Farrah Abraham: I Got Face Fillers Just in Time for My Strip Club Show!

In preparation for hosting a bash at a strip club, Farrah Abraham asked for a vajazzling kit and also some neon panties on top of her appearance fee, because of course she did.

But she's also prepping for the show by getting dermal fillers, which is when they inject stuff under the skin of your face.

And, Farrah being Farrah, she's posted a video, which you can see below. Fair warning: it's not for the faint of heart.

Do you guys know what vajazzling is?

No, it is not the art of playing saxophone through your vagina, but honestly the word "jazz" is right there in the name so that's a great guess.

Vajazzling is a portmanteau of "vagina" and "bedazzle," and refers to adhering crystal jewelry to your (shaved) pubic mound.

You know how sequins can look neat on, like, a prom dress or whatever?

It's like that, except tiny crystals, and they're all scattered around (well, above, mostly) somebody's vulva.

Well, Farrah Abraham is hosting Crazy Horse III's XXXMas Party in Vegas, which is very nearly peak Farrah Abraham.

And she asked for a vajazzling kit in preparation. But that's not all that she's doing to get ready.

In the video that you'll see below, Farrah Abraham is getting dermal filler injections.

She uploaded the video with the caption:

"The best of the best in #lasvegas @flawlessvegas Melanie I so enjoyed my #sculptra & how quick it was! Ladies mention #Farrah for $ 50.00 OFF #LA #lasvegas call in to schedule"

In a normal world, where product endorsements or flagrant self-promotion were more conversational, Farrah would have just tweeted: Melanie did a great job giving me dermal fillers and I'm excited for my Vegas gig.

Instead, she has more hashtags than any one Instagram post could ever need, all in exchange for what we assume must have been a hefty discount (if not making it outright free or paying her) at the face-stabbing clinic she visited.

Wouldn't it be weird if Farrah were fake-fired for doing sex work, only to be actually fired for lashing out at MTV and Viacom in a totally bonkers word salad?

Because she's been doing a lot of that, biting the Teen Mom hand that fed her for most of the last decade.

And she's been doubling down on her sex work, promoting her lingerie products and also 

Personally, we don't understand why so many companies are enjoying partnering with her, but then, we don't understand why Farrah masturbating on camera garnered so many views, either.

To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sex work. We don't know how Farrah's drama with MTV will ultimately end, but no one should be shamed for doing any form of sex work — least of all that which is legal.

Farrah has a whole host of actual bad qualities, including racist outbursts and using her young daughter's Twitter account to promote porn.

There's plenty to criticize without attacking sex work itself.

Farrah abraham topless in bed

As we mentioned, the video itself shows Farrah getting dermal fillers.

And … also like we said, it's really not for the faint of heart.

First of all, it features blood and needles. There are people who pass out in the presence of either.

And second of all … well, you picture somebody's face getting filled and it just makes you squirm. I'm not anti-cosmetic treatments or anything, but it's weird for someone so young to undergo so many.

Still, compared to Farrah sharing her vaginal rejuvenation treatments, a few pokes in the face aren't really a big deal.

If you're up for blood and needles going into Farrah's face, and if you're curious about what dermal fillers are like, this is the video for you:

Farrah abraham i got face fillers just in time for my strip club

Chelsea Houska Moves to Strip Adam Lind of Visitation Rights Following Latest Arrest

Last week, Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind was arrested for violating a restraining order obtained by an ex.

It was the latest in a long line of brushes with the law for Chelsea Houska’s troubled ex, who was remained in police custody for several days after being denied bail.

Lind is a free man for the time being, but his legal troubles have only just begun.

The troubled 28-year-old is due back in court several times in the weeks to come.

Two of his exes now have restraining orders against him, and Lind may be on the verge of losing the right to even visit his two daughters.

The mother of his youngest daughter has already taken steps to have his parental rights suspended after Lind tested positive for methamphetamines just prior to a scheduled visit.

And now, it appears that Chelsea is taking similar action to ensure that her daughter, Aubree, is protected from the increasingly unstable Lind.

Chelsea and Adam are set to square off in court on January 8, and it looks as though Houska is preparing by gradually paring down Lind’s visitation rights.

“She wants to cut back on Aubree going to Adam’s parents’ house,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“She wants more a of a regular grandparent visitation, not a visitation like the other parent, where she has to go every other weekend. Maybe just once a month.”

It seems Chelsea is conflicted, as she wants Aubree to maintain her close relationship with Lind’s parents, while limiting the girl’s exposure to Lind.

“She does not want the grandparents out of Aubree’s life,” the insider confirms.

And it seems Chelsea’s motives in limiting Aubree’s visits go beyond her concerns about Lind.

“She doesn’t see the point in Aubree going to his parents’ every other weekend,” the source says.

“Aubree is getting older. The older a kid gets, the more friends and activities take up their weekends.”

Sounds reasonable enough.

The problem is, Adam isn’t reasonable in the slightest, and you can bet he won’t stand idly by and let Chelsea alter their arrangement.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more reminders on just how awful Lind really is.


Farrah Abraham to Strip Club: You Need to Pay For My Bejeweled Vagina!

Say what you will about Farrah Abraham, the girl knows how to hustle.

She’s got more revenue streams than the Trump family, and she did it all without colluding with any foreign dictators … we think.

Granted, most of Farrah’s business ventures have something to do with her vagina, but you can’t fault her for cashing in on her most lucrative body part.

Farrah’s sex tape and the notorious plastic molds of her various orifices might get the most attention, but the 26-year-old has many other irons in the sex work fire.

In addition to Farrah’s live stream masturbation venture (which may or may not have gotten her fired from Teen Mom: OG), Ms. Abraham has also been known to take the stage and work the pole at various strip clubs.

Farrah has a high-profile holiday-themed gig coming up at Crazy Horse III in Las Vegas, and it seems she’s pulling out all the stops.

According to Radar Online, Farrah is requesting a number of big-ticket items in addition to her appearance fee, including, “neon panties and a vajazzle kit.”

Yes, Ms. Abraham won’t take stage without a fully-bedazzled vadge.

As you may know, Farrah underwent a vaginal rejuvenation procedure back in August, which means her hoo-ha-related expenses for 2017 are likely now in the six-figure range.

But hey, this woman knows you have to do what it takes to keep your star player happy.

Unexpectedly, the rider for her Crazy Horse gig also reveals a selfless side of Farrah, as she reportedly requested $ 3,000 in “Diamond Dollars,” a sort of club-issued currency that she can use to tip her fellow strippers.

Yes, the Crazy Horse chain of strip clubs prints its own money.

Our advice? Forget that Bitcoin nonsense and invest all your savings in Crazy Horse Diamond Dollars.

We’re kidding, please don’t do that.

In addition that vagina jewels and stripto-currency, Farrah has reportedly requested a “24k gold collagen breast firming gel mask.”

Yes, Farrah wants her bosses to pay for some sort of gold potion that will apparently make her breasts more stage-ready.

Imagine being hired for any sort of job and telling your new boss that in addition to your fees you’re gonna need a teacher’s salary worth of boob goo.

It might be the va-jay-jay that she’s cashing in on, but what’s really impressive about Farrah is her balls.

Watch Teen Mom: OG online at TV Fanatic for more of the gloriously asinine Farrah Abraham.


Vanderpump Rules Stars Strip Down for PETA!

The only thing better than getting naked is getting naked for a good cause. Or maybe the only thing better than supporting a good cause is supporting it while you're naked?

Either way, three of Vanderpump Rules' hottest stars are teaming up and stripping down to protest against orcas being held in marine circuses like SeaWorld.

And, as you'll see in the video below, they're wearing some very interesting body paint. …

Peta slash vanderpump rules 2

For those of you hoping to see Lisa Vanderpump wearing nothing but body paint … we've very sorry to disappoint.

But we hope that Ariana Madix, Lala Kent, and Scheana Shay won't leave you disappointed.

Nudity isn't inherently sexual, but it sure does grab people's attention. 

Just look at how good Scheana Marie Shay looks in body paint:

Scheana shay nude in body paint

If your message is important, you might want to make sure that you hook people's attention.

Controversial animal rights organization PETA, which has been slammed in the past by political opponents but also by big-time proponents of animal rights who accuse PETA of hypocrisy and of misguided practices, uses nudity a lot.

PETA even made some weird bestiality posters in a recent push to promote veganism.

Sometimes the message gets lost.

But when it comes to this particular campaign, it's not difficult to agree with PETA or these three Vanderpump Rules beauties.

Peta slash vanderpump rules 3

The video below isn't just skin and body paint (though those are also factors). It's also 

Ariana Madix makes sure that their goals are clear, saying:

"Today we're here with PETA shooting a campaign to release the orcas into seaside sanctuaries from SeaWorld."

Her costar, Scheana, adds some grim information about the prospects for captive orcas:

"Orcas have died at SeaWorld and the fact that none of them died from old age is just insane."

That is so, so sad.

Peta slash vanderpump rules 5

Lala Kent shares how the release of captive orcas from marine circuses like SeaWorld is important to her.

"When I saw the documentary, Blackfish, it literally changed my entire life."

That documentary did wonders for raising awareness.

"I found my passion and I found my voice and I will not stop until any place like SeaWorld is completely shut down."

That's a powerful personal cause to have.

"Places like SeaWorld or the Miami Sea Aquarium … it is the equivalent to me of taking a baby and putting them in a bathtub and having them grow up there."

That might be a bit of a stretch — maybe forcing a baby to grow up within a single room, also unforgivably awful, would be a better analogy.

(We're not blaming Lala for that — PETA has compared meat-eating to rape in the past; being inflammatory is arguably part of their brand)

Peta slash vanderpump rules 4

Lala continues:

"When you take a mammal of that size and put it into basically a swimming pool, you can't expect it to do anything but self-destruct."

Sadly, we know of countless instances of orcas doing just that. They lose their minds.

Ariana provides her own thoughts:

"Orcas are very social animals and they're very intelligent animals."

That's very true.

Peta slash vanderpump rules 6

"Each pod has their own language. So you have orcas from all different pods who are living in these bathtubs."

Conflict in that situation seems inevitable. And so does misery.

"They're fighting with each other because they have no way of communicating, they're confused, and they're full of anguish, and it shouldn't be that way."

As far as PETA advertisements go, this one is solid. It's an idea that we can all get behind.

Shout-out to these three Vanderpump Rules stars for using their platform for good!

Vanderpump rules stars strip down for peta