Julie Chen Shows Support for Husband, Gets Destroyed on Twitter

Julie Chen is married to Les Moonves.

And this is a rather awkward arrangement at the moment.

That's because Chen is a CBS host, likely best known for emceeing Big Brother; and Moonves is the just-ousted CBS President, who was recently removed from his position due to accusations of sexual misconduct.

Like we said: AWKWARD!

Chen briefly touched on this scandal back when news about it spread, but she hasn't said very much about it since.

Until the night of September 13, that is.

To close out an episode of Big Brother, Chen signed off in a way that showed support for her husband.

It was subtle, yet also obvious, and social media users have A LOT to say about it.

See what we mean below…

1. What Did She Say?

Julie chen moonves
“From outside the ‘Big Brother’ house…I’m Julie Chen Moonves. Goodnight.” That’s how Chen closed out the latest episode of Big Brother, using her husband’s last name on air for the first time.

2. What Had She Said Previously About the Scandal?

Julie chen appears on big brother
“I have known my husband, Leslie Moonves, since the late ’90s, and I have been married to him for almost 14 years,” read her one statement on the topic. “Leslie is a good man and a loving father, devoted husband and inspiring corporate leader. He has always been a kind, decent and moral human being. I fully support my husband and stand behind him and his statement.”

3. What About on The Talk?

Julie chen kind of addresses les moonves scandal on the talk
This is the only thing Chen told the audience upon her return to The Talk about the scandal hit: “Some of you may be aware of what’s going on in my life the past few days. I issued the one and only statement I will ever make on this topic on Twitter, and I will stand by that statement today, tomorrow, forever.”

4. What is Moonves Accused Of?

Les moonves picture
Forcing himself on to a number of women, kissing them against their wishes, while harassing and verbally abusing them. Multiple women have issued these allegations, saying the incidents took place about 20 years ago.

5. Has Moonves Denied These Charges?

Les moonves photo
Yes, but he’s also said the following: “Throughout my time at CBS, we have promoted a culture of respect and opportunity for all employees, and have consistently found success elevating women to top executive positions across our Company. I recognize that there were times decades ago when I may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances. Those were mistakes, and I regret them immensely.”

6. What Does Twitter Have to Say About Chen’s Support?

Les moonves
A lot, as you might imagine. Scroll down to find out more…

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Rihanna: Siding with Chris Brown in Child Support Battle?!

Chris Brown is getting dragged to court by his ex because he’s a deadbeat dad, to absolutely no one’s surprise.

While Nia Guzman demands that he pay his fair share to support his daughter, Royalty, a shocking report claims that Chris has a surprising person in his corner.

Rihanna is allegedly heartbroken that Chris is getting dragged back into court.

Nia Guzman says that Chris owes her a lot of child support money for their little girl, Royalty. Chris strenuously objects.

An alleged inside source close to Rihanna tells HollywoodLife that Rihanna feels sorry for Chris Brown, if you can imagine.

“Rihanna’s heart goes out to Chris as he deals with his baby mama drama,” the source claims.

Apparently, she not only feels compassion for his plight — but confidence that he’s being a good dad.

To hear this insider tell it: “She has no doubts that Chris loves and supports his daughter.”

Loving and supporting someone is, for the record, not the same thing as meeting your court-ordered child support payments.

According to this report, Rihanna’s takeaway from their relationship is basically that Chris Brown is a family man who always does right by his loved ones.

“And Rihanna also knows from their time together that being a father was something he’s always wanted,” the insider declares.

Wanting something really bad always means that you’re responsible with it, right? Like teens and new cars, or little kids and puppies, or Chris Brown and women.

“And although she’s not involved in his life anymore,” the source claims. “From her perspective he’s been super devoted to his daughter Royalty.”

If she’s not in his life anymore … what possible perspective could she have? Unless she reads a lot of wholesome Chris Brown fanfiction.

To be clear, this alleged source isn’t going so far as to claim that Rihanna knows the facts of the case or, you know, any salient details.

“Rihanna has no idea what his child support agreement is though,” the insider admits.

But apparently that’s not important to her, the source says, “and she has no real interest in those details.”

“She does however, feel confident that Chris will do the right thing when it comes to supporting his daughter,” the insider asserts.

So … this report is claiming that Riri is Chris’ ideal character witness?

If Rihanna is really viewing Chris through rose-tinted glasses, Chris’ feelings are said to be even stronger.

“Not a day goes by without Chris thinking about Rihanna,” an insider tells HollywoodLife. “He still thinks she’s the most beautiful girl in the world and he truly believes that she’s the love of his life.”

First of all, he doesn’t think that Rihanna’s the most beautiful girl in the world. He knows. It’s a fact.

Chris tries to live his life without regrets,” the source reports. “But he can’t help wishing things had played out differently between him and Rihanna.”

We’ll say this much — there are some men who beat a woman’s face until it’s almost beyond recognition and don’t regret it. But regets don’t mean that Chris is a good dude.

Rihanna is many things. Savvy, beautiful, talented, gorgeous, funny, stunningly attractive, witty … the list goes on.

What she is not is a damn fool. A little more compassionate than is good for her? Sure. But she’s no fool.

We have an extremely difficult time believing that Rihanna imagines that Chris is some kindhearted family man. She knows better than most that he is not.

But we could absolutely believe that Riri has a friend who is s–tty enough to project their own nostalgia for Chris onto her and also blab about it to a tabloid.

We’re not saying that this is what happened, but … it’s certainly more plausible than Rihanna losing her mind.


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