Pretty Little Mamas Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: Short and Sweet

The Pretty Little Mamas have been getting their fair share of hate online ever since the series debuted last week. 

But things took a crazy turn on Pretty Little Mamas Season 1 Episode 2 when this Pretty Little Liars and Teen Mom mash-up threw some Mean Girls into the mix. 

If you watch Pretty Little Mamas online, you know that the series premiere concluded with a blowout fight between Nikki and Nicole after the former brought some uninvited guests to a party. 

Nikki, who was still upset at the way Nicole treated her and her friends, dropped the bomb that there were a bunch of “burn book” websites that dragged Nicole through the mud. 

The person who told Nikki all about it was Nicole’s cousin. What happened to family first? That thought seemed to be lost on the cousin who told Nikki that Nicole’s father managed to get most of the websites shut down. 

There was still one site floating around the internet, and it did not exactly paint Queen B Nicole in the best light. 

Nikki took this news to Cheyenne, who subsequently took the news to Nicole. Nikki wanted to be the one to tell Nicole, presumably to try and get back in her good books. 

But for Nicole, this was yet another heinous act from Nikki. Nicole felt like Nikki was trying to sabotage her by not telling her about the website first. 

Nicole went on to say that Nikki was just as bad as the person who wrote the website. The reason? Because Nikki should have told her about it. 


Nicole is just one of those reality stars who thinks everything is about her. She’s the Kristin Cavallari of this narrative. 

When Nikki finally got to meet up with Nicole, she seemed ecstatic to get to tell the Queen B everything. Oh yes, Nikki had no idea Cheyenne already told their friend about it. 

What followed was the verbal beat down of Nikki. This tame reality series graduated into the big leagues with Nicole yelling at Nikki about being trash for not going to her first. 

All poor Nikki could do was sit down and accept the fact that she was never going to be part of this mean girl’s clique ever again. 

The final few minutes were some of the craziest to hit reality TV in quite some time, but the true test will be whether the series can maintain the momentum. 

We are so in if Nikki goes on a plan to knock Nicole off her pedestal. 

Aside from that, there’s not much to like about this series. The stars desperately trying to ramp up the action for the cameras. 

It feels forced, awkward and scripted all at the same time. 

What are your thoughts on this show?

Hit the comments below. 

Pretty Little Mamas continues Thursday on MTV.


Paola Mayfield Shares Sweet Baby Bump Pic, Emotional Message to Fans

Paola Mayfield has made it official:

Two body parts of hers are growing these days.

As previously announced, the 90 Day Fiance star is expecting her first child with husband Russ, as the reality stars themselves confirmed this blessed news just over a week ago on Instagram.

Naturally, as a result, Mayfield’s belly is getting bigger by the month.

But the TLC personality has also now made it clear via social media that something aside from her stomach has increased in size of late:

Her heart.

Indeed, Paola just shared a new, precious picture (above) of Russ kissing her baby bump, adding as a lengthy caption:

“We are so thankful and happy for each one of your beautiful messages! We weren’t expecting so much love and so much support. Thank you all so much.”

She then referenced some of the marital strife that she has been through over the past year or so.

“You guys know all that Russ and I went through the past months,” Mayfield said in her caption, continuing in further detail:

“I was angry and devastated after all you can never completely recover from something like that but today we have a reason to smile and to be happy, a reason to move forward and to be the best we can.

“I wish I could keep up and like all your comments from my last post. I love you all so very much!

“Thank you for living this amazing experience with us and for showing us so much love.”

Mayfield is mostly referencing a miscarriage she suffered last year in this passage.

As is the case with so many couples that go through this awful experience, Russ and Paola nearly hit a breaking point due to the tragedy.

Paola made it pretty clear on air and in a few statements that she though Russ wasn’t there for her in the way she needed following the devastating news.

Meanwhile, Russ thought his wife was trying to shut him out.

It’s never been clear just how close the stars were to splitting, but their relationship hadn’t seemed entirely stable even before the miscarriage.

The main storyline surrounding the Mayfields during their time on 90 Day Finance had been Paola’s penchant for posing nearly-naked and Russ’ unease over his wife showing the world such revealing assets.

This was a legitimate issue between the husband and wife.

It became so well known and questions about their relationship so pervasive that both sides of the romance semi-recently addressed their status online.

“He accepts me,” Paola told fans in early July of Russ. “Loves me and respects me the way I am and lets me work even when he is not 100% comfortable.”

Russ, for his part, also made it evident a short bit ago that he loves Paola and is committed to Paola and people need to stop claiming anything to the contrary.

“I accept and am proud of my wife for the beautiful woman she is,” Russ has said, adding:

“I am tired of the comments from the marriage ‘experts’ stating I deserve better, my wife doesn’t respect me, or she only loves me for my money and so on and so forth…

“I am proud of where I come from. And where I am going and that’s with the love of my life.”

And now also with a precious bundle of joy! 



Tristan Thompson Tries Too Hard to Be Sweet to Khloe, Gets ROASTED by Her Fans!

Khloe Kardashian’s fans may know that Tristan Thompson is just too dumb to be faithful, but that doesn’t mean that they’re willing to accept it.

Tristan took to Instagram to ask his baby mama what nice romantic spot the two should visit.

Commenters could not resist roasting him and the results are … hilarious.

On Instagram, Khloe shared a photo of a pink beach and wrote: “Take me please” in her captions.

Tristan decided to leave a publicly visible comment.

Perhaps he wasn’t thinking, perhaps he was feeling romantic, or perhaps Tristan’s still trying to rebuild his image with Khloe’s fans.

Whatever his reason, Tristan wrote: “Where do you wanna go my love?”

Almost immediately, his words racked up hundreds upon hundreds of replies from Khloe’s fans who had some suggestions for him.

According to TooFab, Tristan’s comment has over 1,800 replies, and some of these are pure gold.

“Somewhere where she can be loved and respected by a real man,” one suggested.

Possibly the best comment of the bunch was: “Which love are you talking about, you gotta be more specific.”

Another fan suggested that Tristan should take Khloe “to before 2016 before Tristan was her bae.”

“To a marriage counselor,” one commenter suggested, though of course Khloe and Tristan are not married.

Another chimed in with “Couple’s therapy.”

Tristan was advised to take Khloe “somewhere where you don’t take her granted.”

“You need to go to church,” another wrote.

(In general, we don’t recommend pushing people to change their personal religious habits, even as a joke)

Another commenter suggested that Tristan could dazzle Khloe with the tourist attractions on “Faithful island.”

Yet another said that Khloe would be happier “probably away from him.”


“You better take her ANYWHERE she wanna go bro,” another commenter.

That one seemed almost on Tristan’s side, suggesting that he owes Khloe and needs to act like it if he wants to keep this relationship going.

Another, poking fun at the names of many Caribbean island, suggested a trip to “St. Loyalty.”

Fun fact: Catholicism has a number of saints who are considered to be patron saints of “difficult marriages.” If Tristan and Khloe were married, that would be fodder for some obscure burns.

A comment suggested that Tristan should take Khloe “far far away from you.”

That would be sending, not taking.

“Where the faithful men at,” another wrote.

Interestingly, Khloe’s own sister, Kourtney, had a reply to Tristan’s comment.

Kourtney simply wrote: “good one.”

Unless Kourt was suggesting that Tristan himself is a good one, which would be kind of funny, it sounds like she was being a little shady.

Kourtney may have been chiming in about another comment — applauding the roasting that Tristan was receiving.

Or Kourtney may have been simply laughing at the notion that Tristan would take Khloe on vacation, treating his comment itself as a joke.

Khloe seems to be Tristan’s only fan these days.


Tristan Thompson Dances with True in Sweet Daddy-Daughter Video!

We know that Khloe's been claiming that Tristan Thompson is a great dad, and now she's doing her best to convince the world that the notorious cheater is actually a family man.

It was Khloe who posted a short, sweet video of Tristan dancing wth baby True.

And we have to admit that the father-daughter dance video is heart-meltingly adorable.

Tristan thompson dances with true 01

In the video, Tristan almost appears to be dancing by himself at first.

(But it's clear that he's focused on something, which quickly becomes apparent)

As Tristan turns, while rocking backa nd forth with his hips, baby True comes into the photo.

True seems a little perplexed by the situation, and it may be the height. Tristan is 6-foot-9, which is taller than the vast majority of all humans alive and also throughout history. Most babies don't get that vantage point.

At one point in the short clip, which Khloe shared to Snapchat, Tristan can be heard speaking to his daughter.

"Do a little dance, baby," he says.

Tristan thompson dances with true thompson

From what sources tell HollywoodLife, it sounds like Khloe is konfident that she was right to not kick her cheating baby daddy to the curb.

"Khloe feels she made the right decision on giving Tristan another shot," their insider reveals.

The Revenge Body author has this feeling "because she feels that he has stepped up big time."

Tristan, Khloe feels, is now a worthy partner, the source dishes, "and he is a great father."

The insider continues, describing Tristan as "now much better of a person to be in a relationship with."

Tristan thompson dances with true 02

Khloe thinks that Tristan has learned his lesson.

"She feels like he needed the wake up call of being caught to change his ways," the source says.

What's more, she's become more comfortable with him in her life.

The insider continues: "and she has begun to trust him again."

That could be good … or it could lay the groundwork for him to cheat again.

But the source states: "She feels that things are very positive between the two and that it will continue."

Cradling true

According to the insider, Khloe feels this confidence "because they are now in a stronger relationship" than they were when she was pregnant with his child.

What changed, you ask?

The source acknowledges that Khloe believes that their bond was strengthened "because of all the infidelity."

You heard it (reportedly) from Khloe first, folks: cheating makes relationships … stronger?

That's a little counterintuitive.

Tristan thompson kisses baby true thompson

Say what you will about Tristan and his restless, wandering penis, but his daddy-daughter videos are extremely cute.

A lot of fans feel that Tristan is using his kids for photo ops to rehabilitate his image — and think that Khloe's behind it.

We can't say for sure, but … it's not difficult to believe. 

We look forward to a time when people can see cute videos and photos of True without second-guessing Tristan's motive for his fatherly affection.

As for Khloe and her newly regained trust for Tristan … trusting someone is a lot easier and less stressful than always being vigilant that they'll betray you again.

It's easier … but not always wiser. Good luck.

True thompson

Tristan thompson dances with true in sweet daddy daughter video

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Making Sweet, Unprotected Post-Marriage Love!

So… now what?!?

Now that the Royal Wedding has come and gone, what are fans of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gonna talk about and speculate over going forward when in regard this world famous couple?

Perhaps the following:


As you might expect, there was plenty of chatter throughout the Internet prior to last weekend’s nupitals about the state of Markle’s womb.

Plenty of tabloids claimed that Markle was pregnant, but let’s be honest:

We all saw her in that beautiful wedding gown, right? There was no baby bump in sight.

Still, there’s little doubt that Harry and his wife will start a family at some point, with many insiders believing that point may be closer to this week than next year.

According to one hilarious report, the attempt has been underway for awhile now.

Harry asked Meghan to ‘take out the goalie,’ a cheeky football joke about going off her birth control and removing any protection they have from her getting pregnant,” an anonymous source tells Hollywood Life, to which we must reply:

Those silly Brits!

The term is “pull the goalie” in America; it comes from hockey, not football; and it’s almost always used when a woman goes off birth control without telling her partner.

But anyway…

“They stopped using protection over a month ago, although they abstained from sex in the weeks leading up to the wedding,” this same, apparently VERY knowledgable source says, adding:

“So on their wedding night, the baby-making sex really got started. They are both excited about having children as soon as possible.

“Their connection and the love making has only gotten better now that they are married.”

We must once again raise a point/question here:

How did they both stop using protection a month ago AND abstain from sex in the weeks leading up to the wedding?

The former doesn’t exactly seem necessary, or relevant, if the stars were not knocking boots at all.

That logical issue aside, we’re glad to hear that Markle and Harry’s sex life has improved since they exchanged vows.

This is often how it goes for couples, as the emotional connection while they writhe around naked together is stronger than it was before they were legally bound to each other for all of eternity.

“Meghan has never felt more in love or closer to Harry since he made her his wife,” the insider concludes.

“She is overwhelmed with joy and has never been happier in her entire life.”

Harry and Meghan haven’t even been married for a full week, and yet she’s also experiencing all of these emotions.

That’s so great!

Moreover, the pair delayed its honeymoon in order to celebrate Prince Charles’ birthday yesterday, meaning they’ve barely even had time to themselves since tying the knot.

Seriously, can you imagine how hot the baby-making sex will be on the couple’s honeymoon?!?

Very hot, we’d have to assume.

Like, very, VERY hot.


Kylie Jenner Hits Back at Mom-Shamers With Sweet Stormi Video

Kylie Jenner attended Coachella over the weekend, declaring that she's a "cool mom."

Mom-shamers came out of the woodwork to put the 20-year-old makeup mogul on blast for leaving her 2-month-old baby to go watch Bella Hadid make out with The Weeknd.

Well Kylie is clapping back, if indirectly, with the sweetest video of her precious baby, Stormi. Watch!

Stormi webster smiles on snapchat

In the video that you'll see below, Kylie Jenner coos are her happy, precious daughter.

"Hi happy girl!"

She continues, using the talking-to-babies voice that transcends language barriers and cultural boundaries.

"I love you," she says. "I love you!"


Stormi webster looks at kylie jenner

As we mentioned, Kylie showed off her blue hair to followers and, upon departing for Coachella, declared:

"I'm a cool mom."

That did not go over well with mom-shamers, who spoke out.

"A 'cool mom' doesn't up and leave her newborn for a weekend of partying at Coachella — yes that's you Kylie Jenner."

Well, it's not like Kylie left Stormi alone.

"Kylie Jenner should be everyone's example of learning how to use protection. This girl really is gonna leave her baby for three days while she goes to Coachella."

That person, it seems, is recommending that man use protection in order to avoid fathering a child with a woman like Kylie. Ouch.

"Y'all thought the birth of her child was gonna stop Kylie Jenner going to Coachella? THINK AGAIN."

That person seemed to be mocking people for their surprise.

"Kylie Jenner's really out here saying she was born to be a mom and leaves her two month old to go to Coachella. …"

Stormi webster on kylie jenners snapchat

(Here's a little preview of the video below. Stormi is so precious)

But Kylie has more than just mom-shamers — she also has her defenders.

"Idk what's your problem with Kylie Jenner going to Coachella. Do you really think she left the baby without making sure she's got the best care? Plus that's her version of work lmao getting $ $ by showing up."

That's probably true. Music festivals — especially those as controversial as Coachella — can only endure so long as they seem cool to the right people.

"She has so many people doing things for her baby on a daily basis, Stormi probably won't even know she's gone."

That will depend upon whether or not Stormi has developed a sense of object permanence. (Allegedly that doesn't happen until 4 months or so)

Kylie jenner cradles stormi websters baby face

Another commenter treated it like a job listing.

"Well Kylie Jenner hope all is grand. Just letting you know if you're heading to the second weekend of Coachella next weekend and you're still looking for a babysitter, I'll do it, let me know anyway, ten an hour."

Imagine babysitting for Kylie and only getting $ 10 an hour.

"I just want to say that anyone who shames Kylie for going to Coachella and 'leaving her daughter home' must have no idea what motherhood is like."

That's true. That commenter continues, writing:

"It gets REAL ! So if a mother wants to go have fun and party somewhere for a weekend that's perfectly ok."

Kylie has employees and family who make sure that Stormi is safe and happy.

"Her daughter wasn't abandoned, she was well taken care of .Kylie a mom but she's still a human being."

Parents have social engagements all of the time, folks. It's normal and healthy for everyone involved.

Stormi webster gazes into the camera

Kylie has posted photos of her sleek stomach. Like her sisters before her, she's happy to show off her hard-earned post-baby body.

A lot of her followers started following her for her selfies and her style.

So they're happy to see that.

But a lot of folks prefer to see cute pics of Stormi, these days.

So a video of Kylie's precious baby is a real gift. Take a look!

Kylie jenner hits back at mom shamers with sweet stormi video