Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Most Shocking Elimination EVER!

We’re just one week away from the Dancing with the Stars season finale, and Monday’s installment of the veteran reality series sent another two couples home. 

As has been the case with this series for quite some time, the viewer votes can help bridge the gap to allow more marginal performers to make it to the end. 

But we’re pretty sure the stunning blindside at the close of this two-hour installment will go down as one of the most shocking eliminations to date. 

Let’s break down the performances, shall we?

Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess

Bobby and Sharna’s first performance was the Salsa to “GDFR” by Flo Rida. It was a random song choice for sure, and it only showed viewers that Bobby was one of the weaker performers. 

Poor Sharna has been trying to make Bobby a little less wooden over the weeks, but he’s peaked. They scored 21/30 for that one. 

Thankfully, their Jive to “Gimme Some Lovin” by The Spencer Davis Group was a little bit better. Len showed up in the rehearsal to make Bobby a little less wooden. 

For this performance, it definitely helped the couple out because they earned their highest score yet thanks to the judges. It was a 24/30.

Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten

Everyone loves a good love story, right?

Ever since Alexis and Alan turned up the heat to reveal they were an item, the viewers have lapped up every single performance. 

Their Waltz to “Water” by Bishop Briggs was not one of their best, and Len noticed the glaring issue right off the bat. They went for style over substance. 

Still, they garnered a 28/30 score from it, so not too shabby. 

However, their Jive to “Yes” by Merry Clayton brought them a lot of praise. It was a lot better than their first jive of the season, so it helped highlight the growth the couple has experienced. 

Yes, they got a perfect score!

Joe Amabile and Jenna Johnson

We’re beginning to think Joe may have had a better chance if he competed on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. He comes across as immature, and that might have earned him some more leeway with a different set of coaches. 

He and Jenna went with a somewhat romantic number, and it snagged them 22/30. 

The good news is that Joe has started to improve, but it could be too little, too late. The Quickstep to “Check It Out” by Oh the Larceny was certainly one of his best-received numbers to date. 

However, it was a 24/30 score, and most of the other performers have pulled in multiple perfect scores. 

Juan Pablo Di Pace and Cheryl Burke

We’re not getting ahead of ourselves here: 

Juan Pablo and Cheryl have been the ones to watch all season long. Most of their performances have been flawless, and that continued with their Argentine Tango and Salsa. 

There’s nothing to say about them we’ve not said before. They’re outstanding, and they secured another two perfect scores. 

Surely they should have a guaranteed spot in the finale, right?

Evanna Lynch and Keo Motsepe 

Evanna and Keo started the season off in the middle of the pack, but they shifted the needle in a big way midseason. 

The Contemporary to “Stand Up for Something” by Andra Day. Evanna dedicated the stunning performance to her late friend and director Simon Fitzmaurice, who helped shape Evanna into the fine young woman she is today. 

It landed her and Keo another perfect score!

Sadly, their follow-up performance wasn’t quite as solid according to the judges. The Foxtrot is fast-paced, so some of the best dancers struggle with it. 

They garnered a 28/30 score. 

Milo Manheim and Witney Carson

Milo and Witney have been up there with Juan Pablo and Cheryl from the get-go, so the big surprise here is that neither of the two performances got a perfect score. 

Milo dedicated the Argentine Tango to his mother, and it was one of the best of the night. Len admitted that it was difficult to grade a performance that came after Juan Pablo’s showstopper. 

Surely that’s not grounds to dock points for another solid performance. In any case, it was a 27/30 score. 

The couple’s Cha Cha was similarly solid, but they still missed out on a perfect score. Yes, we wish we were kidding here. 

They got a 28/30. 

Joe and Jenna, Alexis and Alan, and Juan Pablo and Cheryl were all revealed to be in jeopardy. It was a true stunner because Bobby and Sharna should have been in the bottom three. 

In the end, Joe and Jenna and Juan Pablo and Cheryl lost their places ahead of the finale. 

It was another installment that showed the importance of the viewer vote!

Dancing with the Stars concludes Monday on ABC. 


Dancing with the Stars Recap: Who Survived Double Elimination Night?

Dancing with the Stars is gearing up for its big finish in the coming weeks. 

As such, Monday’s episode sent not one, but two couples home.

Surely that whad to spell the end of the line for Grocery Store Joe and Bobby Bones, right? 

Well, this is Dancing with the Stars, and the voting has never made that much sense, so let’s run down the performances from the episode. 

John Schneider and Emma Slater – Jazz – “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” by John Denver

John started the season off in a rough spot, but he’s really picked up the pace over the last several weeks and has narrowed the gap in scoring department with some of the others. 

John admitted that he was still cut up about his divorce and that it would be great to see his kids, but it seems there’s a divide in his family right about now. 

The performance was fun, and energetic, further confirming that he’s improving. The judges noted that there was an improvement and voted accordingly. 

Judges’ Score: 25/30

Evanna Lynch and Keo Motsepe – Rumba – “Every Little Thing” with a live performance by Carly Pearce

Despite being middle of the pack when the season got underway, Evanna snagged a perfect score Monday night, and it meant she was officially in the big leagues. 

Evanna was open about this track being personal for her, so it made sense that she channeled all of her energy into it. 

Judges’ Score: 30/30

Juan Pablo Di Pace and Cheryl Burke – Charleston – “One Shot” by Hunter Hayes

Juan Pablo and Cheryl were ecstatic that they secured a perfect score last week, and aimed to keep up the pace in this crucial week. 

We didn’t expect any lees for them, and their Charleston oozed elegance and creativity. 

Judges Score: 30/30

Joe Amabile and Jenna Johnson – Tango – “Burning Man” by Dierks Bentley ft. brothers Osbourne

Joe may be showing signs of life in the ballroom, but he’s still way below where he should be at this stage of the competition. 

From missed steps to a lack of dancing ability, he should have really been sent home weeks ago. 

Judges’ Score: 21/30

Milo Manheim and Witney Carson – Foxtrot – “Born to Love You” with a live performance by LANCO

Milo and Witney have dominated the competition from the get-go, and that’s in large part down to their chemistry. 

The Foxtrot was fast-paced and only showed that these two are the ones to beat at the end of the line. 

Judges’ Score: 29/30

DeMarcus Ware and Lindsay Arnold – Viennese Waltz, “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton

Is there a cuter pairing than DeMarcus and Lindsay? They bring their A-game every single week on the ballroom floor, and this Viennese Waltz was no different. 

Len noted, however, that there was an issue with the footwork from DeMarcus, and he made a great point. 

They could get a perfect score if DeMarcus went all the way with his footwork. 

Judges’ Score: 27/30

Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten – Samba – “Ladies in the ’90s” with a live performance by Lauren Alaina

Consistency is key, especially if you’re at the top of your game, and this duo turned up the heat with another sizzling performance. 

There was not one thing to hate about the performance, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that it’s going to be a tough battle to the finish line. 

The couple also confirmed they shared their first kiss, so the showmance was well and truly a thing!

Judges’ Score: 29/30

Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess – Viennese Waltz – “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with a live performance by Chris Janson

Bobby and Sharna were less than impressed with their middle of the road scores last week, so they opted to switch things up in a big way. 

Thankfully, the country theme helped them turn in their best performance in weeks. 

Judges’ Score: 24/30

John and Emma, DeMarcus and Lindsay, and Evanna and Keo were the only couples in jeopardy. 

But we had to say goodbye to John and Emma and DeMarcus and Lindsay. 


What are your thoughts on the latest elimination?

Hit the comments below. 

DWTS continues Monday on ABC!


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