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Kansas State Player Blows THREE Dunks … In 12 Minutes!!!

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Man, ya gotta feel bad for this dude … 

A usually solid Kansas State basketball player had a TERRIBLE second half Monday night … blowing THREE point-blank dunks — in just 12 game minutes! 

The guy’s name is Makol Mawien … and he’s actually been a pretty good player for the Wildcats — starting all 26 games for the team this season.

But, against West Virginia … he was pretty much the anti-Shaq — clanking not one, but THREE dunks off iron!!!

The first came at the start of the second half … Mawien missed a left-handed slam that ended up in the first row of the stands.

The second and third came minutes later — and just seconds apart from each other — when Mawien rattled TWO balls off the rim with no defenders even CLOSE to him.

You could tell Mawien was embarrassed … dude tapped his chest and slapped hands with all his teammates.

After the third miss, KSU coach Bruce Weber didn’t even get mad — putting his arms around Makol to try and help the guy get his confidence back. 

But, the story has a happy ending … K State still won, 65-51 — and that’s all that matters, right???

Golden State Warriors Meeting with Obama … And Nancy Pelosi

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They boycotted #45 … but the Golden State Warriors got LOTS of love for #44 — with the entire team meeting with Barack Obama on Thursday before taking the court against the Wizards. 

Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and the rest of the squad met with President Obama at his Washington D.C. office … and then posed for a group photo afterward. 

Unclear what they all talked about — but after the game, Durant told the media, “It was amazing.”

Draymond described the meeting this way to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne — “A private team meeting, team event, it was good.”

Of course, the Warriors famously boycotted the White House after winning the NBA Championship in 2017 … after visiting Obama in 2016 and 2015. 

Durant previously told TMZ Sports, “We don’t f*ck with [Trump].”

They DO, however, like Nancy Pelosi … the Speaker of the House not only attended the Warriors vs. Wizards game on Thursday — she also met with players after the game, including Draymond. 

By the way, the Warriors won the game 126 to 118. 

FL Sec. of State Blackface Photos Come Out … Resigns from Office

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Florida Sec. of State Michael Ertel is learning the same lesson Megyn Kelly learned about blackface, but in a much harsher way — he’s stepping down after offensive Halloween pics of him emerged online.

Ertel had the audacity to wear blackface 14 years ago when he dressed up as a female Hurricane Katrina victim. His costume also included a headscarf and fake boobs.

Newly elected Gov. Ron DeSantis, who appointed Ertel, got wind of the pics Thursday morning after the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper obtained them. Shortly thereafter, Ertel resigned his post.

The photos were taken in 2005, 2 months after Katrina ripped through Louisiana, and while Ertel was serving as Seminole County’s supervisor of elections.

Worth noting, Gov. DeSantis had his own racial controversy during his hotly contested campaign against Andrew Gillum. You might recall his “don’t monkey this up” comment. If ya don’t, here it is …  

College Football Ex-Kent State Player Sues NCAA Over CTE


A former Kent State running back says he’s suffering from long-term brain injuries due to his college football career … and he’s pointing the finger at the NCAA. 

The man behind the lawsuit is Jerry Flowers — a former high school superstar in Georgia who played for Kent State in 2005 … racking up 304 yards and 3 TDs during his freshman year. 

Flowers says he sustained “numerous concussions” during his college football career and now he’s suffering from “several symptoms indicative of long-term brain and neurocognitive injuries.”

In his lawsuit, filed in federal court in Indiana, Flowers claims the NCAA actively concealed data about the effects of concussions on long-term health. 

He also claims the NCAA did not warn players that their helmets did not protect against concussions, “despite the fact an athlete would naturally think of his or her helmet as protective.”

Flowers suspects he has CTE — and he (along with at least one other college football player) is suing the NCAA for more than $ 5 MILLION citing fraud, negligence and breach of contract.