Ex-RNC Chair on Khashoggi Yeah, Sure, a ‘Fist Fight’ Broke Out … Calls BS on Saudi Arabia


The former head of the RNC doesn’t believe a word of Saudi Arabia’s explanation of how journalist Jamal Khashoggi died, and he doesn’t buy Trump‘s denial of financial ties there.

We got Michael Steele Saturday at the L.A. Convention Center during Politicon 2018 and asked what he made of Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor insisting that Khashoggi had gotten into a fist fight inside the country’s consulate in Turkey … which led to his death.

It’s clear he thinks the Saudi Arabian goverment’s full of it — as he describes just how unlikely it is for such a scenario to play out … especially in light of how brutal his murder has been described by Turkish officials. He’s said to have been dismembered.

As for Trump very publicly declaring he has “no financial interests in Saudi Arabia” … Mike’s got a theory on that too. Funny how one word can change the meaning of something so drastically … which the President is no stranger to at this point. #WordsMatter

Kim Kardashian: Sure, I Could Be President!

These are some wild and crazy times we’re living in right now.

And, based on this new interview with Kim Kardashian, things could be getting even wilder and crazier.

Thanks to the weird, tragic events that took place during the last presidential election, the U.S. has pretty much proven that we’ll throw anybody into the White House.

Literally anybody.

After Donald Trump, a businessman and a reality star, became president, a good few other celebrities began thinking they could do the same one day.

Because hey, if the guy who was recorded talking about grabbing women by the pussy can get elected to the highest office in all the land, what’s stopping Kanye West from taking over in 2020?

Like we said, these are some wild and crazy times.

But it’s starting to sound like Kanye isn’t the only member of his family who’s thinking about getting into politics.

Kim Kardashian in 2024, y’all!

Kim did an interview on The Van Jones Show over the weekend, and Van asked her directly about the idea of running for office.

At first, she said “I don’t really think that’s even on my mind.”

He pointed out that a reality star is currently the president, and she told him “I know, that’s why Kanye loves him, it’s the idea that anything could happen.”

“I guess never say never,” she conceded, “but that’s not going to be like a ‘Kim’s running,’ that’s not what I’m going for. I just want to help, starting one person at a time.”

“I think sometimes if more people would just put their personal feelings aside and talk about really important issues that have to be discussed, then so much more could get done.”

It sounds like Kim has been very inspired by her work with helping to free Alice Johnson, the woman who’d been in prison serving a life sentence for a nonviolent drug charge.

She said as much in the interview, telling Van that “I felt like she’s a good person, you can see that in her,” and that she identified with her because “she got desperate” and made a bad decision out of a desire to care for her children.

“I know that I would do anything for my kids,” she explained, “so I just felt this connection to her. Like instantly, I just wanted to help her.”

And she really did — Alice was released from prison after Kim’s meeting with Trump earlier this month.

Also in the interview, Kim expressed interest in becoming a lawyer.

Yes, really.

She said she’d totally go for it “if there wasn’t the long college process,” but after researching the idea, she found that “in the state of California, I could assist an attorney for three years and just make the bar.”

Would she actually do that though? Honestly, probably not, at least not anytime soon.

She’s got three young children and a very successful career already, so even if she was able to find a lawyer willing to offer her a job, she’s probably way too busy right now.

But still, can you imagine, Kim Kardashian, attorney at law?

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty proud of how ambitious our Kimmie is becoming lately!

Finally, Kim sort of touched on Kanye’s love of Trump — a love she definitely doesn’t share, by saying “Even if you don’t see eye to eye and there’s a lot going on, I think always be real.”

“We have really good communication. No matter what it is, if I agree, if I don’t agree, I’m always there. I think it’s just really important to be supportive.”

“It’s kind of a no-brainer for me to just be there and help be that sounding board if he needs advice on anything,” she said.

… Sure, girl, whatever you say.

Going forward, we’d recommend less talk about Kanye and less justification for his bizarre views and more of the “maybe I’ll be a lawyer someday, I love helping people” stuff.

Because the Kim Kardashian of 2018 is shaping up to be pretty cool.


LiAngelo Ball ‘For Sure’ Getting Drafted, Says Top NBA Prospect Collin Sexton

If game really does recognize game … bet the house on LiAngelo Ball getting drafted later this month … ‘cause a top NBA draft prospect says Lonzo’s bro is “for sure” getting picked. Collin Sexton — the stud point guard from Alabama — is…


Jeremy Roloff Birthday Tribute: Audrey Sure Loves Him A Lot!


Audrey Roloff is a very big fan of Jeremy Roloff.

This is stating the obvious, of course, mostly because Audrey and Jeremy are married with an adorable baby girl.

But let’s be honest:

There are plenty of couples in this situation who don’t exact exude affection for one another, right?

Jeremy and Audrey got married in September of 2014, though, and have basically spent the past four and a half years gushing over each other in one sense or another.

What’s their secret?

Reciting their marriage vows during sex, of course! (We’re not kidding. Click on that link to see what we mean.)

But also just being open and honest and turning their lives over to a higher power.

This sums up the basic themes of nearly every Jeremy or Audrey social media post, such as the #3sentencelovestory Audrey wrote about Jeremy in February.

It went as follows:

We were freshman in college when our good friends set up on a blind date before church, and from that day forward he was patiently persistent, I was stubborn and guarded.

After a two year friendship. he said “will you be mine” up on the railroad tracks, and that’s when we began 3-years of writing each other letters on our type writers while we endured a long distance relationship.

Our long-distance relationship ended in an unbreakable covenant on September 20th 2014, and since then we have continued to grow in oneness, Godliness, and more in love… always more.

So anyway: This is all a long preamble to say that Jeremy Roloff turns 28 years old today.

And, as you might expect, Audrey had some very nice things to say in honor of this occasion.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you babe (and happy 8 months to this cute little girlsie!),” wrote Audrey to open her birthday message, adding early in her caption:

“You are far more than I could have ever imagined a husband to be Jeremy. You are the love of my life, my best friend, my adventure partner, my confidant, my tech support, my comedic relief and so much more!

“From the beginning you’ve had such a strong connection with our daughter that makes my eyes water.”

Audrey continued to focus on Jeremy as a father, which is the most important role he’ll ever have, of course:

“I love seeing how engaged and content you are just playing with her, talking to her, and making her laugh.

“You are a steadfast and faithful man of God and you challenge me to be the best version of who God has called me to be.”

Audrey and Jeremy actually met on a blind date, an occasion Jeremy wrote about back in January.

“It’s been a wild and unexpected eight years,” Jeremy said at the time, adding a few months ago:

“We never get to choose where we end up, our daily choices choose for us. When we are old and grey I imagine the greatest thing will be looking back at the love story we have written.”

And this is how Audrey wrapped up her birthday tribute to the man she has known for well over a decade:

I am constantly amazed at your wisdom, and continually grateful for your humility and strength in leading our family. Thank you for loving us so well babe. ‘If it’s half as good as the half we’ve known, here’s Hail! to the rest of the road.”

I love you Farmer.

Pretty sweet stuff, huh?

We’d like to also send our best birthday wishes at this time to Jeremy Roloff, so here we go: