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Tyga Sued Allegedly Ripped Off Songwriter For ‘Swap Meet’


Tyga‘s being sued for allegedly ripping off another rapper for his song, “Swap Meet.”

Pretty Maw, a rapper/songwriter, claims in a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ … Tyga stole portions of her song, “17th,” and used them without paying up.

P.M. claims she and Tyga had a deal in which he would pay her “a fixed monetary amount” for his use of her song, along with royalties from “Swap Meet,” which was released in Sept. 2018. His song has more than 7 million views on YouTube. 

She says not only that, Tyga induced her into allowing him to use her image and likeness for his song.

Pretty Maw does not list the similarities between her song and his, but says “Swap Meet heavily samples” her work.

She’s asking for money and an order stopping Tyga from ripping her off. We’ve reached out to Tyga … so far no word back.

Getting sued is nothing new for the rapper — he had a few lawsuits to deal with last year … including one for allegedly bailing on a gig in Dubai, and another for allegedly not paying rent.

He also filed a $ 10 mil suit of his own.

Just wait ’til Soulja Boy hears about this one.

Kanye West Sued Over Yeezy Allegedly Fleeced Over Fabric


Kanye West has been sued by a company claiming Kanye’s company ordered more than $ 600,000 in the manufacturing of fleece fabric for Yeezys and got stiffed.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Toki Sen-I Co. claims it struck a deal last June with Ye and Yeezy Apparel in which Toki would manufacture fleece fabric for Yeezys. The company claims it has done business with Kanye in the past and always got paid … until now.

Toki says it was an unusually large order this time around — $ 624,000 — but got nothing. Toki says it manufactured the fleece but they received an email from Yeezy Apparel stating they didn’t intend to go through with the deal.

As for how much fabric is on the line … 53,500 yards at $ 10.81 a yard.

Toki says it tried settling with Ye and Co., to no avail. Toki also says it tried to mitigate damages by selling the fabric to other buyers but it was so specific to the Yeezy brand no one wanted it.

Toki wants the $ 624k plus storage fees.

We’ve reached out to Kanye and Co. for comment … so far, no word back.

United Airlines Sued Passenger Smells Cover-Up Over Shattered 767 Windshield

Exclusive Details

United Airlines pilots had to deal with a shattered windshield at 40,000 feet, and although the airline said bird strike caused the emergency … one passenger claims there was a massive cover-up.

United’s flight 931 left Chicago bound for London on Oct. 27, 2018, and about 3 hours into the trip the pilot announced the windshield was splintered and they had to land immediately … according to a passenger named Theodore Liaw.

In his lawsuit against United, Theodore says he and the other passengers aboard the damaged 767 had to “white knuckle” it for 30 minutes … while the pilot and co-pilot rapidly went from cruising altitude to Goose Bay Airport in Newfoundland, Canada.

Theodore claims United’s customer support agents told them a “bird hit the windshield,” but he calls that a big fat lie, and claims he got the truth straight from the pilot during 8 hours on the ground. According to the suit, he asked the pilot and co-pilot if they’d hit something, and they “chuckled” and said that was impossible because “there’s nothing alive at 40,000 feet.”

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Theodore says the pilots openly confessed it was most likely caused by a mechanic over-tightening windshield bolts. They also admitted 2 of 3 layers of the glass were destroyed and they were nearly sucked out of the cockpit … according to the suit. 

Theodore is suing United for negligence. He says he hurt his back in the emergency landing and he’s suffered horrible plane crash nightmares ever since the flight.

United tells us, “Safety is our top priority and we diverted the aircraft due to an issue with the cockpit window. The aircraft landed safely, and we are continuing to investigate this matter. Due to the pending litigation, we’re unable to comment further.” 

Drake, Odell Beckham Jr. Sued Over Nightclub Beatdown


Drake, Odell Beckham Jr. and Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex are being sued by a guy who claims he was viciously beaten by a gang of thugs and Drake and Beckham were behind it.

Bennett Sipes claims in a new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, he was at Delilah nightclub in WeHo when there was a confrontation inside between himself and the defendants. When he attempted to leave the VIP area, he says Drake gave the “throat slash” hand gesture.

As he was attempting to enter the restroom, he says he was attacked by Younes Bendjima, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, along with members of Drake and Beckham’s entourage. 

The video shows the brutal fight. Sipes says he continues to incur medical bills and suffers “extreme mental anguish and physical pain.”

As TMZ first reported, a source at the club told us Sipes “talked smack” as he approached the group.  

Sipes filed a police report, but changed his mind and dropped it … at least criminally.

He’s also suing Delilah and others. 

Damon Dash Sued Dear Damon … You’re Not Part of ‘Dear Frank’!!!


Damon Dash is duping the general public about an upcoming movie he claims to have ties to when he really had nothing to do with it at all … according to a new lawsuit.

The legendary hip-hop mogul is being sued by director Josh Webber and Muddy Water Pictures for allegedly trying to advertise and shop a movie he was once a part of — but later dropped from — and pushing it as his own flick … causing confusion in the marketplace.

In the doc, obtained by TMZ, Josh and MWP say Dame has been sending promotional material to outlets like BET for a movie he’s been calling “The List” … which Josh and MWP say has actually been renamed “Dear Frank” since Dame’s departure.

Here’s the deal … Josh and MWP claim Dame was tied to the project back in 2016 and was supposed to direct. Unfortunately, they say Dame proved to not be up to the task … as they allege he was often high on set while they shot at his Sherman Oaks property.

Josh and MWP say they officially dropped Dame in 2018, since no official contract was ever signed between the parties … and they went on to make the film, which is due out in February and stars Claudia Jordan. But now, Josh and MWP say Dame has been trying to push himself as part of the project … even though he isn’t. 

They’re suing Dame for defamation and copyright infringement — and are asking a judge to declare once and for all that they, in fact, own the rights to “Dear Frank.” Josh and MWP also want damages.

As for Damon … sources close to him tell TMZ that the only reason Josh and MWP are suing is because they knew he was coming with a lawsuit of his own. He alleges that they shot the movie at his house with his equipment, and that they then stole the footage to push it without him. We’re told he’s got evidence to back his claim, and will present all of it shortly.

Pro Skater Nyjah Huston Sued You Jumped Me And Broke My Nose!!!


Nyjah Huston jumped a guy at a house party and beat the man’s face so viciously he needed surgery to fix a broken nose … this according to a new lawsuit. 

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Ryan Sheehy claims he was at a February 12, 2017 house party in Los Angeles when Nyjah jumped him and started beating the hell outta his face.

In the docs, Ryan claims the pro skateboarder’s attack left him with a broken nose, which required reconstructive surgery, and a cut above his left eye, which required stitches and left a noticeable disfigurement. As a result of the injuries, Ryan claims he suffered immense pain and was forced to miss work. 

We broke the story … the L.A. County D.A. charged Nyjah with felony battery after the alleged fight.

Ryan is going after Nyjah for damages. 

Despite the felony charge and lawsuit, Nyjah has still been skating and just claimed his fifth career Street League Skateboarding World Championship title. 

Juice WRLD Sued for Jacking ‘Lean Wit Me’


Juice WRLD is getting squeezed for allegedly ripping off a kid who claims his beat is the same one as one of the rapper’s biggest songs … this according to a new lawsuit. 

Jerome Willisch — a minor in Colorado who goes by Fly Jxy — just filed suit with his parents against the Chicago MC, claiming his 2018 tune “Lean Wit Me” is a blatant rip-off of his own song, “Ice.”

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Willisch says the producers of ‘LWM’ lifted his song by copying the essential beat and foundation of “Ice” … without giving him credit, and without getting his permission.

It’s worth noting … Willisch says he just filed for a copyright to his song this month, but hasn’t yet secured the rights. Still, he argues that “Lean Wit Me” is basically stealing his work, and he wants justice.

Willisch is asking a judge to pull the song from the airwaves and for damages as well. 

Band Featuring Tito Jackson Sued Leave B.B. King’s Name Out Of This!!!


Tito Jackson and the band he played with negotiated in bad faith with the B.B. King Music Co. and profited off the jazz musician’s celebrity, so the company wants Tito and his bandmates to cut them a check and stop using his name … this according to a new lawsuit. 

The B.B. King Music Co. is going after the B.B. King Blues Band Featuring Tito Jackson for trademark infringement. According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the band never had written permission to use B.B. King’s name on their worldwide tour. 

The B.B. King Music Co. claims they had an oral agreement for the band to use the famous artist’s name, but they never actually signed it. 

Now, the B.B. King Music Co. is suing not only for money, but also for an order forcing the band to 86 the name.

Netflix Sued ‘Bandersnatch’ Chose to Rip Us Off … Says ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’

Netflix’s new ‘Black Mirror‘ movie rips off a popular children’s book series and takes it to a dark place, according to the folks behind “Choose Your Own Adventure” … who’ve chosen to file a $ 25 million lawsuit.

Chooseco, the company that owns the ‘CYOA’ trademark, claims Netflix’s ‘Bandersnatch’ jacked its popular idea without ever getting permission. In the suit, the publisher says it was in negotiations with Netflix to develop a series for years, but they never closed a deal.

Chooseco adds, Netflix deliberately tried to connect with the audience’s nostalgia for the popular ’80s and ’90s ‘CYOA’ books … according to the suit. The publisher says it was blatant too, with ‘CYOA’ being mentioned by name in the first few minutes of ‘Bandersnatch.’

If you haven’t seen it, ‘Bandersnatch’ is an interactive experience that allows viewers to choose the direction of the plot, but Chooseco says the choices can take the movie in a direction that includes “references to and depictions of a demonic presence, violent fighting, drug use, murder, mutilation of a corpse, decapitation, and other upsetting imagery.”

The publisher says these dark and violent themes are way too mature for the target audience of its book series … so the association with this “grim content” tarnishes its brand.

Lifetime Sued You Called Us Ugly for Cheap Laughs!!!


Lifetime pulled a major Scrooge move in one of its heartwarming holiday flicks by taking a real-life family that had nothing to do with the movie and calling ’em ugly … according to the fam, anyway.

Setiam and Katherine Allah are suing the cable channel over a scene in “Christmas Harmony” … which they did not find the least bit harmonious or Christmas-y. In a lawsuit, the Allahs say one of their family photos somehow ended up as a prop on the movie’s set without their permission.

If you saw the movie (’cause who didn’t?), the lead character, Harmony, pins a random family pic to the wall …only to have her love interest tell her to take it down immediately. Harmony protests, but her guy fires back … “They’re ugly!”

The Allahs were embarrassed when friends and family called to say they easily recognized them while watching the film. According to the suit, the Allahs only sent out about 50 of those family portraits, but not to anyone who works for Lifetime.

The movie aired back in November, so for the Allahs, the damage is done. They’re suing Lifetime for all of the movie’s profits. Bah humbug!

We’ve reached out to Lifetime, so far no word back.