Jenelle Evans Talks Cosmetic Surgery: I’m Almost 30 But I Look Like I’m 20!

Like so many of her co-stars in the Teen Mom franchise, Jenelle Evans has had a fair amount of work done.

Unlike those ladies, however, Jenelle is widely despised for her violent, abusive behavior, which means folks on the social media feel much more comfortable commenting on her appearance.

Of course, Jenelle only makes the situation worse when she offers up boasts about her beauty that would induce eye-rolls even they came from a top supermodel.

So while we might have a shred of sympathy for Jenelle (it's probably in there if we really dig deep), there's no denying that she put herself in this situation.

Take a look:

1. Stylin’ and Profilin’

Jenelle evans best picture
We probably don’t need to tell you that Jenelle thinks quite highly of herself. Not surprisingly, this arrogance extends to her appearance.

2. Laying Low

Jenelle evans with david and ensley
Jenelle recently took a hiatus from social media following the release of a 911 call in which she accused husband David Eason of assaulting her and breaking her collarbone.

3. Life on the Land

Jenelle evans struggles to hold ensley
Following her recent return to Instagram, however, Evans has been thirstier than ever, posting daily videos in which she converses with fans while strolling around her property.

4. Grade A-Material

Jenelle evans dude shirt
All of Jenelle’s videos have to be seen to be believed, but her latest is really a doozy.

5. Jenelle Goes Off

Jenelle goes off
Here’s 26 minutes of Jenelle’s rants from the past 24 hours (!!!) compiled into one convenient mega-clip.

6. For the Sake of Your Sanity

Jenelle is missing teeth
Don’t worry, we’re offering you a handy guide to the most bonkers moments so that you don’t have to watch the whole thing.

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Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson Wake Up From Surgery on This Sneak Peek

In the aftermath of Shannon Beador flipping out and then apologizing to her fellow Housewives, the show needs some levity.

In this The Real Housewives of Orange County sneak peek, Shannon and Vicki have both undergone surgery.

When they come to, however, their experiences are very different. One of them is deeply hilarious.

Shannon beador speaks to the camera

"In a perfect world, would I like to have my partner waiting for me when I get out of surgery?" Shannon asks.

She asks if she would love to have such a partner "putting his arm around me, saying ‘I’m going to take care of you and everything’s going to be OK?’"

She answers her own questions: "Absolutely."

Obviously, anyone wants emotional support, especially when they're just coming out of surgery.

Since Shannon is currently single, however, she doesn't have that.

Shannon beador is pampered post op

Fortunately, Shannon knows how to keep things in perspective.

"But you know what?" Shannon asks rhetorically.

"I have a driver," Shannon says. "And Sophie and the kids are waiting for me when I get home."

That's more than a lot of people have.

Shannon concludes: "And that’s all I can ask for."

It's always good to focus on the positives in your life, rather than simply on what you don't have.

Shannon beador stares post op

We promised that there would be some levity in this clip, and there absolutely is.

Vicki Gunvalson also went into the hospital to have some face-fillers removed.

Her boyfriend, Steve Lodge, arrived to show her moral support — you know, the kind that Shannon would have liked.

Vicki was still a little loopy, however, and immediately asks Steve some awkward questions.

"Do you love me?" Vicki asks. "Am I pretty?"

It sounds like Shannon might be better off. People aren't always at their best when they're under the influence.

Vicki then tells Steve that she has "no panties on right now."

Vicki gunvalson is not wearing any panties

Earlier this year, Vicki explained why she intended to have her face fillers removed.

"I had a lot of fillers in my face and I didn’t feel like it was me anymore," Vicki said.

"I had too many doctors, too many different times say ‘let’s do this, let’s do that, let’s fill here, let’s do Voluma, let’s do Sculptra,’" Vicki continues.

You know, on the very first episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County that I ever saw, she was having a botox party.

It seems that she's changed her tune.

"And," Vicki says. "By the time I was done I looked in the mirror and was like COMMA ‘I don’t even look like myself.’"

Steve is vicki gunvalsons boyfriend

Apparently, part of that has been Steve's supportive influence. 

"I said to him the other day, ‘My boobies are a little bit lower. I want them higher up here,’" Vicki shares.

Vicki says that Steve didn't agree: "He goes, ‘You promised me you wouldn’t do anything else,’"

"No," Vicki decides. "For right now I’m at peace."

Good for her!

Vicki gunvalson wakes up post op

It's always easy to poke fun at women who undergo multiple cosmetic procedures on their faces and breasts.

Of course, it starts to get considerably less funny once you think about the powerful social forces that demand that women look a certain way.

These cultural pressures are compounded for women who are on television, for older women, and for women who are trying to date.

Some would say that Vicki and Shannon almost had no choice but to go under the knife a time or two if they wanted to remain on television.

That is a grim thought.

Shannon beador and vicki gunvalson wake up from surgery on this

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Jenelle Evans: New Plastic Surgery Revealed?!

Jenelle Evans … well, the girl has her issues, that's for sure.

But whether you love her or hate her, there's no denying that she's always been cute.

Sure, she makes terrible parenting choices more often than not, and yeah, she's been violent and irrational and just plain awful.

She's been arrested practically a billion times, she consistently chooses men over her kids, she's been cruel to her mother, Barbara, even though she's been raising her son since he was born.

… But she's cute!

Things might be changing though, because we may just have seen proof that she's gotten some plastic surgery.

Buckle up, because this is going to get wild.

1. We See You, Girl!

Jenelle evans promoting lipstick
So this is Jenelle’s face as we have known it in recent years.

2. Looking Good!

Jenelle evans just chills
It is a fine face.

3. Rude

Jenelle evans dude shirt
Some haters like to criticize her appearance, saying she’s unattractive or that certain features of hers are bad, that kind of mean thing.

4. Come On Now

Jenelle e photo
But really, that’s just uncalled for. There are plenty of things to criticize about Jenelle without going after her appearance.

5. Honestly …

Jenelle mug shot
Like, everything she’s ever done.

6. Awww 🙁

Jenelle sad
But still, people can be cruel, and people can also be self conscious, and for one or both of those reasons, our girl here has done a few things to alter her looks over the years.

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Jenelle Evans: “Unrecognizable” After Latest Plastic Surgery?!

Jenelle Evans has been in rare form lately, folks.

Actually, at this point, she's been behaving so erratically for so long that there's really nothing rare about it.

Fresh off the controversy over her decision not to evacuate for Hurricane Florence, Jenelle finds herself in the eye of another storm.

This time, it's a mini-scandal surrounding her ever-changing appearance, and it's yet another reminder of the extent to which the mother of three has gone off the deep end …

1. The New Jenelle

Jenelle evans and daughter on instagram
Jenelle posted this photo to Instagram recently, and fans were quick to call her out for her latest cosmetic procedure.

2. "So Plastic!"

Jenelle evans with ensley
That was the remark made by one of Jenelle’s followers that touched off a heated debate in the comments section.

3. The Big Question

Jenelle evans dude shirt
Some fans didn’t believe Jenelle had gotten any work done, and to be fair, her latest alteration is pretty subtle.

4. It’s All in the Lips

Jenelle evans best picture
“Lay off the lip injections,” one fan wrote. On Facebook and Reddit, fans posted photos which they claimed showed that Jenelle’s fondness for lip injections was taking its toll.

5. She Looks Fine to Us!

Jenelles lips
Critics of Jenelle’s appearance have pointed to this screenshot from Teen Mom 2 as evidence that her frequent cosmetic procedures are having an undesirable effect.

6. Everyone’s a Critic

Jenelle evans gaze
These people say the constant change in the size of Jenelle’s lips has created a “deflated” look around her mouth. And naturally, their criticism doesn’t end there …

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