Kris Jenner Fights to Stop Keeping Up With The Kardashians Cancelation

15 seasons isn’t enough for Kris Jenner. She wants 25 or more.

But she may be in for a rude awakening, because Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ ratings have been getting stomped.

Is the show that made her family a household name on its last leg? Or will it go on forever?

RadarOnline reports that Kris is prepared to fight for Keeping Up With The Kardashians to continue.

“Kris says all the time she wants the show to go on for ten more seasons,” an insider reports.

Can you imagine?

“And,” the source continues. “If she had her way she’d do the show until she dies.”

Bold of this insider to imply that Kris Jenner is capable of dying.

Kris is eternal.

Kris is reportedly looking to secure a new contract that guarantees multiple seasons.

In the mean time, however, it looks like her brood has grown too successful for the show that made them stars.

“Kim is already moving on to produce new projects of her own,” the insider notes.

Kim has her own products, her video game from a few years ago was massively lucrative.

She’s a model and a mogul.

“And,” the source says. “The rest of the girls have terrific footholds in modeling and merchandising.”

Kylie Jenner is poised to become a billionaire, but none of Kris’ daughters are hurting for cash.

And it doesn’t look like they care about KUWTK as much as they once did.

“Of the family,” the insider reports. “Only Kris is for keeping the show on the air the #1 priority.”

Well, all of her children except for Kendall are parents, now. Priorities change.

“And the network has already given up on their once lucrative business of creating spinoffs of the show,” the source adds.

Yeah. No more Kocktails with Khloe for us.

“Even Ryan Seacrest, who is still as involved as he can be, has other things he’s working on”

“and leaves Kim to her own devices in terms of keeping the show relevant”

We would joke that Ryan Seacrest is too busy dealing with the serious accusations of sexual assault from his former stylist.

The woman had multiple witnesses to her allegations.

But it doesn’t look like Seacrest is too bothered. Like too many others, his career seems unscathed by the horrible #MeToo story about him.

Unfortunately, Kris has felt discouraged by some of those closest to her.

“It doesn’t help that pretty much the only advice people give Kris about all this,” the insider begins.

The source continues: “Is that she — and the kids — should quit ‘KUWTK’ before they get fired!”

It’s understandable that friends would suggest something like this.

Better to cancel a show with dignity, they reason, than to end up getting canceled.

But the insider says: “That’s just not where her heart is at all!”

It’s true that Season 15’s ratings weren’t as good as Season 14’s, and were certainly worse than what KUWTK saw years ago.

But isn’t part of that just a result of people changing how they watch television?

The Kardashians still rake in a sizable share of the market — enough that Kris can probably talk her way into renewal for years to come.

Maybe her friends are right. Maybe she should quit with her head held high before, one day, E! makes that choice for her.

But we kind of hope that she doesn’t. We’d miss the show.

And so would a lot of people.


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Bethenny Frankel: I Can’t Stop Texting My Dead Boyfriend!

Back in August, Bethenny Frankel’s boyfriend, Dennis Shields, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 51.

Sources close to Frankel say the former reality star and business mogul is “absolutely devastated” by Shields’ passing and often feels as though she may never recover.

Despite her grief, Frankel has opened up about Shields death and shared several touching tributes to her late partner:

“It’s hard to breathe,” Bethenny tweeted shortly after Shields’ passing, “and I appreciate you giving me the space & support to try to do so.”

In the weeks since Frankel broke her silence, she’s been refreshingly candid in sharing details of her mourning process.

This week, she revealed to fans that she’s having such a hard time adjusting to life without Shields that she still finds herself attempting to contact him by phone.

“I just accidentally sent Dennis a text,” she tweeted on Saturday.

“It was about him to my bff. That was odd.”

Frankel’s tweet prompted an outpouring of compassion, with many assuring the Real Housewives of New York alum that Shields is still watching over her.

“No he heard you,” wrote one fan.

The supportive environment prompted Frankel to detail a second eerie incident:

“Something else very weird happened,” Bethenny tweeted.

“I was texting w one of his friends and it said ‘handwritten text’ and read ‘hurry the f—k up’ but neither of us wrote that nor do we even know how to hand write on a text. How bizarre?”

Again, fans were quick to offer their belief that Frankel maintains a strong connection to Shields despite the loss of his physical presence.

“He’s still listening, babe,” one fan suggested.

“Oddities happen for a reason, sometimes.”

A source close to Frankel tells Us Weekly that even though her relationship with Shields was relatively brief, Frankel feels forever connected to her late boyfriend:

“She lost her best friend, her partner, her business partner,” says the insider.

“He’s family. His family is her family.”

The source went on to say that Frankel is continuing to dedicate herself to her business ventures, as she sees value in staying busy during such a difficult time:

“She is living her life because there is nothing else to do,” the source says.

“You have to go on. Everyone experiences loss and the only thing you can do is pick yourself up and go on.”

We wish her all the best as she continues to cope with this painful loss.


Jessa Duggar to Fan: Stop LYING About My Family!

Whether they’re handed down by God or Jim Bob, rules are what make the Duggar family tick.

Even if you’re a casual fan, you’re probably familiar with the Duggar courtship rules, the dress code, and the bizarrely regimented lifestyle that governs life on the compound.

Some of these rules are expressed openly.

For example, many episodes of Counting On have featured various members of the massive Duggar clan explaining the many things they’re not allowed to do prior to marriage.

(The list of what’s not permitted is much, much longer than the list of what’s allowed.)

But there are other rules that are shrouded in mystery.

Take, for example, the Duggar policy regarding social media accounts.

It’s long been rumored that Duggars who are not either married, engaged or courting are not allowed to post on social media.

It was widely assumed that it was for that reason that the still-single Jana Duggar doesn’t have a social media account.

This became a matter of public discussion when Jessa Duggar posted the above photo of her sister earlier this week.

“I think their family has their own rule that they can’t have their own social media until they are in a relationship,” one fan commented.

Jessa was having none of that talk, and she was quick to cement her place as the most outspoken Duggar daughter by immediately clearing the air:

“It’s not a rule, it’s just coincidence,” Jessa responded, adding a laughing emoji to make it clear she’s not taking the situation too seriously.

Of course, that emoji also served to confuse the issue a bit.

Is Jessa really saying that it’s just a coincidence that Michelle and Jim Bob’s kids start social media accounts only after they’ve announced their courtships?

Is she actually suggesting it’s a pure coincidence that Jana is the only adult Duggar without any social media presence, and she also happens to be the only one who’s single?

We have a hard time with that one, but we doubt the Duggars really care.

It’s always been sort of understood that part of what the family offers is wholesome fiction, and fans seem okay with that arrangement.