Selena Gomez: Avoiding Alcohol After Latest Stint in Rehab

Selena Gomez was recently spotted wearing semi-disastrous makeup. It’s also become clear that she regrets reuniting with Justin Bieber.

But she has bigger concerns, including her health. But she’s taking the steps that she needs to stay well.

Including, it’s reported, avoiding alcohol at all costs following her latest stint in rehab.

Page Six reports that Selena Gomez held a dry party at her California home last week to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

“Alcohol was not at the party.”

That’s what a dry party means.

“Selena is really focusing on her health.”

They mention that Selena did a two week stint in a luxury rehab facility, Prive-Swiss in Connecticut, back in February.

It is also mentioned that she reportedly continues to receive support of some kind from their program, though that could mean … almost anything.

“It was a family friendly party with a bouncy house and kids.”

Perhaps alcohol wouldn’t have been a good fit for that party, anyway.

In case you’re wondering if Selena has just decided that she’s done being fun, a couple of things.

One, drinking can be great, but if you need to drink to have fun, you have a problem. That’s not an insult, that’s a fact.

Two, we suspect that Selena’s focus on her health has to do with her ongoing battle with Lupus and the fact that she has only one kidney … a kidney donated to her by her very good friend Francia Raisa.

Kidneys are responsible for filtering your blood. A lot of people associate drinking with the liver, which is accurate, but heavy drinking can be hard on your kidneys.

We’re not suggesting that Selena is or has been a heavy drinker.

We’re just saying that she’s playing it safe and playing it smart because she values her life and her health.

Over the weekend, Selena joined her very good friend Taylor Swift at the Rose Bowl, which is a sporting event featuring college football.

Afterwards, Selena posted a selfie of the two of them being adorable together.

In the captions of the photo, she wrote:

“I’m grateful for those I surround myself with.”

Selena’s inner circle is very supportive.

“And this woman right here happens to be one of my favorites.”

That is so sweet.

“Love our tradition and I love you.”


Selena is obviously taking care of her health — her kidney transplant was less than a year ago, after all.

But some wonder if her party in California was as dry as it was for her sake, or for someone else’s.

First of all, it was a party for a friend.

Perhaps that friend is no longer drinking. Or hey, maybe a different friend who was invited isn’t drinking. A lot of people will go out of their way to accommodate those whom they love.

Or maybe there was no alcohol because it was a party featuring children. Not all parties are built alike, folks.

Someone who is avoiding alcohol for their health (or because they’re the designated driver, etc) rather than because they have a problem with alcohol can be around people drinking.

So let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill and assume that, if we see Selena toast with champagne, that she’s “off the wagon.”

But all of this is a reminder that Selena’s health issues did not go away when Francia gave her that life-saving kidney transplant.

Selena still has Lupus. And now she has to grapple with making sure that her body does not reject the donated kidney.

Her health battle will probably continue for a long time. She deserves so much better.


Selena Gomez Just Completed a Stint in Rehab

Selena Gomez is thinking about more than just her libido these days.

Fans have been concerned about the singer for several weeks now, worried that she’s only back together with Justin Bieber because she can’t resist his charm, his handsome face and his well-sculpted body.

But it’s now been made clear that Gomez has a lot more on her mind than merely jumping back into bed with her ex.

She also has her mind on her mind.

E! News has confirmed the surprising news that the beloved artist and actress recently completed a two-week treatment program for depression and anxiety.

Did anyone else know she had been in rehab for half of January?!?

This was unexpected news to us when we first read it.

“She had a difficult year, especially towards the end, and she decided she wanted to spend some time focusing on herself,” a source told E! News about Selena’s decision, adding:

“It was all about wellness and her health.”

We most certainly admire Gomez for taking this step and for putting her mental health above all else.

The singer canceled part of her “Revival” tour in the summer of 2016 to check into rehab as well.

She later told Teen Vogue that her “self-esteem was shot” at the time.

How was this possible when she was so incredibly popular back then?

“As soon as I became the most followed person on Instagram, I sort of freaked out,” she explained. “It had become so consuming to me. It’s what I woke up to and went to sleep to. I was an addict.”

So she spent 90 days under the care of a therapist, away from the public spotlight.

“You have no idea how incredible it felt to just be with six girls, real people who couldn’t give two shits about who I was, who were fighting for their lives,” Gomez said to the magazine, concluding early last year:

“It was one of the hardest things I’ve done, but it was the best thing I’ve done.”

An insider tells Us Weekly that Selena has the same reaction so far to her latest rehab stint.

“It’s about physical, mental wellness and clean eating,” this tabloid reports. “She feels great.”

Gomez broke up with The Weeknd in the fall of 2017 and then quickly got back into a relationship with Bieber.

This cause major tension between Selena and her mother, who remains worried that Justin is not good for her daughter.

It’s hard to blame anyone close to Gomez for thinking this, considering all the young stars have been through as a couple and also as ex-lovers.

Neither Gomez nor Bieber has spoken out much about the rekindled romance, but sources have said they are attending church together and even couples therapy.

They really do want to get it right this time around.

“She doesn’t want to slip back to where she was ever,” the Us Weekly source adds. “She always wants to be proactive.”

For the record, we can now confirm Gomez sought professional help last month in New York City.

Bieber was apparently aware of her choice to do so and completed supported his girlfriend in this endeavor.

Concludes the E! insider of these stars, who were spotted together again this week in Los Angeles, looking pretty darn happy:

“Everyone around them knows how much they mean to each other and they are truly on a great path together.”

Let’s hope so.

And let’s all band together to wish Selena Gomez the best of luck in her ongoing journey to mental health and happiness.

She deserves it.


Josh Duggar: Was Sex Rehab Stint a Lie? Did He Even Go?!

With the holiday season upon on, families everywhere are looking for extra attention/posting about memories and good cheer on Facebook.

In this, the Duggars are certainly no exception, though their fans’ attention to detail is quite exceptional – and may have uncovered a conspiracy.

Not the fact that they sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus instead of trimming a tree, although that could be discussion-worthy another time.

No, a throwback photo they shared of some of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s younger daughters was what whipped fans into a frenzy.

The picture (below), shows the girls in Christmas dresses as one of their little brothers impishly pretends to throw a snowball at them.

Cute, right? Obviously. Innocent, right? Mostly.

Duggar Internet detectives quickly realized that this was the year Josh was away at his Christian-oriented sex rehab hard labor camp.

You know, the place in Illinois he was shipped off to after he was exposed as a child molester, adulterer and porn addict back in 2015.

Just a coincidence?

Possibly, but first, some background: Reformers Unanimous, the “Christian rehab” center for his sexual problems, was always controversial.

Those familiar with RU say it boasted no actual psychologists on staff, calling it another case of the Duggars handling things “in-house.”

In any case, Josh was allegedly sequestered there for months, during which time his long-suffering spouse Anna lived with her in-laws.

Their four children shared the room as the younger Duggar daughters and the older unmarried girls at the family compound in Arkansas.

Which brings us to the photo from that same year, and which conveniently crops out the head of the adult male standing in the background.

Now, we can’t prove who that is.

Maybe it’s Josh Duggar, maybe it’s not, but that’s not the only reason some fans are wondering whether he attended rehab at all.

Earlier reports indicated that Josh, now a father of five, “left for at least some time” during his extended stay in the Illinois facility.

Most legitimate rehab facilities have strict policies that govern when people can and cannot leave the premises, so that’s already suspicious.

Moreover, the Duggar family specifically stated that year that Josh could not leave Reformers Unanimous until his treatment was completed.

Since he couldn’t leave, allegedly, Anna Duggar would be visiting him regularly there. We were led to believe that this happened.

All of this could be conjecture, but given the way the family handles matters like this, the whole thing was always shrouded in mystery.

Is it a stretch to assume that he was simply sequestered in some sort of home confinement while the family concocted this rehab ruse?

Probably. But would you really put it past a man (Jim Bob) who was clearly reluctant to address Josh’s sexual issues head-on for years?

In any case, it raises a series questions:

If Josh Duggar wasn’t actually in rehab, where the heck was he? If he was there, did he just leave and come back whenever he chose?

If that’s the case, what kind of facility is this, and did he get any real help while he was there? Can you trust anything this family claims?