Miley Cyrus Strips Down, Sends Liam Hemsworth Steamy Valentine’s Day Video

Miley Cyrus really loves Liam Hemsworth.

The pair called their engagement and relationship off back in 2013, but they got back together a few years later. 

The parting of ways came around the time Miley rounded up everything related to Hannah Montana, hurled petrol over it, and set it on fire before leaving the ashes in her rear-view mirror. 

That’s not entirely how it went down, but you may recall her chopping her hair and swinging on a wrecking ball totally naked. 

Hey, if it helps sell records and make you one of the most talked about celebrities on the planet, why not? 

There was also that time with the foam finger on stage, but we’ll not get into that today. 

We’re here to talk about love!

With February 14 marking Valentine’s Day, Miley wanted to let her man know that she loves him dearly. 

To do this, the 25-year-old stripped down to red lingerie, a glittery robe, and pink tennis shoes. 

As if that was not enough, she clutched a heart that had the word “Lili.” 

Have a look below. 

“Happy Vday to my Val @LiamHemsworth,” Cyrus shared alongside the steamy clip. 

A behind the scenes video of the shoot was also shared by the “Malibu” singer. In the clip, she pulls various poses as people on the set laugh along. 

You can feast your eyes on that video below. 

There was radio silence from Liam on social in the aftermath, but we’re sure he thanked her in person. Well, we can hope he did. 

Radar Online reported last month that the couple got married in an intimate New Year’s Eve ceremony in the Byron Bay area of Australia. 

The report went on to say that it was a spur of the moment decision. 

There has been no confirmation that the report is true, but with Miley and Liam, we may wait a while to get the truth. 

The pair has been relatively quiet about their relationship since they got back together. 

Maybe they’ve realized that leaving everyone to speculate is the best foot forward. 

What do you think of the videos?

Hit the comment below with your thoughts. 


Farrah Abraham Strips Down For Lingerie Pics, Confirms Teen Mom Firing?

Right now, Farrah Abraham’s Teen Mom career seems to exist in a state of quantum uncertainty. Was she really fired from Teen Mom OG for being a sex worker? If so, will MTV take her back?

We don’t know. But we do know at least a little of what Farrah’s up to in the mean time.

Right now? She’s hawking lingerie. Some very aggressively revealing lingerie.

So, Farrah Abraham has had a long, long career with MTV.

So long, in fact, that she’s a Teen Mom star who’s 26 years old.

(A friend recently asked who she was, and was a little taken aback by my answer … because he didn’t expect to hear about Teen Mom stars in the same age-range as the stars of scripted teen dramas)

But then came reports that MTV had fired her.

And by “reports,” we mean that Farrah Abraham angrily ranted, claimed that MTV had fired her, and seemed to refer to it as a “hate crime.”

(In Farrah’s mind, maybe a “hate crime” just means a thing that she hates … which is not even a little bit close to what that means)

She alleged that her live sex shows (like the live anal toy camshow that she had announced) were the issue, it was also strongly suggested that … maybe it was a personality issue.

Meaning that maybe Farrah was fired because everyone hates her, and that — if someone mentioned her camgirl livestreams in the process, that may have just been the excuse that MTV needed.

We don’t know.

What we do know is that Farrah Abraham says that she wasn’t fired, actually … which only makes us more confused.

Competing reports are one thing, and we’re used to sorting through those.

But we don’t see competing reports from the same person, about themselves nearly so often. Especially not within such a short timeframe.

What may have happened was that Farrah was given an ultimatum by MTV or by producers: that she could do porn or Teen Mom, but not both.

(Honestly, that doesn’t sound fair — part of the point of being a reality star is for branding opportunities, and whatever we may think of Farrah, sex work is no less honest or valid than plugging a makeup brand on Instagram)

Only time will tell, at this point, though Farrah’s “Viacom Legal Confirms I have not been fired, I have not breached my contract,” does sound pretty official.

But what are we to make of this?

Farrah is posing here in some lingerie that hides everything except her bits. She’s using her hands to cover her nip nops, and it looks like absolutely nothing is covering part of her genitals.

She’s holding a riding crop and we have to say that she’s looking pretty darn good.

She captioned her post:

“‪#Shmoney mondayyyy ! Can’t wait to show you my exclusive lingerie line Dec 1st.”

She follows this with a gift emoji and a bag-of-money emoji.

“Behind the scenes! Photo shoot woot-woot! For the intrigued [sparkles emoji] wonderfully beautifully”

So this is her new lingerie line. Have another look:

We don’t think that anyone’s actually supposed to have intercourse through such a modestly sized hole in the outfit’s panties, but it’s certainly suggestive.

The riding crop is the only part of the whole ensemble that says “S&M” to us, but maybe there’s more to come that will put the fairly vanilla S&M toy into a context that makes sense.

Like we said, Farrah looks good here.

But … if she was getting into trouble with MTV folks for putting some toys into herself on camera for money, are they going to love her getting naked to hawk some lingerie?

This might put her deeper in the hole.

(Pun not intended)


Stassi Schroeder Strips Down on Instagram, Reveals Breast Reduction Surgery Scars

A new season of Vanderpump Rules is almost upon us.

It’s been seven months since we last checked in with the men and women of SUR, and a whole lot has changed in their lives in the interim.

For one thing, it seems barely a week went by without a new breakup rumor wending its way around social media.

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright split shortly after their spinoff series, Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky, publicly exposed the many flaws in their relationship.

It’s been reported that Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney have called it quits after less than a year of marriage, but that news didn’t come as much of a shock.

Those two have been exposing their flaws from day one.

Even Scheana Marie and Robert Valletta have broken up, despite maintaining the outward appearance of happiness until the very end.

But for all the Vanderpump romances that have gone south in the past year, perhaps none comes as a greater surprise than the breakup between Stassi Schroeder and Patrick Meagher.

Sure, they’d broken up in the past, but Stassi and Patrick really seemed to be in it for the long haul.

In fact, after several years as the show’s resident mystery man, Meagher finally agreed to appear on camera for Vanderpump Season 6.

The move was taken by many as a sign of commitment, the long-running reality show equivalent of putting a ring on it.

Sadly, Stassi and Patrick’s relationship melted under the glare of the spotlight, and he broke up with her on what would have been their thrid anniversary.

But don’t cry for SUR’s answer to Regina George–Stassi survived with the breakup with both her sharp sense of humor and her bangin’ body intact:

Stassi posted the above photo Instagram yesterday, along with a caption reading:

“That Kardashian ass tho.”

Stassi’s not afraid of a little self-deprecation, not does she have any qualms about showing off the faint scars from her breast reduction surgery.

It’s that attitude that’s made her the standout figure on a show that’s loaded with big personalities.

And we’re sure Ms. Schroeder has a similarly seductive effect on her Tinder matches.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to get caught up in time for what promises to be the show’s most dramatic season to date.


Farrah Abraham Strips Down & Masturbates on Live Stream, Gets Slammed By Fans

Even though she had sex on camera in exchange for money, Farrah Abraham doesn’t like to say she was a porn star.

Farrah starred in a “sex tape,” she claims, which is different from a porn … for reasons she can’t quite explain.

It was already built on a pretty shaky foundation, but Farrah’s argument that she’s not a sex worker is weaker than ever following a seriously risque cam show that she put on her for her fans this week.

The live stream began as an ad for a vibrator endorsed by Farrah.

To convey how much she enjoys the product, Farrah went ahead and masturbated on camera.

“She was licking it, saying the viewers should,” one viewer told Radar Online.

“She did, in fact, lick her own p-ssy mold sex toy,” the proud patron of the arts continued.

At that point, the free portion of the performance came to a close, and viewers were informed that they would need to pay up in order to continue watching.

A surprising number of fans ponied up $ 20 or more in order to watch Farrah pleasure and spank herself, because 2017 is a ridiculous year, and Farrah might be its most ridiculous person.

Farrah received some positive reviews, winding up with a 78% approval rating on the streaming site.

Of course, the crowd was a mix of live sex show aficionados and Teen Mom fans, and the latter group reportedly had unkind things to say in the comments section.

The cam show is something of an unexpected move for Farrah.

Though in the past, she’s sold rubber molds of her own vagina, written erotic novels, and starred in the aforementioned “sex tape,” Farrah seemed to have put sex work behind her in recent months.

Clearly, she’s back in the game these days.

Hey, maybe she’s just proud of her new vaginal rejuvenation.

You don’t shell out for a revamped va-jay-jay and not show it off to the world.

That’s like buying a new sports car and not rubbing a vibrator all over it on the internet.

Sorry, analogies are not our strong suit.

Watch Teen Mom: OG online to see Farrah embarrass herself with her clothes on.


Kylie Jenner Strips Down to Promote Lip Kit, Torture Tyga

It’s been almost three months since Kylie Jenner and Tyga broke up for the 47th and final time, and it seems that Kylizzle is having no trouble leaving her Z-list ex in the past.

According to various sources, Kylie is dating Travis Scott these days and the couple is reportedly moving at breakneck speed.

But Kylie is still a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, which means she’s comprised of roughly 85-90% pettiness.

So when the opportunity to remind an ex of what he’s missing out on arises, you better believe Kylie’s gonna take it.

That’s a photo from Kylie’s latest ad campaign for her famous, eponymous lip kits.

Words fail us at times like these, so we’ll simply quote America’s current poet laureate Kendrick Lamar, who once remarked, “Damn.”

Racy Kylie Jenner selfies are pretty much a daily occurrence on Instagram, but this is some next-level sh-t.

Not only is a lot of skin even by Kylie standards, what we’re looking at her is no mere selfie.

For starters, it’s the work of a professional photographer, which means a lot more thought went into than the typical ‘Gram post.

On top of that, it’s intended to promote Kylie’s lip kits, and we can’t help but notice that lips aren’t really the focal point here.

The whole thing has led many fans to the conclusion that the photo was inspired more by a desire to torture T-Raww than a need to promote Kylie’s already wildly popular cosmetics.

Kylie emulates her older sisters in many ways, and she’s likely learned a lot by Kourtney Kardashians subtle acts of revenge against Scott Disick.

After years of being used, neglected, and manipulated by the Lord, Kourtney decided to launch psychological warfare with unusually risque selfies as her only weapon.

Which means Scott loses and the rest of the world wins.

So is Kylie taking a page from her older sister’s playbook here?

We may never know.

All we can do is hope she sticks with this tactic.

Oh, and that Tyga doesn’t go off the deep end quite as badly as Scott did.

That’s never fun to watch.


S.I. Swimsuit Editor Strips Down to Bikini … ‘Beauty Comes In All Shapes’ (VIDEO)

The woman behind the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is turning the tables on herself — posing in her bikini to spread her message, “There is not a singular definition of beauty.” Of course, the magazine has gotten criticism over the years for…