goes on in Bachelor Nation, you will already know that Murray’s relationship with Stanton was yet another relationship that fizzled. 

Andi managed to bond with Stanton in the aftermath, and the pair has been out together, so at least we know they are not letting one man come between a potential friendship. 

“I’ve actually been out with her a couple times in New York City,” Dorfman explains, but she also says that the pair don’t chat regularly about Murray. 

“It’s pretty funny! We don’t actually exchange too many stories, but it’s like how many people in the world have been engaged and then broken off an engagement to the same guy as me? The answer is pretty much only one!”

While Bachelor Nation relationships have a knack for being ill-fated, Dorfman also revealed whether she would dip back into the dating world with former contestants. 

“I mean, I’m not against it. I don’t think anyone that comes off the show has a stigma, by any means,” she explains.

“I hope not because then I would have one too! I’m not against it, but I wouldn’t say I’m seeking out a guy from Bachelor Nation by any means [laughs].”

Adds Andi: “Unless it was Chris Harrison!”

Wouldn’t it be fun to see Chris Harrison and Andi become a thing? We can only imagine the headlines that would come from that pairing!

Unfortunately, Andi was joking when she said that last comment. 

“We would never date!” she dishes. “We have a little fun with it still.”

Okay, so how do you feel about Andi’s comments?

Hit the comments below!