Jerry Jones Won’t Fire Jason Garrett, Says He Can Lead Cowboys To A Super Bowl!

Sorry, Cowboys fans … looks like you’re stuck with Jason Garrett — ‘cause Jerry Jones just went to bat for the embattled head coach, saying he won’t fire him!!!! “Jason Garrett is absolutely the real deal,” the Cowboys owner said on 105.3 The…


Steelers Don’t Need Le’Veon Bell To Win Super Bowl, Says Pittsburgh Mayor

Here’s a sign Le’Veon Bell’s holdout has probably gone on too long … Bill Peduto — the mayor of Pittsburgh and a longtime Le’Veon supporter — tells TMZ Sports he’s beginning to think the Steelers don’t need the RB to make a Super Bowl run.…


Waka Flocka Flame Bashes NFL’s Maroon 5 Pick For Super Bowl Halftime Show in Atlanta

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People REALLY Don’t Wanna See Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl

Adam Levine is undeniably a good looking man.

And he has an outstanding voice.

But these traits are apparently not enough to prompt any excitement from NFL fans over the selection of Levine's band at the Super Bowl 2019 halftime act.

Upon Maroon 5 being confirmed as the headliner for the big game, which will take place on February 3 in Atlanta, social media users expressed their annoyance and dismay.

We've selected a few of their most vicious responses below…


1. They’re In!

Adam levine for maroon 5
Levine and company will follow in the recent footsteps of Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Bruno Mars. And this is what some people think about that selection…

2. Like, a 20-Minute Bathroom Break at That!

Like a 20 minute bathroom break at that

3. Remember How Well Coldplay Went Over?

Remember how well coldplay went over

4. Thanks, Siri

Thanks siri

5. You Know the Answer, Right?

You know the answer right

6. We Have a Solution for This

We have a solution for this

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Jenelle Evans Twerks in Front of Her Children in SUPER Cringey Video!

Jenelle Evans is such an interesting person because she manages to be awful in such a wide variety of ways.

If you were to write out a complete list of all the bad things she's done and all the terrible things she's said, she'd sound like a character in a poorly written white trash soap opera, not a real person.

Like when she stole her mother's credit cards and ran away with her boyfriend a the time, Kieffer, to New Jersey?

Or the time she tried to get out of going to jail because she'd made plans to go to a Kesha concert, and she even put feathers in her hair for the occasion?

Or the time she told Nathan Griffith that she'd taken a pregnancy test and it was positive, but she wasn't sure if she was actually pregnant or if the test was positive because of "leftovers" from the abortion she'd just had?

She really is just the most ridiculous person, and in a new video she just shared on Instagram, she's extra ridiculous.

As you probably know, there's a certain viral trend right now called the "In My Feelings" Challenge, where people do a little dance to the Drake song, usually while walking alongside a moving car.

It's been very popular, some celebrities have done it — Will Smith even did it, that's how big it is — and our dear Jenelle decided she'd give it a go, too.

"My turn!" she captioned her video. "Showing the kids their mom still has dance moves."

She added that her car was parked, not moving, and they were "on the side of our road."

She probably explained that because she knew she'd get some hate for the video, mostly because of who she is as a person and all she's done to deserve that hate.

But just because she was parked doesn't mean haters kept their mouths shut.

"I'm embarrassed for you," one of her followers wrote. "GROW UP AND BE A MOTHER TO YOUR CHILDREN!!"

"Twerking for your kids?" another person asked. "That's disgusting. Very on brand for you."

Several people took issue with her outfit, saying it was too revealing, especially for a mother, and other people talked about how she's appeared to have put on a little bit of weight.

Another big issue was that if she was showing her kids her dance moves, and the video was filmed from the front seat, then poor Jace is probably the one capturing his mother's twerking skills on her phone here.

One person argued "It's not the point of the dance, who cares .. it's the fact she chose to do it with a car full of her kids & being the only adult in there with them!"

Another particularly dramatic person wrote "And this is why society is going to self destruct. Teach children how to respect themselves. Sad, u have a daughter. Think!"

OK, look, is this video embarrassing?

Yes, it is. It's super embarrassing — most of these videos are, honestly.

But she looks great, and even if she didn't, she doesn't deserve criticism for her looks.

Her clothes are fine, too, and although it must be tough to watch your mom twerking in short shorts, her kids have definitely been through worse.

No, the real issue here is that Jenelle is just kind of an embarrassing person in general, and this video doesn't help anything.

Oh, and the fact that she nearly got hit by that car that was forced to drive in the wrong lane because she felt like dancing in the street, that's also an issue.

Watch Jenelle strut her stuff in the video below:

Jenelle evans twerks in front of her children in super cringey v