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Stephen Baldwin I’m Just Like Justin … We’re Both Big Kids!!!


Stephen Baldwin and Justin Bieber are two peas in a pod … because Stephen says he sees a lot of himself in his son-in-law. 

Stephen came on “TMZ Live” Thursday and we asked about his similarities to the Biebs, and Hailey‘s dad ran through a long list of things they share in common.

It’s funny … Stephen says he and Justin are like 2 big kids who just refuse to grow up! 

As you know … Stephen and Justin get along great, hitting up a music festival last summer for some family bonding

As for JB and HB pushing back their wedding ceremony a third time. Stephen — who stars in the new film, “The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story” — says the couple’s gonna take as much time as they need to make sure everything’s perfect. 

Watch … Stephen can’t stop gushing about his son-in-law’s personality and general outlook on life. 

Stephen Jackson Blasts ‘Cokehead’ Darryl Strawberry … Over Weed Comments

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Stephen Jackson just ripped Darryl Strawberry for saying weed is a gateway drug … blasting the ex-MLB superstar as a “cokehead” who’s “weak-minded.”

ICYMI … Strawberry told TMZ Sports earlier this week that marijuana is SUPER dangerous and is “just the beginning” of the path to way more serious drugs.

Enter Jackson … a staunch marijuana advocate who heard the comments — and just had to tear into the former outfielder for making the bold claim.

“You a whole cokehead out here, bruh,” Jackson says.

“Asking you for advice about weed is like asking somebody who went broke on how to stay rich. You a whole cokehead out here, bruh!!”

Jackson later apologized for the comments … saying he didn’t mean to disrespect the ex-Yankee who’s tried to turn around his life after being suspended 3 times for cocaine during his baseball career.

But, Stephen didn’t back off his initial opinion at all … doubling down and saying, “If you think weed is a gateway drug, then you weak-minded.”

Jackson added, “It’s a gateway for weak-minded people. That’s just what it is. So if you weak-minded, don’t smoke weed because it’s going to make you try coke and crack.”