Janice Dickinson Sues Ryan Seacrest’s Co. Over Romper Controversy on ‘Shahs of Sunset’

Janice Dickinson is suing Ryan Seacrest’s production company, claiming a storyline on “Shahs of Sunset” that she stole a romper from GG was manufactured and just plain false. Janice’s beef is over an episode where Janice was backstage at a…


Shahs of Sunset Season 6 Episode 15 Recap: Are GG and Shalom Still Together?

Did Asa conceive naturally?

That was the big question on Shahs of Sunset Season 6 Episode 15 when it became apparent that not everyone believed what Asa was saying. 

When the episode got underway, Reza was still on the fence and made it clear that he was annoyed at himself for having doubts about his good friend. 

Asa denied that she was worried about bumping into MJ at the clinic, and everyone seemed to think she was just lying. Reza was mad because he felt like he was trying to give her every opportunity to tell the truth, but she was not having it. 

MJ then chimed in and said that she was mad because her reaction was made out to be an overreaction and that she reacted the way any good friend would have.

Things took a crazy turn after lunch when Golnesa took what seemed to be a panic attack. She revealed that she was light-headed and that she felt she was going to faint. 

Andy asked why Golnesa was still drinking despite going to rehab. She defended herself by saying that she never claimed to be sober. The talk turned to her relationship with Shalom, and all seemed to be right between them. 

Reza then said that she was talking crap because she was stabbing herself where the tattoo of Shalom is. Golnesa claimed that the reason they had the falling out was that she learned he was married before her and felt like he was only looking for a green card. 

When Shalom hit up the stage, it became clear that things were not right between the couple. Shalom noted that they were trying to fix their relationship, but it does not seem like it will be successful. 

Reza then shocked Adam by saying that they could be in an open relationship ten years from now, and the poor man looked like he wanted to run off the set and away from his husband. 

The plan for the baby is that Adam is going to be the biological father and surrogate the child through surrogacy. When that was out of the way, Reza and Adam revealed they bought a house. 

Mike was not impressed and felt like he and MJ were being left out of everything. In the end, everyone went their separate ways, and it became clear they were all against one another. 

Is there hope?

We will find out in Season 7!

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Shahs of Sunset Season 6 Episode 14 Recap: Is Asa Soltan Done With the Series?!?

The shahs do not share the same bond they once did. 

That became clear on Shahs of Sunset Season 6 Episode 14 which served as the first part of the reunion for the latest season of the hit Bravo series. 

When the episode got underway, Andy wasted no time in asking some questions to the cast members. His attention was firmly on Asa at the opening. 

He asked if the baby would be making its way onto the reunion special. 

“No, but he might be coming later because I’m breastfeeding. Which is a lot of work, by the way.”

Andy then quizzed them all about the plastic surgery they have had done, and MJ refused to raise her hand because she did not want to discuss the question. 

Andy then pointed out that she was complaining about Asa keeping things from them over the course of the season, and felt like it was a bit hypocritical of her. 

Asa said that people in the cast just want the world to see certain things about them and question what is fact and what is fiction. 

“For example, are those your natural lips?” she asked MJ. 

MJ tried to say they were the real deal, but she forgot Asa went to school with her, so she knew MJ was lying. 

Andy quizzed Asa about motherhood, and she was very open about her experience of it. When Andy asked about why the kid is not in front of the camera, she blamed it all on Jerome. 

We then moved on to the whole race card. Mike was still mad with Asa because she painted him as a racist because he said that Jermaine was black. 

“You’re fake, you’re false, you’re a liar,” he said to her. But, it did not take him long to take back his harsh words and left her with an apology. 

When the attention turned to MJ’s family life, she took full responsibility for that fight with Tommy from a few weeks ago. Yes, the one that was so clearly scripted. 

Vida then came on the stage and claimed MJ was not ready for a baby. This did not go down well for MJ because Vida was never there for her growing up, so she felt like it was not her place to comment on anything. 

Vida did note that Tommy was growing on her and everyone seemed shocked. They agreed to get married, so at least that was positive for their relationship. 

Vida then said that Mike had matured in a lot of ways, and she liked the person he was becoming, but she said Asa was trash. 

“So you guys just like to bring Vida out to shit on me,” Asa balked later in the episode. 

The attention turned to MJ trashing Asa’s baby, and she claimed it just slipped out. Asa said that’s the type of behavior she has come to expect from MJ over the years. 

Reza brought up the fact that Asa lied about the doctor to MJ, and that it must have hurt. Asa lied and said they were not there at the same time. 

“You didn’t tell me that you were worried you were going to bump into her at the doctor’s office?” She said no. Reza replied, “That’s why we are where we are in our relationship.”

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Shahs of Sunset Season 6 Episode 13 Recap: The Thread That Broke The Shahs’ Backs

Is Asa Soltan leaving Shahs of Sunset behind?

It certainly seemed that way on Shahs of Sunset Season 6 Episode 13 in which she appeared to be so done with all of the drama, but we never really got a solid answer about her future with the series. 

When the episode got underway, Reza and GG were trying to find out what was going on with the decor for the Winter Bell. They spoke to Kevin Lee about it. 

GG dropped the bomb that Jessica had been contacting Mike’s mother and wanted to get back with Mike. Reza thought it would be a good idea for them to get back together. 

If they couldn’t make it work the first time, why would it work the second? Didn’t they keep secrets from each other? Yeah, we’re totally not buying this. 

Reza and Adam later visited Asa, and she said she did not want to be around the group because of all the negativity. The group always seems to get into alcohol-fueled arguments, and she’s so done with that. 

Some people outgrow the days of fighting, and it sure sounds like Asa is done with that. Will the Bravo producers be able to find someone to be friends with her for Season 7?

Reza, as always, made his own assumption about her claims and took it as her saying she did not want to be around them anymore. 

Reza then bickered with Adam at MJ’s home, but they tried to make it one of those quiet arguments. Reza then threatened to not have a child with Adam, and that’ when things went nuclear. 

Why would you even threaten someone with that? It’s horrible. Will these two even make it to Season 7 as a couple?

At the party, everyone tried to get Mike’s mom to accept Jessica again, and we have no idea why. Jessica was the one who changed her whole lifestyle for her man. 

He was out sleeping with anyone who would take him, and that’s why this whole storyline is absurd. Let’s move on from the convoluted crap, you guys. 

In the end, Adam revealed to Reza that he struggled to move on from all the drama with the wedding, and the subsequent claims about not having a child. 

Reza realized the error of his ways, and they finally buried the hatchet, but we have no idea how long this one will last. 

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Shahs of Sunset Season 6 Episode 12 Recap: Sex (Tips) In The City

Just because the group was on their break to New York City, it did not mean the drama did not follow them. 

Shahs of Sunset Season 6 Episode 12 picked up in the aftermath of the significant proposal and the gang headed out to indulge in some ice stating the city. 

In one of the fakest moments in the show’s history, Reza called Asa to invite her to an event back in LA. The odd thing about all of this is that Asa exiled herself from the group. 

She wanted to lie about things and imply her life was perfect, but that was far from the point of having friends. She and MJ could have bonded over their treatment. 

Instead, it pushed them further apart because of Asa’s blatant disregard for someone who was once her best friend. Reza’s phone call did not seem to do anything to right the ship. 

Asa revealed that her energy levels were diminishing because of the pregnancy and that she felt like things were going to get worse for her until the baby was delivered. 

The rest of the group concluded that she did not want to be asked about her pregnancy. She tried to stay apart from the group, and when you consider how quickly they burn bridges, maybe that’s a wise move. 

Mike decided to stay off the ice and let everyone else have fun, but aside from MH and GG, none of them could skate. It was embarrassing watching them skate around as though they knew how to do it. 

While everyone was having fun in New York City, Asa was struggling with her pregnancy. Her doctor told her it would make more sense for her to steer clear of her friends if they are adding to her stress levels. 

Despite her blatant sadness, she found out that she was for sure having a boy, so that was one of the positives with her storyline in this otherwise somber episode. 

The next morning, the group started digging Mike for staying out the whole night before. The last time I checked, he was a grown man, so giving him in trouble is a bit too far. 

Not being the brightest person, GG thought it would be fun to sniff the underwear he wore the night before. It was bizarre, to say the least, and she automatically came to the conclusion he must have been with Jessica. 

GG, MJ, and Reza had a chat a little later and seemed to thin Jessica wanted to get back with Mike. If you watch Shahs of Sunset online, you will already know that Jessica has made it very clear she is done with Mike after all of his lies. 

This seemed like something thrown in at the order of a producer to ramp up the drama. It was apparently fake, and that’s not a good thing. 

Just when it seemed like we were finally going to lay eyes on Tommy’s family, we found out it was his friends we were meeting. They helped him through the loss of his parents, so they were his family. 

Back in LA, Destiney flipped out at Shervin for cheating, so he split up with Annalise via a video call. Yes, we are not kidding. The fakery is on full display this week, you guys. 

Also, ASA met up with Latoya Jackson, and they chatted about the perks of being part of the same family. In the process, they had a look at some baby clothes to pass some time. 

In the end, we got to see GG’s play, but MJ and Tommy decided to stay with Tommy’s friends. Shalom showed up at the play in the closing moments. 

So, he’s not as bad as we first thought! 

Over to you guys, what did you think of the latest installment?

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