Taylor Swift Releases “Endgame” Music Video, Featuring Ed Sheeran & Future!

Taylor Swift's "Endgame" music video quietly dropped, folks! It features partying, drinking, dancing, and more drinking.

Oh, and some hefty appearances by Ed Sheeran and Future. Check it out below!

Taylor swift endgame

Taylor Swift was tremendously popular, even a decade ago. But, for a while, she was a very niche celebrity. Not only was she a hopeless romantic, her music was primarily of the Country variety.

That changed with her 2014 album, 1989. And those of us who weren't already became obsessed with the undeniably pleasant music of one Ms. Swift.

For more than a year, Taylor Swift was sailing high above the clouds. Everyone wanted to be on her side and no one wanted to cross her.

Until, in 2016, she broke up with underwear model and DJ Calvin Harris. After it was revealed that she had written (and even performed some uncredited vocals in) his biggest hit song, he lashed out at her on Twitter, referencing her feud with Katy. A number of people, fatigued with Taylor's overexposure in the media, began to turn on her.

And that was when Kim Kardashian struck, releasing a series of months old, edited videos of a conversation between Taylor and Kanye that appeared to frame Taylor Swift as dishonest or "playing the victim."

Taylor swift endgame picture

What's important to remember about the fued-related songs on Taylor Swift's Reputation album is that … they're not really part of the feud.

These songs aren't weapons designed to hurt Kim Kardashian.

And we don't know how someone would go about "hurting" Kanye with music.

She slams Kanye with her music, but the guy basically lives on his own private planet.

Taylor's purpose — in addition to telling her story — is much more practical.

Taylor swift endgame photo

You know they say that success is the best revenge? Well, Taylor Swift is really good at revenge.

Reputation was the top-selling album of 2017. Because of course it was.

Taylor's success is taking everything that Kim threw at her in 2016 and singing about it for heaps of cold, hard cash. Several of the songs directly reference the feud.

Kim, though she's never had trouble being wealthy and is arguably a master at turning bad press into a financial gain, won't find it so easy to directly monetize her side of the feud.

Unless she, like, comes out with some kind of fragrance line called "Snake Repellant" or whatever.

Taylor swift endgame pic

Based on what Taylor put into her "Endgame" music video, you'd think that she'd taken to drinking to cope with her epic feud and the resulting fallout.

Of course, the music video just shows her at a bunch of parties, where drinking is pretty standard. So there's that.

Taylor's big guns for the music video are her guest stars.

Remember when Reputation came out, and people were like "wait, did she just get Ed Sheeran to rap?"

That was this song. Long the original track, this music video features both Ed Sheeran and Future.

Taylor swift endgame image

Overall, this video is less powerful than "Look What You Made Me Do" or the high-ish concept video fro "Are You Ready For It."

And, in my opinion, so is the song. (My bestie likes "Endgame" a lot, though)

Some of us prefer the videos with stunning visuals to the ones with drinking and partying. We can all drink and party, even if we can't do it with quite Taylor's budget.

You know what music videos we'd really like to see from Taylor? "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" and "Getaway Car." Those were two of the best songs on the whole dang album and don't get the attention that they deserve.

A nice music video or two could change that.

Taylor swift releases endgame music video featuring ed sheeran a

Taylor Swift: Pissing Off Fans With “Disastrous” Tour?

After the release of her 1989 album, it seemed Taylor Swift could do no wrong.

Then 2017 happened.

Obviously, Taylor is still cranking out the hits, and her popularity shows no signs of waning.

However, her carefully cultivated “everybody’s bestie” image has taken some serious hits in the past year.

Taylor’s feud with Kim Kardashian may have made the most waves, but the singer drew criticism for a number of other public dust-ups, as well.

From rumors that Taylor supports Donald Trump to complaints that she attacked her rivals too viciously on her new album, it’s been one PR mini-crisis after another.

Through it all, of course, the most loyal Swifties have stood by their queen.

But the latest Taylor-related controversy might prove to be the last straw for some faithful fans.

Countless corporate tie-ins and bizarre promotional stunts have led to criticism that the already-fabulously wealthy Swift is overly concerned with further enriching herself at the expense of her fans.

Thus far, it’s a strategy that’s paid dividends, but some believe Taylor has gone too far with her latest cash-grab.

Fans who attempted to buy tickets for her upcoming tour experienced major sticker shock when they found that seats cost several times more than on her 1989 tour.

Some potential concertgoers complained that they had hoped to see Taylor in the same venue as last time, but were stunned to find they were being asked to pay 3 to 4 times as much.

“I paid $ 150 for my ticket with amazing seats for the 1989 tour. Now for the same seats I have to pay about $ 500,” tweeted one fan.

It’s a situation that’s resulted in a lot of pissed off Swifties–and a lot of empty seats.

“Sales so far have been a mega disappointment,” one music industry insider tells the New York Post.

“There are hundreds if not thousands of tickets left for every show.”

Fan irritation seems to have been exacerbated by a number of promotions that allow buyers to purchase tickets at a lower price–provided they’re willing to shell out for Taylor’s merchandise.

“To get ‘further in line’ to buy Taylor Swift tickets she wants you [to] buy merch from her … this greedy snake,” tweeted one critic.

As a result of what appear to be major miscalculations by Team Taylor, the Reputation Tour has not sold out a single show thus far.

Tickets have been on sale since Taylor’s birthday, December 13.

Compare that to the 1989 tour, which “sold out in minutes,” according to industry analysts.

In the past year, Taylor has proven that she can feud with other celebrities, and her most devoted fans will only love her more for baring her teeth.

However, if she decides to lock horns with the folks who have made her one of the biggest stars on the planet, that’s a fight she’ll likely regret.


Taylor Swift: Boob Job Rumors Resurface Due to Suddenly Huge Boobs

It’s been an interesting 12 months in the life of Taylor Swift.

A comprehensive year-in-review for the singer would touch on everything from her intensifited celebrity feuds to the alleged connections between Taylor and Donald Trump to the shocking death of the Old Taylor.

But today, we’ll focus exclusively on two issues of growing importance to both Swift and her fan base.

We’re talking, of course, about Taylor Swift’s boobs.

Fans and certain media outlets are convinced that Taylor’s had work done thanks to recent photos that show the pop star looking somewhat bustier than usual.

If you like to keep abreast (tee-hee) of the latest rumors surrounding Swift, then you’re probably aware that this is nothing new.

Taylor boob job rumors seem to surface about once a month, but we can’t recall a time in which they’ve been voiced with such certainty.

“Taylor’s boobs look huge,” TMZ stated bluntly this week.

“I must have missed something when did Taylor Swift grow boobs?” one fan commented in response to the same photos.

But perhaps no one has gone to creepier lengths to figure out exactly what’s going on in Taylor’s bra than the ever-unscrupulous folks at Page Six.

The outlet went so far as to recruit thw world’s bro-iest plastic surgeon in order to assess photos of Taylor and offer his opinion on whether or not she’s undergone breast augmentation.

After presumably offering a round of fist bumps and a protracted “niiiiice,” Dr. Matthew Schulman concluded that Taylor totslly probably had ber boobs done.

“[Taylor] has always had a very petite chest but recent photos seem to show a fuller chest and more cleavage,” he told Page Six.

“We know that Taylor has a friendship with many Victoria’s Secret models, so it is possible that she is rocking a new bra.”

Clearly, Dr. Schulman is a true professional.

We all know that familiar moment during any check-up when your doctor days, “Giiiiiirl, I know who you’ve been hanging out with!”

As far as we can tell, there’s a whole cottage industry of plastic surgeons who rarely perform any procedures and spend most of their time offering insights on the changing appearances of celebrities.

And since a “yeah, she looks about the same” quote probably won’t get printed, their professional opinions tend to run toward the scandalous.

As for whether or not Taylor really went under the knife, our wholly unprofessional opinion is that she did not.

The woman’s been in the public eye long enough to know such a change wouldn’t go unnoticed, and she’s secure enough in herself that we feel like she would just come out and admit it.

Plus, she runs with that whole Victoria’s Secret crowd, which means she has access to boob-enhancing technology that won’t be made available to the rest of the world for several decades. 


Taylor Swift and Katy Perry: Did They Finally Bury the Hatchet?!

It feels like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have been stuck in this petty feud forever, doesn’t it?

Like, yes, it has been literal years since the first became mortal enemies, but still, it’s really been dragging out.

It’s been over three years now since Taylor released “Bad Blood” — and since she revealed that it was about a fellow pop star.

“For years, I was never sure if we were friends or not,” Taylor said in a 2014 interview. “She would come up to me at awards shows and say something and walk away, and I would think, ‘Are we friends, or did she just give me the harshest insult of my life?'”

She said that the previous year (2013 if you’re keeping up, which means that this feud is nearly five years old) “she did something so horrible” that made her realize “Oh, we’re just straight up enemies.”

“It had to do with business,” she explained. “She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me.”

In all the time since this whole mess began, we learned what really happened: there were some backup dancers who toured with Katy, and then they toured with Taylor.

Before they went on tour with Taylor, Katy told them that she’d be touring again soon too, so if they wanted to work with her again, to be sure to work that out in their contracts with Taylor.

So they did, and when it was time for Katy’s tour, they left Taylor’s.

That’s it. That’s what this whole dumb thing is about.

Things sort of simmered for a while — they both acted shady here and there, or they did things that were perceived to be shady.

But earlier this year, Katy finally retaliated by releasing a diss track of her own in “Swish Swish.”

And after she released the song, she spent a whole, whole lot of time talking about Taylor.

She accused her of trying to “assassinate my character,” and she hinted that “karma” would be coming for her.

“There is the law of cause and effect,” Katy said in one interview. “You do something and there’s gonna be a reaction. And trust me, daddy, there’s gonna be a reaction.”

Then, in a podcast she did to promote her new album back in June, she said that she was “ready to let it go.”

“I forgive her and I’m sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same from her,” she said. “I think it’s actually, like, I think it’s time.”

“There are bigger fish to fry, and there are real problems in the world. You know what I’m saying? I love her, and I want the best for her.”

“Maybe I don’t agree with everything she does,” she continued, “and she doesn’t agree with everything I do, but I just really, truly want to come together in a place of love and forgiveness and understanding and compassion.”

And according to some new reports, it looks like they’ve finally been able to do that!

Taylor has been spotted in Miami this week, filming a music video for her song, “End Game.” And according to several people who spotted her, one of her backup dancers looks a whole, whole lot like Katy.

A source spoke with E! News and confirmed that Katy did film with Taylor, and that they made up while they were both in Miami.

We guess we’ll see if it’s true when the video comes out, but we do know that Katy was down in Florida earlier this week on her tour, so it’s definitely possible she could have set aside time to hang with Taylor.

So could it be? Is the dumb pop star feud of the century finally over?!

And if it is, is anyone else just a little disappointed?


Taylor Swift and Boyfriend Joe Alwyn Show Up Holding Hands at Jingle Ball Concert

Taylor Swift showed up to the Jingle Ball event Friday night at Madison Square Garden … and it’s the first time we’ve seen her hand-in-hand with her boyfriend. Taylor and Joe Alwyn raced from their SUV to the front door, but it was enough time to…