Chris Pratt Gives Status Update on His Facebook Impostor, Shuns Online Dating

Chris Pratt, who just filed for divorce, will not join the hordes on online dating services. We got Chris leaving Jimmy Kimmel’s studio in L.A. Monday night, and asked for a status update on his Facebook impostor sitch. Sounds like it’s still…


Jana Duggar: Courtship Status Confirmed!

Rumors about the possibility of a Jana Duggar courtship have been circulating for pretty much the entire time her family’s been in the national spotlight.

In fact, in the past month alone, two different men have been linked to Jana.

One of them has since denied reports that he’s romantically linked to the eldest Duggar daughter.

But for a long time, fans remained steadily convinced that the second guy was Jana’s future husband.

His name is Caleb Williams, and he’s a small business owner and longtime friend of Jana’s family.

While Williams is said to be far more liberal than the Duggars, several media outlets claimed that he was able to gradually able to win them over one-by-one.

Photos of Williams spending time with Jim Bob seemed to indicate that Jana’s suitor had infiltrated her family’s upper echelon.

Understandably, many fans arrived at the conclusion that an engagement would be announced sometime in the very near future.

But the last photo of Jim Bob and Caleb appeared on social media several weeks ago, and it doesn’t appear that Jana is sporting any new bling these days.

In fact, she and Caleb haven’t even confirmed that they’re courting.

For some reason, Duggar fans want nothing more than to see Jana in a committed relationship.

And we guess we understand that, considering Jana loves kids and clearly wants a family of her own.

So fair warning if you’re one of the Jana obsessives who’s spent the last eight years rooting for her to find the right man–bad news lies ahead:

According to various reports, Jana is not courting Caleb–or anyone else for that matter.

We know, we know–you’re upset.

But keep in mind that Jana is only 27 and still has plenty of time to get married and have kids.

Besides, things could be much worse.

She could’ve been fired from Counting On, like Derick Dillard!

Currently, it’s looking like fans got their hopes up without reason, and Jana will be living on her family’s compound a bit longer.

But hey Duggar courtships move mighty quickly.

Your girl could still be married and out of the house by Christmas!

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Farrah Abraham Topless Photo Commemorates Instagram Milestone, Cements Icon Status

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham just reached a million followers on Instagram, and celebrated the only way she knows how:

By posing topless in bed with a “come hither” gaze.

On Sunday, October 22, the redhead took to Instagram to celebrate eclipsing the seven-figure mark on her Instagram fan total.

For some reason Farrah wants more plastic surgery; Abraham’s insane boobs and facial transformation are rather evident here.

She is wearing pasties – heart-shaped ones, totes adorbs – but very little else is left to the imagination in the hypnotic image.

About the only thing missing here is Abraham’s surgically enhanced butt, which remains covered up. Maybe for her next trick?

“1 million,” she captioned the stunning pic, and while she was still in the 999,000s at the time, Farrah since surpassed a mill.

This should help get her to two million real quick …

This post comes just days after a report surfaced that a second Farrah Abraham cam show will be coming your way just before Halloween.

The 26-year-old reality star’s inaugural live porn event with CamSoda was such a huge hit, she’s running it back and then some.

Farrah’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran says she plans to “give 110%” for the show, as if she knows any other way.

Go hard or go home, as the old saying goes.

Asked why Farrah continues to do adult films despite the backlash from fellow MTV stars, Simon replied, “Because she likes it.”

“She does what she wants on her free time.”

Hard to argue with that, though her 1,000,000 fans sure have some strong opinions about what she does in her free and work time.

Wrote one disgusted fan on Insta: “Your daughter will be disgusted by you when she gets older and be embarrassed #shame.”

Wrote another: “Ur child is going to have so many issues with a mom like u. Putting this kind of image over the internet of ur self is horrible.”

“U need to teach her to respect herself and u. If I found stuff like this of my mother online. All respect for her is gone.”

Yet another added, “I agree that picture is disgusting, no mothers kids should see that. I personally wouldn’t want her to be the mother of my kids.”


Others came to her defense, at least in part, saying Farrah knows no other way: “DISGUSTING! she is the way she is BECAUSE of her parents!”

“They allowed her to tell them how everything would be instead of instilling in her that healthy fear that every child should have of their parents!”

Some Farrah followers defended her unabashedly: “Do what make u happy and dont regret thats all… if its real then i take u how u are….100%”

“And i always like how strong u are! dont give up!”

Another supporter of hers added, “I’m not understanding how her not wearing a top correlates with her being a bad mother.”

“You’re telling me as a mom none of you have been topless? women (moms especially) need to stop tearing others down.”

This school of thought was echoed by “Just because it’s not something you would do doesn’t mean she’s a bad parent.”

“I don’t think what she does is good [but] her daughter is well loved and taken care of. That’s what matters. Bye judgemental people.”

Said another Farrah defender, “So I don’t understand why people have to judge her life style and not other people who do this?” 

It’s an interesting point of debate, for sure. Finally, other admirers reacted to an entirely different aspect of the eye-popping pic.

“Would love to get one night with you,” wrote one drooling commenter who may or may not be named Simon Saran.


‘Shark Tank’ Star Kevin O’Leary Says Apple’s Newest iPhone is a Status Symbol That’ll Make Him Even Richer!!!

One of the biz moguls on “Shark Tank” thinks Apple’s latest iPhone is priced ridiculously … but it’s still gonna sell like crazy and it will make him a bloody fortune. We got Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary Wednesday at LAX and he says the…


Demi Lovato: Celebrates Blue Belt Status with No Makeup Selfie!

Demi Lovato has documented a lot of her fitness regimen on Instagram. 

As many DemI Lovato thirst traps and pics of her unstoppable cleavage as she’s shared with followers, Demi devotes a lot of her Instagram to sharing video of her martial arts training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Well, Demi just hit a new milestone and she’s celebrating with a makeup-free selfie!

If you want to learn something that’s straight-up self-defense, you probably want to learn something along the lines of Krav Maga.

That’s a fighting style that was literally invented to fight Nazis before the outbreak for World War II.

Others are looking for a fitness regimen and a martial arts discipline that can also equip them to defend themselves.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is at least as much a competitive sport as it is a method of self-defense.

Performance in competitions is required to demonstrate your ability and move up in belts.

In terms of self-defense capabilities, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu highlights ways in which a smaller person could overpower a larger and stronger opponent.

Demi Lovato is tiny, so that seems like a great fit for her.

She progressed to a blue belt, the second rank in terms of belt colors, after more than a year of constant training.

(Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is also known for being very reserved about granting promotions — it’s not something to sign up for if you want to get to call yourself a “blackbelt” after a couple of years of weekly classes, folks)

She celebrated with this makeup-free selfie.

She looks great, of course.

But we’re really captivated by how happy she looks.

That sense of accomplishment looks great on her.

She could hardly contain her delight in her lengthy, lengthy caption for the photo.

“I’m so beyond excited because I just received my blue belt in #brazilianjiujitsu!!!!”

Four exclamation points, like an enthusiastic teenager in 2002.

But you know what? She’s earned it.

“I fell in love with #BJJ over a year ago and have been training several times a week ever since..”

“BJJ” stands for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so please get your mind out of the bedroom, you pervs.

Also, that shows a lot of dedication.

Remember, Demi’s led a music career while also learning to master a martial art.

She gave shout-outs and thanks to the people who helped her reach this milestone.

“Thank you so much to @chilcote.dunn @captainHarlan_ @tarsisbjj for giving me my belt along with one of the most important and special women in my life today.”

“@officialdaniellemartin/@trueboundaries – I love you so much and couldn’t be more grateful for you [four blue heart emojis]”

Awww, she even made sure that the heart emojis fit her belt color.

“Also special shoutout to @jayglazer for flying in to give me my belt as well!!! Love you jay!!!”

Hey, when you accomplish something, everybody wants to be there to support you.

In less than a month, Demi Lovato’s new album comes out.

While we’ve yet to hear a Demi song that beats either “Neon Lights” or “Skyscraper,” which are for sure both her best songs …

(“Neon Lights” even made it onto one of our favorite Vines — remember Vine?)

… There are sure to be some bops on Tell Me You Love Me.

So, while we can’t imagine how she balanced an album and this level of dedication to a martial art, Demi’s going to have a lot more to celebrate in the near future.


19 Times Facebook Users Regretted Their Status Updates

Facebook can be a wonderful place to share baby photos, catch up with old friends…

… and make fun of people for their ridiculous status updates.

The latter simply can't be helped at times, as evidenced by the following hilarious examples.


1. Not in a Will Smith Movie, No

Not in a will smith movie no
But life is not a Will Smith movie.

2. This Was Just Mean

This was just mean
Spoiler Alert: Jenny ended up dumping Max the next day. (We assume.)

3. Like, REALLY Scary

Like really scary
For reasons that this individual may not comprehend.

4. You Might Say He’s FEATURED in Every Song

You might say hes featured in every song
Actually, no. You clearly would not say that.

5. You May Be Waiting Awhile

You may be waiting awhile
But, hey, at least you have Facebook while you wait!


Usa usa usa
US… hey now! What, Darius?!?

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