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Common NFL Doesn’t Support Black People … ‘I’m with Kap’


Common says he loves Travis Scott — but really wishes the guy would PULL OUT of the Super Bowl halftime show over the way the league has treated Colin Kaepernick.

“I ain’t with supporting the NFL,” Common told us … “They don’t really support black people.”

“Kaepernick said he’s standing up for people who are being shot down, black and brown. The NFL basically blackballed him. They’ve shown how they feel about us for real.”

Common says he respects the NFL players — his beef is squarely with the owners. 

As for Travis Scott, Common says … “He’s a dope dude, but I really don’t want to support none of that stuff.”

“Travis is doing what he’s gotta do … I feel like man, I wish he wouldn’t [do the halftime show] to be honest.”

Common says he has great respect for artists like Rihanna who have reportedly turned down the NFL in a show of support to Colin. 

“All I know is that I’m supporting Kaepernick,” Common added … “I just want you to know that.”

As we previously reported, Travis Scott reached out to Colin to discuss the Super Bowl halftime show before he officially signed on. 

The two men had a cordial conversation but Colin explained why he would NOT give Travis his blessing to perform. 

Travis negotiated with the NFL to have $ 500,000 donated to Van Jones‘ social justice organization in exchange for his participation — and ultimately, Scott felt it was worth it. 

Forest Whitaker Wife Wants Spousal Support in Divorce


Forest Whitaker‘s wife just filed her response to his divorce petition and although it seems on the surface there may be issues between the two, our sources say the divorce is super amicable. 

Keisha Nash, through her lawyer disso queen Laura Wasser, is asking for spousal support once their 22 year marriage is dissolved. In Forest’s legal docs he asked the judge to deny Keisha spousal support.

The spousal support thing seems like it could blow up, but our sources say not the case. We’re told both sides want to work out a formal property settlement agreement that will satisfy them. There’s a lot to divide … he’s an incredibly successful actor and we’ve learned they did not have a prenup. 

There are no minor children so child support is a non issue.

Matt Barnes Child Support to Gloria Govan … Slashed In Half


Matt Barnes just got a massive reduction in how much he’ll have to pay Gloria Govan in child support for their twin boys.

Barnes — who was paying Govan $ 20,000 a month — will now have to pay just $ 7,500 per month. The two have 10-year-old twins, Carter and Isaiah together … so it works out to $ 3,750 per kid.

The reduction comes on the heels of Barnes getting awarded sole legal and physical custody of the twins last month … and an 18-month restraining order against Govan.  

TMZ previously reported, Gloria was arrested the Friday before Labor Day after Matt claimed she put the lives of their twin boys at risk by allegedly flying into a rage in her car, blocking Matt and the kids from driving away from their school.

Gloria denied the allegations and ultimately prosecutors declined to press forward with criminal charges.