Ex-Boston Anchor Speaks Kevin Spacey Alleged Sexual Assault on Family Member (LIVE STREAM)

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Harvey Weinstein New Sexual Harassment Accuser to Appear with Gloria Allred (LIVE STREAM)

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Harvey Weinstein Accuser Dominique Huett Addresses Alleged Sexual Assault (LIVE STREAM)

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Harvey Weinstein Rape Accuser’s Lawyer Spills More Info at News Conference (LIVE STREAM)

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Farrah Abraham: From 16 and Pregnant to Live Stream Cam Girl!

How bizarre is it that Farrah Abraham has been in the public eye for over eight whole years now?!

When we first got a glimpse of her in her episode of 16 and Pregnant, she was just a small town high school cheerleader, dealing with the death of her boyfriend and a bad home life.

And now … well, you know what she's like now.

So what happened?

Let's take a look at her career history and try to solve this mystery together!

1. Way Back When …

Way back when
This is Farrah in high school … it’s so weird to see her like this, right? And by “like this,” we mean with her natural face. Around this time, she was working part-time jobs in grocery stores and restaurants.

2. Her First Passion

Her first passion
With her grocery store jobs and gigs at local pizza places, Panera Bread, Applebee’s, and Buffalo Wild Wings, it was obvious that Farrah’s passion was food. It also helped that throughout the early seasons of Teen Mom, she made it clear that her dream was to one day own her own restaurant.

3. Higher Education

Higher education
Despite being a single teen mother, Farrah graduated high school and even went on to continue her education — she worked towards an associate’s degree in culinary arts and management at her local community college.

4. Florida Bound!

Florida bound
In 2011, Farrah moved to Florida to attend the Art Institute of Fort Lauterdale. She was looking to get her bachelor’s degree in culinary management, and she left Sophia behind in Iowa for a while so she could work towards this goal.

5. Mom and Me Foods

Mom and me foods
After moving to Florida, Farrah took a little over a year off from working regular jobs to focus on her schooling (and presumably her blossoming reality TV career), but in 2012 she launched Mom and Me Foods, a company that sells gourmet foods and fine wines, inspired by her Italian ancestors. So that’s something!

6. My Teenage Dream Ended

My teenage dream ended
Also in 2012, Farrah released her first book, a little memoir she charmingly titled My Teenage Dream Ended. The book was largely about her troubled relationship with the late Derek Underwood, her high school boyfriend and Sophia’s father.

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